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Trump vows to appeal travel ban ruling to Supreme Court

By Reuters — March 15, 2017
(Reuters) The new ban had been set to go into effect at 12:01 a.m. on Thursday.

Dutch leader fends off anti-Islam candidate Wilders

By Reuters — March 15, 2017
AMSTERDAM (Reuters) Wilders' Party for Freedom was tied in second place with two other parties at 19 seats apiece, according to the poll by national broadcaster NOS based on interviews with voters.

EU headscarf ban ruling sparks faith group backlash

By Reuters — March 14, 2017
BRUSSELS (Reuters) The judgment on that and a French case came on the eve of a Dutch election in which Muslim immigration is a key issue and weeks before France votes for a president in a similarly charged campaign.

China says Dalai Lama a ‘deceptive actor’ after brain comments

By Reuters — March 13, 2017
BEIJING (Reuters) - China's Foreign Ministry called the Dalai Lama a "deceptive actor" after the exiled Tibetan spiritual leader said in an interview that Chinese hardliners have parts of their brains missing.

Gaza tailor makes prayer caps for Jewish worshippers

By Reuters — March 13, 2017
GAZA (Reuters) It's not easy doing business from Gaza but tailor Mohammad Abu Shanab has found a demand he can supply – his sewing factory is churning out religious skull caps, for devout Jewish men.

Egypt’s Sisi orders Cabinet to help resettle Sinai Christians fleeing Islamic State

By Reuters — February 25, 2017
(Reuters) Hundreds of Christian families and students have fled to Ismailia, north Sinai's neighboring province, after seven Christians were killed in Arish between Jan. 30 and Thursday.

Dylann Roof stopped at second church after 2015 massacre

By Reuters — February 23, 2017
(Reuters) Prosecutors say Roof intended to continue his racially motivated violence at another black church about 20 miles from Emanuel AME Church, where he killed nine people.

Bavaria pushes ahead with burqa ban as elections loom

By Reuters — February 22, 2017
(Reuters) The move comes seven months before a federal election where immigration will be a prominent issue and the Bavarian conservatives that govern the regionare worried about losing votes to the anti-immigrant Alternative for Germany (AfD) party.

Pope decries ‘populist rhetoric’ fueling fear of immigrants

By Reuters — February 21, 2017
(RNS) Francis denounced the "populist rhetoric" he said was fueling fear and selfishness in rich countries.

Indonesia Islamists urge ouster of Christian governor accused of blasphemy

By Reuters — February 20, 2017
(Reuters) More protests are planned against the governor, who is is running for re-election in a contest widely seen as a proxy battle for the next presidential election.

‘Blind sheikh’ convicted in 1993 World Trade bombing dies in NC prison

By Reuters — February 18, 2017
(Reuters) With his long gray beard, sunglasses and red and white clerical cap, the charismatic Abdel-Rahman was the face of radical Islam in the 1980s and 1990s.

Norma McCorvey, plaintiff in Roe v. Wade abortion ruling, dies at 69

By Reuters — February 18, 2017
(Reuters) McCorvey died on Saturday (Feb. 18) of heart failure at an assisted living home in Katy, Texas.

Suicide attack on Pakistani shrine kills 72, claimed by Islamic State

By Reuters — February 16, 2017
KARACHI, Pakistan (Reuters) The attack comes as the Pakistani Taliban and rival Islamist militant groups carry out their threats of a new offensive.

Hindu devotees celebrate Thaipusam with piercings, procession

By Reuters — February 9, 2017
(Reuters) Similar to Lent and the Vegetarian Festival in Thailand, Thaipusam represents a time of self-sacrifice and penance, as gratitude for boons fulfilled.

Don’t build walls, Pope Francis says

By Reuters — February 8, 2017
(Reuters) The Argentine-born pontiff did not mention President Trump or that specific wall in his comments.
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