The Church Of Scientology of Los Angeles buidling on Sunset Boulevard. Photo courtesy of HBO

Scientology Network making TV debut

(USA Today) — After years of being skewered by programs like Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath, the controversial church with a celebrity following is taking to TV to tell its own truth.

The church announced on its official Twitter account Sunday that the Scientology Network will debut Monday (March 12). According to the organization, its programming will be available on DirecTV,  Apple TV, Roku, Fire TV, iTunes, Google Play and the website

DirecTV representative Steven Schwadron confirmed Monday's DirecTV launch to USA TODAY.

"HELLO WORLD, and greetings from Scientology Media Productions in Hollywood, CA," read a tweet from @ScientologyTV, an account set up for the endeavor. "It's TIME for us to tell OUR story ..." The post also included a promotional video.

"The only thing more interesting than what you've heard is what you haven't," the promo promises. The ad also features an e-meter, described as "the cutting edge of spiritual technology." According to Scientology's website, the electronic instrument is used by auditors in sessions with members to check they are addressing "the correct area in order to discharge the harmful energy connected with that portion of the preclear’s reactive mind."

"It's actually making a difference in the world," a voice says offscreen in the video. "That's what it's all about."

There is also an app.

According to a description in the iTunes store, the Scientology Network's new app will allow users to watch the original series Meet A Scientologist and Voices for Humanity. A program titled L. Ron Hubbard: In His Own Voice and Scientology Principles films will also be available, iTunes says.

In A&E's series Scientology and the Aftermath, Remini, a member of the church until 2013, speaks with other former Scientologists who make several disparaging claims about the church, including that it turns a blind eye to sexual abuse.

The church previously denied the program's claims to USA TODAY, explaining, "Nothing about A&E’s Leah Remini 'docuseries' is honest. The singular goal of the program is to make money and boost ratings by spreading salacious lies to promote A&E’s ugly brand of religious intolerance, bigotry and hatred."

The religion has also been the subject of the films My Scientology Movie andGoing Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief.

The Church of Scientology did not immediately return USA TODAY's request for comment about the new network.


  1. Was its prime purpose simply to bank more from the whales?

  2. Will it shoot me up to OT Level 7?

    Won’t the body thetans see this coming and stop it?

  3. Love the cross on top of the building.
    But shouldn’t it be a double cross?

  4. L. Ron Hubbard Once famously said that if you wanted to make money, start a religion. He was a science fiction writer. Scientology sounds an awful lot like bad science fiction.


  5. MountainHumanist, surely you of all people aren’t expressing cynicism about a godless, humanist religion like Scientology? Just pulling your leg! But seriously, your hyper-diligence in attacking all religion might be setting you up for a Damascus Road experience. In the meantime, read some Paul Tillich, and discover an important Christian philosopher who wasn’t a fundamentalist bibliolater.

  6. I have read all that..former seminary student and minister….it’s all well and good but not convincing to me.

  7. Wouldn’t a more accurate name for that outfit be Scientreachery?

  8. Their HQ looks like a giant TARDIS. I wonder if that was intentional.

  9. gclarkey…. Paul Tillich? Yes, I remember him from some insane babbling in George Smith’s excellent book “Atheism: The Case Against God”, where he says “…. the question of the existence of God can be neither asked nor answered. If asked, it is a question about that which by its very nature is above existence, and therefore the answer — whether negative or affirmative — implicitly denies the nature of God. It is as atheistic to affirm the existence of God as it is to deny it. God is being-itself, not a being.”, Systematic Theology, vol.1, page 236; and this beauty from vol.2, page 7: “God as the ground of being infinitely transcends that of which he is the ground. He stands against the world, in so far as the world stands against him, and he stands for the world, thereby causing it to stand for him…. Only in this sense can we speak of ‘transcendent’ with respect to the relation of God and the world.” Yeh….. right…….

  10. Or even Scien(who can believe crap like this. I couldn’t make this stuff up on a cocktail of LSD and rotgut whiskey)tology.

  11. When Christians insist that the anthropomorphic descriptions of God in the Bible (God sits on a throne in heaven, etc.) must be taken literally they make it easy for atheists to smirk, and skip giving the possibility of belief in God a fair hearing. Christian thinkers like Tillich offer atheists like Stephan Hawking (whose death was, sadly, announced today) the possibility of encountering an understanding of God that doesn’t demand that you check your brain at the church door.

  12. gclarkey…… Yes, but only if there were some evidence of a god or goddess. I think humans create gods, not the other way around. Marjorie Leach lists over 800 pages of gods and goddesses the people of the world have created. Reality is a better path it seems to me……

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