Ken Starr is interviewed by Maina Mwaura for Religion News Service. Video screenshot

Ken Starr on his faith, the Mueller investigation, the Clintons and refugees

(RNS) — Growing up the son of a minister in Texas, Ken Starr learned two principles for how to live his life.

Do the right thing.

Always do it the right way.

“You’ve got to turn square corners,” said Starr. “You can’t lie, cheat and steal.”

Those principles, said Starr, guided his law career and later his work as independent counsel from 1994 to 1999, heading the controversial investigation that led to the impeachment of former President Bill Clinton.

Starr, who later would become a law professor and dean at Pepperdine University and then president of Baylor University, has said he tried to live by one of his “life verses” from the Bible, Micah 6:8: "And what does the Lord require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.”

That call for mercy has shaped how Starr sees U.S. immigration law, which he says should make it easier for people to seek asylum. He considers it a failure that he could not convince former U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions to share that view.

Last month, Starr spoke with freelance reporter Maina Mwaura for Religion News Service about his faith, his new book on the Clinton investigation, his advice for his independent counsel Robert Mueller, his departure from Baylor and his views on U.S. immigration policy.



  1. Ken Starr’s sanctimonious witch hunt of Bill Clinton began (for him) in August of 1994, when he succeeded Robert Fiske as Special Council on a Republican-led investigation whose initial focus was a land deal in Arkansas. After it was obvious there was nothing there, Starr quickly latched onto other things before finally settling into an investigation of Bill Clinton’s personal sex life nearly FIVE YEARS LATER in January of 1999, when Clinton was impeached on perjury and obstruction of justice for lying about his affair with Monica Lewinsky. Ken Starr’s puritanical witch hunt cost the American taxpayer over $70 Million, or over $100 million in today’s dollars, and discovered only that the president had lied about a question no decent person would ever ask anyone about their personal life. Ken Starr is not a decent person.

    Ken Starr wants us to know, however, that there are big huge differences between his stalking of Bill Clinton and Robert Mueller’s investigation into Donald Trump’s possible collusion with a hostile foreign power in order to get himself elected president.

    “[At] least as far as we know Donald Trump has not lied under oath. As far as we know, he’s not intimidated witnesses, [and] as far as we know — in my view — he has not obstructed justice,” Starr says. Asked about the president’s numerous tweets that “publicly run down the special counsel,” Starr says he thinks they are “inconsistent with the rule of law.”

    We shall see. Meanwhile, Starr describes the Clintons as “fundamentally dishonest.” Asked about Trump’s track record of honesty, Starr says he’s “not going to opine on the president.”

    How very convenient for Mr. Starr. His prurient interest in other people’s sex lives seems to have waned in the generation since he seemed so very interested in what President Clinton was doing with his private parts, cigars, and blue women’s dresses. Maybe Mr. Starr’s libido has subsided since the late nineties, hence his loss of vicarious interest in other people’s sex lives. For a man his age, that does happen.

  2. Well, based on your statement above, Mueller should call it a day. No Russian ties between Trump and Russia. However, he should be looking into abuse of the FISA courts and collusion between the Clinton campaign and the Obama White House.

  3. In order to be consistent with the bar set by Ken Starr, Robert Mueller has the luxury of taking his good sweet time. If the Mueller investigation lasts as long as Ken’s Starr’s we can expect him to wind down somewhere around October of 2021. That being the case, all you yahoos calling for Mueller to stop right this minute can start practicing the virtue of patience.

  4. Evidently Ken Starr’s inability to do a proper investigation carried over to his stint at Baylor University. Where he blithely ignored ongoing sexual assaults on campus.

  5. 10 convictions in 2 years means there is far more to come.

    30 years of investigating the Clintons and 6 years investigating Obama have yielded zero indictments. Obviously there is nothing there to your spiel than deflection.

  6. Yeah, I think Vince foster (God rest his soul) would think otherwise about the Clinton crime syndicate.
    The only guy to commit suicide by shooting himself in the back of the head and throwing the gun in the bushes.

  7. Ken Starr is a low life, always has been, always will be. Wasted millions on witch hunt of Bill Clinton (taxpayer dollars) and was forced out of Baylor University more recently. He should be the Poster Boy for religious hypocrites. To paraphrase Gerald Ford, if his father was alive to-day, he would be rolling over in his grave….

  8. Ken Starr is nothing but a hypocrite. His adherence to Biblical principles are as strong as those of Corinthians 2 tRump.

  9. 10 convictions in 2 years is far more serious than 30 years of rumors and spitballing as well.

    Your argument basically says that the Clintons were far smarter and better at what they do than any Republican ever has been. That they are genius level supervillains.

    I find it laughable. If HRC had those skills she would have easily stolen an election from Donnie Dotard.

    Remember all those indictments of the Clintons and Obama Administration staff? Neither do I.

  10. I think they are very sneaky; and have associates in high places.
    We’ll see what comes from the Clinton foundation whistle blower…
    Hopefully she doesn’t wind up dead like:
    James mcdougal – died of “heart attack” in custody.
    Mary Mahoney – murdered in Georgetown before she went public of WH sexual harassment.
    Ron Brown – died in plane crash. Had a hole in top of his head resembling a gunshot wound. Was going to work with prosecutors.
    Paul tulley – DNC political director died in Little Rock hotel room.
    Ed willey – died of gunshot would to head. Died same day his wife accused bill of groping her.
    Jerry parks – head of Clinton’s security team. Gunned down at deserted intersection in Little Rock.
    James bunch – died of suicide by gun. Had a black book of high profile people that visited prostitutes.
    James Wilson – death by hanging. Had ties to whitewater.
    Kathy Ferguson – gunshot wound to head. Ruled suicide even though she had suitcases packed. Kathy knee about Paula Jones.
    Bill Shelton – fiancé of Kathy Ferguson. Found with gunshot wound to head at Kathy’s grave.

  11. So again rumors and innuendo after 30 years of investigation. How many indictments? Still zero. How many indictments will there be in the next 30 years for them. Still zero.

    How many CONVICTIONS have occurred with those associated with Trump in the last 2 years? 10 and counting. Somehow Robert Mueller is the one Republican who is capable of an adequate investigation.

    By your own argument you are claiming the Clintons are wildly powerful and clever geniuses to be able to thwart every Republican effort. A claim not even their own supporters would bother to make.

    Your bullcrap is much like 9/11 Trufer nonsense. It depends on an assumption of competence, skill and intelligence of the alleged actors which is completely unsupported by all objective evidence and measures. I no more believe your insinuations made without a shred of proof than I do that dolt GW Bush ordered and covered up the 9/11 attacks.

    Again, if they were so skilled, HRC would be president. Although she is not the super genius criminal mastermind you are pretending she is, she is far smarter than Donald Trump ever demonstrated. Blocks of wood are far smarter than Donald Trump has ever demonstrated.

  12. Just saying what amounts to a whole bunch of half-truths, debunked stuff and outright fabrications. Way too much Infowars, not enough actual info.

    Again, you ascribe a level of competence, intelligence and skill to people which reality simply does not permit. Like many people who ascribe to conspiracy theories, psuedoscience and wackadoodlery.

    I find it absolutely hilarious that by implication you are saying the Clintons are smarter than every given Republican here.

  13. Hogwash! This guy got a pedophile pretty much out of jail because the guy was wealthy, over 50 children victims. If that wasn’t bad enough, they made a secret plea deal with Alex Acosta which kept nearly all the victims unaware of this plea deal and gave immunity to (it’s a secret) who knows how many other child rapists and child sex traffickers, maybe even his buddy Alan Dershowitz who was also a part of the defense team and drafters of this plea deal who was accused by one of the victims of being raped by him as a child. I think they kept the trial local and out of federal courts because they had friendly people in the DA’s office, Alex Acosta above, who is now the Secretary of Labor, the agency responsible for investigating human trafficking. Back to Kenneth Starr, the guy who went out of his way to cover up rapes at his Baylor University where he was chancellor. Scum, all the way around who surrounds himself with scum. Should we also mention that Bart O’Kavanaugh that guy who loves beer, lots and lots of beer who is now on our Supreme Court, was also a law partner of his – another guy who was accused of attempted rape.

  14. -> Starr…has said he tried to live by one of his “life verses” from the Bible, Micah 6:8: “And what does the Lord require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.”

    …Really? OK, so Ken…Tell us about how much $$ you made defending billionaire pedophile Epstein and smearing his victims ?? You saved this serial child molester better than Jesus ever could !!

  15. Dude – that was a joke from 2 days ago.
    Keep up or shut it down.

  16. “…shooting himself in the back of the head and throwing the gun in the bushes.”

    ah . ya can’t follow the conspiracy theories without a score card . vince foster’s body was found with a gun in hand and a shot taken in the mouth . the normal complaint from those who can’t accept what happened is that there was no exit wound (or entrance) in the back of the head .

    when you make major claims such as you did , Parker12, it is your job to provide something that kinda looks like evidence and the source of it .

  17. james mcdougal : a man with a heart condition dies of a heart attack . really suspicious .

    mary mahoney : murdered in a blotched robbery at the starbucks she managed . really suspicious . (no evidence that she was going public with anything .

    ron brown : dead in the crash of a military CT-43A (a boeing 737) in croatia, one of 35 who died . really suspicious that he had a hole in his head . crashes are usually such gentle, mild things .

    paul tulley : dead of natural causes . definitely suspicious .

    do you collect conspiracy theories like others collect stamps ?

  18. All Clinton friends, allies and acquaintances. Quite a coincidence; huh?
    You’d better stay on their good side.
    Mark my words, the Clinton foundation whistleblower talking to the Feds about the pay for play donations that occurred is going to catch two pennies to the back walking home from church – just like Seth Rich did.

  19. everyone i know either has died or will die . that does not make a conspiracy theory .

    however, Parker12, in your case it is suspicious . we should investigate you .

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