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Matt Fradd introduces 21-day detox from pornography series

Accountability, encouragement, and brotherhood offered through STRIVE, which begins March 27

PHILADELPHIA — Pornography has reached epidemic proportions in our nation, with more than 28,000 people watching porn every second. Its effects on families is leaving everlasting damage, resulting in broken marriages and a lack of interest in child-rearing and family life. The wives of sex addicts have it particularly difficult, as research shows 70 percent could be diagnosed with PTSD. Matt Fradd, whose book The Porn Myth was a No. 1 bestseller on Amazon, is partnering with Cardinal Studios to release STRIVE, a new series aimed at giving men the tools they need to kick their porn habit.

Watch the STRIVE trailer:

“Too many lives, marriages and families have been torn apart by pornography,” said Fradd, who has spoken to millions of individuals over the past decade about the detrimental effects of pornography. “The No. 1 question I get is, ‘Yes, I get it’s bad, but how do I quit? What exactly do I need to do?’ This is precisely what STRIVE addresses. It meets these men where they are with an experience unlike anything that has existed.”

Cardinal Studios became the perfect home for Fradd and STRIVE, having already built a successful movement of men through their RISE challenge with Chris Stefanick, which began in early 2018. STRIVE walks men through a step-by-step plan to quit porn for good, using powerful videos and live interaction with Fradd and others throughout the series.

“We’ve seen amazing fruit from the RISE challenge over the past year, and we knew we could take the best of what it offered in terms of film, technology, community and accessibility, and take it up a notch with STRIVE,” said Chris Cope, director of Cardinal Studios. “Men will journey with Matt Fradd every day, not just in the videos and content, but within the online community, and through weekly interactive live streams. This ability to learn from each other takes everything to a new level.”

“The goal of STRIVE is to help men break free from porn and bring them into community, not just for the 21 days, but in local or video small groups after the challenge,” said Fradd. “Accountability is key and we’re providing the platform to make that a reality. We know that with this unique blend of inspiration, technology and brotherhood, STRIVE can change countless lives.”

The STRIVE online program will initially be run a handful of times this year, the first beginning on March 27, 2019. Men can register at strive21.com.


For more information, to request media access to STRIVE or schedule an interview with Matt Fradd, please contact Kevin Wandra (404-788-1276 or [email protected]) of Carmel Communications.

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