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Most ‘Fox News Republicans’ believe Christians face most discrimination

The 40% of Republicans who trust Fox News most, said PRRI, are more likely to identify as white evangelical Protestants.

The Fox News logo. Courtesy image

(RNS) — Most Republicans who trust Fox News believe that Christians in the United States endure unequal treatment, a new survey released on Thursday (Nov. 19) from the Public Religion Research Institute shows.

But when the same group was asked whether Black Americans encounter such bias, barely a third agreed.

When these “Fox News Republicans” were asked whether certain populations face a lot of discrimination, the top answers were Christians (73%) and white people (58%). Much smaller percentages said Black people (36%), Hispanic people (34%) and Asian people (27%) face the same bias.

Fox News Republicans — the 40% of GOP members who trust Fox News most among television news sources — as they are identified by PRRI, are more likely than Americans overall to identify as white evangelical Protestants (36% vs. 13%).

The report also notes that among religious groups, Fox News is most trusted by white evangelical Protestants (36%) — nearly twice the percentage of other religious groups. 

“Majorities of Fox News Republicans See a Lot of Discrimination Against Christians and White People” Graphic courtesy of PRRI

The numbers differed significantly from Republicans who don’t view Fox News as the most trusted source. Among that group, only a narrow majority said Christians (54%) face a lot of discrimination, slightly less than the number who said the same of white people (56%). Compared to Fox News Republicans, they were far more likely to say Black people (62%), Hispanic people (53%) and Asian people (43%) face a lot of discrimination.

Both groups differ sharply from Americans overall. Only small minorities believe Christians (37%) and white people (32%) are saddled with significant discrimination. Meanwhile, most Americans believe that Black people (75%), Hispanic people (69%) and Asian people (55%) face such obstacles.

Fox News Republicans are also far more likely than other groups to express positive views regarding the religious faith of Trump, who recently switched his religious affiliation from Presbyterian to non-denominational Christian.

More than 7 in 10 Fox News Republicans told PRRI that Trump models religious values with his actions and leadership. Less than a quarter of Americans overall said the same.