Muslim leaders speak out against Trump’s inflammatory retweets

Muslim American and other activists gathered on Capitol Hill on Nov. 29, 2017, to condemn President Trump's retweets hours earlier of videos that purported to show Muslims acting violently. From left, Ilhan Cagri, a fellow at the Muslim Public Affairs Council; Lakshmi Sridaran, director of national policy and advocacy at South Asian Americans Leading Together; and Nihad Awad, executive director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations. RNS photo by Sharon Samber

WASHINGTON (RNS) — Muslim American leaders gathered on Capitol Hill to condemn President Trump’s sharing of videos purporting to show Muslims committing violent acts just hours after he posted the images to his Twitter feed.

Americans are “shocked but not surprised” by the president’s actions, said the Council on American-Islamic Relations’ national executive director, Nihad Awad, remarking on Trump’s Wednesday morning (Nov. 29) retweets.

The retweets, sent to his more than 43 million followers, showcased three videos originally tweeted from the account of the deputy leader of a British anti-immigrant fringe group, Britain First. The group is considered anti-Muslim by many in the country, and its name was shouted by an extremist who gunned down and stabbed a member of Parliament earlier this year. The group condemned the murder.

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Trump’s message incites violence and is a continuation of his pattern of targeting minorities, Awad told Religion News Service. Republicans, he continued, should show leadership by condemning the videos.

“President Trump has infected the Republican Party,” said Awad, who asked Republicans not to “sit idly by while this injustice continues.”

Britain First is a political party condemned as ultranationalist and previously accused of sharing anti-Muslim conspiracy theories. The office of British Prime Minister Theresa May said Wednesday that Trump was wrong to share material from a group that promotes “hateful narratives.”

Hate speech leads to hate crimes, Awad warned, noting that CAIR has received one to two reports of a hate crime every day this year on average. According to FBI statistics, nearly a quarter of religious hate crimes in 2016 were against Muslims, with an increase of almost 20 percent from 2015 to 2016.

Other organizations joined CAIR to condemn Trump’s retweets and call on other politicians to speak out against them.

“Where is the leadership in this country?” asked Ilhan Cagri, a fellow at the Muslim Public Affairs Council. That Trump retweeted the videos shows that he identifies with extremist views, she said. “This is not what a leader should be doing.”

Lakshmi Sridaran, director of national policy and advocacy at South Asian Americans Leading Together, said the real threat comes from the administration itself.

“We must demand better from our president and our democracy,” she said.

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  • If we Muslims are not willing to clean our filth and filthy, then the last thing that we are entitled to is to complain about outsiders who are trying to. The Bakri (Sunni) dogma, that Nihad Awad subscribes to, is the most perverted and dangerous dogma. Just view some of the Bakri theological materials and you will discover for your self how dangerous and perverted this Bakri dogma is. It is sickining to see the audacity of this hypocrite moaning and groaning about retweets.

  • Filtering out one’s own sins in order to focus on the sins of others is not just a practice used by Trump in his tweets, it was also the same practice that Al-Qaeda and ISIS use to justify their terrorism.

  • Another person who thinks there is a sane argument beginning with “____ religion is inherently evil”.

    What else is new?

  • Hey, I’m against Sunni extremism too. That’s why the ISIS Recruiter in Chief’s retweets of this garbage was so disgusting. He’s doing ISIS’s work for them.
    What stream of Islam do you identify with?

  • Jim,
    To equate him with Al-Qaeda or ISIS is ridiculous. To compare some of his approaches with how Al-Qaeda and ISIS approach issues is legitimate. To compare how Trump, as well as other Americans, filter out America’s sins to focus on the sins of others with how Al-Qaeda and ISIS filters out the sins of others does not equate Trump with Al-Qaeda and ISIS. It merely points to a specific common trait.

  • AL-BUKHARI, just to mention one source, is the best and most successful recruiting tool in the hands of ISIS. In addition, the brainwashing of kids through sound bites and Rote memorization in mosques to love and to strive to emulate historic terrorists like Abu Bakir, Omar, Aisha, Kalid bin Walid and other Bakri (Sunni) icons, is and was, the best recruitinrecruiting tools in the hands of Islamist terrorists since the day these historic terrorists poisoned the Prophet of Islam to death. In short, terrorism is structured in the Bakri (Sunni) dogma. Trump mistake was that he didn’t tweet material where terrorists shout Allahu Akbar in jubilation while slaughtering and burning innocent civilians. The net is full of these material and it is time for the entire civilized world to view it for themselves. And moaning and groaning by self-serving special interest groups like the Council for American Islamist Radicalization will only further stimulate the curiousity of the public to view this material.

  • agree! Psycho leftists go by feelings rather than the dogma of the muslim belief system. CAIR is atrocious.

  • My Muslim sailor friends can point out the dangerous dogma of Christianity quite easily.
    What do you have to say about the Muslim service members interned in Arlington? How about the ones serving in all branches of the military. CAIR is considerable safer than all the profit driven Christian political cabals in this country.

  • Which history of Christianity? You can’t compare the RCC to normal Christians if that is what you’re referring to. The Inquisition(500 years of oppression by the RCC) and the ban on bibles ( Martin Luther -German Monk-“catholic” interpreted the bible from Latin to the German language) by the RCC is tantamount to many deaths and imprisonment and whole cities wiped out in France etc to end the movement against the RCC. Protestant Christians who defected from the RCC in the earl;y 15th century is innocent to this day of any oppression to others.
    This is the usual upset of those who don’t know much about religious history. If you go back to hundreds of years of oppression and death look no further than the Muslim ideology. you have a lot of digging to do about Mohammed and his early followers who killed many Christians and Jews over a span of hundreds of years as the RCC.
    Without Martin Luther’s heroism to challenge the RCC ideology of oppressing all its church to conform was the salvo that upended that nonsense when he nailed the 90 plus thesis of indulgences against the Catholic church. We just celebrated this at its 500th year of Luther.

    Your dogma against me is misaimed..go to the RCC and demand an answer as they have yet to fully apologize in words only. Today we’re seeing many in the movement to come back to the “mother church-RCC” under the banner of The Protest is Over..well it’s not over and I’m not anywhere a part of the RCC nor involved with this devilish movement. This leads up to my impression of Muslims that NOT ALL of them are into terrorism or wanting to destroy others..many good ones have ASSIMILATED here to be AMERICANS. As for the Catholic church, there are many who are innocent today, but I believe many are programmed by poor doctrine and don’t know of or care to know of their past history, thinking “that was the past” not today.Tthe Pope in my book is a Marxist leftist (can be proven) and he has said many interesting things that are anti-doctrinal from biblical exegesis.(interpretation). The leftists in this country love the Pope, those of us who understand the ideology and political agenda from Rome know better.

    Nazi Germany was influenced by the Pope prior to WW-2. the Pope demanded of Germany before invading it’s neighboring countries who were “CATHOLIC to go easy on them and those who were not- go heavy on their population! so you see the RCC had not changed after 450 years and I don’t think they’ve changed their mind since WW-2! That’s only 73 years ago. Agenda-21 and Agenda-2030 are Romes politicizing the worldview with governments still today- they won’t stop.

    CAIR is a Muslim propaganda machine used by the leftists in this country to bring about its own devices unbeknownst to the American-pathologically-unintelligent and passive society.

    Take a real course of religious history as I have done for years of reading and you might find the truth if you’re possibly open-minded. But remember may courses have a ‘Revisionist leftist viewpoint’ to make ‘Religion’ look all bad. you have to get the non-abbreviated history that has been tampered with to force an agenda that is biased. Much of the U.S. history has undergone this menacing problem in higher education today. You know this! CNN and the messed up news still is forcing this agenda today on us all in daily programming blinding the masses of unintelligent masses to say-“oh that’s got be correct it’s the news”! bottom line on religion and daily news: “Don’t be a victim”!

    Many on this site have never heard this information and will still denounce me as a hater, not a friend. well it’s only words and History can’t be changed if one CAIRS to look: pun intended.

  • Do you know what is a better recruiting tool in the hands of ISIS? Inflamatory and dishonest statements, videos and writings demonizing all Muslims, followed by discrimination under color of law. Especially by political leaders in Europe and the US.

    What it does is drive those most useful in combating Islamicist terrorism, Muslim communities loyal to their nation, away or into a state of distrust with authority and law enforcement.

    “American Muslims Turn In Lots of Terrorists:

    By defending these dishonest bigots in Britain First and others, you are doing the handiwork of ISIS. Making it easier for them to move and recruit among Muslim immigrants and citizens.

  • You do foment hate with the aspersions you cast upon another religion while dodging the heinous filth associated with your own. Can’t have it both ways.

    ” This leads up to my impression of muslims that NOT ALL of them are into terroism or wanting to destroy others..many good ones have ASSIMILATED here to be AMERICANS. ”

    In response to this bigoted statement: Many Muslims are BORN here on US soil and were NOT required to assimilate at all. Religious tests for citizenship or political office are unconstitutional.

    As far as a “real course” on Religions of the World, I attended several taught by a Southern Baptist at a Catholic college AND traveled the globe and met with a variety of religions. I’ve have several levels of World Civilization courses at another college up in New England. My sister-in-law is from Israel and can’t understand how the US allows white supremacists to function openly, how they are free to threaten and harm Jewish and any people of color. How the legal system makes it difficult to acquire protection and redress from racism.

  • Most americans are pathologically uninterested in how CAIR issues forth with their dogma. Muslims know this and will continue their agneda under the radar of radicalization even here in the USA. Leftsts in this country so far have undermined our constituion and want to do away with the doctrine of it so they can think they are above the value of it and use words like- Inclusive-and then use hate speech against those of us who know better than the average drone just trying to keep their head above water. It’s a game about words and if one doesn’t go along with the leftist agenda then one is automatically “condemned” much like how ISIS does to it’s naysayers. Leftism is a mental disease.ISIS is failing due to many devout muslims had their eyes opened to what has happened in Syria to the mass killings and btw-Iranian muslims, many have turned to christianity due to this – jettisoning their previous faith of hate and betrayel and all due to ISIS! That Church (Iranian-converts) are underground because it is considered a crime to turn to chritianity by death as the final verdict. Tolerance- tell me now if that is “really tolerance” revival has come to Iran in varuious homes in that oppressed society run by zealous muslim leaders- who also foment hatred for us here and all over the world by supplying arms to the cause of Islam. Even Egypt is scared of how jihad Iran has become

  • Dear Spuddi– I know that during the Obama administration, people like you were being awarded tens of $millions in grants to research, for example, what is less offending to “Muslims”, the acronyms ISIS or ISIL? While Bakris (Sunnis) were slaughtering thousands of Shia and Yazidis in Mosul, the argument in Washington, among those who used to subscribe to CAIR’s probaganda, was that; don’t say ISIS because this will offend Muslims. The miserable failure of that era paved the way for some one like Trump to take the helm. People are sick and tired to have to bend backward lest a Bakri (Sunni) bratt gets angry and detonate himself while shouting ALLAHU AKBAR. That fear barier is distroyed and for good. It is time to expose the terrorist Bakri (Sunni) dogma for what it is. It is time to tame these bratts by exposing the reality of their role models, historic terrorists like abu Bakir, Omar, Aisha, Kalid bin Walid and every single iconic figure in the Bakri dogma. I can assure you that the best anti dote to these Bakri (Sunni) bratts is for the civilized world to have an indepth knowludge of this perverted dogma. I challenge you to find a single Shia, who rejected these historic iconic figures, who is willing to ever commit such atrocity. So yes, curse be upon historic terrorists abu Bakir, Omar, Aisha, Kalid bin Walid, Othman, Mu’awia, Abu Hanifa, ibn Malik, al-Shaffi’ie, ibn Hanbal, ibn Taymia and the rest of the Bakri cult iconic figures.

  • People like me?
    What kind of people would that be exactly besides American citizen?
    What kind of ad hominem bullcrap are you attempting here?

    “While Sunnis were slaughtering thousands of Shia and Yazidis in
    Mosul, the argument in Washington, among those who used to subscribe to
    CAIR’s probaganda, was that; don’t say ISIS because this will offend

    Um, that was never the case everyone was pretty much encouraged to use ISIS and Daesh to describe them. I guess when you start pretending Britain First fascist liars are sending out legit videos, you just don’t stop lying for your cause.

    The Shia militias in Iraq and Syria are Iran proxies. This is not rumor, it is outright admission from Iran, Syria and Russia

    The majority of Muslims in the US are Suuni, yet they are turning in terrorists in far greater numbers than law enforcement efforts have been doing. But that deflates your little ISIS RECRUITING FRIENDLY sectarian tirade.

    “So yes, curse be upon historic terrorists…”

    Oooh collective guilt BS. Just the sort of thing ISIS loves. All Suunis are somehow complicit with terrorism so lets attack them collectively. CAN YOU BE A BETTER RECRUITER FOR ISIS?

    BTW I am an ardent supporter of the Kurds in their efforts to protect the Yazidis and reclaim territory from ISIS. I strongly support their right to a homeland.

    So does ISIS send you checks in the mail or do your payments from them come through paypal or bitcoin?

  • Thanks be to this gressroot Popular Mobilization, ISIS is history in Iraq. Ad far as the Kurds, I grew up with them in Mosul. Although I am not a member of the International Islamists Brotherhood, I have no issue with Kurds seeking their independence.

  • Bakri (Sunnis) range very widely in their love and admiration to historic terrorists like abu Bakir, Omar, Aisha and the likes. The more a Bakri loves and admires these historic terrorists the bigger the probability that s/he can become a terrorists. It is no coincidence that abu Bakir and Omar arr the most popular Nome de guerre among terrorists. Check it for your self. You are who you like.

  • Sorry ISIS recruiting troll, but trying to making wild generalizations of a faith covering about 1.5 billion people is an inherently pointless, bigoted and infantile. I really have zero reason to take any of your assertions seriously. Like all bigots with pretensions of intelligence, you will spout whatever nonsense comes to mind to pretend you have an objective basis to your view. Reality shows it is really just drooling brain dead hate.

    What is the source of your knowledge of the Sunni faith? Apparently it comes out of your posterior and Neo-nazi videos.

  • Can you be a more “useful 1diot” for Islamicist recruiting? Nothing like making wild claims that 1.5 billion people are either terrorists or wannabes to drive away productive support and make it easier for them to recruit and garner assistance.

    So what is your ultimate goal? Putting Sunnis into death camps? Massive deportations? Stripping them or rights and citizenship based on their religious beliefs?

    Please be specific here.

    “Although I am not a member of the International Islamists Brotherhood”

    So you are an Iran backed troll. Hence your prior but telling lack of criticism for Shia militias. Fair enough. I am on notice as to your agenda.

  • Schizophrenics keep on flip flooping and can never make up their minds. Please make up your mind. Am I an Iran backed troll or am I an ISIS recruiter? Schizophrenia is very common among the devout Bakri (Sunni) individuals. As far as the Iraqi Popular Mobalization forces, the American Public, unlike you and the scare crows at CAIR, is very thankful and appreciative for the destruction of ISIS. As far as my ultimate goal, it is to have the Civilized World to start profiling those who admire and who strive to emulate historic terrorists abu Bakir, Omar, Aisha, Kalid bin Walid and the list goes on. Also, to make it illegal to invoke the blessings on the souls of these historic terrorists in public. Happy?

  • I see you very active on key board. Can you be brave to ask your master Nihad Awad as to what he was doing at the Cabal meeting that took place in Mecca between February and March 2015? It was in that meeting that the Bakri (Sunni) gangsters decided to attack the dirt poor people of Yemen. Also, are you brave enough to ask your grand wizard Nihad Awad as to which foreign government bought him for $250,000 that he needed to construct his headquarter?

  • The verdict is in. The leftist psychos here in America have sided with Muslim extremists all because Trump is in office. If it were Hitlery in charge we’d have accolades of excited psychos and maybe another 20% uranium deal for Putin. Trump won because we realized the shameful direction we were headed. Today’s revelations with Flynn is about by Hillary and her psychological misbehaving she can’t seem to get under control.

  • Closing your eyes like pigeon and wishing Islam will shed it’s radical armour is foolishness. Unless and until moselems themselves speak up against their own fundamentalist, this evil is not going any where.Till then someone has to call spade a spade.

  • Kurds are a blessing to the USA as a small allie to the cause of destroying were chasing that vermin into Africa and knocking the Holy Carp outta their sorcery asses.! I say keep the Kurds armed and give them a huge section of Syria as their own and continued u.s. help to remain in charge of their future.

  • Sorry ask your handler in Iran, no idea what you are talking about. I oppose all Islamicist terror. Including the stuff you support . I will leave you with these tidbits.

    40 die in Baghdad massacre as Shia militia go on rampage,,1818778,00.html

    Up to 900 refugees from Fallujah feared dead after being kidnapped by anti-Isis militia in Iraq

  • No the Nazis weren’t socialist you m0r0n.

    They were reactionaries. That is the kind of inept trollery that one sees from conservative wingnuts. Especially since right now they embrace white nationalists/neo-nazis as key supporters.

    They had Muslim brigades in Bosnia. But no treaties with Islam. Islam is not a government or a coherent force to be entreated.

    Troll better next time.

  • You are recruiting for them as well. You are stup1d enough to consider ISIS as the representation of all Islam. Just what they want you to say and think.

    Those “critics” as you call them are nothing of the sort. They are doing the work of terrorists. Promoting discrimination of Muslims, attacks on their communities, ostracism from their countries. Just the sort of thing which makes life easier for Islamicst recruiters and lends material support to terrorists.

    How much is ISIS paying you?

  • 1- Old news. 2- Both articles relied strictly on Bakri (Sunni) sources. One was the spokesman of the “Islamic” party which is a Bakri party. The second relied on the High Commission on refugies which is run by the cousin of the midget king of Jordan and t he office is funded byh al-Sand from the revenue of the usurped oil from the Shia land on the Eastern Shores. Bakri (Sunnis) are habitual and pathalogical liers. Also, not too long ago it became evident that Muqtada is a Saudi funded operative. More important, as much as killing innocent people is horrible, that was targeted killing of i individual which doesn’t compete to strapping an explosive vest to blow up hazard. Also, if you don’t know what I was talking about then you have no right to defend CAIR. I have been monitoring them since 1997 and I know the ins and outs about their modus operandi. So just go and suckle from your Mama Aisha.

  • Obutthead was a literal bufoon when it came to ISIS and using the term ISIL which was a betrayal to Israel..and those of us who knew why he said it the way he did..on purpose to piss off people! Glad Ayatollah Obuttsmell is gone! I’m sure his smell will be around for another 18 months as we fumigate D.C. under the Adult leadership and the Teenagers have been run off! good riddance- Hillary could care less about immigrants- you just think she cares you, leftist idiots.

  • Many American leftists complain about Trump here but if they had to live under a real true tyrant like a mullah-Islam system- they’d realize how good it is here in this country and many of them would shut the hell up and count their blessings. Women’s rights are few in those countries yet the men on here seem to not give a crap about those issues not that homosexuals are put to death as well.

  • CAIR is a front group- Muslim faith denigrates women to keep them inline to their misogynistic system- Christianityco-equals man and woman and as the man of the home produces order, not futility. you obviously don’t know any true Christians only what you’ve heard.There’s a difference. you see the Muslims kill homosexuals, won’t let women drive or have an education etc. or go out alone to shop. I guess you should move to Saudi Arabia and become accustomed to fewer freedoms-. whats holding you back? your Navy friends don’t know much either if you go by word only.

  • I mentioned not all Muslims ate into hate and terrorism..guess you didn’t bother to read all of my comments. Name all the crimes of my true can’t..RCC is what you’re actually referring too. You can’t ha very well say I’m into misogyny or hate when sects of so called Christianity misused the name of Jesus to their own improper means: cults like Mormons..JWs off shoot sects of cult like churches..Rcc..these church groups mislead many into further darkness.

  • I personally knew several Muslims at various jobs and I liked them so don’t do my thinking for me..your being quite hyperbolic when you ASSUme

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