Attorney General Jeff Sessions speaks during a Religious Liberty Summit at the Department of Justice on July 30, 2018. Sessions says there’s a “dangerous movement” to erode protections for Americans to worship and believe as they choose. (AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta)

Seeing threat to religious freedom, Jeff Sessions announces special task force

(RNS) — Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced during a Department of Justice summit in Washington that he is creating a religious liberty task force to challenge what he called a dangerous movement "eroding our great tradition of religious freedom."

Sessions said Monday (July 30) the task force is an outgrowth of President Trump’s executive order directing agencies to protect religious liberty, and he said it would help Justice Department employees remember that it is their duty to accommodate people of faith.

“This administration is animated by that same American view that has led us for 242 years — that every American has a right to believe and worship and exercise their faith in the public square,” Sessions said at the summit. The Trump administration spent last week emphasizing religious freedom in a three-day State Department summit.

But Sessions also alluded to the fears of some Americans that the freedom to practice their faith has been under attack. He spoke of nuns "ordered to buy contraceptives," a reference to an Obama-era contraception mandate. The mandate did not force the nuns to buy contraceptives but to cover the costs of contraceptives in their employees' health plans.

"Religious Americans are no longer an afterthought," he said. "We will take potential burdens on one’s conscience into consideration before we issue regulations or policies."

Speaking at the summit alongside Sessions were a host of religious leaders, including Roman Catholic Archbishop Joseph Kurtz, who chairs the Committee for Religious Liberty at the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, as well as Jack Phillips, the Colorado baker who won a Supreme Court case after refusing to bake a cake for a gay couple’s wedding.

During a panel discussion, a host of religious leaders described their personal religious liberty battles. They included a Chabad rabbi who fought opposition to his building a synagogue in Boca Raton, Fla., a Sikh lawyer who refused to shave his beard and take off his turban to accept a job and Phillips, the evangelical Christian who wouldn't bake the cake.

The summit examined the controversial issue of religion-based service refusals to LGBTQ Americans head on.

Jack Phillips, center, the Colorado baker who won a Supreme Court case after refusing to bake a cake for a gay couple’s wedding, speaks during a panel that included stories of personal religious liberty battles at the Department of Justice on July 30, 2018. Screenshot via DOJ livestream

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Sessions praised Phillips for his “bravery” in his Masterpiece Cakeshop legal challenge. Others, including Kurtz and Heritage Foundation executive Emilie Kao, said the country ought to defend the rights of faith-based adoption agencies to refuse to allow same-sex couples to adopt children.

Without ever referring to LGBTQ people explicitly, Kurtz alluded to the need to protect faith-based adoption agencies’ desires to deny service to gay or lesbian couples because of the Catholic faith's opposition to same-sex relationships.

“When activists try to force Christian ministries into violating their consciences, they force Christians into a bind,” Kurtz said. "We cannot reject our commitments to service, nor can we turn away from our commitment to the truth about the human person.”

The Human Rights Campaign, a gay rights advocacy and political lobbying group, responded quickly, as did Americans United for Separation of Church and State.

“This taxpayer funded task force is yet another example of the Trump-Pence White House and Jeff Sessions sanctioning discrimination against LGBTQ people,” said HRC Legal Director Sarah Warbelow in a statement.

The Alliance for Defending Freedom, a conservative legal firm that defended Phillips, immediately issued its own release congratulating Sessions and his religious liberty initiative.

“Too many of the clients ADF represents are risking their businesses, their life savings and their safety to follow their conscience,” the statement said. “All Americans should be free to peacefully live and act consistent with their convictions and faith without threat of government punishment.”


  1. In the US, the threat to a number of freedoms is the Trump administration.

  2. Exercising my right of freedom of speech: i.e. ending the religious debate with the Great Kibosh :

    Putting the kibosh on all religion in less than ten seconds: Priceless !!!

    • As far as one knows or can tell, there was no Abraham i.e. the foundations of Judaism, Christianity and Islam are non-existent.

    • As far as one knows or can tell, there was no Moses i.e the pillars of Judaism, Christianity and Islam have no strength of purpose.

    • There was no Gabriel i.e. Islam fails as a religion. Christianity partially fails.

    • There was no Easter i.e. Christianity completely fails as a religion.

    • There was no Moroni i.e. Mormonism is nothing more than a business cult.

    • Sacred/revered cows, monkey gods, castes, reincarnations and therefore Hinduism fails as a religion.

    • Fat Buddhas here, skinny Buddhas there, reincarnated/reborn Buddhas everywhere makes for a no on Buddhism.

    • A constant cycle of reincarnation until enlightenment is reached and belief that various beings (angels?, tinkerbells? etc) exist that we, as mortals, cannot comprehend makes for a no on Sikhism.

    Added details available upon written request.

    A quick search will put the kibosh on any other groups calling themselves a religion.

    e.g. Taoism

    “The origins of Taoism are unclear. Traditionally, Lao-tzu who lived in the sixth century is regarded as its founder. Its early philosophic foundations and its later beliefs and rituals are two completely different ways of life. Today (1982) Taoism claims 31,286,000 followers.

    Legend says that Lao-tzu was immaculately conceived by a shooting star; carried in his mother’s womb for eighty-two years; and born a full grown wise old man. “

  3. “the rights of faith-based adoption agencies to refuse to allow same-sex couples to adopt children.”

    This is completely dishonest. These agencies want to practice their bigotry and still be eligible for public funding. It is the public funding that is the issue, and these “religious liberty” promoters are not even honest enough to admit it.

  4. Does anyone have an update on United Methodist follow-through on the formal complaint filed last month by 600 fellow members of the UMC about this particular United Methodist Sunday School teacher? I seem to recall that the complaint charged this United Methodist Sunday School teacher with: 1) child abuse, 2) immorality, 3) racial discrimination, and 3) dissemination of doctrines contrary to the standards of the United Methodist Church.

    Regarding the latter, I seem to recall that the formal complaint decries Mr. Sessions’ “misuse of Romans 13 to indicate the necessity of obedience to secular law, which is in stark contrast to Disciplinary commitments to supporting freedom of conscience and resistance to unjust laws.”

    Any word on what’s happening with that formal complaint by 600 of Sessions’ fellow United Methodists?

    Does he imagine that as he now crafts a governmental policy of religious freedom for me (right-wing white evangelicals) but not for thee (everyone else), he’s representing the UMC?

  5. Goodness, thanks for the reminder. I’d actually forgotten about those 600 Methodists, freely inhaling all that strychnine-laced PCP, trying to crucify Jeff Sessions for explaining “Romans 13” while giving Bishop Karen Oliveto an absolute free pass on totally-violating “Romans 1:26-27”. Heh!!

    Anyway, just like you, I honestly AM wondering how the “complaint” against Sessions panned out.

    Of course, (speaking as an outsider), I believe these Methodist “formal complaints” ultimately wind up in the hands of their rather timid Judicial Council, which essentially means “Ain’t Nuthin Gonna Happen Before 2019 Regardless of Any Complaint You Filed On Any Issue Anyway.”

  6. Outvote it or live with your human rights diminishing. You’re on your way to the same problem as those in Muslim-majority places that cannot shake Islamic hokum in their governments even though some of them want to. Tipping points matter. You’re in one.

  7. Perhaps he, like me, doesn’t really give a horse’s behind about what the UMC thinks. I say good for him!


    The Book of Discipline ¶ 362 requires it be written, signed, and formally filed pursuant to n ¶ 2702.1 with a bishop.

    According to the news reports

    it was “sent on Monday (June 18) afternoon to two churches, one in Alabama and the other in the Washington, D.C., suburbs, said to be affiliated with the chief lawyer of the U.S. government.” They also apparently sent it to numerous news outlets.

    That does not constitute a formal complaint under ¶ 362.

    It appeared rather to be a publicity stunt.

    Since the UMC is not required to act on a formal complaint, a media savvy organization like the UMC is unlikely to act on a publicity stunt.

  9. Under federal law and a number of state laws faith-based adoption agencies are not compelled to act on behalf of same sex couples.

    That does not prevent same sex couples from adopting since other agencies can serve them and they all draw from the same pool of children for adoption.

  10. The worthless “formal complaint” is going nowhere. It was just a liberal PR chess move. Session’s discussion of Romans 13 was both rational and within biblical context. It was one side of a two-sided debate. (Also, can you call for church-discipline based on Romans 13 while totally ignoring church-discipline based on Romans 1? Hmm?)

    Meanwhile, Mark Tooley wrote in Juicy Ecumenism:

    “Christianity teaches all persons are God’s image bearers. That includes illegal immigrants. It also teaches that God ordains civil states to uphold order. The details of policies are largely left to prudential judgment and debate.
    It’s now popular in American Christianity to stress the Bible as guarantor of entitlements in defense of the ‘marginalized. That’s important. It’s much less popular to cite the state’s divinely ordained duties against disorder. But without that, there can be no pursuit of justice.”

  11. Faith based adoption agencies are going to favor those with their beliefs as adoptive parents. Since they are receiving government funds, this is the government favoring religious sects. This is the loss of the right for taxpayers to only support a religion of their choice. This is in direct opposition of our Constitutions guarantee of freedom of religion.

  12. “Jesus Christ and the twelve apostles are a parody of the (Egyptian) Sun God and the twelve signs of the Zodiac!”
    ….is Thomas claiming that the biblical Jesus……………………………………………………………NEVER existed….?

  13. Just stop lynching gay and trans people, already, Your Blackness.

  14. Ain’t nobody gonna care about you or your religion, as long as you continue to condone the ongoing genocide of gay and trans people.

  15. I’m all for protecting religious liberty. However, reading articles such as this makes me think that the US Government ought to get back to the basics; mainly protecting the country and providing some limited services.
    Each party has their pet beliefs; and thus their pet projects that are enacted when they are in power. Then, 4 or 8 years later; depending on who is in office, the pendulum swings the other way enraging the people all over again.

  16. So everyone can live in their own little bubble? All particular protestant sects live & sell to each other? All jews only buy from each other? All catholics make their own rules for each other?
    What happens when I refuse to serve you because you’re wearing a cross around your neck? Or my religious belief doesn’t want me to sell you a battery for your phone? Or a pastry? Or a car?
    Get the message? Civil & equal rights apply to everyone in this country regardless of your particular, peculiar beliefs.

  17. How did you bring liberals ( a political belief) into the UM? I really doubt Sessions would be personally involved in UM if it was a liberal sect.

  18. This is nothing but yet another attempt by the tRump administration to impose its version of theocracy on the US.

  19. …what he called a dangerous movement “eroding our great tradition of Christian privilege.” — fixed it for ya.

  20. If no one cares, why are you continually pissing and moaning about them? Clearly, according to you, they have no influence whatsoever, so just shut up about it.

  21. Umm, there is such a thing as theological liberalism. These days, you cannot read any religion stories involving the Methodist General Conference without running right into it. A bad gig.

  22. The concept right-wing Christians’ religious freedom is in danger is laughable. The people whose religious freedom is in danger are Jews, Muslims, Atheists, Humanists, Sikhs, Hindus, Agnostics, and religious liberal Christians.
    Things like refusing to serve LGBTs in your cake shop? Not an exercise of being religious but an exercise of being a particular orifice.

  23. In practice, I have no doubt that the only “religious freedom” that Beauregard Sessions wants to protect is the “religious freedom” of evangelicals–and in particular, their “freedom” to lie about other denominations and religions and practice discrimination–discrimination that, as a matter of fact, is in every regard the opposite of what Jesus taught.

  24. “their ‘freedom’ to lie about other denominations and religions”

    In what way do they lie about other denominations and religions?

  25. The most obvious example is the lies they tell about Catholicism and Islam.

    Lying about others’ motivations, beliefs, etc is embedded deep in the DNA of evangelicals. They’ve also lied about mainstream Protestants and claimed that they cannot be “real” Xians since they do not believe exactly what evangelicals believe.

    They also grossly distort the teachings of Jesus on all kinds of things–about god loving his creations, about forgiveness, about judgementalism, about families and children, and so on and so on.

    Historian John Fea has documented a lot of this.

  26. All very true.

    Lots of folks are not aware of the history of the racism of evangelicals–e.g. in the SCOTUS case of Bob Jones University v. United States.

  27. It is common knowledge that Paine rejected Christianity in favor of the Deism common in the Enlightenment. He also died a lonely alcoholic.

  28. Trump, himself, is only interested in theocracy insofar as it enables him to exploit his base in order to help create a Trumpocracy.

  29. Recently there was an interesting article in the Washington Post about a Baptist Church in a small Alabama town that voted overwhelmingly for Trump that has garnered lots of attention and is well worth reading:

    A columnist for National Catholic Reporter cites that article, saying, “In article after article and poll after poll, evangelicals like those in Luverne have said they feel they can’t live out their beliefs or speak up against sin with laws in place to protect certain groups. They don’t see that these groups have historically been feared, marginalized, ostracized, or violently discriminated against. They see themselves, their beliefs, and their way of life as under attack.”

    Speaking as a gay person, all I can say to that is, these people must be living under a rock in some alternative universe (which Alabama undoubtedly is) if they think that gay people have never been”marginalized, ostracized, or violently discriminated against” while they as Christians have, as though they were living in pre-Christian Rome being fed to the lions in the colosseum.

    That same article in NCR references a thread by Union Seminary in NYC discussing the WaPo article that is also worth checking out:

    In the end, one person’s religious freedom is another person’s religious oppression. How we get beyond that without a struggle is difficult to fathom.

  30. Freedom to be a bigot is the new freedom of religion. Fine, bigots have rights too. But let’s not pretend we are protecting the noble.

  31. Having a negative evaluation of the truth claims of another denomination is not an example of a lie. It would be an honest assessment of the the validity of a competing truth claim based on one’s own truth claim. It would only be a lie if you knew the competing truth claim to be true; then you would be lying in saying the other truth claim was false, when you knew it to be true.

  32. That is the argument they use and it doesn’t work. In some areas there aren’t other alternatives!

  33. There is not a single state that does not have one or more agencies that do placements for same sex couples.

    In this context “it doesn’t work” is meaningless.

    The only thing bashing faith-based adoption agencies accomplishes is to make adoptions more difficult for everyone.

  34. Very scary development. We live in a society where the discriminators are claiming to be the victimized. Scary stuff.

  35. Bob there are areas in states that don’t have such access! That is the point.

  36. Name one and provide some support for the allegation.

    So, the solution is to make NO ONE gets adoption services by eliminating faith-based?

    This is one of the annoyances of dealing with the entire LBGT propaganda machine.

    You’d think some folks would reach in their own pockets and set up and fund an LBGT adoption agency.

    No, the “solution” is to attack the faith-based adoption service and put it out of business.


  37. I agree with everything you say.

    That said…I think you will agree that it’s often difficult to figure out if an incorrect statement is a lie, or simply something that occurs out of ignorance.

    As well, it’s unfortunately not unusual for a believer of X (religion, economic system, other fact, etc) to want to believe that those non-Xers are horrible, ignorant folks. (Though it appears to me that I it’s more common among religious believers.)

    I think *willful* ignorance is common among lots of folks, believers and non-believers. And there’s no excuse for that given the easy availability of info on the ‘Net. Similarly for failure to actually *think* among all sorts of people.

    And all that said…experiences reported by evangelical historian John Fea are revealing as an example of people believing what they want to believe. He’s said that he’s tried to highlight the truth about Donald Barton’s ridiculous claims about the “Christian” founding or nature of the US, and his audiences routinely reject what he tells them.

  38. IRONY: one man doesn’t want to bake a cake, while the human rights campaign wants God to prove that He can burn up the earth. It seems a little warm in here to me.

  39. Talk about letting a fox guard the hen house.
    The only people attacking religious freedom in this story are the members of this initiative.

    “The Alliance for Defending Freedom, a conservative legal firm that defended Phillips, immediately issued its own release congratulating
    Sessions and his religious liberty initiative.”

    Meaning the initiative is meant for promoting of religious based discrimination.

  40. Hmmm, so people would have separate but somehow equal facilities to use when a particular vendor didn’t want to sell their goods and services to that class of people.

    Separate but equal, where did we hear that before?

  41. More to the point, its segregation and an inherent attack upon the customers and open commerce.

  42. They have rights, but not the right to tie up open commerce with their petty hatred. Nor do they get the right for government approval to attack people in service of their hate.

  43. “he human rights campaign wants God to prove that He can burn up the earth.”

    Sorry, don’t speak wingnut. Can you be more specific as to what you are referring to (or likely misrepresenting)?

  44. You remember that show “as the world burns” it’s not a rerun, its a remake.

  45. Paine was the guy who inspired our independence movement and the Declaration of Independence. Like Washington, Adams, Jefferson, Madison, Franklin, etc., Paine wsa one of our Founders. — Edd Doerr

  46. Sessions neglected to mention that the greatest threats to religious liberty in the US are the Trump-topped drives to reduce woman’s rights of conscience on abortion and the drive to force all taxpayers to support sectarian private schools through vouchers and tax credits. On both issues Americans oppose Trump by about 2 to 1. — Edd Doerr

  47. He rejected all organized religion:

    “I do not believe in the creed professed by the Jewish church, by the Roman church, by the Greek church, by the Turkish church, by the Protestant church, nor by any church that I know of. My own mind is my own church. All national institutions of churches, whether Jewish, Christian or Turkish, appear to me no other than human inventions, set up to terrify and enslave mankind, and monopolize power and profit. “

    Despite the best efforts of zanies on the fringes of the American system, that never made it either into the Constitution or the law.

  48. The drive to provide “women’s rights of conscience on abortion” is and has been the greatest threat to religious liberty in the USA, with multiple suits being filed every year attempting to coerce those with conscientious objections to fund, perform, and assist in abortions.

    The elimination of the socialist monopoly granted to public education at the expense of parents’ rights and good education on behalf of anti-Catholic, anti-semites, and union organizers has been the bane of American education.

    Public schools fail for the same reason that all socialist enterprises fail: lack of information.

    In marketplace transactions, prices communicate critical information about who is producing what, who is consuming what, and what it is that producers and consumers want and need. This information is always local and contingent and is otherwise impossible to aggregate.

  49. Christianity is a bad gig. You people are nothing but an angry mob, looking for gay and trans people to lynch. That’s all you’re good for.

  50. Our public schools are run by iver 13,500 elected school boards, That’s socialism? Ha!

  51. The Committee for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice, coming to a state near you.

  52. You’re right.

    Every school child knows that when we want the very best product at the very best price, and the widest range of choices, the solution is a monopoly.

    That’s why we don’t have laws against monopolies and never ever try to break monopolies up.

    School boards in many areas, particularly medium and larger sized cities, are something of a sad joke.

    And of course everyone wants the product chosen by 50.1%, government-regulated, government-approved, union-made, and homogenized.

    Ha! yourself.

  53. No, Bob Jose Arnzen Carioca. The real Luddite here is you, with your crazy, outdated beliefs in your sky fairy superstitions. Just get over them already and get with the modern world.

  54. No, Bob Jose, you being silent would provide the readers here with some relief from your nonsense.

  55. Do your own research Bob. The information is out there. The solution is to see that any agency that gets government funding abides by the laws, which means no discrimination based on religion or religious beliefs–that all people are treated equally.

  56. The information that I’ve got says you’re full of beans.

    If you can prove otherwise, please do.

    The solution is to leave other people alone, including faith-based adoption agencies.

  57. The “information” you have Bob isn’t based on fact or research! Simply google Problems with Adoptions and see what you find!

    You are right the solution is to leave ALL people alone, that includes members of the LGBT community!

  58. It sure is based on facts.

    Every single state has one or more agencies to serve same sex couples.

    You and your friends simply need to get it through your heads that tolerance for conscientious objectors is an American tradition, and that the surest way to get laws passed taking your foot off faith-based organizatons’ bumpers is to insist that they violate their consciences or go home.

  59. Said the pathologically angry, rectally-obsessed bigot and retard who’s constantly looking for Christians to lynch.
    For someone as incredibly narcissistic as yourself, you seem never to have noticed that you are exactly what you claim to loathe.

  60. Excuse me? Christians have been trying to kill me since I was 2, when I started exhibiting signs of being “gender nonconforming”. Eat my sh*t.

  61. Your entire religion is a publicity stunt.

  62. You should have been an abortion, Bob.

  63. Christian schools are a sad joke. They hate science.

  64. Just stop lynching gay and trans people. Then their families and allies won’t be so enraged all the time.

  65. Followed by the House Un-American Activities Committee.

  66. You mean, the zanies who ignore reproductive science and claim that a virgin gave birth?

  67. Eat sh*t, homophobe. Your kind have no place in American society. Try Nazi Germany, or perhaps Russia?

  68. True, just as what I stated is true. And most of the founding fathers (except for Jefferson, of course) later put a good bit of daylight between themselves and Paine. Later in life he was something of a pariah due to his more radical views and involvement in the French Revolution.

  69. “Homophobia now, homophobia forever!!!”

  70. The only thing faith-based adoption agencies accomplish is to make adoptions more difficult for everyone.

  71. Shut up, homophobe. Your kind are going the way of the dinosaur, and good riddance.

  72. It’s the only way they get any attention.

  73. Paine was the kind of guy we need more of today.

  74. If the faith based organizations get government funding then they are violating my rights as an atheist to not have my taxes used by a group that discriminates based on religion

  75. Parents have choices. But Trump, Pence, DeVos and Co. want gvernment to force all taxpayers to support church-run private schools through vouchers — in violation of every taxpayer’s religious liberty

  76. If you and your friends have your way, and you have for a quite awhile, the average parents’ choices involve going to a state run over-regulated, court-interfered with, high crime, indoctrination plant run by union teachers who support every left-wing agenda and candidate and often can hardly read and write, or going bankrupt paying – in addition to their tax burden – for a private school.

    There is no Federal issue at all with vouchers for private schools, faith-based or not.

    The primary impetus for all of this dates back to the Know Nothings and their hatred for Catholics.

    Your day has passed and the public is wising up.

  77. Madison (Bill of Rights), Adams and Washington would be my choices by a long shot.

  78. Not a part of my diet. I’m sure you’re quite the gourmet, however. You should write a book of recipes; it might take your mind off your ceaseless hatred of those who don’t conform to your standards.

  79. How can you claim “it sure is based on facts” when you supply nothing but your opinion? Your assertion that” Every single state has one or more agencies to serve same sex couples” is a flat out lie.

  80. YOUR tin foil beanie certainly hasn’t protected you…?

  81. You are not morally competent to debate Edd Doerr. You’re the equivalent of Trump with his cruel policies of ripping children from their mother’s arms. Too bad you and he are such ethical eunuchs. You are wrong, dead wrong and always will be wrong. Shame on you.

  82. They brainwash and indoctrinate children into their toxic version of Christianity. Let Your Children Think: support public schools and get rid of Betsy DeVos, a science hater to the max.

  83. His father, like Trump’s ignoble father, should have pulled out.

  84. Those agencies aren’t always located where people live Bob. Not everyone has access to them! I realize that you are afraid to do your research, or do diligence as it is called.

    You and your cronies need to get it into your head that all people deserve to be treated equally and that when tax dollars enter the mix the same rules must apply evenly across the board, no discrimination based upon religious beliefs. If an agency wants to deny same sex couples an adoption they don’t deserve to get tax dollars to support their agency.

  85. What evidence would you like that I did my research when you offered none?

    No, you really don’t know the facts and that is obvious.

    Nothing is stopping you, your friends, the LBGT community in general, the Episcopal Church, or anyone else from forming an adoption agency and serving whoever the heck you want.

    To put the children second and your desire to put a jackboot on the neck of faith-based agencies is really quite appalling.

  86. Apparently it has some positive effect since I appear to be saner than Stan or yourself.

  87. Likewise. Stop lynching gay and trans people, already.

  88. No, Bobose, you obsolete, deluded old fool. It is your day that has passed. So die soon, please.

  89. In 28 state referenda from coast to coast from 1955 to 2014 millions of voters opposed vouchers and tax credits by 2 to 1.

  90. Would you like me to peal those statistics out for you?

    Would you like the details on the AFL-CIO and NEA funding that went into the referanda?

    What you’re describing is one of the biggest propaganda campaigns in American history funded by unions. They love referenda where they dump the big bucks into propaganda.

    But, no matter.

    Confidence in public schools continues to drop while the majority of Americans prefer some form of choice such as vouchers.

    The ship is leaving the dock leaving the NEA etc behind.

  91. You are appalling Bob not the rest of us. You are the jack booted thug trying to put his foot on our necks. ONLY problem is you are so mired in poo poo that you can’t touch us!

  92. Young people are leaving religion behind, because of bigots like you.

    Millennials are killing Christianity, one keystroke at a time…

  93. No, you’re just another raging homophobe. Christianity is cancer of the brain.

  94. You put children second, by discriminating against them for being gay or trans.

  95. Christians kill children for being gay or trans. That’s all you people are good for.

  96. Appalling?

    What’s appalling is your desire to put a jackboot on the necks of people who – at very low cost to the public and to the benefit of poor children – provide valuable adoption services.

    You’d rather see the system back up and/or fall apart than see one farthing go to an organization you disagree with in the name of some LBGT or other agenda you happen to favor.

    “Poo poo”? Yes, your stance is exactly that.

    So, where is ONE state where LBGT adoption services are not available? More poo poo.

  97. Christianity is poo poo. Virgins don’t give birth, and LGBTQ+ people have the same rights as you.

  98. My 1968 book The Conspiracy That Failed detailed the 1967 New York referendum, which we won 72% to 28%. I helped write the 1970 amendment to the Michigan constitution and campaigned for it. We won 57% to 43%. I have been involved in most of the referenda and know that our sde was always outspent by the “choice” side. As for confidence, the annual Gallup/PDK polls showed that about 70% of PS parents regularly gave an A or B grade to the public school their oldest child attended. Nationally the gave A or B to only 25% or so, due to the deluge of anti public school propaganda. Wake up.

  99. Christians have no conscience whatsoever. All they care about is exterminating gay and trans people, just like Hitler.

    “This administration is animated by that same American view that has led us for 242 years — that every American has a right to believe and worship and exercise their faith in the public square,” except for LGBTQ+ people, according to Jeff Sessions and his ADF groupies.

  100. It isn’t that there is just one state but that in some states some people don’t have access to alternative agencies. As I said earlier you are afraid to do your research. Look it up yourself if you have the nerve.

  101. If there was ONE, you’d give me the name the state.

    Now it’s “some”.

    I understand you fancy yourself a “progressive” and “enlightened”.

    Enlighten us with the name of just ONE state where LBGT clients cannot obtain adoption services or give it up.

  102. That was 41 years ago.

    What’s happened since is that folks have watched public schools sinking each year, unions have lost their clout, Blane amendments are getting repealed and struck down, folks don’t have the problems they used to when the Protestants and Other Americans United for Separation of Church and State could depend on anti-Catholic propaganda to fill the coffers, and getting a few thousand folks in white sheets to burn crosses was still feasible.

    Times have changed, private schools are coming back, and the public – particularly blacks in the larger cities – are A-OK with that.

  103. “All we want are the facts ma’am.” (As Sgt. Joe Friday used to say to distraught women.)

  104. You are misinformed, as usual. Private schools are not growing, even with tax credits and vouchers, and charters are shrinking. All this even though clericalists like you have been attacking public schools for many years.

  105. Your are providing union and Americans United propaganda and stories from the “old days” as usual.

    In areas where voucher money is available private schools are popular.

    As more experience and better information becomes available, American citizens exercising their constitutional right to choose the education they want for their own children will favor the schools which perform, which they cannot do currently.

    The decline in private school attendance, which is beginning to reverse, was a result of exorbitant school taxes to pay for increasingly ineffective and out of touch public schools leaving parents with little or no choice if they were not affluent.

  106. “Objection, your Honor. Incompetent, irrelevant,and immaterial…in that it takes up matters not part of the direct examination!” (Perry Mason)

  107. What choice do parents have in the great school districts of Chicago, LA, Newark, Detroit, Oakland, Atlanta and Houston Ed?
    Please elaborate as to where the poor, inner-city, minority, single mothers who are third generation welfare recipients are going to send their kids…. with those great liberal school boards.

  108. Not now Ed. People are tired of failed school systems that produce kids that can’t read, write, do math or think logically.
    People are tired of teacher unions that do nothing but line the pockets of the union leaders and provide rich benefits for teachers.

  109. Ummmmm…. dude, we have computers now.
    Once the Department of education was established by Jimmy Carter, the United States has fallen in the world standings in most measured metrics related to education.

  110. No interest in trying, since “You can’t handle the truth!”. (Colonel Nathan R. Jessup)

    This is fun! I could do this all day!

  111. Christians molest so many children every year, it’s not even funny.

  112. Wow, some Christians molest children? And so do teachers, Girl and Boy Scout Leaders, Atheists, Soldiers, Subway Conductors, LGBTs, etc. In other breaking news: the sky is blue! Who woulda thunk it?!

  113. “Remote viewers”? You’re hilarious! Thanks for a good laugh!

  114. As I keep saying Bob it isn’t that there is one state but there are areas where LGBT couples do not have access.

  115. The military is well known for wasting our money.

  116. Insofar as her being charged with child pornography did not occur until AFTER she had been hired by ADF, it would be inaccurate to imply that the ADF knowingly hired a child pornographer. The most that could be said is that they unknowingly hired a woman who was later charged with child pornography.

    Clearly the woman was a pervert and a hypocrite, just like many teachers, Scout leaders, and others in positions of trust have been shown to be. As I said,”Who woulda thunk it?!”.

  117. “A pervert and a hypocrite” is an accurate description of everyone who works for Alliance Defending Freedom.

  118. Such as on frivolous bans against transgender people serving, which get immediately struck down by the courts. Transphobes hate our troops.

  119. Judge: Do you personally know “everyone who works for Alliance Defending Freedom”?

    Charlotte: No.

    Judge: Then you cannot possibly know whether everyone there is a pervert or a hypocrite. That is simply an assumption based on your own biases. CASE DISMISSED!

    (Cue end Credits and music…)

  120. Their homophobic/transphobic agenda makes them a menace to society.

  121. Good old Charlotte, our very own one string violin!

  122. As if I really care! But thanks for demonstrating once again your one note virtuosity!

  123. Judge: Being a “menace to society” is not the same thing as being a pervert or a hypocrite. Many menaces to society are neither perverts nor hypocrites. There is no necessary equivalence between the two. Sheriff Buford T. Justice will escort Miss Charlotte from the courtroom.

  124. Escort yourself out of this little “Truman Show” you’ve got going on in your head.

  125. You obviously care, or you wouldn’t be here trolling.

  126. International comparisons are very tricky. Some countries only report their best schools. The top 75% of US schools are as good as any anywhere. The rest suffer from poverty and underfunding. Read Diane Ravitch’s Blog.

  127. Yes, we need reforms, but forcing all taxpayers to support private schools would be even worse.

  128. Nah, I’m fine with trans getting killed in combat, just like the rest of us.

  129. you think that lynching trans people is funny.

  130. I think we all understand your boat ran out of gas.

    The ACLU has tried the same tactic in attempting to force Catholic, Baptist, and other faith-based hospitals to allow abortions.

    What they, and you, can’t do is cite one person who could not obtain the service they wanted.

    That’s the difference between facts and propaganda.

  131. We force taxpayers to pay for things they don’t like all the time ed. I am pro-life; yet the US government gives money to planned parenthood.
    You may be pro-Israel; yet the government gives money to everyone in the Middle East.
    For Pete’s sake, we had the affordable care act jammed down our throats.
    The point is ed, the inner city schools of 2018 are failing; for a number of reasons; and parents are looking for a way out for their kids.
    If we truly care for the kids ( the liberals favorite battle cry); then let’s actually try something else.

  132. The ACLU has tried a similar tactic in Federal courts in its attempts to force faith-based medical facilities, primarily hospitals, to allow and even perform abortions.

    The ACLU has run into the same problem Ms. Humphreys encountered; they have been unable to show any harm at all.

  133. Non sequitur. If I’m fine with trans getting killed in combat, it does NOT follow that I am fine with lynching them. It DOES follow that I must be fine with them serving in the military in the first place, as otherwise they could not have gotten killed in combat. Perhaps your logic circuits are fried. Too much weed?

    But I like you; you’re funny. And sooo easily triggered!

  134. So you admit that it’s you who is easily triggered, here.

    “Perhaps your logic circuits are fried. Too much weed?”

  135. You keep beating a dead horse Bob. You lost this argument a long time ago.

  136. How do you reach that conclusion from my statement that I do think for myself without falling into non sequiturs (as you often do)?

    Your logic circuits are fried worse than I thought! Do you need help tying your shoes too?!

  137. You need help remembering what I said: “Speak for yourself.”

  138. And I replied that I do speak for myself. No other person or organization speaks on my behalf, Your Triggeredness.

  139. How about that Religious Liberty Task Force, hmm?

  140. I am not a member, nor have I ever authorized them to speak on my behalf. See my previous comment, hmmm?

    (Mike drop)

  141. They don’t need your authorization. They claim to speak for the entire country. You might want to look to that.

  142. You keep beating a dead horse, Susan.

    You lost this argument the moment you couldn’t produce a single state, let alone area, where LBGT couples could not obtain adoption services.

  143. No, they speak only for themselves. I did not vote for or elect them. Even elected officials like Congress and the President do not speak for the entire country; they speak for their constituents who voted for them. Or do you think Trump speaks for you?

  144. Give it up Bob as i said before it isn’t about producing a single state it is about access within states!

  145. Give it up, Susan.

    You have been completely unable to support a single allegation.

  146. I think you need to stop trying to speak for me.

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