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Benedicta Cipolla

Benedicta Cipolla is an author at Religion News Service.

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NEWS SIDEBAR: Timeline of the Life of Pope John Paul II

By Benedicta Cipolla — April 3, 2005
c. 2005 Religion News Service _ May 18, 1920: Born Karol Josef Wojtyla, in Wadowice, Poland, near Krakow, to father Karol Wojtyla and mother Emilia Kaczorowska. _ 1929: Mother dies of kidney and heart failure. _ 1932: Older brother Edmund dies of scarlet fever. _ 1938: Enrolls in the philosophy department of Jagellonian University in […]

NEWS FEATURE: Episcopalians in New York Go Hip-hop

By Benedicta Cipolla — July 14, 2004
c. 2004 Religion News Service NEW YORK _ In New York’s inner city, an Episcopal priest is taking the word of God to the streets _ literally. This summer, Friday evenings on Trinity Avenue in the South Bronx have been filled with the sound of psalms and prayers, over beats by Tupac, NAS and other […]

NEWS FEATURE: Lutheran Pastor Finds `Breathing Space’ in South Bronx Church

By Benedicta Cipolla — December 17, 2003
c. 2003 Religion News Service NEW YORK _ For one Lutheran pastor, staring at the face of urban death made her feel more alive. In “Breathing Space: A Spiritual Journey in the South Bronx,” the Rev. Heidi Neumark details 19 years of work in one of America’s most poverty-ridden neighborhoods, blending Christian ministry with a […]

NEWS FEATURE: At Hanukkah, A Bar Mitzvah for Some Homeless New Yorkers

By Benedicta Cipolla — January 1, 2003
c. 2003 Religion News Service NEW YORK _ For a handful of homeless New Yorkers, the lights of Hanukkah this year are burning with a renewed brightness. Sponsored by Shabbat ORE, a program run by the Jewish social services agency the Educational Alliance, seven men and women became bar and bat mitzvah on Saturday (Dec. […]

NEWS FEATURE: `Scarlet Letter’ Author’s Daughter a Candidate for Sainthood

By Benedicta Cipolla — January 1, 2003
c. 2003 Religion News Service NEWS YORK _ When literature buffs are researching the life of the author of one of the 19th century’s most influential and important novels, “The Scarlet Letter,” they may come across a fascinating footnote _ the author’s daughter as a candidate for sainthood in the Catholic Church. The New York […]

NEWS FEATURE: Yehuda Berg: `In Kabbalah, Everything Has a Meaning’

By Benedicta Cipolla — January 1, 2003
c. 2003 Religion News Service (UNDATED) Place the Kabbalah Centre’s new book, “The 72 Names of God: Technology for the Soul,” on the coffee table and guests might mistake it for a pop culture-infused design book. The silver and orange cover gives way inside to abstract, black-and-white photographs, bright fuchsia and turquoise backgrounds, and pithy […]
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