A ranger takes care of Sudan, the world's last male northern white rhino, at the Ol Pejeta Conservancy in Laikipia County in Kenya on May 3, 2017. Sudan died after "age-related complications," researchers announced March 20, 2018, saying he "stole the heart of many with his dignity and strength." (AP Photo)

The last male rhino of its kind dies. African religious leaders call it a spiritual loss.

NAIROBI, Kenya (RNS) — Religious leaders who campaign for wildlife conservation are mourning the death of the world’s last male northern white rhino, calling the subspecies' likely extinction a spiritual loss.

“We are staring at the extinction of the animal type, under our watch. I think it’s a spiritual matter," said the Rev. Charles Odira, a Roman Catholic conservationist priest from Kenya, where the rhino lived.

"I feel as if we have neglected our duty as stewards of creation and should have done more for this species.”

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The 45-year-old rhino – named Sudan – was euthanized Monday (March 19) after suffering an infection and serious complications due to his advanced age. He was kept under armed guard at the Ol Pejeta Conservancy, north of Nairobi, and left behind two female white rhinos  — a daughter and granddaughter.

The two offspring have health problems that mean neither can likely carry a pregnancy to term, and that they will likely die as the last of their kind.

The Rev. Charles Odira, a Roman Catholic priest, campaigns for wildlife conservation. RNS photo by Fredrick Nzwili

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Sheikh Ole Naado, deputy general secretary of the Supreme Council of Kenya Muslims, urged wildlife conservationists to take the lessons from the death of Sudan.

“It is a kind of warning that others are taking a similar path. It could be telling us that something bigger is happening — like the possible extinction of a community," said Ole Naado, referring to the Maasai tribe to which he belongs and whose lands bridge Kenya and Tanzania.

Many Maasai fear encroaching government and commercial interests and the effects of global warming will compromise or obliterate their traditional way of life. But they themselves understand that they must co-exist with wildlife, said Ole Naado.

As religious leaders preach protection of the natural world, some spiritual beliefs are also part of the problem.

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Many people in Asia believe that various body parts of rhinos, elephants and other endangered animals possess healing powers or bring luck. Poachers — driven partly by this demand — continue to hunt these species relentlessly.

While a few northern white rhinos roamed Africa wild in the 1960s, by 2008, they lived only in zoos around the world.

Campaigns against the use of elephants' ivory tusks for carving religious objects in Asia have met with some success, but the demand for rhino is still high. In countries such as  Vietnam, a belief that rhino horn cures hangovers and cancer is widespread.

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“Religious demand for wildlife products in parts of Asia has been a problem. We have talked to religious leaders in the region about how this is killing our wildlife,” said Odira.

“We believe God cannot commission the death of species that he had brought to life,” the priest added.


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  9. While Sudan, the last surviving white rhino is no more, it is a great loss for the world. But except for perhaps this one Roman Catholic priest, there seems to be no other religious leaders in the world (particularly among Protestants) to spread the message of protecting our planet and all the living creatures that God put on it. All the hypocritical evangelicals in America for instance, could do is to tell the mythical story of Noah by building an Ark as per the guidelines of Ken Ham and the Biblical account. No one visits this monstrosity any more.They have wasted billions of dollars in building this Ark. The money could have been given to conservationist NGO’s instead to protect wildlife. As per the latest reports, hardly any people (particularly scientists and other intelligent people) visit this Ark. Only the gullible white evangelicals get duped. Why doesn’t Trump who became a so-called ‘born again Christian for political convenience in order to get support of the evangelical base reprimand his two sons as well as other gun -loving hunters in America to stop going to Africa (and their own backyard) and stop shooting innocent and the voiceless creatures of God? Trump wastes a lot of time in twittering about his nonsensical policies. He’s withdrawn the nation from the United Nations’ Climate Change pact and he and his colleagues, as well as another dunderhead colleague has taken away all the EPA powers with so many scientists leaving the organisation. Evangelical preachers and evangelical worshipers are keeping silent on the issue of environmental protection, animal rights and protection of wildlife in America and the world. How hypocritical are these people? They are in no way spiritual at all.

  10. There is no spirit. The animal is just dead matter now.

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