Can true and real friendship exist in today’s society?

Virtuous people are the foundations of true friendship, says new book

SAN FRANCISCO — Many people believe they have true friendships, writes John Cuddeback, Ph.D., in his book TRUE FRIENDSHIP: WHERE VIRTUE BECOMES HAPPINESS, but that’s not really the case, especially in today’s culture and society, which values the opposite of living a life of virtue. And living that life of virtue, he says, is at the very heart of happiness and true friendship.

Originally geared towards a young audience whose generation has grown up with handheld devices practically glued to them in an increasingly social media-driven world, the second (and revised) edition of TRUE FRIENDSHIP will appeal to a wide audience, one who is daily trying to navigate troubled times and searching for a more fulfilled life. Virtue, writes Cuddeback, is essential to building true friendship, which encourages the other to choose good over evil, to be who God meant them to be.

The lack of virtuous living in today’s society has paved the way for what many people would call its own destruction. In TRUE FRIENDSHIP, Cuddeback, who has been a professor of philosophy at Christendom College since 1997, suggests that the “possibility of a good civil society is directly dependent on the existence of true friendship among citizens — the stronger and more widespread the friendships, the better the civil society.” True friendship is perhaps needed now more than ever before, given the rise of loneliness and depression due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

TRUE FRIENDSHIP raises serious questions for readers who may think they have true friends, asking questions at the end of each chapter to encourage discussion and personal reflection. Through the wisdom of the great philosophers, Aristotle and St. Thomas Aquinas, Cuddeback maps out the way to true friendship — what it is and how to find it.

“Wonderfully clear and concise,” said Peter Kreeft, Ph.D., author of Wisdom from the Psalms and Doors in the Walls of the World. “This book is very wise, very practical, and very much needed.”


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