Fox News host Jeanine Pirro, left, made controversial comments about Rep. Ilhan Omar. Screenshot via Fox News

Muslim groups condemn Fox News host for questioning Rep. Omar's loyalty to US

(RNS) – A Muslim civil rights organization has called on Fox News to fire host Jeanine Pirro for questioning Rep. Ilhan Omar’s loyalty to the U.S. in a monologue on her weekend show "Justice with Judge Jeanine" and suggesting the Minnesota Democrat's decision to wear hijab is “antithetical” to the Constitution.

"Such an open and un-American expression of religious bigotry should be rejected by any media outlet seeking even a modicum of credibility," said Nihad Awad, national executive director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations. "Jeanine Pirro should be fired, and Fox News should apologize to its viewing audience."

Pirro, who is a legal pundit for the conservative Fox News outlet, accused the Muslim congresswoman of advocating for Shariah law in America and for condemning Israel because of her religious beliefs.

“She’s not getting this anti-Israel sentiment doctrine from the Democrat Party. ... Then where is she getting it from,” Pirro said in the first segment of her Saturday night show. “Think about it. Omar wears a hijab. ... Is her adherence to this Islamic doctrine indicative of her adherence to Shariah law, which itself is antithetical to the United States Constitution?”

Hufsa Kamal Khan, a Muslim woman who is an associate producer for Fox News host Bret Baier, criticized Pirro online. “(C)an you stop spreading this false narrative that somehow Muslims hate America or women who wear a hijab aren’t American enough?” she tweeted Sunday. “You have Muslims working at the same network you do, including myself.”

Pirro responded to the backlash on Sunday by denying that she had called Omar “un-American.”

“My intention was to ask a question and start a debate, but of course because one is Muslim does not mean you don’t support the Constitution,” she said.

In a separate statement on Sunday, Fox News said “we strongly condemn” Pirro’s statements and have addressed them with the host directly. In a tweet, Omar thanked Fox News for its statement.

“No one’s commitment to our Constitution should be questioned because of their faith or country of birth,” Omar said.

The Pirro segment comes amid continued backlash over recent comments made by Omar, one of the country’s two first Muslim women in Congress, that were critical of a pro-Israeli lobbying group's influence on U.S. foreign policy. Democrats and Republicans alike have condemned her statement as anti-Semitic, saying they played into tropes about Jewish power and loyalty to Israel.

But according to Muslim Advocates’ 2018 report “Running on Hate," language suggesting that American Muslims are orchestrating a conspiracy to take over the U.S. government and replace the Constitution with Shariah law is a common anti-Muslim trope used by politicians, pundits and online trolls.

Muslim civil rights groups have said the criticism of Omar, both from colleagues in Congress and among constituents, shows a “clear double standard.”

Omar was the target of accusations of anti-Semitism and supporting terrorist groups throughout her campaign last fall. Last week, the FBI told media that it had begun investigating an assassination threat against Omar found scrawled on a bathroom stall in Minnesota.

“The attacks on Congresswoman Ilhan Omar are part of a coordinated, decades-long effort to paint American Muslims as inherently foreign, violent and deeply hostile to women, the LGBTQ community and Jews,” said Farhana Khera, executive director of Muslim Advocates.

In response to Omar's comments on Israel, late last week, members of the House voted through a broad bipartisan resolution condemning anti-Semitism and, after a last-minute revision, other forms of hatred and bigotry including Islamophobia.

According to the Council on American Islamic Relations, the resolution was the first piece of legislation mentioning Islamophobia to pass either chamber of Congress and the second to ever be introduced.


  1. Pirro is just like any other American…she’s entitled to her opinion just the way Omar is entitled to her blatant and unrepentant anti-semetic opinion.

  2. So Judge J. is questioning Omar’s blatant anti-Semitidm because of remarks she’s made in the past and currently. Is it coming from her religion if it’s not from the Democratic Party? Oh yeah. Let’s get upset about that. How about congress actually having to address the passing of laws, because this woman is so bigoted.

  3. I agree. And when advertisers elect to exercise their First Amendment rights by pulling their ads from Fox News, putting their money elsewhere, that’s their right as well. Freedom of speech, baby.

  4. Evidently easily excitable conservatives who are looking for ways to attack freshman Democrats in Congress.

  5. well…. they are themselves providing the fodder. Truth is truth.

  6. Omar does not care about her comments, she believes them and that is the problem. The Dems have done little to nothing about the situation specific to Omar’s comments while the left has ruined others for less.

    One could argue, that Omar is not there to represent her constituents but only her personal ideology which includes her anti-Semitic beliefs. One could further argue that Omar by not representing the voters leaves those voters without representation. Minnesota apparently did not know who they were voting for, and I hope they correct that mistake next time.

  7. Truth has little to do with typical claims made by conservatives of s political or religious variety. Hence deflection is their typical response.

  8. I don’t think either Jeanine PIrro or Ilhan Omar even understand the hypocrisy that they’re hurling at each other. Both are wrong. That one is wrong doesn’t make the other right.

  9. Sometimes that tactic backfires, redounding to the benefit of the conservative.

    It backfired with Chick-fil-A.

    The liberals have shot their wad too imprudently, especially of late: Covington, Smollet, etc.

    Perpetually offended people have issues that you’re quite familiar with. Interior complaint. Work on it these weeks of Lent. Make a small resolution.

    Everytime you find your herky-jerky mind complaining say this short prayer: “All the glory to God”.

  10. I think the judge asked a fair question. Who is Omar loyal to? Somalia or the US? Her Jewish constituents or her Somali ones?
    Omar asked the loyalty question in the first place. If it’s okay for her to ask that; why not vice versa?

  11. Islam is, by design and by constant historical behavior, an expansionist territorial theocracy. By that fact alone (despite what this or that Muslim may claim for the moment) makes it incompatible with the United States. Or indeed, any non-Muslim country.

  12. We have to face the fact that although you can find some Muslims who love America, Islam itself does not—–BECAUSE—-we do not subject ourselves and our civics to the counsel of Islam’s prophet AND WE HAVE NO INTENTION OF DOING SO EVER. This does not mean it is legit to attack the public service of someone like Ilhan Omar. But it also means lefties are out of their minds if they start defending Islam itself. All you have to do is look at the main homes of Shia Islam (Iran) and Sunni Islam (Saudi Arabia) to know that every LEFTIE thing we believe in is thwarted there, This never, ever, ever, ever, ever changes.

  13. That Republicans can’t criticize her and leave her religion alone shows how stupid they are becoming.

  14. So is Israel in the OT. Is Israel incompatible with the US?

  15. If you apply this to Omar, do you think the same standard should be applied to those politicians who have expressed statements that could be construed to show that they have anti Muslim beliefs?

  16. I think people with an agenda have looked over the pond at the UK and seen how antisemitism can be weaponised against progressives and are now copying the strategy. The Conservatives and the right wing of the Labour Party have taken a problem and blown it out of all proportion to attack the progressive wing of the Labour Party for months. They have deflected attention from numerous other issues and are attempting to delegitimise the whole progressive platform.

  17. BS. The Stupid runs deep in Pirro. Criticizing Israel does not equate to “anti-semitism”, but that’s too complicated a concept for you.

  18. Perpetually offended people…. like Pirro.

  19. Another bigot who thinks an entire religion is evil therefore freedom of religion is dangerous.

    Your post is incompatible with the United States. We do not subject any religion or it’s adherents to any special scrutiny or attack.

    This is the kind of thinking one gets when they never respected the first amendment to begin with. When they think religious freedom is license to attack others. The principals and values of our nation are far more threatened by the attitudes of people like yourself then people like Omar.

  20. There is nothing wrong about criticizing conservatives backhanded support of Israel’s right wing, nor is it anti Semitic. In fact the majority of America’s Jews support the two state solution between Israel and the Palestinians. As did our public policy for 20 years.

    There is however a problem with singling out the loyalty of a person based on their religion. Right wing derps used to use the same arguments against Jewish and Catholics. Not even that long ago.

    When Republicans start addressing the neo Nazis in their corner , and the frequent appeals to white supremacy agendas then I will care what they have to say about anti Semitism

  21. One doesn’t ever have to defend any religion here. Only the notion we have religious freedom and a duty to uphold its principles.

    We do not subject ourselves to the tenets if ANY faith because we have a secular government and society. It isn’t minority faiths such as Islam which threaten that in the US. Not by a mile.

  22. No she didn’t. Bigots used to ask the sane questions of any given immigrant or member of a minority faith. Only they get questioned like that.

    White Christian male lawmakers never have to wade through that muck even when they act against the interests of the nation or their constituents.

  23. Wrong again.
    Erdogan has told Turks living in Europe to have 5 kids per family to outpace European birthrates to eventually take over Europe; not by force, but by birthrates.

  24. With her AIPAC comments, Omar asked if people are loyal to Israel or the US; did she not?
    Being a “loyal” American, she should renounce all loyalty to Somalia.

  25. So you prove my point with “Muslim Peril” panic language. Essentially European Neo Nazi talking points.

    It’s always derps who have no respect for religious freedom who are the ones who denigrate it here.

  26. There’s also nothing wrong about criticizing demokkkrats BDS connections.

  27. Of course there is. It’s ignorant, dishonest and all deflection. Man, that was some lane trolling.

    David Duke supports which party’s politicians? They aren’t Democrats

    The slogan was Unite the Right

  28. So you admit that Muslims intend to “take over Europe” by birth.
    It’s always derps who ignore facts to spout their agenda.

  29. David duke has endorsed both tulsi gabbard and Omar.
    It’s a perfect endorsement since demokkkrats wear blackface and are the party of FDR.
    You are on a roll of wrongness today.

  30. No, she did not. She attacked people who wanted to quash all criticism of Israel by force of law. Criticizing Republican support of Israel’s right wing isn’t anti Semitic.

    Attacking a person’s loyalty for being an immigrant or second generation American is what bigots do. Can you sink any lower?

  31. It’s all about the Benjamin’s…
    Except when it comes from CAIR; who hates the jewish state.
    You defend an anti-Semite and a bigot.

  32. Politicians who aren’t white supremacist scumbags denounce David Duke’s support. Our president didn’t and still doesn’t. You clearly don’t either. Hence the deflection.

    You have been using typical white supremacist appeals and arguments.

    You are in no position to criticize anyone

  33. I admit nothing. Whenever you make an alleged factual claim without support I assume it is wrong. You are not known for honesty.

    But I acknowledge you repeated memes used by Neo Nazis.

  34. Doesn’t matter if they accept or not. They think like duke, so they got his endorsement.
    Good for them – now we see who they align with.

  35. A lot of Fox Noise viewers have been programmed to think that Muslims cannot, by definition, be American patriots. This is obvious bigotry and it will not stand.

  36. Yup. Head in the sand spuddie.
    Ignore facts a refer to DKKKNC talking points.

  37. Funny thing, is that is the same criticism Omar was giving about Republicans. But it only counts if a Democrat is accused.

    Even worse because Republican support of Israel’s right wing puts them at odds with the majority of American Jews. By all means let’s pretend they are anti Semitic as well. It’s not like Republicans have any fidelity to facts or common sense.

  38. “…..then I will care about anti Semitism.” So you won’t care about the harm her comments have made in her State nor in Congress. To the point they had to a pass law. And it’s ok for her ( and yourself) to practice being anti Semitic bigots, because of your hate for the current president. How juvenile. Get off your rhetoric soapbox, and practice the Golden Rule.

  39. American Jews are against the Jewish state. Which is fine, because like all American demokkkrats, they are uneducated and hate Israel.
    It’s funny, Jews in Israel love trump. American Jews; not so much.

  40. So believing in Islam is incompatible with being a United States citizen? There are no shades of gray, huh? Why do you assume all Muslims (especially those in the US) believe in turning the US in a Islamist theocracy?

  41. “American Jews are against the Jewish state.”

    It takes a lot of nerve to say something that stupid. OK. You are just trolling for your amusement here.

    We all know they only want Israel to keep the lights on for when their messiah comes.

    I wonder how quickly the Republicans will continue supporting Israel after Netanyahu is tossed from office on corruption charges.

  42. Republicans support outright anti-semites both here and abroad. They make anti-Semitic appeals with “George Soros conspiracy” talk (which led to mass murder in a synagogue). But we are supposed to take their support of Israel at face value? We are supposed to take their accusations of anti-semitism from others seriously? Funny.

    Republicans don’t support Israel, they support its right wing party. They are at odds with the goals and position of the majority of American Jews. Yet they want to pretend to be this defender of Israel and the Jews. Not buying it for a moment.

    Republican Golden Rule: Do onto others, then run and deflect.

  43. Nope. But its good to know you love repeating Neo-Nazi memes while accusing others of antisemitism. It really hammers the point home that you cannot be taken seriously.

  44. Nope. I know a few guys who travel to Tel Aviv and Haifa a few times a year.
    Every time they come back the just can’t understand why Jews in Israel love trump.
    I find it amusing.

  45. It supports the comment above on how Islam intends to turn nation states.

  46. Yup.
    Don’t let the facts get in the way of your talking points.

  47. From the Guardian:

    The European average fertility rate is 2.6 for Muslims compared to 1.6 for non-Muslims.

    In the zero migration scenario, the Muslim population in Europe is expected to rise from 4.9% to 7.4%. Apart from Cyprus, which has a high Muslim share (25.4%) due to the historical presence of Turkish Cypriots in the north of the island, France would have Europe’s biggest share of population with 12.7%, up from 8.8%.

    In the medium migration scenario – perhaps the most likely – Sweden would have the biggest share of population at 20.5%. The UK’s share would rise from 6.3% in 2016 to 16.7%. Finland’s Muslim share would grow from 2.7% to 11.4% and most western European countries would face a big jump.

    If high migration continues until 2050, Sweden’s Muslim share will grow to 30.6%, Finland’s to 15% and Norway’s to 17%. In eastern Europe, most countries will continue to have a relatively low Muslim share of population, with only Hungary and Greece seeing significant increases from 2016.

    Apart from migration, the number of Muslims in Europe is set to grow considerably through natural increases. Europe’s Muslims have more children than members of other religious groups, or people of no religion, the study shows. The European average fertility rate is 2.6 for Muslims compared to 1.6 for non-Muslims.
    The Muslim population is also much younger than non-Muslims. The proportion of Muslims under the age of 15 is 27%, nearly double the proportion of under-15 non-Muslims at 15%.

    Without immigration, Europe is dead anyway due to the low birthrate.

  48. Cool story bro. Don’t believe it for a minute, but cool story.

    The ultra-religious love a handout both here and over there. Hypocrisy and craven behavior is rather common to religious reactionaries. It is how they can support a person so allegedly antithetical to their own values so easily.

    The kind of person who visits the funeral of victims of an anti-semitic mass murder and does little but talk about himself and make jibes.

  49. Your admission to repeating neo-nazi memes is duly noted.

    “Don’t let the facts get in the way of your talking points.”

    Irony incarnate. 🙂

  50. We can make all the claims and judgement we gentiles want but antisemetism is defined by Jews, not by us.

  51. Its what happens when one does not have respect for the 1st Amendment. They fear religious takeover by Islam because they expect religious takeover of their own faith.

    They never consider the strength of secular government and society, because they have no respect for it themselves.

    Theocrats who don’t oppose religious based dictatorship. They just want their religion to be the official one.

  52. So I’m correct. Please inform spuddie.

  53. Of course the problem with these projections is that they assume the average economic status of Muslim immigrants remains the same and ignores the actual ability to sustain large families in developed countries. These birthrate projections are always skewed towards panicky appeals against immigrants and people of color. They have been using this sort of thing to sow panic against Asian and Latin American American immigrants for over a century. “Yellow Peril” and “Brown Peril” screeds are old hat here. But they are relatively new for Europeans.

    Family size is a function of wealth and education. The more economically stable and successful people are, the fewer children they have. The more prosperous and developed the economy, the more difficult it is to sustain a large family size effectively. Especially in dense urbanized populations. In this country, birthrates of 2nd and 3rd generation Americans are generally far lower than their immigrant ancestors.

  54. Uhhhh; like normal, nothing to see. Perhaps the fact checkers removed your post because it was nonsense.

  55. “Family size is a function of wealth and education”…

    You crack me up.

    It’s called welfare…..

    Shut it down buddy. Try again tomorrow.

  56. Absolutely, and that is a well-expressed insight on your part.

  57. Bigot much? I don’t even want to know how you plan to elaborate from there.

    Fair enough, you made it clear I am talking to a fool who doesn’t bother to inform himself past brain dead talking points.

    Same old Parker.

  58. So many of the Fox hosts are just so angry it is incomprehensible how they appeal to anyone. Oh, that’s right, Trump’s base are very angry, disgruntled people. The scariest thing though is to realize this woman was an actual judge! Can you imagine?!

    It also is telling that Pirro doesn’t realize there are devout Jews who wear head coverings, Catholic nuns, etc.

  59. We “had” a secular government and society more than we “have” one. We are looking at freedom from religion being chipped away now and replaced with freedom of some religious people to creep into government and hit other people over the head. The last strong Supreme Court cases ASSURING otherwise are done and gone. The next ones will by muddying back the other direction—–probably using goofy little issues like the Trinity Lutheran playground chips case of 2017. Hobby Lobby was a major mess-up. Masterpiece Cake was a major mess-up. More are coming.

    As for Islam Proper, it does not believe in freedom of religion wherever it has a majority. It can’t—-because of its source material. The only Muslims who can believe in freedom of religion are those who are FORCED to by their minority status in a time or place. We expect that to continue to be the case in the USA, of course, but Islam only behaves better here because we do not ALLOW it to misbehave, not because Muhammad’s sayings are broad-minded matters.

  60. “The scariest thing though is to realize this woman was an actual judge! ”

    Not surprising. There is the old joke:

    What do you call a lawyer with a 2 digit IQ?
    Your Honor.

    As for Fox News, also not surprising
    Fox News was always partisan, but now it is rudderless and “anti-democratic”

    “From its beginning, Fox was not exactly a “conservative” voice, rather, its business model was to build ratings through “fear-based, anger-based politics that has to do with class and race.” But in the post-Ailes era, Fox’s has a new role that it has never quite had before: running defense and interference on behalf of the White House.”

    The entire point of Fox News is to get people who are easily riled up excited.

  61. Same old spuddie, making silly statements and then when thoroughly refuted; crying bigotry, racism, et al.
    Jim proved you wrong as did I
    You you go to law and order. Perhaps there’s some first year law student you can push around.

  62. Well if we lack a fully secular society, it isn’t the people of minority faiths who can be blamed for it. They lacked the political power to erode the institutions of democracy in such a way. Typically they are on the receiving end of attacks on 1st Amendment liberties.

    “As for Islam Proper, it does not believe…”

    First of all, unless you are an actual adherent of a given religion, there is no reason to take assertions as to what one claims they believe at face value. It smacks too much of stereotype and repeating bigoted assumptions.

    Second of all, all religions in their mainstream version have no regard for democracy or the freedom of those outside their own. I see more disregard for freedom of religion from American Christians than any religious minority in this country.

    In a free society ALL religious believer are forced to accept freedom of religion by force of law. None of them do so as a function of their faith. There are minority sects that do, but they are few and far between.

    So when you blubber about Muslims forcing themselves to accept American freedoms, you are being awfully myopic and intentionally selective. The same has always held true for every religion in this country. This is why our founders trusted none of them with official government endorsement. They knew from the outset without a secular society and government, sectarian discrimination is inevitable.

  63. What strength does a secular government and a secular society have? It is a strength based on a self-image of being a vibrant democracy, and of being held to “higher standards.” Once a society decides that this self-image is artificial, and there is no need to be held to “higher standards”, secular government and secular society will lose strength.

  64. Israel is reasonably prosperous. But both Jewish Israelis and Muslim Israelis have large families, and a high birth rate. In India, the state of Kerala is good in a number of social indicators. But the Muslim birth rate is high. Recently, the number of Muslim births exceeded the number of Hindu births.

  65. The words of Democrat Schumer.

    “Rep. Omar’s use of an anti-Semitic stereotype was offensive and irresponsible.

    This kind of intolerance has no place in Congress—or anywhere in American society.

    No one should invoke anti-Semitic tropes during policy disagreements.”

  66. Pirro is a heterosexual. She’s paid to provide her opinions, which you and other selective racists and homosexualists find offensive.

  67. I do sometimes despair because of morons like you. One more example of why Universal Suffrage is suicidal.

  68. So easy to provoke the NAXALTers and the ConstitutionCucks with a simple and historically verifiable statement. I have come to feel that my day is wasted if some anocranial feel-gooder doesn’t call me a bigot. 🙂

  69. My point to Parker is this great Muslim takeover he has talking about has been greatly exaggerated – as the projections show. What is your point?

  70. Actually Parker I was showing you that you are wrong. Since immigration has slowed down the lowest projections of Muslim growth are likely. It is not a catastrophe. It is change and it is inevitable. Look at America and our future demographic predictions.

  71. No you’re not. I wrongly assumed the conclusion was self-evident.

  72. And all vitiated by The Great Kibosh of All Religions!!! Priceless!!!!

  73. The same thing as you, but from a different angle. One which typically takes these kinds of family size projections with the healthy dose of skepticism.

  74. Yes, I find racism offensive. And it came about here because Pirro was offended by an American citizen wearing a headscarf. Pathetic.

  75. Oh, you must be a big fan of Chuck Shumer. Nice to know that. That’s his opinion, which isn’t shared by everyone.

  76. Large families in Israel are more common among recent immigrants and the ultra-religious cliques than the average citizen there. Same as the US and every other developed country. Family sizes are far lower in the cities and among the middle class.

    The birthrate is not a function of faith, its a function of socio-economic status.

  77. Depends on which Jews you’re talking about. There are many Jews who support Ms. Omar and don’t believe her words to be anti-semitic.

  78. A secular society has the strength to support other freedoms. Religious freedom does not exist without it. Religious freedom is part of a whole which cannot be removed without destroying all other liberties as well. A vibrant democracy does not exist without a secular government.

  79. Good points. The tendency to see religious freedom only pertaining to Christianity is still very strong in America.

  80. How do her comments connect to loyalty to Somalia? You have no basis for that.

  81. She effectively did when she swore her oath for citizenship. Do you have proof she did something otherwise?

  82. She has dual citizenship. Based upon her own “test” for others; she should pick one and renounce the other.
    I wouldn’t want her to be conflicted one way or the other.

  83. Your post contains these two excerpts:

    (A) “Large families are more common among … the ultra-religious cliques”

    (B) “The birthrate is not a function of faith”

    (A) and (B) seem to be a contradiction in terms.

  84. Not at all. The ultra religious cliques hover at the bottom of the socio-economic scale in Israeli society. Its a correlation without causation

  85. OMAR is young, has a very pretty face, and is quite opinionated re her personal ideology. THOSE ARE ALL that she offers. She is no politician nor public servant.

  86. As a rule, family size for immigrants does tend to decrease with successive generations and it doesn’t state whether that was factored into these projections. But even the highest growth scenario, which isn’t happening, fails to back up the Right’s claims.

  87. I remember Breitbart’s boycott of Kelloggs (forgot the reason), whi apparently wasn’t giving the Right ‘The Best To You Each Morning’. That didn’t do too well – the Kellogg rooster is still crowing. Both the Left and the Right stay perpetually offended and everybody is demanding apologies, firings or boycotts.

  88. I see you’ve had to resort to insults to hide your lack of an argument.

  89. The reason for the decrease having to do with integration with the society and the attendant increase in economic growth it causes.

    The “Right’s Claims” are based more in recycling old “Immigrant Peril” tropes than having a connection to reality.

  90. That’s true but enough have made that determination against Omar to make it credible.

    My approach is believe what you believe and be damned how people label you.

  91. Meanwhile, there’s really no use of groups like CAIR calling for Judge Pirro to be fired, until AFTER the 100% anti-Semitic Rep. Omar is fired first!

  92. That’s what the facts and predictions show – their claim is baseless and used as a justification for their pre-existing hatred.

  93. Check out the Great commission, and what happened in the Americas when the Christian religion came to these shores, or to Africa and asia when the same thing happened.

  94. Still deflecting and avoiding the obvious here. It doesn’t help you at all when you regurgitate neo-nazi talking points in the same discussion.

  95. Another fiction. The US never recognizes dual citizenship. She is a US citizen. Only immigrants get such questions asked of their loyalty. In every case it is a prelude to calls for mass discrimination. (See Japanese internment for the extreme example).

  96. She questioned people’s loyalty; let’s check her out.
    Doesn’t seem like she has US interests at heart.

  97. Well, that’s a good way of thinking about it. Omar will survive this gauntlet. There is a very shrill, hyperbolized climate happening now regarding “anti-semitism”. It’s a minefield. Omar’s words have been stretched and twisted to fit this climate. And in the process, others have blatantly stereotyped her because she’s Muslim, she’s a woman, she’s young, and she wears a head-covering.

  98. You have yet to get the facts straight.

    She criticized people who were demanding loyalty to a foreign country (really just the current party in power in said country) by force of law.

    It makes one question the loyalty her critics have to our nation. But of course, they aren’t immigrants, so the question never gets asked.

    I find it interesting that the things you criticize Omar for are the same thing right wing anti-semites used to critize Jewish politicians for.

    It is also interesting that most Jewish politicians oppose the right wing efforts to enshrine legal bans on criticism of Israel

  99. Sorry to upset you so, but I am not going to be one of the loopy liberals who goes around pretending that Islam might be okey-dokey. Every Muslim pledges that Muhammad is the (the) prophet of God. This means that the sayings of Muhammed are considered the final authority on all matters of faith and life, including civic life. In Islam there is not supposed to be anything like a secular western government which can assert itself above Islamic religion or allow a society to be fully secular. Every country with a significant Muslim population fights this battle with some of its citizens and all the time. It is the reason why Iran and Saudi Arabia are unrecoverable for real democracy. It is the reason why Afghanistan is perpetually ungovernable without outsiders present. It is the reason why authoritarians were the only thing holding Iraq together in the past and Egypt together in the past and present. It is the reason why Syria is a mess. It is a reason why Somalia is a mess. It is a reason why Boko Haram haunts Nigeria. It is the reason why even Turkey is now going backward. It is a reason why there is so much pushback against Islamification in several European countries.

    OF COURSE our religious problem in America is with conservative Christians (not minority religions) being captured and used for all kinds of Political Hoodoo, but that’s because the Christians are the ones with the numbers here who can swing elections. As far as I’m concerned, though, the only thing we lefties do by buddying up to Islam is to hasten and reinforce Crazy Christians’ craziness here—–and simultaneously look clueless about our own secular principles. I’m one who says we are to be downplaying the Scripture Literalism of ALL of them—-wherever it exists. We might appreciate very much a Muslim like Malala Yousafzai—–and—–we have to remember that Islam shot her once for being too secular and that Islam itself would be willing to shoot anyone else like her.

  100. This representative clearly doesn’t see her job as to represent her people…but to isolate and dismiss Jews. She’s the racist and you are for supporting her screeds.

  101. I can’t remember the fellow’s name…something like Armis..

    He said Americans suffer from 2 addictions…being inoffensive and being offended.

    So much truth in this.

  102. Now you are being condescending in lieu of an argument.

    “Every Muslim pledges that…”

    As I said, unless you are a member of that faith, I have no reason to take your assertions as to what you think they believe seriously. It smacks of nothing more than stereotyping and vilification for its own sake.

    ” In Islam there is not supposed to be anything like a secular western government which can assert itself above Islamic religion or allow a society to be fully secular.”

    Funny thing is we have a good number of Christians who share the same sentiment. The people in this country who are most likely to call the separation of church and state a myth aren’t Muslims. It is not a function of a given religion, it is how one views their religion in general in relation to everyone else.

    ” Every country with a significant Muslim population fights this battle with some of its citizens and all the time.”

    You are utterly lazy in your take on world events.

    2 generations ago, the main issue was secularist nationalism. Islamicism is a relatively new phenomena. In most places dating to 1979 or later. To pretend it is inherent to the religion is to be utterly ignorant of world history. The only reason it has any pull in those areas is because it was used as a tool to reinforce dictatorship and drive out democracy minded influences.

    You also need to ignore the fact that “the Muslim world” is entirely post-colonial. Aside from Turkey, they were all colonies of European powers with all the political chaos that entailed.

    The problems in Syria are largely a function of a power vacuum by a secular nationalist leader propped up by foreign proxy forces.

    Afghanistan was a country coming to grips with modern existence prior to Soviet invasion

    Nigeria also has a power vacuum situation with a perennially corrupt government which worries more about oil revenue than governance.

    Turkey has a long history of flirtation with dictatorship. Rejection by the EU is what sparked closer ties with Saudi Arabia.

    “Islamification in several European Countries” is Neo-Nazispeak for worrying about the changing demographics from immigration. Almost none of those countries have the same combination of free exercise of religion and separation of church and state needed for actual religious freedom.

    “As far as I’m concerned, though, the only thing we lefties do by buddying up to Islam is to hasten and reinforce Crazy Christians’ craziness here”

    Because you are utterly mischaracterizing what is happening. In your zeal to attack an entire religion you attack American values and freedoms as well.

  103. Then why do so many people suggest a two-state solution for Israel/Palestine? Why not be one state?

  104. The Muslim statement of faith is “There is no God but Allah, and Muhammad is his Prophet (or messenger)”. No one in Islam considers anyone else in Islam to be a real Muslim without attesting to this spoken out loud and in the “good faith” of understanding what it means and fully agreeing with it. A new Muslim is then to look to the sayings of Muhammad in Quran and Hadith for guidance about all things—- period.

    I take them at their word, and I can’t agree with it on a foggy (in my mind) assumption that they really, kinda, sorta, somehow maybe mean something else. They don’t.

    You should know that if I meet a Muslim in my real life that I want, if possible, to be nothing but kind to him or her. I want to be accommodating in custom to any such person who wants to be accommodating to me. I want our Muslim Americans to have full freedom to practice their religion. But, I do know that Islam is a MAJOR philosophical hoax and not at all like just a New Age Fad (or something) that we might all see as mere quirkiness and therefore harmless. Over quite some time in comment sections, I have spoken with many left-side people who do not get this distinction. For the life of me, I never understand why they don’t.

  105. The same reason India, Pakistan and Bangledesh do not combine to one state. Political divisions are far too irreconcilable.

  106. The whole purpose of Fox Noise is to sell fear and anger. It makes for great ratings, and accuracy would just get in the way.

  107. This secularism comes from a previous ethos. In the case of the West, the ethos was set by a commitment to the Protestant Reformation. That was what enabled secularism to exist.

    In the case of Muslim demographic groups, the ethos has not been set. If a Jewish Spuddie can argue forcefully on behalf of Muslims, show me a supply of Muslims Spuddies who will argue forcefully on behalf of the Kafir.

  108. “The Muslim statement of faith is “There is no God but Allah, and Muhammad is his Prophet (or messenger)”.”

    Which is an analogue to the statement of faith for Jews
    “Hear O Israel, the Lord is our God the Lord is One”

    And then we have Christians talking of accepting “Jesus as their Lord and Savior”

    Again, you are relying on an outsider’s skewed take on a faith which does not demonstrate any knowledge as to how it is actually applied or practiced. Not something which forms a reasonable argument or needs to be taken at face value.

    “I take them at their word”

    How would you know?

    Yet you do not actually speak of what actual Muslims believe. You just make up stuff based on your take on their religion as filtered through various sources which are clearly unreliable at best.

    “You should know that if I meet a Muslim in my real life…”

    Thank you for demonstrating you are speaking of the religion, its beliefs and adherents from a basis of complete ignorance on the subject.

    I meet Muslims in my real life on a regular basis. Including my next door neighbors. My community has a rather large Muslim population from various parts of the world. Including a rather contingent of Saudi expats. Whatever you have probably heard about American Muslim communities is probably complete and utter bullcrap. Whereas you blubbered of Muslims being unable to abide by people of other faiths, I see communities mixed with those who would be considered enemies outside the US. From first hand experience, I can tell you have no clue what you are talking about.

    “I want our Muslim Americans to have full freedom to practice their religion”

    But you don’t respect them as people entitled to a religious belief. You consider them inherently suspect. That is nothing more than prejudice rearing its head.

    “I do know that Islam is a MAJOR philosophical hoax ”

    I consider all religions to be such. The difference is I don’t fool myself into believing there are exceptions. 🙂

  109. Actually a lot of it comes from a bad history of sectarian persecution prior to the foundation of the nation.

    Three states were specifically founded specifically as refuges from those fleeing religious persecution. One of those by a person exiled from a theocratic community. The polyglot nature of New York City led to one of the first political demands for religious freedom.

  110. Problem is, Islam is not merely just another ‘religion’ like others. Allah seeks world conquest by any means necessary and demands the same of his followers. It’s been that way for more than 1,400 years. And nothing has changed.

    That most Americans aren’t aware of that fact, and condemn the Judge for speaking the truth, speaks to our own ignorance which will, eventually, cost this nation dearly as ‘stealth jihad’ is proceeding as planned before our very eyes. By the time the masses wake the hell up it will be much too late!

    To those who doubt me, educate yourself.

  111. The ‘Great Commission’ given by Christ to His followers was issued for the purpose of individual conversion not world conquest. That at various points in history some of those followers ignored the very strict and rigid requirements of Christ-delineated within the New Testament-as to how they were to seek and save others, in His Name, is a departure from biblical truth and practice. Not the norm.

    Conversely, the entire record of Islam (for more than 1,400 years) is replete with bloodshed and barbaric behavior (as prescribed by the Koran) to bring the entire world under subjection to Sharia law (the law of Allah) by any means necessary.

    Since you are not a Christian and cannot share a single command of Christ to do what Mohammed did on a regular basis I am not, at all, surprised by your rank ignorance and specious attempt to compare one with the other.

    So educate yourself. The Judge was correct. And you aren’t.

  112. It was indeed the norm. That’s how Christians took the great commission and interpreted it, just as they interpreted “judge not” as “judge away”, just as they interpreted passages to condone slavery, if not require it, just as they interpreted the Sodom story into “no cakes for f*gs, just as they interpreted “no women preachers” as wimmens is not as good as menz…
    and on and on and on and on and on.
    A good portion of the entire record of Christendom has been murdering jews, muslims, native American populations, and…wait for it.. EACH OTHER.
    since you are a Christian, its clear that you can’t look at your own faith objectively. I’d try to educate you, but you have already informed me that because you are not as bad as the muslims, you must be OK.

  113. As you, in vain, attempt to draw a moral equivalence between Christianity and Islam renders you ill-equipped to engage in a debate with me on the subject.

    And which ‘religion’ is wreaking havoc around the world today and seeks the overthrow of governments worldwide-bringing them under subjection to the law of that ‘religion?’

    Furthermore, not being a Christian you are spiritually-unprepared to engage me in a fruitful conversation regarding the instances you mentioned regarding a fundamental lack of correct and contextual biblical interpretation.

    So, I’ll leave it here. Believe as you will and I will do the same.

  114. Well, that’s wildly exaggerated. What’s not exaggerated is your anti-Muslim bias.

  115. Jihadwatch is a hate group. Might as well posted something from Stormfront for all the good it does you.

    Fools like you are ISIS stooges. Get lost loser.
    “in fighting Islamic State, it’s important to not turn on our friends and neighbors. Terrorists thrive on fear and division. We shouldn’t give them what they want. And besides, America’s Muslims are America’s first and best line of defense against jihadist terrorists.”
    The “Gray Zone” is the group’s name for any place where there is pluralism and multiculturalism. For Daesh’s apocalyptic ideology, a pluralistic and inclusive society is repulsive and must be destroyed. To further that goal, the group seeks to widen the differences which exist, by definition, in a pluralistic community.

    In other words, it’s a wedge strategy. And once the Islamic State can drive enough of a wedge between Muslims and non-Muslims, it can more easily radicalize and recruit.

  116. Christianity is no longer doing what it used to do because it has been stopped from doing it. Just because you are not as bad as the Muslims NOW doesn’t mean that you weren’t as bad as them before. “which ‘religion’ is wreaking havoc around the world today and seeks the overthrow of governments worldwide-bringing them under subjection to the law of that ‘religion?’ Which religion was doing it before?
    Infact, from today, PASTOR RICK WILES, echoing a great deal of what is happening in the country and the world, courtesy of Christians who do it, and other Christians who don’t do a thing about it,. ““The power of the Israeli lobby in America is the most detrimental force in America,” Wiles said. “Our culture has been decimated through abortion, pornography, the sexual liberation movement, filthy, raunchy movies [and] television shows, vile, violent rap music and hip hop and all of it owned by the synagogue of Satan. And I cannot be a preacher of the Gospel and not confront the synagogue of Satan, even if it costs me my life. A day is coming [when] Christians are going to lose their lives as they confront the synagogue of Satan. You cannot stand for Jesus Christ and righteousness in this world without confronting the synagogue of Satan.”
    We have the evangelicals, who demand morality in everyone– well, their morality– supporting a four times bankrupt (legalized theft), three times married, self proclaimed adulterer, fornicator, and sexual assaulter, who lies pretty much on a daily basis. We have the CATHOLIC apology for supporting genocide in Rwanda. We have the catholic– and the Baptist– sexual abuse scandals. Centuries worth.
    And on and on and on.
    so, if you don’t mind, I’ll agree with you. You are completely spiritually unprepared to accept the havoc your religion has been wreaking for centuries while you try to claim it’s all the muslims’ fault for being no better NOW than you are NOW or THEN.

  117. And which one of the instances and evils that you (and the pastor) cited is supported by the teachings of Christ or the New Testament? Be specific. Chapter and verse please. I’ll wait.

    On the other hand, ALL of the legion of evils we’ve witnessed from Islam for the past 1,400 years (including today) permeate the teachings of the Koran as well as the life of Mohammed.

    That’s my point. That you missed it does not, at all, surprise me.

    Neither does the fact that you chose not to educate yourself regarding THE ISSUE AT HAND. So stop wasting my time. Trust me when I tell you, I won’t.

  118. Funny how theocratic derps who hate religious freedom get all in a tizzy demonizing people who hate religious freedom.

    Its funny how you agree with Islamicists on many of the same issues. They both hate abortion, gays, religious freedom, women’s rights, established science, and treating others in a civil manner.

    As if there was no difference between fundamentalists except for choice of headwear!

  119. Doesn’t matter. It’s changing the subject. Slavery may not be supported by scripture, but certainly, slavery, segregation, Jim crow, and racism were supported by people who cited chapter and verse of scripture to prove their point. It doesn’t matter whether you agree with them. They claimed it. They cited scripture. Other people bought it. That’s why the Southern Baptists split from the rest, why the Methodist did the same.
    it’s why the Baptists apologized in 1995, not because they were innocent, but because they weren’t. And they knew it.
    “God almighty does not hear the prayer of a Jew.” F. Bailey Smith, SBC, 1976. 1900 years of antisemitism, beginning in the book of acts and trotting right down to the present day, though they rarely just up and say it, like PASTOR wiles. They had chapter and verse to support that as well. I grew up with it. I’ve been listening to that garbage my whole life.
    i got your point, dearie. I don’t think YOU did. You’re NOW not as bad as the muslims NOW…
    …though that is questionable…
    but you sure as hell used to be.

  120. Your link is a propagandist, bigoted anti-Muslim site. Ridiculous. Just move to Greenland and maybe your problems will resolve.

  121. I called her stupid because she is stupid.

  122. What is the problem? I question Omar’s loyalty as well. She has done nothing to gain my trust.

  123. Suit yourself. You have found some Americanized people you like. That’s great. Please don’t ask me to certify the claims and beliefs of an entire school of religious thought on that basis. And please don’t ask me to agree that Islam does not believe what it teaches. Muhammad is not my prophet and I do not believe he is any kind of prophet for the 21st century. That’s where I’m staying. Once again, this does not mean I want to marginalize ANY people. It does mean that I can’t be questioning the Bible as I routinely do and yet endorsing other Scriptural Literalism as just some little detail that is excusable or insignificant or moot. “Leftie” for me means “speak against literalism”.

  124. With one state and everyone voting, the Jews would be a minority in what Netanyahu says is the nation state of the Jewish people.

  125. I figured you, as a blissfully-blind and ignorant Leftist, might say that. Choose, if you will, to remain that way. Just understand not everyone is nearly as close-minded to scholarship, facts and the truth as you are.

  126. That’s truly laughable. The “scholarship”, “facts” and “truth” of bigots I can live without.

  127. Just as, I’m certain, you feel you can ‘live without’ the truth of Scripture-that is until the moment of your death. Hebrews 9: 27

  128. Your bigotry is certainly not rooted in the “truth of Scripture”.

  129. Bigotry?

    When, where and how have I ever expressed ‘bigotry?’ You made that statement immediately after I shared with you the truth of Scripture regarding the future of all humanity the moment of their death. That you dismiss it, to your own peril, is not my problem. It’s yours. But just remember, you were duly warned.

    And one more thing: If by sharing with you (and others) the truths regarding the dangers of Sharia law, Islam and the truth of Scripture makes me a so-called ‘bigot’ I accept the charge with high honor. Thank you for sharing.

  130. Listen, tired of your stupid BS. Blocking you.

  131. Now you try to save face from an admission you have no idea what you are talking about.

    There is nothing more ridiculous than people blubbering about “those people believe …” when they are just repeating garbage they saw online. At no point was it something to take seriously.

    Whenever the subject of Muslims come up we are infested with ignorant bigoted know it alls who think they are experts because they repeat stuff from Pamela Gellar and Richard Spencer. All they do is enable islamicists. The cheapest ISIS stooges out there. Nobody even has to pay them to further the ISIS agenda.

    I don’t give a crap what you think of Islam or any religion. I am not defending it as a religion or any religion here. I am attacking the ridiculous self defeating discourse of haters here.

  132. I don’t know Gellar or Spencer. I don’t read them and I don’t read anti-Islam stuff online. I write it—–and I write it kindly. It is quite possible to understand what a religion claims in its source material, what it claims of its founder, what it claims in exclusivity, what it asks of its followers, what fruit it grows all over the world—–and THEN, to say no, just no, to the whole package. That’s what I’m doing. You are free to not read me. I am free to block you for the offensive personal level to which you are taking this for my firm expression to you that I am not biting or buying Muhammad—-period. Coming at me three times with the “blubbering” accusation is too many.

  133. Yet you are parroting their trash incessantly. Like minds think alike I suppose. Not once could I take your assertions about what Muslims believe seriously. You treat them as a hypothetical group and admitted to having no contact with actual believers in any way. I live in a community with them. You have never met one.

    The only people dense enough to make claims about the beliefs of others without bothering to contact or even quote its own believers are bigots. I see your same kind of argument and methods in all sectarian prejudiced rants against a variety of religions. It’s all nonsense.

    You don’t know what you are talking about, period.

    As for religious claims, they are all garbage regardless of the religion. There is no need to single out one of them for special treatment.

  134. I’m basic and objective about the doctrinal claims of Islam which are not contingent upon knowing some nice Muslim people. Muhammad either is or is not the ultimate and final prophet of the only God. His sayings either do or do not supersede everything else in human thought. For me, he isn’t that final authority and his sayings are completely irrelevant and not binding in any respect on anyone who would prefer other philosophy. That position on my part is my support for everyone else who happens to be not Muslim and not wishing to be corralled in a pen of insistent falsehood, a pen from which there is no mental escape. It’s not coincidental that many people in many countries believe a death penalty is appropriate for those who wish to simply stop being Islamic. That’s enough for me. I can’t imagine any freedom-of-religion people or freedom-from-religion people wanting to mess with this ideology in any manner whatsoever.

  135. Questioning one’s loyalty to America is a long and sad tradition that various minorities have experienced.

    It hit me on a personal note when I saw a scroll in my father’s Lutheran Church founded by German -Americans with his name, my uncle and a cousin stating their loyalty to America dating from the beginning of WW2. All three men were in the US military during WWII and were all proud loyal Americans. .

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