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Mother allegedly used stun gun to wake son for church

PHOENIX (AP) — A Phoenix woman shocked her teenage son with a stun gun to wake him for church services on Easter, authorities said.

Phoenix police arrested 40-year-old Sharron Dobbins on suspicion of child abuse Sunday morning after her 17-year-old son alerted authorities.

The teen did not complain of any pain but told police he had two small bumps on his leg where he was shocked, according to police documents.

Dobbins said she did not shock her son. She only used the noise from the stun gun to wake her two sons who were refusing to get up for church, she said.

"I don't think I did anything wrong because you're supposed to put God first and that's all I was trying to do is tell my kids to put God first," Dobbins told KNXV-TV.

The teen told police he was unwilling to testify against his mother and he did not want to prosecute, according to the police documents.

Dobbins was taken to jail and later released. She is scheduled to appear in court later this month.

Police seized the stun gun as evidence.

"Nobody writes a book on the correct way of parenting," Dobbins said. "I tell my sons to honor thy mother and thy father or their days will be shortened and that's my favorite."


  1. Compared to Abraham willing to gut Issac and god giving up his son, a Taser to wake the kid up doesn’t seem so extreme – Hell is a lot worse than a Taser mark and god appreciates your devotion. Amen.

  2. I still prefer Low-Tech solutions.

    Simply cut yourself a good warm switch from the backyard (preferably fresh maple), and heat up those teenage chicken legs to a golden brown!

    (“Devotion in motion”, they say!)

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    No need to fight
    Never a frown with golden brown
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    On her ship tied to the mast
    To distant lands
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  4. Why is this story posted on the RNS site? Just because she was waking him to go to church? Does that mean that if she used a stun gun to get her son to walk the dog it should appear in the American Kennel Club Quarterly?

    This isn’t a religion story. It’s a stupid parent story.

  5. Look at her comments. It’s more about getting them to church, it’s about her religious viewpoints concerning parenting.

  6. Okay, fair enough. But is that really worth a story? When religious leaders say and do wacky things, that seem to me to be newsworthy. But individual nut jobs who happen to be religious are a dime a dozen.

  7. My biggest concern is that her son thinks it is excusable. – a worldview no shared by the police.

  8. It has nothing to do with parenting.
    It’s all about blind zealotry.
    If you don’t do as I say – I have the undisputed right to kill you.
    It’s all so Abrahamic….

  9. This is just plain ignorance in action. A stun gun would knock someone out and defeat the purpose of getting them up for church. Now a cattle prod is far more useful for this sort of thing, since it was designed not to knock out its target, but give them a painful jolt.


  10. If the nutjobbery had nothing to do with her religious beliefs, I’d agree. Here there appears to be a connection. Put it this way, if I were her lawyer, I’d advise her to stop making “spare the rod and spoil the child” comments to the press. It isn’t making her “I just used the sound” defense less hinky.

  11. True that. Having a guilty client is one thing, but having one who can’t keep their mouth shut has to be particularly frustrating for a lawyer. Must be what it’s like for the White House Counsel these days.

  12. I am glad the son reported this to the police. His mother needs to learn that some things are extremely dangerous – like stun guns. He seems more mature than she does.

    I get that he doesn’t want to testify. Here is hoping he has made his point with his mom.

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