Author Misti Gil releases Love Throughout for those questioning their faith in God

An interactive study of God’s multifaceted love through all 66 books of the Bible

Who: Author; Misti Gil
What: “Love Throughout” a study of God’s multifaceted love through all 66 books of the Bible
When: Misti is available for interviews throughout the summer.
Where: “Love Throughout” is available NOW on or at

Is God out to get us or out to love us? After being a Christian for 20 years, Misti Gil still asked that question. She heard over and over again that God loved her, but Misti struggled to find that love as she grappled with the death of her daughter.

“There simply came a time in my life when I was sick of trying to convince myself that God loved me. Feel-good platitudes weren’t doing it for me anymore. I had to find out if it was true, and I knew the one place to find the answer was in the Bible – the book containing God’s very own words.”

LOVE THROUGHOUT is the result of Misti’s search through the entirety of the Bible to discover what God really said about His love for us and whether or not He really acted lovingly toward people. What she unearthed was a mountain of gems: 66 facets of God’s adoration and how He shows it to us in our everyday moments.

Shorter than an in-depth Bible study but longer than a traditional devotional, this interactive Bible Study Short immerses the reader in a daily scripture reading and gifts them with the opportunity to integrate that love daily through life application questions. What emerges by the end of the journey is an ability to recognize when God is showing His love through otherwise ordinary circumstances.

What readers are saying:

“WOW. Who knew that God loves us in such personal, intimate ways? Misti Gil does not leave the reader wondering where they stand with God. Every page is beautifully detailed as to who God is, why he loves us and how we can live full, free lives because of it.”

“This book is a heartfelt, well-written, often funny, and ALWAYS pointing to Jesus guide to finding God’s love in each book of the Bible. This is perfect for a daily study, and the questions at the end of each section are thought-provoking and action-inspiring. I plan to use them as I read through this book again with my daughter.”

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