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Jack Jenkins is a national reporter for RNS based in Washington, covering U.S. Catholics and the intersection of religion and politics.

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Friday’s Religion News Roundup

July 29, 2011

Eleven faith leaders were arrested in the Capitol rotunda yesterday after they sang and prayed for Congress to pass a budget deal that didn’t include cuts that could hurt America’s poor. Rev. Howard Creecy Jr, civil rights leader and president of the Southern Christian Leadership conference, died yesterday. He was 57. U.S. soldier Naser Adbo […]

Thursday’s Godbytes

July 29, 2011

Various blogs are mourning the recent loss of Archbishop Pietro Sambi, the Vatican’s diplomat to the U.S.: “Had he lived, Pietro Sambi would have surely received a cardinal’s red hat. But he will be laid to rest with the love and respect due a true churchman. May he be received into the company of Christ […]

Wednesday’s Godbytes

July 28, 2011

Get Religion wonders about recent stories on the ordination of female Catholic priests, and whether the media shields the male priests who may be involved in the ordination rites: “To what degree did editors and other members of the Sun team intentionally participate in the hiding of a national or even global news story by […]

HBO film follows Muslim children competing to memorize the Quran

July 27, 2011

(RNS) A new documentary follows three Muslim children as they travel to Egypt to compete in a tournament that requires young contestants to recite whole passages of the Quran, Islam’s 600-page holy book, from memory. Each year during Ramadan — a Muslim holy month when believers fast, pray and read from the Quran — 100 […]

Tuesday’s Godbytes

July 27, 2011

Like much of the world, the blogosphere is fixated on the tragic killings in Norway today, with the folks over at Religious Dispatches ruminating on the idea that “Christian Terrorism” is embodied in the suspected Norwegian mass killer Anders Behring Breivik and Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh: “Both were good-looking young Caucasians, self-enlisted soldiers in […]

Poll: God has better approval ratings than Congress

July 26, 2011

WASHINGTON (RNS) More than half of U.S. voters approve of God’s job performance, according to a new poll, making God more popular than all members of Congress. The poll — which was conducted by the Democratic research firm Public Policy Polling (PPP) — surveyed 928 people and found that 52 percent of Americans approved of […]

Friday’s Godbytes

July 23, 2011

The Washington Post’s Under God blog reflects on presidential candidate Tim Pawlenty‘s recent reference to Jesus as his “political hero”: Here at On Faith, we hear daily from Christian activists whose faith motivates them in the public policy realm –and often their causes cancel one another out. From religious clergy for abortion rights to Catholic […]

Thursday’s Godbytes

July 22, 2011

Welcome back to Godbytes! Yes, we know you missed us yesterday. Alas, although the internet never sleeps, sometimes we do. First up, America Magazine’s “In All Things Blog” noticed that comedian and part-time Sunday School teacher (true story) Stephen Colbert jumped on the “It Gets Better” bandwagon: Colbert, who rarely speaks out of character, gets […]

Senators debate bill to recognize gay marriages

July 20, 2011

WASHINGTON (RNS) Senators wrestled with issues of faith and religious freedom on Wednesday (July 20) as they debated a new bill that would allow the federal government to recognize same-sex marriages. The Senate Judiciary Committee held hearings on the Respect for Marriage Act, which was sponsored by Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., and endorsed by the […]

Tuesday’s Godbytes

July 19, 2011

Welcome back to Godbytes, the Tuesday edition. The Harry Potter train (broom?) just keeps on rolling (er, flying?), keeping the blogosphere under its spell. (because he’s a wizard, get it?) Betsy Shirley at Sojourners God’s Politics Blog wonders aloud what a Harry Potter prayer sounds like: So as I watched the final Hogwarts Express depart […]

Monday’s Godbytes

July 18, 2011

Welcome back to Godbytes, the Monday edition: Harry Potter Fervor continues as Ryan Hamm at Relevant calls everyone’s favorite angsty wizard “one of the most Christian symbols in pop culture”: So what is it about Harry that’s made everyone go crazy for so long? Well, obviously there’s the story. And the writing. And the humor, […]


July 16, 2011

Welcome back! Our twitter roundup has now become Godbytes, ideally encompassing all the religious bits (or bytes) that were picked up in the social media/blogsphere this week. As this is a work in progress, please let us know if you have any good ideas for features we might include. So it turns out everyone is […]

Pawlenty woos evangelicals with faith video

July 15, 2011

WASHINGTON (RNS) Presidential candidate Tim Pawlenty has sharpened efforts to woo evangelical voters in Iowa by releasing a video where he speaks candidly about his faith and controversial faith-related issues. The video, which featured Pawlenty and his wife, Mary, taking turns discussing their faith, included a number of hot-button religious issues such as abortion, gay […]

Pastors lobby for poor in heated deficit talks

July 14, 2011

WASHINGTON (RNS) More than 4,000 pastors told Congress that churches would not be able to fill the gap facing social service providers if deep cuts are made to the federal budget to bring the deficit under control. Christian leaders from across the country, led by Sojourners founder Jim Wallis, sent an open letter to lawmakers […]

tweet roundup

July 12, 2011

Welcome to the first Religion News Service Twitter roundup! This is where we share with our readers some tweets we found interesting from around twitterverse – or where the most profound, enduring questions of the universe are boiled down to 140 characters or less. Let’s jump right in, shall we? Pastor Rick Warren of Saddleback […]

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