President Donald Trump arrives to deliver remarks at the 2017 National Scout Jamboree at Summit Bechtel Family National Scout Reserve, W.Va., on July 24, 2017. Photo by Carlos Barria/Reuters

Religious leaders respond to Trump’s transgender military ban

WASHINGTON (RNS) — Religious leaders were quick to react to President Trump’s tweeted announcement that transgender people will not be allowed to serve in the U.S. military.

“After consultation with my Generals and military experts, please be advised that the United States Government will not accept or allow … Transgender individuals to serve in any capacity in the U.S. Military,” he wrote Wednesday (July 26) in three tweets. “Our military must be focused on decisive and overwhelming ... victory and cannot be burdened with the tremendous medical costs and disruption that transgender in the military would entail. Thank you.”

Cheers and condemnation poured forth from religious leaders:

Tony Perkins, president of Family Research Council

"I applaud President Trump for keeping his promise to return to military priorities — and not continue the social experimentation of the Obama era that has crippled our nation's military. The military can now focus its efforts on preparing to fight and win wars rather than being used to advance the Obama social agenda.”

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Tim Wildmon, president of American Family Association

“AFA applauds President Trump for his courageous decision to end the usage of our military for social engineering and political correctness. American families deserve a military that is focused solely on readiness and national defense.”

Jonathan Greenblatt, CEO of the Anti-Defamation League

“It’s a sad day when the President of the United States declares that transgender Americans are unwelcome in the United States military. This policy is deeply objectionable — it devalues individual Americans and is blatantly discriminatory. We’ll fight against this unpatriotic ban of transgender troops. We cannot let bigotry stop Americans from serving their country.”

President Trump holds a rally with supporters in an arena in Youngstown, Ohio, on July 25, 2017. Photo by Jonathan Ernst/Reuters

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Roy Speckhardt, executive director, American Humanist Association

“President Trump is dragging America backward with his attacks on transgender patriots in the military.”

Jason Torpy, president, Military Association of Atheists and Freethinkers

“There is little justification to oppose open Transgender service as well as full health care support for servicemen and veterans for full sexual reassignment. This order serves to harm military readiness and deeply insults already-serving transgender patriots in the military.”

Rabbi Jack Moline, president of Interfaith Alliance

"President Trump’s outrageous and bigoted ban on transgender people in the military is a gift to the Religious Right and an affront to the Constitution. Thousands of transgender Americans serve admirably in our nation’s armed services. The President's announcement is a cruel and gratuitous attack on these service members who want nothing more than an equal opportunity to serve their country.”

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Tom Spoehr, Emilie Kao and Ryan Anderson, analysts at the Heritage Foundation

"At a time when growing foreign threats are stretching our military’s resources, our priority should be on maintaining military readiness and directing taxpayer funds towards mission-critical purposes. Respecting the dignity of all people does not mean subjecting taxpayers to the tremendous medical costs of sex reassignment and allowing the enlistment of individuals whose resilience to the rigors of combat is uncertain."

Stosh Cotler, CEO of Bend the Arc Jewish Action

“President Trump’s disgusting move to ban transgender people from military service is made especially appalling by its timing, with today being the 69th anniversary of the desegregation of the U.S. military. We must call out this decision for what it is — discrimination against transgender people and a cheap attempt to gain electoral victories in 2018.”

The Rev. James Martin, Jesuit priest and author

“Transgender people are beloved children of God, seeking their way to union with God, and to self-understanding, just like all of us are.”

Rachel Held Evans, Christian author

“Every week of this administration has been awful, but this week nearly takes the cake. Transgender friends: You are loved & valued & whole.”

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Pastor Robert Jeffress of First Baptist Church Dallas

“I applaud President Trump for exercising his judgment as Commander-in-Chief to make America safer and more secure by allowing our armed forces to concentrate on ‘decisive and overwhelming victory’ rather than serving as a petri dish for social experimentation.”

James Dobson, president, Family Talk

“It is heartening to have a commander-in-chief who puts the expert opinions of his generals and military officials ahead of the destructive forces of political correctness and identity politics. I support the president’s decision and commend this administration for having the courage to protect our military from what would only amount to an enormous and costly distraction.”


  1. Integrating blacks in the military. Women in combat roles. Gays (open). All of these were predicted to harm military preparedness. According to estimates I’ve read the costs are exaggerated and miniscule compared to the recent camouflage fiasco. I wonder how much of this was President Trump’s doing? Certainly the Religious Right is happy.

  2. You’ve got to hand it to the Gilded Cheeto – when he needs to distract attention away from his current ‘Road To Impeachment’ activities, he’s not afraid to do it big time.

  3. We were told that if gay people were in the military openly, it would harm military cohesion and a host of other ills, despite a complete lack of facts, logic, and experience to support that statement. Despite a complete lack of corroboration from any military that accepts openly gay people, we still went with the idea that you can die for your country only if you lie to your country.

    When we finally got rid of don’t ask don’t tell, the soldiers in tutu’s and the mass resignations never happened.

    The religious right was religiously wrong about that. But right now, any attack on LGBT people from their adulterous fornicator in chief makes them happy. Those who “applaud” his decision come exclusively from their rank ranks.

    Why, you’d almost think it has nothing at all to do with religious belief OR science at all.

  4. Our Feckless Leader made his completely irrelevant order about banning trans military members on the 69th anniversary of harry Truman’s order to desegregate the military.

    It’s almost as if he was trying to distract our attention form the poverty of the arguments that he isn’t making.

  5. The 19 countries confirmed as allowing transgender people to openly serve in their militaries are: Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bolivia, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Israel, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Spain, Sweden and United Kingdom.

    If a person is qualified and can do the job then they should be allowed to serve their country. Women, gays and transgender have not weakened the Israeli Defense Forces-one of the toughest.

  6. This term “social experiment” that keeps being thrown around is so dehumanizing. I wish people would think about how their words may hurt others, before they would choose to speak. I hate that these “Christians” profess to believe in Christ and yet continue to support policies that discriminate and exclude.

  7. I applaud the balance RNS demonstrated in providing comments from both sides of the argument provided by religious spokespeople and their affiliated organizations.

  8. But transgendered people are not qualified. Many good people are not qualified due to many reasons – eg. flat feet use to keep otherwise healthy people out of the military.

  9. “The sin against God the Creator” is how Pope Francis has referred to transgender persons twice.
    In comparing transgender persons to nuclear weapons, the pope noted both “do not recognize the order of creation” and “with this attitude, man commits the sin against God the Creator.
    Last August, Pope Francis said that teaching transgender equality to children is “the time of the sin against God the Creator!”

  10. Speaking as a Christian Fundamentalist, I oppose another one of Trump’s bans. But let’s put this ban in perspective. It is bone Trump is tossing to keep the religious right on his side. I emphasize that it is a bone because some will interpret his ban as a harbinger of Christian supremacy to come. What is really coming is fascism. And that fascism is not just appearing in our own nation, it is creeping along in the West. And to keep religiously conservative Christians in the fold, Trump has to toss out an occasional bone to gloat over.

  11. BTW the costs of Trumps visits to Mar A Lago so far would fund trans treatments in the military for two years. According to the Rand Foundation and New England journal of medicine the costs of trans soldiers amounts to about 5-8 million a year. About of a budget of hundreds of billions. The cost to the government in defending against the inevitable lawsuits will be much much higher.

    And no, he didn’t consult generals about this. They have largely been trying to prevent this. Trump just created a major security and morale breech in the military. Not bad for a draft dodger.

  12. So you would have no problem if you had a daughter in the military taking a shower with men?

  13. Would you be happy if you had a daughter in the military taking showers with the men?

  14. I’d have no problem if my daughter had to shower with men, as long as they were gay men or trans men.

    Taking a shower with heterosexuals? Well, they have already shown repeatedly that they are a danger to women.

    But apart from that, that isn’t what this is about.

  15. Really? There are somewhere between 6000 and 15000 transgender people in the military right this very moment. THey seem to be serving with absolutely no problem except in the minds of sex obsessed so called christian so called conservatives.

    So explain how they are “not qualified.” I’m sure you were making the same argument against gay people in the. Ilitsry back in the day. Also a place where your imagination was running away with you.

    BTW! Did YOU serve?

  16. Your mixing race with sexual identity. Liberal left lunacy

  17. Christians are not proves ones identity at birth. Loony left are still in the burning building and can’t see their way out

  18. Huh?? How would she know they are “gay” or “trans” for real? What if they were bisexuals? What if the guys just said they were trans or gay and just wanted to take showers with the women?

  19. Yeah and obummer added 10 trillion to our deficit. The most dehumanizing amount of all presidents combined.what do you get out of that misuse of resources and for your offspring hmmm?

  20. Deferments were legal Clinton did as well as othetd

  21. Lots of these commenters are positing that the inclusion of women(in combat positions), open homosexuals, and transgender people in our armed forces “have not harmed military readiness one bit.” How do we know that? I don’t see great victories in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria. These are perhaps “limited engagements” unlike wars we have fought in the past in Europe, the Pacific theatre, Viet Nam and Korea, or Desert Storm. But until and unless we are forced into great military engagements like those, we won’t know the quality of our readiness. Not a good argument either way. (And as for Kristen Beck, he/she was not transitioning to womanhood while a Navy Seal but later. Again, not an argument either way.) I notice no one is citing the case of Chelsea Manning, who sold our secrets to hostile actors and transitioned to a woman while on prison, presumably on the taxpayer dime. That didn’t end too well.

  22. Huh? Why don’t you take it up with reality? Oh, wait. Anti gay bigots don’t have to deal with reality.

    There has been no problem with gay people or transpeople in the military. That’s reality for you.

  23. No,you are simply changing the subject.

  24. Pope shows no grace to trans people by lieing to them about the truth.he is ill advised by his moralistic therapeutic deism

  25. Since a guy doesn’t have to prove his sexual orientation the opportunities are endless for guys to get into the locker rooms and bathrooms of girls and women.

  26. Why should the military pay for anything like this?

  27. You can change the subject but you cannot change your gender that is known from birth. That is a scientific fact.

  28. A decision based on lies and falsehoods which further cements Trumps relationship with the priests of Ba’al, Wildmon, Dobson, Falwell, Graham, Robertson and so forth. They will not be totally happy until the bible is the document by which all decisions are made according to their interpretation.

  29. Discrimination against trans people serving is what drove Chelsea Manning to breech security in the first place. Hence the reason for allowing them to serve openly. Forcing them into hiding now, creates greater avenues for security breaches and morale problems. It creates more Chelsea Mannings, not less. 19 countries already allow open trans soldiers. If you had an example of real problems with such a policy you would cite to ones in those countries.

    BTW a total war like WWII involving so much manpower that conscription was deemed necessary are long passed. Even wars of national conquest are pretty much an endangered species. Name two right now.

  30. What lies? The lie is to believe that a person can change their gender. Its impossible.

  31. Because they have concern for the medical health of their personnel and don’t want to create the security breaches sending people into hiding creates. The military is not strapped for cash, it is short on people. Discarding them for discriminatory reasons is counter productive.

  32. Manning is a traitor. He should have been executed for what he did.

  33. Actually this shows they are unfit to serve. That money could be used to help poor people instead of some guy that is mentally ill.

  34. The president and the country’s religious leaders have important, but very different jobs.

    President Trump’s main task is to keep Americans safe, which–unfortunately, involves the need to fight wars. The military’s top priority has always been to be up for that task. There’s no room to attempt to serve as a laboratory for sociological and transsexual experimentation. The military’s budget is rather lean, considering how far it must stretch to fight on many foreign and domestic fronts. There are no funds to provide transgender surgeries. (Somehow Chelsea Manning’s comes to mind . . . and he-she was a federal prison inmate at the time they demanded it!)

    American religious leaders have ONE major task: That is to live, preach and teach the transforming power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ for the whole world. These religious leaders need to focus on that important job, and leave the passing of laws and the fighting of wars to the legislators and military leaders who’re best equipped to perform those tasks.

  35. Who says Clinton was a saint? Try to stick to the topic. We’re talking about our current president, not one who left office 16 years ago — with four years of budget surpluses….

  36. Draft #46; Served 1972-1974 . Basic training – Ft. Leonard Wood MO; AIT Ft. Sill OK Field Artillery Pershing Missile Crewman; Served in Germany. Did you serve?
    I frankly do not care if a transgen serves in the military or not. Those decisions are above my pay grade. If the military decides they are not qualified then they are not qualified. People with a host of other issues are not qualified to serve either. I do have one issue with transgens in the military – I do not want my tax dollars going to reassignment surgery/hormone therapy, etc. Let them do that on their own dime. Otherwise I don’t care.

  37. The military didn’t decide it. Evangelicals our Der Trumpenfuhrer decided it.

  38. Only to you. And you changed the subject once again.

  39. Only in your own fervidly projecting mind. The reality is that none of your fanatasies ever come true. It’s just you projecting what you would do on people who are not doing it.

  40. In other words, what if they were just like heterosexual men?

  41. Science then is not your subject. Don’t insult blacks who suffered indignity with sexual politics..that comparison is over used and nonsensical . blacks can’t reassign their color or race!

  42. What drove CM to breech security was he is a traitor. I saw a lot of “wrong” things while I served in the military but I didn’t breech security.

  43. Hardly since they have a cheaply handled condition. Like saying soldiers with ED are unfit for duty. 6-12,000 trans soldiers already serve. So it’s not a hypothetical here of course their situation is made easier when the military isn’t actively discriminating against them Plus that money won’t go there anyway. Since when do you support government money going to the poor? Hypocrite.

    I know any reasonable discussion on LGBTQ issues with you is a waste of time, but I owed you at least they response.

  44. Lie 1. Trump consulted his generals on the issue

    Lie 2. It costs too much to have trans soldiers

    Lie 3. This had anything to do with military effectiveness.

  45. True, but it doesn’t change the fact that banning trans soldiers was instrumental in driving him. Doing it now creates more chances of another like him acting so. Worse still, it opens up the military to foreign spies and blackmail opportunity. Much like what the ban on gays did for decades.

  46. You are still changing the subject.
    As for black people changing their race, Sammy sosa and Michael Jackson would disagreed.

  47. Conservatives these days have anterograde amnesia. They are unable to form new thoughts or short term memories. So they can only discuss the irrelevant past.

  48. the lunacy of the left has me in laughter again…your idiocy is more entertaining than SNL. as far as we all know Jackson had a odd yet strange disease that was causing his whiteness,he still wasn’t white..genetically he is afro american or more scientifically- Negroid

  49. Military leaders and experts have been urging Trump not to do this ban. Evidently keeping us safe involves ignoring advice and facts presented in favor of giving out political patronage.

    “There are no funds to provide transgender surgeries”

    Funny, because experts on the subject say quite the opposite.

    “These religious leaders need to focus on that important job, and leave the passing of laws and the fighting of wars to the legislators and military leaders who’re best equipped to perform those tasks.”

    So their input into military affairs, the only advice taken on the issue, is objectionable to you. You could have lead in with that instead. 🙂

  50. 600-15000 which is it..that’s quite a a remarkable assessment from someone not in the higher ranks of the military,,did you just come up with some FAKE FACTS to astound us all with that huge margin? hmmm?

  51. We as taxpayers dodged that $$$bullet$$ of taxpayer sex re-assignment money! We need to be ready for N.Korea more than have several hundreds of millions of dollars for sex surgeries! The leftist lunacy is non scientific! Many who do go through with reassignment wind up in the morgue from suicide anyway.

  52. Even a military news blog site is calling this a fustercluck

    “Let’s get one thing out of the way — despite Trump’s statement that the
    ban is about saving money or force readiness, it isn’t, especially when
    considering the U.S. military’s size and annual spending.”

    “Military Times
    previously pointed out that this is a tenth of the cost the military
    health system spends on di-k-erection pills. It’s roughly the same as
    the cost of an Air Force blimp that crashed in a storm in Arizona.”

  53. How are they not qualified based on being transgendered? Look past your biases and give the reasons.

  54. Might that trip to the morgue have something to do with anti trans bigotry?

  55. Transgender women? No. Tell me why I (or she) should have a reason to worry?

  56. Where do you get the hundreds of million figure from?

  57. Im glad you find it funny. But funny is calling the use of the term “negroid” scientific.

    But that’s ok. I recognize a trump lover whenever they spew.

  58. Since you called the estimates fake facts you must know the real number. How many?

  59. Man’s ways are of the Lord, so how can we understand not only our own ways but the ways of others?………Proverbs 20:24

    Beloved, if our hearts do not condemn us, we have confidence before God,……..1 John 3:21

    Romans 14:22…..several translations or parallel verses —

    1. Blessed is the one who does not condemn himself by what he approves.
    2. Blessed are those who don’t feel guilty for doing something they have decided is right.
    3. Blessed is the one who has no reason to pass judgment on himself for what he approves.
    4. Blessed is the one who does not condemn himself by what he approves.
    5. Blessed is the one not judging himself in what he approves.
    6. Happy is he who does not condemn himself in what he approves.
    7. Happy is he that condemneth not himself in that thing which he alloweth.
    8. The man who does not condemn himself by what he approves is blessed.
    9. How blessed is the person who has no reason to condemn himself because of what he approves!
    10. The person who does what he knows is right shouldn’t feel guilty. He is blessed.

    I’m sure the point is made. See for more.

  60. USA Today reports:

    A report for the Pentagon last year found that transition-related care would cost between about $2.4 and $8.4 million per year — less than 0.14% of the military’s medical budget. That’s roughly the cost of four of Trump’s trips to Mar-A-Lago, GQ noted, even using a conservative estimate of $2 million per trip. And it’s way less than the $84 million spent on Viagra and similar meds by the Department of Defense in 2014, as others also said. It was, as Sen. John McCain noted, “yet another example of why major policy announcements should not be made via Twitter.”

    But don’t let reality get in the way of bigotry or trumpenmania,

  61. no, studies have shown a lot who go through the process commit suicide- anti trans bigotry is a false flag on your part.

  62. Tell that to the Israeli Defense Forces. They have no problems with their readiness and they were years ahead of us. You guys are just looking for ways to justify your bigotry.

  63. Never let reality get in the way of bigotry.

    Don’t ask don’t tell died in 2013. That’s twelve years of our bestest military in the whole wide world not getting anywhere in Afghanistan and Iraq.

    But sure, blame it on gay people. If you have time, perhaps you can blame the fall of Rome on us as well.

  64. First, the additional 8 trillion was from our republican, fiscally conservative congress. They have the power of the purse. Read your constitution.

    Second, Four trillion of which was spending us out of the republican recession. Four trillion of which came from putting the cost of our middle eastern undeclared wars back on to the books, when they were not on the books before.

    But certainly, don’t let facts get in your way.

  65. no one knows but the Brass..I’m sure it is held in strict confidence by the military- . many cases wind up in suicide after the reassignment process. The media never mentions it..for good reason

  66. Leftism was Hitlers agenda for his masses Hitler wasn’t a right winger …check the facts- Nazi Party, byname of National Socialist German Workers’ Party, German Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei (NSDAP), political party of the mass movement known as National Socialism. Under the leadership of Adolf Hitler, the party came to power in Germany in 1933 and governed by totalitarian methods until 1945.

    socialism never works. Neither do social experimentation of all citizens.
    1933-1945 12 years of death! Hillary is a leftist fascist you have no understanding of political party ideology. So much for higher education

  67. I sure do like being called an idiot by someone who has drunk so much right wing koolaid that Hitler is now a communist.

  68. Nazi Party, byname of National Socialist German Workers’ Party, German Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei (NSDAP), political party of the mass movement known as National Socialism. Under the leadership of Adolf Hitler, the party came to power in Germany in 1933 and governed by totalitarian methods until 1945.

    Look whose out of the closet being a fascist!

  69. 10 trillion from Obama’s socialism agenda what did you get out of it? hmm?

  70. There’s a difference between ‘sex’ and ‘gender’.

  71. You misspelled “librul”. I question your conservative credentials.

  72. Again, if you don’t have an answer, change the subject.

  73. Hitler quickly set about rebuilding his moribund party, vowing to achieve power only through legal political means thereafter. The Nazi Party’s membership grew from 25,000 in 1925 to about 180,000 in 1929. Its organizational system of gauleiters (“district leaders”) spread through Germany at this time, and the party began contesting municipal, state, and federal elections with increasing frequency.

    I think the last paragraph really relates to how the Left is acting.

  74. And what color is the sky in your little world, Kev?

  75. The media never mentions it, and yet YOU KNOW. Amazing.

  76. ” I do not want my tax dollars going to reassignment surgery/hormone therapy, etc. Let them do that on their own dime. Otherwise I don’t care.”

    Yet there are millions of tax payers who have no problem with, or even approve of the idea of paying for such medical expenses.

  77. Because JP knows what he would do if he were taking a shower with the women, and therefore, rightfully assumes that everyone else is no better than he is, and shares his morality.

  78. I think I’ve heard everything now. That our government must pay for a purely cosmetic surgical process, which requires lifelong maintenance because it must be accompanied by alteration of normal body functioning, because soldiers might commit treason if we don”t. Yeah, whatever.

  79. A person is either male or female and its known at birth. It does not change.

  80. Who cares what he thinks. He is traitor and should have been treated like one.

  81. Its already a proven these guys have serious mental health issues.

  82. There really no such thing as a trans. If a guy thinks he is a girl then any guy should have the same right to think he is a girl so he can use the girls bathrooms and locker rooms. Nothing wrong with that. Right?

  83. The “science” that established race was proven flawed and motivated by white supremacy. DNA studies have shown that people of different “races” can share more in common genetically than some of the “same race.” Racial differentiation is merely a politcal construct. No science to it.

  84. So what JP is saying is he’s concerned about heterosexual men assaulting women. Of course, the shower is the only place they do that? So he must be fine with transexuals in the shower with women?

  85. Here we go again white supremacy! Oh boy, you’re a gem. Planned parenthood was designed by a eugenics leftist manage blacks in urban cities to abort their children. she was the racist, my friend. do some serious re-reading of history and by the way, it was the Democrats who wanted slavery and jim crow laws. After the Civil War, many southerners went to the North West to set up legislation as well as homes to get out of the Souths new change due to Lincoln’s reconstruction ( Republican), they excluded blacks from living in their state for over 1- year! they could not own property and could be tossed out of state if they overstayed!

  86. Higher education doesn’t seem like it helped all these arm chair warriors on here! Spin spin spin!

  87. Yes, I agree. White supremacy has been a means of excluding, controling, and opressing blacks, and others, in America. It’s evil no matter who’s doing it. White liberal racism and supremacy is just as evil as white conservative racism, all based on the Doctrine of Discovery and manifest destiny in order to justify horrors foisted on vulnerable peoples and the original inhabitants of the land. Glad you agree. And it is all a politics of domination and greed.

  88. Ben, you purposely forgot to mention that Trump is not taking any payment for his 4 year term, he actually is having it go back to the taxpayers coffers. Please, obama took a lot of time off and you seem to forget his $$$ expenses..typical of the Left to purposely over look true facts and adhere to fake news. CNN Convenient News Network ” more news as you like it” I never changed the subject you just didn’t have an answer!
    No bigotry here..but you can say what you want. I’m sure free speech in your book is something you would love to see go away as a liberal. remember your politicians who wrap themselves in the flag and say we need to adhere to the U.S. constituion is a ruse- they say it only in “footnote” to sound credible. Leftism came from Europe to do away with individual rights and construct it to a social agenda where you are dominated by the state into a socialistic communal utopia of no free thinking but your of the collective now!.

  89. He tends to project a great deal…Whatever he has going in his own dark psyche.

  90. Evidently not one which affects performance or fitness to serve.

  91. Except for the the purposes removing any rational justification for the act.

    Glad to see you admit you support a policy of discrimination on the basis of dishonest public statements. Saves me the trouble of taking you seriously.

  92. Didn’t ask what he thinks. When a situation creates opportunities for security breaches, you address it. Not sweep it under the rug and pretend it won’t happen.

  93. That refers to sex, not gender.
    Maybe an example will help. The actor Divine was always of the male sex. That is not disputed. Here’s the question: when in performance, what was Divine’s gender?

  94. What does that have to do with this article?

  95. Ok..let’s move on for a true republic and not all this experimentation that gets a lot of down to earth voters upset- our money needs to go to real needs..we still have many needy people and the need for more jobs. If we polarize ourselves with 5% of the population we just threw the baby out with the bathwater.

  96. Leftism wants to control you- I was called a right wing fascist- when in actuality the Nazis were leftists

  97. Yeah, it seems to be lost on many that college history courses have largely skipped over the great accomplishments of many a non-white person while also scrubbing the history pages of the atrocities our society has generated on its faithful minorities, often vilifying the victims. I agree. Higher education needs to do a better job.

  98. Do you want your tax dollars going to treat erectile dysfunction? Because the DoD spends about 10 times more on that than it does on transgender care.

  99. Of course, everything he is saying is just a parroting of rightwing grouptalk–no thinking required.

  100. My teachers all skipped over the Souths Democratic parties ideology..they mainly blamed KKK-this that whatever and barely touched what was going on. so we never questioned those sparsely taught classes. Education is too entrenched to make those changes today..mark my words they are entrenched ideologues embracing a European leftist belief system – an iron fisted dominance over individual rights..D.C. is no different with the liberal affected mind set. Hillary would have worked tirelessly on gun control and 1’st amendment changes..she says the word U.S. constitution as a foot note to sound credible. She hates that document because of its (individual free rights) not social all for one and one for the State or Statist rule by hard dominance. This republic needs to be run as such. Individual rights and not State Rights over us!

  101. Yes, leftism wants to control me. Right-ism wants to control me. Sounds like you want to control the military. My district superintendant wants to control me. Sometimes my wife wants to control me, until she comes to her senses. My job is to be in control of myself, which I make every effort to do, especially in order not to bring harm on others.

  102. A true republic hears the voice of all participants and tries to make concessions that contribute to the well-being of the whole. That’s why Jefferson eschewed democracy by majority rule and chose to push for a republic. Since, there will always be new voices and understandings added to the mix the parameters and processes will always be in flux trying to become what we are striving to become–a free society that honors all those in our boundaries, taking care that our institutions and governing bodies support even the least powerful and most vulnerable. When the most vulnerable have the care they need, then all citizens are cared for.

  103. Kev,
    Your statement is just an exercise in venting and seems intended to leave nothing to respond to. Remember, that we Christians share society with unbelievers. Now unless you believe that we should rule over those unbelievers, we need to look at how we can share society with them as equals.

  104. Thinking makes his head hurt, just like compassion makes his heart hurt.

  105. I guess if you really don’t have anything to say, attack.

  106. And while you are attacking your bogeyman of liberals doing away with freedom– what do they put in the koolaid in your neck of the back woods– here’s one of those fact thingies for you about who is really attacking your freedom:

    The Hill reports:

    Almost half of Republicans say they are in favor of courts shutting down media outlets that publish inaccurate or biased information, according to a new survey. Forty-five percent of Republicans in the Economist–YouGov poll said courts should be able to shut down media outlets, while 20 percent of Republicans are opposed the idea.

    Just 18 percent of Democrats said they would favor the notion, while 39 percent of them are opposed to it. A majority of Republicans also said they support fines for media outlets that put out biased or inaccurate news reports.

    Fifty-five percent of Republicans said they would favor fining news outlets, compared to just 12 percent who opposed the move. Trump has recently ratcheted up his rhetoric toward news outlets, often invoking the term “fake news” and launching attacks on Twitter and at public appearances.

  107. Hillary! O! I’m sorry! I must be in an alternate universe. I thought it was Trump who was elected.

  108. Well, I don’t know him well enough to say, but I do recognize the echoic call to conservative mindless repetition.

  109. You don’t know that. Can you imagine what straight guys would think of a trans?

  110. One thing we don’t share are the bathrooms and showers with women.

  111. Transsexual male is still a male. He is a fake woman.

  112. Of course I do. 6-12000 of them are serving right now without issue. 19 countries have it without issue. Military experts are calling BS on this. Even generals are calling this measure silly.

    The only support for this is coming from trans phobic bigots on the outside.

  113. “What if the guys just said they were trans or gay and just wanted to take showers with the women?”

    Your complaint was about men faking transsexualism otherwise there’d be no question to their orientation.

  114. In collaboration with military leadership.

  115. I also am a christian believer and feel my government under statism wants to control me how to think and what regulations i have to adhere to .I desire more autonomous rights rather than be dictated to by the likes of Obama or a Hillary. she royally pissed me off in the vile things she said about 50%of the american people..she needs to change her mindset.but her ideology gets in the way of her ambition. This is pure fascism on her part..iron fisted and domineering. Trump I believe will leave us alone. Let’s hope.

  116. I checked- I didnt mispell liberal …grammar police are in force!

  117. I never said i loved
    Trump-I have some issues with him, just like I had issues with the moron I voted for twice who banged up our economy and made things worse! Never will I vote for a liberal marxist again! Like many democrats- we were lied to and i read up on whats going on rather than getting fed the Shit News Network for any real facts.

  118. JP,
    First, who is we? Second, my biggest fear is the possibility of a physical sexual assault. Such instances are often covered up.

  119. Kev,
    can you give some examples of your accusation about the government outside of the current bipartisan effort to possibly criminalize support for BDS?

  120. You, no doubt, are able to surmise my opinion. In this instance I elect rather to applaud RNS than submit an argument.

  121. I imagine in some Christian minds Jesus will ask….
    “Did you hate gays and transgender people?”
    “Oh yes Lord I hated them real good!”
    “But did you really hate them? I mean did you actively work towards and celebrate any and all forms of discrimination?”
    “Did you prevent them from earning a living?”
    “Did you deny them basic human dignity?”
    “Welcome to heaven!”

    In reality he might just ask how you treated the least amongst us?

  122. Military leaders and enlisted men agree with Trump. Your false characterization of Trump here reveals your extreme prejudice and hate.

  123. I have heard that was the last draft of the Vietnam War. You and a close relative of mine may have been at Fort Lost-in-the-Woods together. He also took his AIT there, then was sent to Benning. Thank you for your service.

  124. C’mon Ben, neither Sosa nor MJ ever changed their race. That’s not a possibility. People can’t change their sex either — it’s programmed in DNA. But true science has disappeared from this politically correct society.

  125. Unfortunately, what passes for “higher” education is a real problem in this country. Doped-up hippies of the ’60s are now college professors filling students’ heads with lies, lies and more lies. Political correctness is a social disease.

  126. This is something new and can be disputed.

  127. Male. And when tg people stand before God at the Judgment, He will see them as they were created with their DNA, not as they might have thought they re-invented themselves.

  128. I couldn’t help but notice that you keep getting a non-reply to this question. It is true that people who have actually served in the military understand topics such as the one here.

  129. If a guy thinks he is a girl, or vice versa, they need help.

  130. Yes, one’s sexual identity is programmed in one’s DNA. People can claim to be something different, but that doesn’t make it so.

  131. That is a possibility, Curt. As you know, I was/am not a Trump fan. This is the thing, though: It seems to me that this change you’re talking about would have come sooner with the Clintons in charge. I do think that the Lord may be giving people more time to get right with Him before things get really, really bad.

  132. Reasonable people ARE concerned about this distinct possibility. Anyone who denies the possibility is not thinking clearly and/or is merely advancing the “progressive” agenda.

  133. Hillary’s ideology and ambition go hand in hand. I don’t think they can be separated. The Clinton marriage has been a political partnership from the beginning, each using the other to achieve their goals (thank goodness the last one wasn’t achieved!).

  134. If people do not believe and obey the Word of God, they cannot be called Christians. Christ Jesus said, “If you love me, keep my commandments.”

  135. Priests of Ba’al? That might apply to the Religious Left.

    You can’t lump all those guys together; they’re not the same. Pat Robertson preached according to the Bible for years, but has gotten far away from the Scriptures in public statements recently.

  136. Trump isn’t taking a salary. Obama spent money out the wazoo, got us so far in debt, to the tune of TRILLIONS, including his exorbitant vacations — including taking zillions of people with him on what were supposed to be official business trips — nobody could ever surpass him for waste.

  137. People don’t have to have “sexual reassignment” (as if that were possible; DNA can’t be changed) surgery in order to maintain physical health. And those surgeries can cause medical issues which require further medical care.

  138. Your last statement is patently false. Military leaders and enlisted men support Trump’s decision. They see the issue as it really is.

  139. Kudos to you for referring to him with the correct pronoun (“he”).

  140. You make the mistake that so many make — confusing simple disagreement with hate.

    When tg people stand before Christ Jesus at the Judgment, they will be what they always were from the day of their birth — male or female. DNA cannot be changed.

    The Lord has told us in His Word what is the destiny of ALL people who live in immorality of any kind. According to Him, it won’t be Heaven.

  141. Claire,
    I voted 3rd party and so I am no fan of either one. I think that you are partially correct with Clinton in that it would have come. This is especially true that it would come from global elites. But the dems were making this fascism come more slowly than the Repubs. This could be seen in the regs they wanted for the regs for business.

    Right now, the world is ruled by the love of wealth.

  142. Zillions of guys of Trump’s generation took military deferments and never served their country in the military, like Bill Clinton who is the same age as Trump. If you condemn Trump for that, you have to condemn them all. Do you do that?

  143. The reason why Clinton’s “in-saint-ness” is relevant is because Hillary has run interference for him for decades, demonizing women who tried to tell the truth about his immorality and abuse.

    She even embarrassed herself by saying on national TV that the allegations re Monica Lewinsky were “a vast right-wing conspiracy”. If Linda Tripp had not been willing to tell the truth, that lie would have been believed like her others (although the truth about Benghazi did come to light).

    Hillary would be our prez right now if Trump weren’t. {{{shudder}}}
    I’m no Trump fan, but she’s even worse.

  144. Ft. Lost in the woods. Lol. That’s just one of the colorful metaphors we used to describe it. As I recall combat engineers was the main AIT there – I think. It’s been so many years.

  145. You base that on what? Absolutely nothing to that effect has been put on public record. My guess is all you got are WND or Breitbart op ed pieces to that effect.

    Besides, Chain of command. Generals, the people looking at the big picture and in the know have been pestering Mattis for months to prevent this.

    Trump consulted nobody but evangelical leaders. This was meant to throw them a bone and get funding for the useless border wall.

  146. Thank you head of military medicine for making that expert informed decision based on available evidence as to what conditions do and do not warrant the resources of doctors in our armed forces. /sarcasm

    Why do you hate our armed forces so much?

  147. You really have to see a doctor about that anterograde amnesia. It has kept you from creating new thoughts or addressing current events. Somehow you think accusations of a former president in retirement has bearing here. Nothing you said has any relevance to the topic or my last post.

    Come back when you are capable of discussing the subject.

  148. What’s the difference? If you accept that there are legitimate medical needs, and the Defense Department is their healthcare provider, what is the basis for saying we pay tens of millions for one and zero for the other? I have no sympathy for Chelsea Manning, she should be in prison, but her case shouldn’t determine the rule.

  149. Reuters reports:

    The chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Marine General Joseph Dunford, said in a written message on Thursday to military leaders that there has been no change yet to the military’s policy on transgender personnel, despite plans for a ban announced by President Donald Trump.

    “There will be no modifications to the current policy until the President’s direction has been received by the Secretary of Defense and the Secretary has issued implementation guidance,” Dunford, said in the written message to service chiefs, commanders and senior enlisted leaders, first reported by Reuters.

    “In the meantime, we will continue to treat all of our personnel with respect. As importantly, given the current fight and the challenges we face, we will all remain focused on accomplishing our assigned missions.”

    Doesn’t sound like it.

    The same claims were made about don’t ask don’t tell. More bible believing christian hysteria.

  150. I don’t think that appears to be the case.

    Reuters reports:

    The chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Marine General Joseph Dunford, said in a written message on Thursday to military leaders that there has been no change yet to the military’s policy on transgender personnel, despite plans for a ban announced by President Donald Trump.

    “There will be no modifications to the current policy until the President’s direction has been received by the Secretary of Defense and the Secretary has issued implementation guidance,” Dunford, said in the written message to service chiefs, commanders and senior enlisted leaders, first reported by Reuters.

    “In the meantime, we will continue to treat all of our personnel with respect. As importantly, given the current fight and the challenges we face, we will all remain focused on accomplishing our assigned missions.”

  151. It’s programmed into their DNA.

    Except for the people for whom it obviously is NOT programmed into their DNA. BUt there is science for you, as opposed to political correctness.

  152. My false characterization of trump means that I have extreme prejudice and hate. That is always what it boils down to for you, isn’t it? When you disagree with my entire life story, it’s love, when I disagree with your politics, it’s hate.

  153. I suspect you also believe that the Nazis never lied about anything. After all, on their belt buckles was printed the motto “Gott MIT Uns”.

    And the German Democratic Republic was obviously a democracy, instead of a fascist dictatorship.

  154. “White liberal racism and supremacy is just as evil as white conservative racism”

    So what do you have as an example of such ideas being given color of law or becoming public policy? None. Absolutely nothing even close to showing white reactionary racism has any left wing analogue which has been more or as perniciously damaging to our society.

  155. A lot of people have him blocked for being a troll.

  156. Yet somehow “love thy neighbor”, “who is without sin may cast the first stone” falls by the wayside as well as “thou shalt not bear false witness”. Plenty of excuses, workarounds and proof texting is spent to avoid such teachings by people calling themselves “Bible believing Christians”.

  157. “Do you do that?”

    Yep. Draft dodgers and Chickenhawks are terrible for setting public policy for military affairs. Its why most current presidents relied on their more experienced Secretary of Defense and Joint Chiefs of Staff for such things. (Bush the Elder and Jimmy Carter were the last recent presidents with military service)

    Cheeto ignored his military leadership to push through a damaging agenda. All in order to kiss up to ultra conservative bigots in Congress and free up money for his useless border wall.

  158. “You make the mistake that so many make — confusing simple disagreement with hate”

    Somehow that “disapproval” translates to discrimination, attacks on the lives of others, defaming them, attacking basic civil liberties and advocating and/or carrying out assault and murder

    Everyone can do without the “Christian love” you profess.

  159. You dare to tell someone that you are merely disagreeing with them, but when someone disagrees with you, then it’s hate?

    Too much.

  160. Full of judgment and despite are so many Christians like you. And yet, as you rail against people but commit the sins you deplore in them, you wonder why so many reject your so called message of love.

    Perhaps because they see you for who you are, and it for what it is!

  161. Not the person being asked the question, obviously.

  162. The money that you all have spent attacking gay people for the past 1900 years in general and the last 40 in particular could have helped save a lot of starving children. But they don’t matter, do they?

  163. No.

    The Hill reports:

    Defense Secretary James Mattis was caught off-guard by President Trump’s announcement that he was banning transgender people from serving in the military, according to a New York Times report. Mattis, who was on vacation at the time of Trump’s decision, only had one day’s worth of notice before Trump tweeted his announcement of the policy, the paper reported.

    The report described him as “appalled.” Sources close to the defense secretary told the Times that Mattis was infuriated by the tweets, and saw them as an insult to transgender Americans currently serving in the military.

    Mattis, according to the Times, had been quietly lobbying Republicans for months to defeat a GOP-led amendment to the 2017 spending bill that would prevent the military from spending money on transition surgery or hormone therapy for transgender service members. The report states that Mattis initially resisted the initial policy allowing transgender Americans to serve in the armed forces, but accepted that the policy was to remain in place.

  164. Here’s a good beginning to acknowledgment of the truth of my statement:

    There’s a difference between white liberal racism and white conservative racism. I’m not talking about leftist politics but the everyday interaction and participation in establish socio-economic structures that are the buttresses of achieved white supremacy pervading our society.

    While liberals may be largely involved in anti-racist activities, but the above named behaviors limit the effect their work may accomplish. Plus many an elected official running on liberal platforms have maintained the benefits for themselves and the dominant culture capitalizing on the racial status quo.

    White liberal racism, not necessarily liberal policy, is insidious and leads to white liberal self-righteousness. It is like a racist who seeing a person of color attacks and pushes him into quicksand laughing. But a white liberal comes along, sees the person of color struggling in the bog. The white liberal says. “Oh I’m so sorry you were pushed into that quicksand. Here take this straw so that when you go under you may breathe.”

    White liberals are blinded and deafened by white fuzz and white noise. To claim one is “color blind” is often to deny the differences of culture and the separateness of the struggle that Blacks have experienced in trying to achieve functional equality (as aopposed to philosophical equality) in America. I’m saying all this as a white, male racist-in-recovery.

  165. LMAO! Petty ante nonsense about generally well meaning but clueless liberals hardly is on par with examples of the effects of reactionary racism. Even the source of the article put it in a non-serious mode. Liberals chiding liberals.
    Clear examples of destructive reactionary racism given real form:
    1. Segregation
    2. Support of de facto segregation such as redlining and blockbusting
    3. Attacks on voting rights
    4. Demonizing minorities to raise sales of firearms and attacking measures which help law enforcement to stem illegal firearms trade
    5. Attacks on 1st Amendment rights of minorities (most notably religious minorities)
    6. Racial/ethnic profiling by law enforcement
    7. Intentional omission and indifference by public officials (Would the Flint MI water supply issue have grown so much if it were a mostly white community?)
    8. Support of predatory business practices focused almost exclusively on minority communities.

    I still have yet to see liberal racism be turned into actual public policy or given color of law. Reactionaries have been far more successful at turning their bigotry into everyone’s problem.

    So take your phony equivalence and shove it somewhere painful.

  166. Okay. I understand you don’t agree, but your inordinate anger toward me suggests that there may be something lurking behind your denial. It’s immaterial if “liberal racism be turned into actual public policy or given color of law” when continued perpetuation of same remains the order of the day. I don’t much care which kind of racism it is, it dehumanizes, which is the basis of the greatest terrors inflicted on humans. You don’t have to see it the way I see it, so long as you see the part you play in its perpetuation, regardless of how miniscule, else those evils you decry are crouching at your door.

  167. As long as one claims the problem is a result of “other people’s” actions, it will always be our problem.

  168. I’m referring to the Nazi-like antics of the left-liberals who went into a rage when Hillary lost. they decimated private property in berkeley, they obstructed courts with wanting to end the use of Electoral votes from delegates in this country, they opposed a 4 month ban on immigration by the President so he could get a handle on immigration flaws in the system..etc etc
    They continue to pine away with the help of leftist media about russia interference when there is no evidence for the last 6 months, they accuse by demonstration and support the death or impeachment of a president, demonizing him and his staff continuously.

  169. Not that I don’t agree. That would be to imply you have established your point in the first place. Its that you didn’t actually meet the request I made in an honest fashion.

    You are pretending chickensh1t foibles of liberal racism is on par with some of the most pernicious and destructive policies our nation has ever adopted.

    Still no examples of “liberal racism” being given color of law, official policy platforms or encouraged by its political leaders. I named several instances of the reactionary racism doing so. If they are both on par with each other then you would have been able to meet my request directly with examples of your own.

    I am more than willing to meet you half way and agree on your premise if you can meet the request I made for

    “It’s immaterial if “liberal racism be turned into actual public policy or given color of law” when continued perpetuation of same remains the order of the day.”

    Actually it does. Because one is merely boneheaded rhetoric and the other delivers tangible harm to the public at large. Kind of like the difference between quoting the townspeople in Blazing Saddles and burning a cross on someone’s lawn.

  170. Your typical in the same drippy context of saying black identity is related to sexual identity..the two are totally different. One is a choice to identify and the other is by identity of race. Get over it.

  171. Like I said..”I don’t know” To give me an example with a huge margin is hubris on your’re part..please get the real facts before accusing me of misrepresentation..Seems the “Left” like to administer this sort of crap when they are totally wrong. hillary did that under Congressional inquiry by telling lies or just made it up as she thwarted her accusers in court. People got fed up and voted her out by saying “take a hike lady”

  172. We recently saw the photo of trump in the oval office, with many christian (and only christian) pastors praying for him hands on. Those are the people responsible for this, as well at over attacks on gays and women’s health. Those people have convince trump there is no separation of church and state and christianity should be the favored (established) religion of america. They believe CONGRESS shall make no law respecting religion, but CHRISTIANITY can and should take over the government (and that would be perfectly constitutional to them).

    So them pointing their weapon (the bible) at america and pulling the trigger is what their god wants them to do (according to them). Christianity has always had a goal of taking over countries, not saving souls. But they better be armed to the teeth for this fight, we aren’t going down easily.

  173. Man i’ve heard this sort of iron fisted put downs on people of faith for a long time. I have never bashed gay people to their faces for their lifestyle, what they do is their business. Personally from my reading about scientific data from the medical field gay men take about 20 years off their lives and to me that is sad. the depression and medical issues are hard to fathom. Evangelicals did not decide for the military!

  174. Spuddie, I’m not trying to prove the point. My original statement in the context was really just to give conversational concession to kev in discussing the issue of pervasive racism, otherwise I felt like there might be too much distraction in trying to “prove” a different point. Nor am I painting all liberals with the same brush.

    My point is that racism in America, and America is the only place I’ve ever been, is so pervasive that even those who have taken a stand against it still have work within themselves in order to make equality for all Americans a reality.

    Liberals have worked to repeal racism, but have not fully grasped the skills and vision to replace it. Integration is not the finished product, but it is a good start. Part of the reason is that even many liberals have yet to achieve self-awareness of their own racist inclinations, especially racism that is defined as “predjudice and privilege with power over others.”

    I don’t know, but liberals’ biggest fault may be paternalistic methodology that assumes incompetence and retains control of resources in order make the vulnerable community like the “helpers” want it to be, in other words, working against the self-determining capabilities of the minority community.

    In essence, my original statement you flagged was in conversation with someone else and not necessarily contextualizable to one with you.

  175. Then you are merely wasting time on another useless “both sides” “equivalence” argument which has nothing to do with facts or reasonable takes on a situation. I find generally such arguments involve a great deal of distortion and lack the proportionality which was allegedly inherent to the proposals.

  176. You mean the collusion with Russia by the Trump campaign– not just Russia’s interference– that Donald Trump Jr.’s emails plainly show?

  177. Finally, look at the original conversation. If the policies kev enumerates are truly accurate and leftist then they are the same kind of evil as any other. Furthermore kev asserts that Nazis were leftist. Though I’ve been taught that they were far right. I’m not willing to interminably argue over terms. I simply adopted his terms for the sake of conversation, affirmed that I heard what he was saying, and continued the conversation I started with him.

  178. You want to control my conversations, now, my time? 🙂 I’ve said what I’ve said. If it’s not accurate that’s on me. Respectfully, my conversation with kev has nothing to do with my conversation with you.

  179. Kev,
    BDS = Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions. It is a nonviolent attempt to pressure Israel into ending the Occupation. It follows a similar approach to what was done to South Africa in the 20th century

  180. You have stated repeatedly that you have your own definition of reality. and that is not fake news.

    Your “reading about scientific data” obviously comes from right wing websites, operating on data from 25 years ago. No surprise there, either. I doubt it makes you sad; rather, it is clear it justifies your attitude, as it does with so many wingers and zealots.

    SOME gay men take about 20 years off their lives. Most live normal life spans, same as anyone else. you can look at statistics for Indians and black people, and come up with pretty much the same results. Virulent bigotry will do that to you.

    The military has stated that they have no issue with this. Your fuhrer did not consult with the military. Nor did he consult public opinion, which does not agree with him, either. He consulted with evangelicals, desperate to be able to discriminate again against gay people, and surprised and angry that the public just doesn’t agree.

  181. First, it’s not a choice. That’s one lie you will tell yourself till the day you die.

    Second, it IS a change of subject. Black people don’t choose to be black, but they are and have been discriminated against.

    Gay people don’t choose to be gay, but even if they did, they are and have been discriminated against. I’m sure you would be howling if conservative Christians could be discriminated against because of their choice of theology. religion is always a choice, and far more of a choice than being gay ever could be.

    See the similarity? What you want to be able to say is that gay people deserve to be oppressed because of their bad choices, but black people don’t deserve to be oppressed because they didn’t choose it, and religious people SHOULDN’T be discriminated against because of THEIR choices.

  182. Did you serve? You emphatically asked me. I honestly answered you but you won’t answer me. What’s up with that?

  183. I assume he didn’t serve and is too embarrassed to admit it. He shouldn’t; lots of people didn’t have to go.

  184. I really do not want Israel treated by a boycott etc etc. It would be reckless in that they are the best allie we have in the middle East. Yes, we know that they have their issues and are not perfect, yet we as a nation have royally screwed up all over the map and no one has boycotted our stuff. Obama meddled in their last election to remove B.Netanyahu from office with a more compliant -more liberal P.M.

  185. Emails of the Jr. Trump: What EXACTLY was the offense and how serious was it considering we had Obama whom meddled and this is factual: meddled in removing B.Netanyahu from office in their last election in Israel- i recall the media barely covered it! hmmm? Collusion!! You say..We had a rogue president who was an insult to jewish and christian alike in this nation and abroad for his marxist ideology. He basically helped ISIS take control due to a pull-out prematurely. hillary and her war as S of S helped freedom fighters so called in Libya and armed them, oh so that collusion was okay in your book and they became ISIS insurgents! And your worked up over an email! oh brother! they all talk to each other- hillary would have lost regardless of the 1 or 2 emails! I still want those servers from the DNC given to the FBI

  186. Kev,
    I wish that the BDS movement was not necessary. We can’t overlook what Israel is doing with its Occupation just because they are our allies. If we do, it would be the same as overlooking what South Africa did with its apartheid system. Overlooking the wrongs of a party just because they belong to your group is a gang mentality that displays a moral relativity.

    If Israel would end the occupation without the BDS movement, I would be thrilled. But with Netanyahu, they are leaning more toward a permanent occupation rather than some liberal solution.

    The beginning of my solution, instead of BDS, is that the US, Israel, and the Palestinians would submit themselves to the ICC and its judgments. That would go a long way in establishing peace

  187. No, I did not. I opposed the Vietnam war, and my draft number, though low, was not reached. The war ended when I graduated– same month.

  188. You didn’t answer my question. He may ask you how did you treat transgender men and women he created. I like to believe God created LGBT children to grow the ever expanding capacity of Christian Love and Faith. The LGBT community exists everywhere, including your community, and will not be going away.

  189. You are right, No Country seems to be free of corruption it seems. But we do need Israel on our side. Obama did not get along with them? Why? But it’s time we all come together to fight these Evil Islam Radicals! I do Not want to see another WW!

  190. Why is it that Trumpflakes can’t discuss, much less defend, his misconduct without talking about Hillary or Obama? The issue here isn’t whether the US has done bad things in the past, it’s whether other countries are trying to do bad things to us AND whether the WH is complicit in that.

  191. My issue is simple..Israel was there first regardless of the naysayers. Islamic so called
    palestinians did not..islam came in the 7th century. Israel- the Hebrews were there long before that according to Genesis. Israel is not the occupier as stated..they were always the occupier. Israels land was a swamp at one time and no one wanted it, yet the palestinians as i understand did not want any party of it. once israel created such a beautiful place and the Temple long ago in history..the palestinians wanted it under one condition- israel had to be annihilated.

  192. When you can look squarely at Obama’s missteps then maybe we can’s night and day in comparison of the two. Hillery hasn’t done a bit of self-inventory as to her lame message of “how she hated trump” Her latest lame message is this if you haven’t noticed ” I’m in the resistance” This is easily translated as ” I’m pissed off as hell I lost”!

    Good! I feel vindicated by my purposeful vote to take the atrocity out before another 4-8 years of bashing America comes and goes. She sneers at the U.S. Constitution! She only mentions it as a footnote to sound “credible”!

  193. You know how many straight people simply don’t care about what obsesses you?

  194. Kev,
    If you were supporting indigenous Jews to the area, that is fine. But modern day Israel is not about indigenous Jews, it is about European Jews who started coming over in the 19th century and taking the land away from indigenous Palestinians. Your statement about the land of Israel being swamp that no one wanted is true. And your statement about the Palestinians could be construed as racist. And since Palestinians are actually Semites, guess what else that makes it?

    You need to read some varied historical views of Israel. Your statements indicate that you read only one perspective and that you have not tried to verify those accounts.

  195. No. Obviously, from the sheer number of trans people, physical sex MAY be programmed into most people’s DNA, but obviously, not in all.
    and given the sheer numbers of intersex people, even physical sex is NOT programmed into anything for many people.

  196. All I know is that the Babylonians and the and Persia, as well as Rome, took Israel into captivity many times, but God said He would restore them back to the land of Israel He never said that to the Palestinians they invoke themselves into the promise by using Ishmael as their father from Abraham. God said he would return the Jews from many nations in the book of Isaiah, so it came to pass. sorry but I’m not sorry, the Palestinians only want to see Israel out at all costs but misquoting of scripture and twisting it into the wind ad nausea. I’m not racist but if you want to construe that- fine by me. I realize many do not bother to read the biblical account- too hard, I don’t care etc. But my long term time in reading it has me convinced. When the Koran is basically the bible counterfeited by the Islam nation.I have real issues with that. there is no true Palestinian- THEY ARE ARABS

  197. Kev,
    We are dealing with the promise made to Abraham. It was based on circumcision. And yet, Paul writes in his letters to Rome and Galatia that this literal interpretation of restoring them back to the land is not consistent with the NT. IN addition, today’s Israel is not what Covenant Israel was like. The latter was formed to serve God by following the what Moses wrote. Today’s Israel is a European secular venture.

  198. Well, then, we’ll leave it at nailed it.

  199. Abraham was asked to sacrifice his son Isacc at the very site previous to Jerusalem on that mount where the dome of the mosque is. I have to disagree, Jerusalem is the apple of god’s eye over her..ultimately it is Gods, not the Arabs not the U.N. nor is it ours nor the Vatican which Rome still proposes today. this is the heart of the conflict brought on by desperate attempts by Palestine which in reality don’t really exist- there is no coinage that says Palestine. It’s a self-serving land grab for something they are too lazy to restore what land they have. Arabs are a variety of ethnic races but ultimately Arab. Whenever concessions are made with the Arabs they still get pissed off and want it all, they are never satisfied. in the end of Revelations..N.T. it ultimately will be a New Jerusalem. I know how the story ends. Paul was the brightest N.T. writer of most of the books, he referred to the O.T. to point out gods redemptive restoration of the Jews and the grafted in branches meaning the Greeks or better yet the non-jews (that’s us) as part of the same branch. when Abbas stops sending in killers to the Jewish sector and killing innocent people maybe some talks will be made to help. But he pays them and their families for life $$ to kill any jew. The Arabs have plenty of land in all the surrounding nations, it concerns me that why they have to displace another race saying they were there first when clearly by history they weren’t..nor did they have the ambition to make it livable. seems to me the Arabs there are on the “Self -Entitlement Plan” and it doesn’t work that way in the real world of nation building. Saudi Arabia has tons of housing used once a year at Mecca..all modern facilities and it is empty year round except for one week, it could hold a least a million people there..gee even Arab brothers don’t want others like them wanting any part of it.

  200. Why is Jerusalem not mentioned in the Quran? Hmmm..i guess Mohammed had a brain lapse in his so called revelation

  201. And neither was Palestine mentioned in the Quran..I have a serious issue as to how so called Palestinians who play soccer and start riots on the Dome of the Rock land mark can leave trash there and yet they call it a Holy Site! Surprisingly enough, the holy land is mentioned in the Quran as the land that was written by Allah to Israel and even tells the Jews will return to their land.

    Quran 5:21: Moses, oh my people, enter the holy Land that God has written for you and do not turn your backs, or you will become losers.

    Quran 17: 104 And we said after him to the children of Israel. dwell in the land, then, when the time of the second promise comes, we will bring you altogether as a mixed crowd.

    Ezekiel 36:24 for I will take you from among the nations, gather you out of all countries, and bring you back to your own land.

  202. Ezekiel 36:24 was to the Jew in the O.T. thousands of years before any so called Palestinian race showed up or Mohammed in the 7th century. Not all muslims are arabs

  203. Kev,
    If Jerusalem is the apple of God’s eye, then why did Jesus say that worship was no longer going to be in Jerusalem only because true worshipers of God will worship God in spirit and in truth?

    Remember that the promise of Abraham was given to his descendants if they received circumcision. And yet, read what Paul says about that who Abraham’s true descendants are (Galatians 3:6-18 :

    6 So also Abraham “believed God, and it was credited to him as righteousness.”

    7 Understand, then, that those who have faith are children of Abraham. 8 Scripture foresaw that God would justify the Gentiles by faith, and announced the gospel in advance to Abraham: “All nations will be blessed through you.” 9 So those who rely on faith are blessed along with Abraham, the man of faith. 10 For all who rely on the works of the law are under a curse, as it is written: “Cursed is everyone who does not continue to do everything written in the Book of the Law.”[e] 11 Clearly no one who relies on the law is justified before God, because “the righteous will live by faith.”[f] 12 The law is not based on faith; on the contrary, it says, “The person who does these things will live by them.” 13 Christ redeemed us from the curse of the law by becoming a curse for us, for it is written: “Cursed is everyone who is hung on a pole.” 14 He redeemed us in order that the blessing given to Abraham might come to the Gentiles through Christ Jesus, so that by faith we might receive the promise of the Spirit. 15 Brothers and sisters, let me take an example from everyday life. Just as no one can set aside or add to a human covenant that has been duly established, so it is in this
    case. 16 The promises were spoken to Abraham and to his seed. Scripture
    does not say “and to seeds,” meaning many people, but “and to your
    seed,”[i] meaning one person, who is Christ. 17 What I mean is this: The
    law, introduced 430 years later, does not set aside the covenant
    previously established by God and thus do away with the promise. 18 For
    if the inheritance depends on the law, then it no longer depends on the
    promise; but God in his grace gave it to Abraham through a promise.

    It is those who believe in Jesus who are the true children of Abraham according to Paul. But what about the Jews? Paul explains their place in Romans 11. And in nowhere in Romans 11 does he say that their salvation is through a return to the land. In fact, Romans 9 is about qualifying who is really a descendant of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob.

    The problem here is that in order to build their state, Israel is persecuting the Palestinians including those who are Christians. Israel is taking their land and killing those Palestinians who get in the way. And yes, some Palestinians are killing in return. But who is fighting an offensive war and who is fighting a defensive one.

    There is no excuse for the killing of civilians regardless of who does it. But this taking land from the Palestinians and making them live in squaller, as is happening in Gaza, is a gross miscarriage of justice.This idea that because the Arabs have plenty of land that Jews have the right to move Palestinians off their own land is morally obscene. Europe has plenty of land and since much of modern Israel consists of European Jews, who are the ones who started modern Zionism, why not have those European Jews move back to Europe?

    And btw, can you document your claims about Abbas?

  204. Abbas is known to be a murderer of Jewish settlers by making promises of killing’s been known for a long time. Yet unfortunately our papers don’t report it that way..remember the press is telling lies all the time to support Hamas and all haters of the Jews in Israel.

  205. Kev,
    I asked for documentation, not mere accusations. In addition, it is Jewish setters who have been attacking Palestinians. When they were in Gaza, a palestinian Christian told me that the settlers were more of a danger to him than Hamas was.

    I’ve talked to a couple of setters. They assume that the land belongs to them.

    And no, where the papers are silent it is about the Israeli military and how it has targeted Palestinians.

    Safe to say that both sides are guilty of murdering civilians. And it is safe to say that there are people on both sides who want peace.

    And please provide documentation for your claims.

  206. Yes, he was trained in combat engineering, IIRC. I know he was assigned to HQ company at Benning and was involved in tactical planning. That’s about all I know. That and the fact that he didn’t like the weather at Ft LW in the winter or the weather at Ft B in the summer, lol. Seems he said that both were extreme.

    He was beyond happy that he didn’t have to go to Nam. As you know, the war was starting to wind down by then. Reading about that recently, I wondered why they even had that last draft. Seemed unnecessary to me.

  207. Excuse me. First of all understand – historically these so called preachers and pastors are on the left. They have left the orthodox teachings of the church. They are the radicals who make the gospel into a banner of partisanship. And they are ALL in the same boat. They do not interpret they regurgitate.

  208. The lie is treating them as though they are not children of God on the one hand and denying them the full exercise of their American citizenship.

  209. How would you know they are the children of God when their actions shows otherwise? Those who practice homosexual sex will not inherit the Kingdom of God.
    Anyone born in this country has full rights as citizens. No rights should ever be based on a person’s sexual preferences.

  210. Mark Levin and John Haller by their interest in the real news not the fake stuff and cover ups.

  211. I’m tired..your defending terrorists and attacking innocent Jewish settlers.

  212. Kev,
    You nave not provided any documentation. Citing individuals is simply secondary sources. You haven’t revealed what sources they are citing.

    IN addition, you have not mentioned how Israel spends money on military actions that target Palestinian civilians. You can look at civilian death stats from the link below:

    Third, you have yet to respond to the Scripture passages cited regarding the role of Israel.

  213. did you ever really read my stuff openly?

  214. Kev,
    The following links are to articles about your source. The website is an American one btw.

    Note that the authors of both of the articles linked to above are Jewish.

    Also note that has as a source whose factual reliability still needs to be tested.

    The story could be true. But then let’s apply the same standards to Israel especially regarding the number of civilians they kill, harass, and arrest without cause.

  215. Kev,

    The link to the mediabiasfactcheck report on Gatestone

    the link to the scamadvisor report on Gatestone is below

    Be interested in knowing why you have such a high regard for it.

    Again, you are presenting one side. Both sides are guilty and the guilt began in 1967 with the occupation that was a result of a war Israel started.

    the first part of the solution is to put the US, Israel, and the Palestinians under the judgment of the ICC so that the same rules apply to all. Without the same rules applying to all, there is no hope for a just peace.

  216. Kev,
    You are lying on 2 counts. I am not defending terrorists, neither the Israeli kind nor the Palestinian kind. Why do you think I want the US, Israel, and the Palestinians to be accountable to the ICC? Why do you think I’ve written that both sides are guilty of attacking civilians?

    Second, not all Jewish settlers are innocent. I can tell from the attitude of those I talked to. At least some of them believe that they are entitled to the land that Palestinians. And from the Palestinian Christian I talked to, he said himself that he had more to fear from Jewish Settlers than from Hamas. And if you want, I can cite a number of news stories showing how some, not all, Jewish settlers have viciously attacked Palestinians.

    If you want to continue to discuss this, don’t lie about what my position is.

  217. Kev,
    No, but I have a reg blogpost where I cite new stories for the week. And for most of the sources, II run them past checks to see how valid they are before posting them. I make exceptions for sites I am familiar with or for opinion pieces.

    Note that I didn’t assume that the stories were false. I am just noting that you are citing one yet to be proven and one questionable source. And I am asking you to apply the same standards to Israel that you are applying to the Palestinians.

    I don’t have a problem with condemning Palestinian terrorism. Do you have a problem with condemning Israeli terrorism/war crimes?

    Again, put the US, Israel, and the Palestinians under the jurisdiction of the ICC and see how things play out when all sides are answerable to the same standards.

  218. Listen up, I gave you several sources who are unbiased..start reading the sources; by getting back to me in less than 6 minutes tells me your not interested in doing some research-I gave you sources quit being a lazy pain in the butt and do some homework. I’m not your librarian. If you want to look at the world with rose colored glasses all your life then that’s a personal issue for you. I gave you 4-5 or more references to the Quran as well..obviously, nothing matters for you but to be right. you’re acting like a moronic supervisor i had years ago

  219. Kev,
    What is with the use of the imperative? Were you in the military? I am not.You gave me sources and I treated them as I do most sources that come along my blog. I try to verify those sources. And that verification process challenges your claim that the sources were unbiased. In fact, I sent two links to articles written by Jewish, with at least one being very conservative politically speak who wrote about your sources.

    In addition, I didn’t make any claims regarding the veracity of the stories. You made a comment on how great the one source is and my checking process didn’t confirm your assessment. BTW, I ran a google search on the story you presented to see what sources were reporting it.

    And, while we are at it, did you check the link I provided. It is an Israeli link.

    Also, who is looking at the world with rose colored glasses. I have said a few times that both the Israel and the Palestinians have been guilty of killing civilians. That is why I want both of them, along with the US, to be under the judgment of the ICC. You can’t have a just peace when both sides are judged by different standards.

    As for the Quran, I have read most of it. And all you gave me was selected verses. In addition, when I asked you to talked to a number Muslims about the meaning of the passages you provided, you balked.

    So it seems that you are calling me lazy for not fully reading your source even though I did my own check on both your news sources and the story itself. In the meantime,, you haven’t given any indication that you checked the source I gave you nor are you willing to talk to Muslims here about how they interpret the passages from the Quran that you quoted. And to add to that, you accused me of defending terrorists, which I have not, while slandering innocent settlers even though I have personally talked to Palestinians Christians and Israeli settlers. In addition, I have clearly stated that both sides are guilty of killing civilians. And I have, again, said that the beginning starts with the US, Israel, and the Palestinians being answerable to the ICC.

    So for me, it is difficult to understand your complaint and frustration except that when you are frustrated, you resort to be insulting.

    It is very

  220. Amazing. How many confessional hearings were there on those various subjects, and yet, they found nothing beyond their allegations of wrong doing that was actually any evidence of wrong doing.
    But some how, YOU know what congress did not. Or YOU know that Mrs. Clinton is in fact evil incarnate. YOU know all kinds of things that no one else seems to know, that are only reported on right wing websites.
    It’s not only amazing what you know to be fact, when there isn’t the slightest bit of evidence to support that conclusion, but that no one else knows it. Or that Mrs. Clinton has her claws in everything. Or that it’s not all some vast right wing conspiracy.

  221. You’re not reading great resources that Gatestone puts out. They have some of the very best journalists on the planet. Your writing more about so many subjects no one has the time to do research on for hours. Nor do I. I made my point and move on with your desire to give terrorists a pass and the Jews a U.N. response to hundreds of so called violations as the entire world is now against a country the size of New Jersey. God stated He would draw back his people in the last days..He is doing just that as Ezekiel prophesied. There also is no true Palestinian as mentioned in the source I gave you. The Quran never mentions Palestine nor Jerusalem. Even Muslims are defecting away from Islam in various countries, in Iran thousands are coming to Christ due to the ISIS ideologues of the murder of innocent thousands. I’m sure you want sources for that statement too, well you have all day to write bellicose emails you have time to research that on your own good luck

  222. One more time: when confronted with facts, you simply change the subject. and you throw in a little whine abut how no one has the time to research all of those “facts” that seem to keep eluding you.
    No research necessary. All of the Benghazi hearings, all of the email hearings, all of the investigations, all of the totally unsubstantiated claims about the Evil Monster Hillary, and not one thing has ever actually made a substantiated appearance. Not one indictment made. not one crime charged.
    but hey, let’s talk about Palestine and Israel. And let’s make completely unsubstantiated claims that somehow I, a Jew, am all for islam and the destruction of Israel.
    Deplorable doesn’t even begin to cover it.
    have a nice day in Trumpenland.

  223. Since when is USA Today “reality”?

  224. I can think of things I don’t want my tax dollars to go to (like $21.6 million which covered Trump’s trips to Mar a Lago. Or a billion+ to cover his ridiculous wall.) But health insurance covers other people’s reassignment surgery/hormone therapy, why shouldn’t a military person’s insurance do the same? You realize that same insurance also covers Viagra, and ED medication, right? For lots more money. So I think that $2.4 to $8.4 million needs to happen, whether it makes you go ew or not. And while you are worried about your tax dollars, you might want to wonder how much expertise and training is represented by these people. It is one thing if they are enlistees with no special training — but if we’ve spent thousands training them, if they have special skills, like Kristin Beck, the Seal Team 6 veteran, we’re just cutting off our noses to spite our faces. And recruiting highly capable people is hard. Get the feeling Trump didn’t think this through?

  225. So, are you urging Trump to stay home from Mar a Lago and cancel his stupid wall, because both would yield way more money than the surgeries (which, gotta say, plenty of scientists are just fine with.) And thanks for your concern for people who have the surgery, maybe you could help make their lives better, you know, lessen the depression, before, during and after, by asking what they need and want, rather than telling them what you think? Might help, just a thought. (By the way, “hundreds of millions is just way off base. $2-8 million are the estimates.)

  226. Listen man, this information is out there. We aren’t overlooking anything. Trump is on track to spend more in his first year on vacations than Obama did in 8. He’s suggesting he might take 18 days in August. Google if you want to compare and contrast their time away/

  227. data shows 40% commit suicide due to the surgery..that data came out this week. you mess with nature your brain cant handle it.

  228. I think this is a policy pasted with doom all over it merely in the arena of “definitions” of trans. So lets say we observe a genetic female that wears mens clothing all of her life and wants to be called male. Then joins the military and they accommodate that wish. The ban goes in effect and she goes back to being a woman. Do they have to reassign her? Or was she trans for life and has to leave? 2) What is a man takes hormones to become a woman and stops taking them while in service, still has a penis but identifies as a woman? 3) Does the military just decide to have everyone strip and they will tell you what your gender is? If you comply with their strip assessment do you have to leave?

    What if you are mid assignment on a mission and they have to boot you out because you’re registered as trans? Do they stop mission mid step and boot you because you are too expensive to keep working?

    And about this cost thing – when he stops going to Mar-A-Lago weekly I’ll believe The President’s concerned about expenses. Until then STFU about the expense of ANYONE. You first Trump – lead by example.

    Please, I would love to hear your version of why Jesus thinks it’s a good idea for Trump to soak in Luxury while make a bigoted move in the name of “cost cutting.” This ought to be good.

  229. Oh please give me a break.Hitler was an atheist..go read some books, you’re not worthy of anyone’s time with such hubris as that. He believed in the Darwinian theory-yes theory as it still is-Churchill managed to get his peers off their butts to build up forces as he believed Germany was gearing up for war and in 1939 he did just that- he was considered a hero. So you’re the one who removed Churchill’s bust from the oval room! You’d do anything for an atheistic Marxist as obummer was. Gotcha!


    Adolf Hitler was a Christian who had all pedophiles and most gays killed after saying that he was no prude.

    Islam kills gays, Christians, Jews, and infidels like you, …and oh yes your favorite pedophile is Mohammed who was a pedophile according to real facts of history. He waged so many wars it was ridiculous..and yes a religion of peace as so many socialistic idiots proclaim from Obama to Hillary and the rest of the lefties Marxists who see no crime in Europe! Yet so many crimes against Europeans are in the foreign papers daily! Hug a terrorist you fool.

  231. Hitler lied to his people- just like the Idiot in charge for the last 8 years did. took away your right to either buy insurance or not..and made you pay a fine if you didn’t adhere to the iron fisted mentality of his Marxist dogma= tyranny
    Open borders, sanctuary cities-giving illegals a free ride, on your tax dollars-added 10 trillion to our then 10 trillion deficit in just 8 years-ridiculed Christians and embraced Islamic ideology-chastised the American mindset weekly with his lying to our faces on immigration-taxes-military issues( Iran,China,Russia,N.Korea) Toyed with our 1’st and 2’nd amendment rights and almost decimated our military as a whole for unreadiness of a looming war unlike Churchill!

  232. quit being so hubristic in nature you fool..of course he lied! did you happen to notice the word Socialist or did you trip over that word purposely..hmm?

  233. they were an off shoot of a socialist hybrid brand of politic thus he named it:

    WRITTEN BY: The Editors of Encyclopædia Britannica
    LAST UPDATED: 7-21-2017 See Article History
    Alternative Titles: National Socialist German Workers’ Party, National-Sozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei, Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei, NSDAP

    William Joyce
    political party
    Why wasn’t Auschwitz bombed?
    Ernst Röhm
    Adolf Hitler
    Fritz Thyssen
    Nazi Party, byname of National Socialist German Workers’ Party, German Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei (NSDAP), political party of the mass movement known as National Socialism. Under the leadership of Adolf Hitler, the party came to power in Germany in 1933 and governed by totalitarian methods until 1945.

    Okay ben in oakland refute this!

  234. data shows 40% commit suicide due to the surgery..that data came out this week. you mess with nature your brain cant handle it.
    you can’t refute the data as of this week can you..hmmm? no answer it’s obvious.

  235. I’d Like to know what schools of education and what year your graduated from. I need to write to them that they have a failed student in history and you need to start over. How does that sound?

  236. Ben thinks the lame stream media is telling him the truth! He must be in a Hillaryland.

  237. Some of the ugliest aspects of fascism—intolerance, repression, and violence—were fueled by what fascists saw as a morally justified struggle against “decadence.” For fascists, decadence meant a number of things: materialism, self-indulgence, hedonism, cowardice, and physical and moral softness. It was also associated with rationalism, skepticism, atheism, humanitarianism, and political, economic, and gender democracy, as well as rule by the Darwinian unfit, by the weak and the “female.” For anti-Semitic fascists, Jews were the most decadent of all.

    Islam has the same notions of vile hate towards Jews and the jewish state

  238. Sounds an awful lot like right wing Christians, don’t it?

  239. I have never seen them act like that..they believe in a God who majors in love and forgiveness..not racism. You obviously don’t know any personally.

  240. Intolerance of the left after Hillary lost..shutting down free speech at Berkeley for mILO, Repressionistic methods ensued after and violence of 5 million in damages at Berkely! Over what Hillary losing and a conservative wanted to speak to students. look who’s closed minded- the left!

  241. You obviously don’t read the news much

  242. Media outlets do all of us a disfavor by Fake -polls: 2016 was full of that for hillary and covering for her weekly her blunders. The media is basically run by leftist ideologues of repression of the truth and biased agenda driven for profiteering and hijacking the REAL NEWS! Nazi Germany kept repeating lies to their people over and over again until they actually believed it under their repressive commandant in charge of propaganda..but i digress you lap it up like a starving dog as long as it sounds like it is against conservative viewpoints. Remember this next time you hear a sound bite- Sound bites are filled with barely a note of truth…they do this purposely to make opinion without investigation.

  243. Our money can be better spent militarily than to have a host of emotionally messed up people in the military going into the service “Just to get sex changes” at taxpayers expense!

  244. The reality is were not going to spend 10 trillion in 8 more years like the previous Occupier did. The Trumpet is not taking a salary from the govt.
    His direction so far is creating more jobs in the last month, plus 3.5 trillion added to the value of the stock market. Jobs are slowly coming back after a hemorrhaging of our economy by a marxist who told people ” those jobs aren’t coming back” He-obummer-took the easy out by not doing anything- trump proved the occupier he was totally wrong and lazy! Lazy past presidents just song and dance your little minds into dogma that’s it’s hard is it to change a policy to keep jobs here? Not very hard as has recently come to pass. I voted for Trump not based on Trump but on policy of changes to our deplorable income freezing of american workers who need jobs..not pathetic words of – you cant expect those jobs to come back by the liar in charge for 8 years of bullshit

  245. Fluffy nonsense as sex changes for people can be done on their own dime not mine! I know 2 people who did it over the last 46 years..they did it on their own dime..we don’t need another marxist narcissistic entitlement program for dysfunctional people who can’t make up their minds but want to put some sort of “normalcy” onto the taxpayers who are fed up with crazy programs that have nothing to do with the military and making the world a safer place. I’m sure Hillaryland and her promise to the disaffected and down trodden in hopes of a sex change can be done if she would just come forward and yourself if you started a nonprofit to help these people. Start a program and you could in the papers tomorrow and see of you get any takers!

  246. See the cdc fact sheet on men having sex with men. Sad.

  247. I opposed the Viet Nam police action too- war was never declared. 54000 American lives lost – why? Draftees were not sent to VN after June 1972; I was drafted in July 1972. Would I have gone if sent – yup.

  248. I just looked at it- it’s pretty sobering- in oregon we have an epidemic of gonorrhea and it is not able to be treated well with the usual drugs, it is showing a high resistance to anything they throw at it. Makes one not wanting to date anyone until they get a certificate from a local Dr. that the person “Clean”

  249. Ben is obviously not answering this because he is in hillaryland

  250. What a charmer. The Jews killed jesus. Shades of martin luther. and shades of having your very own bible with its own special version of events.
    I wouldn’t doubt that the men you know have the same kind of mindset you have. They also claimed the same thing about gay people serving openly, and your type were all in agreement about it.
    It turns out the rest of the military was not.

  251. Kev,
    First you quote a questionable source. And that source leaves out an important piece of context: that Immigrants, many who are Muslims, are being attacked by biker gangs (see ). Note some of the anti-Muslim comments made in the article as well. Note who is practicing or promoting the violence against immigrants.

    If you want to paint a pic of Muslims as being all bad, realize that is what bigots do. And you do while refusing to talk to Muslims about how they interpret the Quran and why.

    You seem to be looking for an excuse to spread hatred and bigotry. And the pic of Muslims you paint entirely contradicts what I know from the Muslims I’ve met.

  252. So true, left media lied about where Hillary was in the polls, they never told her the truth, so she believe she was winning, that is why the loss was so brutal to her. MSM still lying to everyone? Probably lie again this election to. You think Hillary would learn from MSM Lies? But it seems she is still in complete denial of it all. She is poster child for the Worst sore loser ever!

  253. You want the source to be questionable because your too biased to understand the German govts inability to call it as it is.they cancelled their own citizens for a few Islamic thugs who are now ownership of German people. I get labeled by imbeciles like you as bigoted and this is the Hillary mindset of hard iron fisted leftists who drink her own bigoted kool aid by pandering to the Marxist ideologue of shameful name calling as she did to 50% of Americans in the last election. I’m sure CNN didn’t cover this story so I sent it to you in almost disbelief as I read it.


  255. You obviously don’t care much for truth in a post modernist mindset of anything goes

  256. No, I don’t care for right wing theocratic ambitions. Your idea that anything goes is simply your anything goes idea

  257. I’m not talking theocracy here–you are. Obviously, you’re still groping in the dark for answers from the Hillaryland dept of confusion and personal turmoil if up is really up.

  258. I used to be quite liberal as you and Mr. Day..but since really reading about what the other more conservatives have openly discussed, I came to realize just how wrong I was in my narrow-minded thinking. I escaped the Obama mental illness of narcissistic Marxism and Hillary land
    of self-entitlement policies she thought she was owed. Even her own staff knew she was lying under oath and wanted her to come clean about her server details but she “refused to say I was wrong” until it was too late, but her countenance was obvious she could care less. Look at the past tapes of that despot in the inquiry. She had that smirk on her face and defied Congress. That’s Hillary land!

  259. Hillary-land: Just say “I didn’t know” “I forgot” “Ohh
    that’s classified”?! “Mark my words I take full responsibility as to my choice and I’ll never do it again” !.

    .yeah right! and i have some great beach property for $$ 3 million in Libya!

  260. Okay. I have to admit you were right. There seems to be no analog in American society that reflects “evil” resulting from liberal “ideas being given color of law or becoming public policy.” Those I had in mind were results of excesses and misuses of legal interventions and programs set in place that at their core provide freedom and relief to oppressed minorities: abortion as selective birth control, welfare that fosters generational poverty through development of learned helplessness, welfare requirements that engender family disintegration through decreased benefits with the presence of an “able bodied male.” Excesses and abuses of good gestures are always likely.

    Thank you for your keen observations and insistence in honest reflection on the issue. I have a new perspective for looking deeper into my own denials and entrapment in white privilege. Thanks.

  261. Kev,
    I didn’t judge the source to be questionable, a site that has been featured in a number of reputable websites,, both conservative and non-conservative.

    Also note that I didn’t assume or even suggest that the story was false. What I did say is that context was missing. That immigrants have been attacked and so the story you reported, if it is true, has a context. And that context is what is missing from the link you provided.

    And if you labeled as bigoted, noting the way you uniformly describe your critics, then perhaps, you should check if their charge is understandable. After all, what do you think of Muslims? Do you think Muslims who do not believe in attacking unbelievers are being consistent with Islam?

    And for complaining about being labeled, you forgot what it said about who should cast the first stone. BTW, I have never voted for a democratic presidential candidate. And the last time I voted for any Democratic candidate was in 2004. And why don’t I vote Democratic? Because they have no clue what Marxism is about and if you think they do, then you don’t either.

  262. Just before anyone thinks the military is taking Trump seriously on this issue, it must be noted that they have officially ignored the policy until the WH can figure out how to implement it. Given the laziness and incompetence of the president’s staff, it is unlikely to happen prior to the courts striking it down. It looks like the Chiefs of Staff are simply waiting him out.

  263. “Anterograde amnesia is a loss of the ability to create new memories after the event that caused the amnesia,
    leading to a partial or complete inability to recall the recent past,
    while long-term memories from before the event remain intact.”

    The inability to form new memories after the event which caused your amnesia has you stuck discussing irrelevant topics and people no longer of importance in the political landscape rather than address current events.

    You really should be checked out by a doctor. Such a condition can be damaging to your life.
    See the following:

  264. I believe you are on the wrong site. You have mistaken this for Stormfront or a Reddit board.

    My guess is your education in history came from a very poor job at home schooling. Now for the $1,000,000 question. Are you capable of the acts Anthony Scaramucci claims people like Bannon can do to themselves?

  265. “All men I know who have fought…”

    So you failed the psych exam when you tried to enlist.

  266. “abortion as selective birth control”
    Only a thing where access to birth control is limited for the poor and working class. A result of conservative policies.

    “welfare that fosters generational poverty through development of learned helplessness”

    Attacking welfare and their recipients doesn’t address the problems of persistent poverty, unemployment and systemic racism. Simply punishes victims instead. Able bodied people who lack skills, education or employment opportunities are not in a position of “learned helplessness”.

    Again a Conservative cause here. Attacks on organized labor and lack of enforcement of labor regulations contributed largely to undermining the ability of blue collar work to pay living wages. Plus it is now in the employment strategy of several corporations to encourage workers to go on public assistance as a way to avoid paying living wages and benefits.

  267. So in your world view, you would be okay with a sharia separate law here in the USA and give our US Constitution a back seat when it comes to civil laws that would clearly be illegal? So since sharia law implies the killing of Christians and Jews, the killing of homosexuals the debasement of young girls clitoris is removed and that’s the short you go along with ALL Muslim belief systems even if you knew your Muslim neighbor was committing these crimes.? You must think the San Bernardino couple are heroes of their faith!

  268. I believe if you are as objective as you say you are that the immigrants have been attacking young women now in Germany and in Sweden, what is wrong with defense of your country when the cops stand down and do nothing to stop it but say ” don’t go into those zones deemed unsafe” It is escalating out of control and this is the way a P.C. controlled government acts in defense. glad I don’t live there. maybe this is why many millionaires have left Germany due to the uncertainty of the motherland they grew up in.
    oh yes, and that’s true- you can look up the source since non of mine are worthy! a hole!

  269. You might want to live in Venezuela with madoro as your lovely Marxist dictator..he has Hillary backing him

  270. Yes. Exactly. All these are perspectives I have heard from conservatives as “proof” of the ills of these and similar laws and programs. It reminds me of the current cry of the Republicans to allow “Obamacare” to fail on its own, in other words, if they hamstring the bill with contrary actions or neglect then the result will be the failure of the program. It is frustrating that they don’t just roll up their sleeves and find ways in which to make it a more effective tool for caring for the American public.

    Or the attack against Affirmative Action: “We think everyone should be promoted on their own merit.” While limiting access of minorities to the field, after the field is already replete with the dominant culture, a situation that exists because the dominant culture has historically held back resources from said minorities preventing them from gaining fair access to training and hard resources.
    The old Catch 22. We won’t allow you to be educated and trained and demand you compete with those who were educated and trained in order to prove you are not educated and trained enough to compete with them.

  271. In my opinion, you’re very much like an alcoholic who goes to meetings five days a week, even though he hasn’t had a drink for twenty years. His life is still about alcohol.

    Yours is all about Obama and Clinton. You are just as narrow minded as you were before your miraculous conversion. Everyone knows Mrs Clinton was lying, as you so blithely claimed, except there isn’t the slightest bit of evidence even remotely able to bring charges from that rabid pack of junkyard dogs in congress. But you know, because you have your own private evidence, garnered carefully from right wing websites. And if only those rabid congressmen knew what you knew, why I’m sure the evil of that “despot” who holds no elected office, but has served her country in a number of capacities– on her very worst week a thousand times better than your Trumpenfuhrer as been in the 6 months since he took office– wwould have been obvious to anyone! ANyone, I tell you!!

    So much winning! Marxists! CUltural Marxists! OBummer! DIsaster! DEspot! Mental illness! And on and on and on and on and on. Do you have the slightest idea how you sound?

    Please, go find someone else to have your fantasies with.

  272. The military’s budget is rather lean, considering how far it must stretch to fight on many foreign and domestic fronts. There are no funds to provide transgender surgeries.

    The military budget in 2016 was $580 billion. More than half a trillion dollars is not exactly lean. The proposed costs of surgeries was between $2.4 – 8.4 million. That is around 0.1% of the budget. To compare, Trumps vacations will cost taxpayers at least $10-15 million a year.

    FAR more of the military budget is wasted through bureaucratic errors, under the table payments, and general corruption.

  273. Kev,
    Depends on what is meant by Sharia law. From what I’ve seen, Sharia law is to Muslims what church discipline is to Christians. And there is no implication of the killing of Christians and Jews in that law. But if that is what you expect from Muslims, I can see why people labeled you a bigot. Especially when you refuse to talk to Muslims here to determine what Sharia law would mean to them here.

    See, as long at you read the limited sites you do, and as long as you get your info from antagonists, you will never escape the limited view you have. Talk to American Muslims about your concerns and questions.

  274. Well Worf, the military budget in 2016 may have been $580 billion, and the proposed costs of transgender surgeries somewhere between $2.4 – 8.4 million–a mere 0.1% of the total military budget, but Chelsea Manning and his-her ilk don’t deserve one red cent of it! The US military–and the $$ that support their international operations, have too many sexually frustrated male Muslim gihadis to get shed of for us!

    This trash religion where the mullahs and ayutollahos cloisters all the women, and forces them to endure those delightful clitorectomies (all to make sure that Muslim women don’t get their chance to enjoy their partners” poor sexual performance under the sheets!) Given that failure of positive responses from their women, these sexually frustrated Muslim gihadis set out to try and get rid of their frustrations by cutting off the heads of hundreds of Americans–and also their Sunni Muslim cousins who they consider to be infidels for halting the mutilation of their women and giving them a tiny bit more freedom!

    Worf, since you’re sold on those transgender surgeries, why don’t you have one yourself? Then–depending on the results, you can decide whether you want to go all in and start a non-profit foundation to raise that $2.4 – 8.4 million and share that snip-snip outcome with others? I’ve read that those seeking to change their gender, do so because they’re very emotionally and spiritually mixed up. They get deluded into thinking that this snip-snip surgery will solve all their problems!

    Tell us how that works out for ya, woncha, Worf?!

  275. Calm down buddy. Your comment is so filled with anger I refuse to address the point you made. What happened to “…the transforming power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ…” ?
    I thought that meant becoming more Christ-like but apparently the message YOU took from the Gospel of Jesus was to make vile, self important comments filled with hate and anger.

    1 Peter 4:8
    Above all, keep loving one another earnestly, since love covers a multitude of sins.

    1 Corinthians 16:14
    Let all that you do be done in love.

    Proverbs 10:12
    Hatred stirs up strife, but love covers all offenses.

    Ephesians 4:2
    With all humility and gentleness, with patience, bearing with one another in love

    1 John 1:6
    6 If we say that we have fellowship with him, and walk in darkness, we lie, and do not the truth

    Have some civility. I might not believe in the divinity of the bible, but I won’t deny there are some good lessons in there. You should try learning them sometime.

    **Edit: I cant believe I just told a christian to cherry pick the bible. The times they are a changin’ …?

  276. Worf, you’re losing the argument about the military being asked to pay for surgeries for individuals that want to change their gender, so you stoop to bringing religion into this and quoting scripture!

    There’s no ANGER coming from me–just some superior facts and reasoning that you can’t refute! My supposed-anger isn’t the reason you refused to answer the point I made above. The REAL reason is that you don’t have any salient facts or reasoning with which to respond!

    I will totally ignore your comments if you’ll promise to never respond to any of my comments again. Deal?

  277. Don’t lie to yourself. You are filled with anger toward anybody who defies your personal opinions.

    I’ve read that those seeking to change their gender, do so because they’re very emotionally and spiritually mixed up.

    You probably read it in some far-right religious website that is specifically anti-LBGT. The reasons I will not debate you is because your whole post was an attack on people you don’t like.

    You didn’t state “superior points”. You literally repeated the same statistics I gave you (with your negative opinionated twist), then immediately went to spewing hate aimed at people you don’t agree with. You then stooped to ad hominem arguments. These are the signs of someone incapable of real debate.

    While I won’t promise to not respond to your comments (ignore mine if you so feel), I likely will not since you have no idea how to present actual facts and data in your post. Debating someone who exclusively uses personal attacks and religious opinions is not exactly engaging.

  278. But if you read the Quran as I have in various times of my life- it has over 120 verses to kill the infidel. in their schools, they teach kids how to kill a person with a knife and the hatred towards Jews and anyone who disagrees with them is final. Palestinian kids are taught to hate the jew. In their textbooks, israel is called Palestine and on and on yadda yadda..braniwashing. My so called limited view is your opinion but many intellectuals you won’t listen to on this subject would be able to convince you of your own narrow view that hinders truth and openness. You tend to shut down dialogue when you accuse me of not open ended. I worked with 2 Arabs at my previous job, one guy a devout Muslim Sunni..very nice man and we talked a bit about his views- he won’t open up much but I gave him the gospel. He was ok with it. another guy was extremely secular and hated the Quran and its implications of rules regulations and just generally. He is a post modernist like many people today. You can do a search of your own concerning what Arab kids are taught in theses repressive societies…yes they are repressive. Genital mutilation, honor killings of those who leave the faith- as of which in Iran many devout Muslim Shia’s have left the Muslim faith from what I have found out, due to the ISIS Muslims killing and mayhem in the ensuing wars for a new caliphate. They have rejected their Muslim faith for Christianity. yet you won’t believe me on that either. Yet it’s true.

  279. Iranian new converts are “Underground” believers they worship in secret and so the western world never hears much..due to their previous faith of Islam would have them in prison and killed. repressive is a mild word.

  280. There is a wonderful Arab man who is a pastor at Calvary Chapel Kanaeho Hawaii.
    J.D. Farag. Look him up on you tube when he does prophecy updates on the Middle East. He got out of Lebanon as a young child because his father saw the relentless Muslim faith was repressive and he did not want to have his kids grow up in that environment- he immigrated with his family to the USA LEGALLY in 1966.

  281. Kev,
    Now if you read the Quran, then you also know the passages where it says to live at peace with others and the differences between true Christianity and Judaism from false Christianity and Judaism. And yet you don’t mention those verses. Why?

    In addition, you refuse to talk to Muslims here about how they interpret the Quran. Why not? 2 people a sample does not make.

    You insist on making general statements about Muslims on inadequate data. You take things out of context and then use that to make indictments about Muslims. And you are insistent on all of that. And your defensiveness about being labeled is betrayed by your eagerness to label others.

    BTW, I only shut down conversations when other people become insulting. And right now I am waiting for you to put in a legitimate effort into researching what you claim to be true.

  282. Kev,
    Iranian new converts are “underground” where? Is that occurring in Iran where you have a dictatorship?

    And, btw, Shi’ites were those who mourned over 9/11 and opposed groups like Al Qaeda.

    Listen, I don’t agree with Islam on a lot. And I don’t defend the violence done in their name. But I know enough Muslims and have read enough to know when people misrepresent them.

  283. They are a mess, will take generations to fix that nightmare!

  284. Sorry ..but their mullahs officiate hate and it seems to trump their Quran by ideology to hate and not live at peace. Arafat was going to be given everything he wanted when Clinton was in office to officiate peace, Arafat turned it down! Arafat wanted to continue his jihadist beliefs regardless of the Quran’s call to peace.

    I don’t believe those in arab governments who are islamic in nature will go against the islamic faith- even if is mentioned in the quran that they want peace and to all around them! It’s peace on their terms! Remember that Mr. Day. It’s like Hillary Clinton- she wants to continue the resistance..well what does that really mean! she means war!

  285. yes, it seems Peace very hard to come by over there, they are so use to living in a Chaotic Environment they do not know anything else, remember the middle east has been at War for centuries? So sad!

  286. I’d like to pack up all the liberals to go and try to live in a true Marxist society in Venezuela under a Maduro for a month under his iron fisted rule- they’d be screaming to get on a plane back to the States within 1 hour! the crybabies would embrace our Constitution finally!

  287. – *Bassam Tawil*: “The Battle over Jerusalem Has Just Begun”
    – *Stefan Frank*: Europe: The Censored Film They Do Not Want You to See
    “The Battle over Jerusalem Has Just Begun”

    by *Bassam Tawil* • August 1, 2017 at 5:00 am

    The Palestinians, feeling triumphant now that Israel has complied with their demand to remove the metal detectors and security cameras, have been clarifying that it is only the first step in their fight to eradicate any Israeli presence in the Old City of Jerusalem and the Temple Mount.

    They admit that this is a battle over sovereignty on the Temple Mount and Jerusalem. For the Palestinians, the real battle is over who controls Jerusalem and its holy sites. The real battle, in their eyes, is the Jews’ right to live in their own state in the Middle East. Many Palestinians have still not come to terms with Israel’s right to exist, and that is what this battle is really about.

    The Palestinians have added it up just right. In their own words, they aim at an escalation of violence because they believe that what Israel did is the first step toward even more concessions and even further retreat.
    Notice the Arabic name who wrote this..Mr. Day wake up!

  288. I did not think metal detectors would last long, those 2 have been at War since beginning of time? It seems? They are mentally so full of hate for Israel that it has clouded any reason they have. No these 2 will never settle their dispute! So sad!

  289. I personally think the “Leftist-marxist americans” Cnn will be a propped up propaganda machine like never before.; They are going to go full ape-shit militant in the next Presidential election- rioting, burning and destruction of private property, death in the streets and a total disregard for civility. It’s getting worse people. Listen,when we see and witness a continous same cycle of nonsense up till now from such morons as Hillary’s call to “resistance movement” code for ” I’m pissed i lost, I’ll get even”! Maxine Watters who can’t make any sense in her vile hatred of Trump and Pelosi who echoes anything on her mind as to whats left of it and the spineless jelly fish chuck Schumer who only thinks of his deep state pocket ties for money and a job. None of these people ever ran a cash register in their lives much less did any real constructive humanitarian jobs.

  290. stepped up security and metal detectors will be mandatory at all events in the next presidential cycle..and israel was put down this last week to remove all metal detectors from entry to the Temple Mount..yet if you go to the Hajj in saudi arabia they have tons of detectors! Oh and by the way- if your’re a white christian in name only that wants to see the can’t! they have signs which say only arabs can enter, it has been said they are allowed to kill anyone who is not an arab in that so called holy Space..

  291. A new study from the Government Accountability Institute proves that President Donald Trump has his work cut out for him when it comes to curtailing voter fraud in the United States. While the media bashed the president for claiming that such fraud existed and then walloped him again when he convened the Advisory Commission on Election Integrity, the new study proves that Trump was right all along. Something must be done to shore up our democratic security, and it must be done before Americans go to the polls again next November.

    According to the GAI study, thousands of votes last year were cast illegally by people who registered – AND VOTED – in multiple states.

    Using voter registration and voter history data from the 21 states that were willing to provide the information, the Institute compared the lists from the various states using an “extremely conservative matching approach that sought only to identify two votes cast in the same legal name.” By doing this, the Institute found that nearly 9,000 votes were “highly likely” duplicates. The Institute concluded that if this small cross-section of the electorate were extrapolated to include all 50 states, it would show that more than 45,000 illegal duplicate votes were cast in 2016.

  292. Yes, I’m afraid you are right, next election will be Hell on Earth, Dems will lie, cheat and try again to steal election! Yes, see a lot of civil disorder in the streets! So sad! Our country has fallen into such Evil times. Society has fallen apart? Why? I believe it’s Obama’s fault for 8yrs. he had a big platform and all he did was preach Hate, Prejudice, and Division! And is still doing it? Worst ever Anti-American President ever. Well all we can do it pray for the best!

  293. Yes, that was the cheating, stealing, lying Clinton’s and Obama machine at work! President Trump has been right all along, but the Dems knew that [email protected] But do not care!! They serious are still upset about losing the election? So yes, I believe more than ever Civil War will certainly hit this next election!! God help us all!!

  294. Obama didn’t preach hate he just scolded and chastised us almost monthly or weekly when a crisis hit the fans culturally i.e. Islamic killings of innocent people and not calling it what it was, creating a feeling of hatred for the police trying to do a job for the public and demonizing them to be less racist, transgenders in the military usurping what the military is all about in the first place- DEFENSE not a place to get a sex change if one joins..Allowing Iran to continue building the Bomb and giving into Islamist extremism and wrecking Israeli talks by hurting Israel and interfering with their elections to get B.Netanyahu out of office by MEDDLING in their elections which were found out!

  295. Yes, that evil man! I consider a Traitor to our Country! First ever President who was very Anti-American! God bless

  296. I have both an honorable discharge and a DD214. Most people in the Vietnam era made decisions which reflected their views and values, they were not hypocrites like Trump who had the gall to question Sen. McCain’s service.

  297. Ben, it’s not about whether you agree with me, or not. Yes, your characterization of Trump was extreme in that post. You know that as well as I do.

  298. James Dobson is not, never has been, a preacher or a pastor. Did you really not know that?
    No, they’re not on the Left, religious or otherwise. They don’t promote abortion, acceptance of immorality, or other anti-Biblical issues. If they were, they wouldn’t be trashed all the time by MSM. Robertson may be getting a bit senile, but he has not gone that far as of yet.

  299. One big (huge) issue which many people have overlooked is the fact that tg people want the military (i.e., taxpayers) to foot the bill for all the surgeries they want in order to “become” the other sex.
    Not possible, of course, but they’ve been brainwashed to believe it is, and are willing to be mutilated in order to make the attempt. Problem is, the surgeries are unnecessary (it’s always been military policy not to do unnecessary surgeries), and also very expensive.

  300. Draft #46; Served 1972-1974 . Basic training – Ft. Leonard Wood MO; AIT Ft. Sill OK Field Artillery Pershing Missile Crewman; Served in Germany. Did you serve?
    My dear hubby was draft #94 (was drafted in the very last draft of the Vietnam conflict). Served 1972-1975. Basic training and AIT at Ft. Leonard Wood. (He hated it; it was winter time and the ground never thawed the whole time he was there. He said they all called it Fort Lost in the Woods.) After that, served at Ft. Benning, Ft. Gordon, and Ft. McClellan. Worked in the HQ division surveying and making maps. I was so thankful that he never had to go to Nam.

  301. Extreme? Not extreme enough.

    The man admits to multiple affairs. He admits to sexual assault. He has multiple law suits against him for failure to pay his debts. He has declared bankruptcy four times, yet is still a billionaire. He pays off porn stars to be quiet. He says h3 can shoot someone in the street, and no one would care.

    And he’s right. You don’t

  302. Not extreme enough? I don’t how you could have been more extreme. You need to take a chill pill, man.
    Obama’s choice to head the Dep’t of the Treasury (!!!)T. Geitner had declared bankruptcy in his life. That would be funny if it weren’t so ridiculous and just plain wrong. Was there an outcry about that? NOOOOOOO. And that was just the tip of the iceberg. Fast and Furious, Benghazi, bowing down to enemies, giving Iran such nuclear potential. Either he was just plain dumb, or he was deliberately trying to destroy America.
    Trump paid off 1 porn star, long before he ran for prez. Everything else is not as bad as Billy Clinton, and nobody gave a rat’s patootie when all those women were telling the country the truth about him when he ran for prez the first time. A third-party candidate got him into office (very suspicious, since he didn’t even want the prez, dropping out of the race at least once before getting back in).
    AR troopers told the ugly truth about Billy too. And Hillary has covered for him from day one ever since they formed their weird political alliance which masquerades as a marriage. She covered for him when he raped a girl. She covered for him when he committed sex acts IN THE WH, claiming the allegations were “just a right-wing conspiracy”. Yeah, right.
    The double standard for Dems and Reps has been unconscionable for years and years, and it has really come to light over the last 25+ years. That is the TRUTH of the matter.

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