New report reveals continued escalation of religious persecution in India

Justice For All

On the anniversary of Gujarat Pogram

The largest democracy in the world has become the weakest at the hands of the Hindutva ideology. 

This report, The Nazification of India, compares how Hindutva ideology not only is inspired by Nazis and Fascists of Europe, but their treatment of the Muslim minority closely follows developments that resulted in pushing Jews to the gas chambers. 

The situation is indeed quite alarming.

India today is ruled not just by a political party the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), but by its mother organization the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS).  

Because the BJP’s government policies are linked to extra-legal enforcement by RSS paramilitary street power, this report has coined the term “The BJP-RSS regime” to reflect their intrinsic links and collaborative relationship. 

The Nazification of India report released today marks the anniversary of the Gujarat pogroms of 2002 against Muslims which propelled the BJP-RSS regime to control India.

The report draws one-one parallels on twelve different mechanisms of hate and persecution from the Nazi playbook, and how they are being implemented in India today. The fact that these parallels are seen is not a surprise since the early leaders of the RSS openly declared that the Nazi model was a good one for India to adopt. And recently, Hitler’s popularity has grown widely in the country. 

Hena Zuberi, who spoke at the Congressional briefing said “… before there were gas chambers there was hate, othering, and boycotts of Jews, ghettoization, and pogroms. That is where we call it Nazification of India.” “… We have coined the terms ‘The BJP-RSS regime’ and ‘The BJP-RSS machine’ to reflect their intrinsic links and collaborative relationship. They are a single machine after the same hateful goal, the Hinduization of India, much as the Nazis were a single machine.” Concluding her talk, she said “… India has no choice but to partner with the USA against China but we in the United States do have a choice to prevent genocide in India.”

The report lists recommendations for the United States Government, and the United Nations as well as for religious and community leaders. A download version is available at


Justice For All is a Human Rights organization that took its roots during the Bosnian genocide of the early 1990s. Current campaigns include Burma Task Force, Save Uyghur, Kashmir Action, and Save India From Fascism.

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