Latter-Day Saints

Changing Mormon beliefs about — and preparations for — the end of the world

By Jana Riess — August 17, 2020

Mormons used to routinely predict not only the end of the world but particularly the downfall of America. What changed? Scholar Christopher Blythe explains.

A prominent Mormon therapist apologized for anti-LGBT activism. What’s the next step?

By Jana Riess — August 7, 2020

Guest columnist Dr. Tyler Lefevor applauds the recent apology from LDS therapist Allen Bergin, who was a prominent figure in the church’s decades-long fight against homosexuality.

Can a forgotten Mormon leader teach us something about Donald Trump today?

By Jana Riess — July 28, 2020

In the 19th century, rival Mormon prophet James Strang manufactured public opinion, manipulated narratives, and offered his downtrodden followers a sense of purpose. Historian Benjamin Park says this sounds like someone we know today.

What does a Mormon Pioneer Day look like in the context of Black Lives Matter?

By Jana Riess — July 23, 2020

(RNS) — Instead of congratulating ourselves about how we’re no longer actively racist, how about spending this Pioneer Day thinking of changes we can make to be anti-racist in the future?

Unspecified changes underway for Mormon temple ceremony

By Jana Riess — July 20, 2020

The LDS Church announced changes to its temple endowment ceremony, but has not yet specified what those changes are. One possibility is that they will remove or lessen physical touch in the ritual.

If you want to win Mormons back to the LDS Church, shame and fear are not the ways to do it

By Jana Riess — July 10, 2020

Fear and shame seem to be the most common tactics orthodox Mormons use to keep people in the church. There is a better way.

The five doctrines of ex-Mormonism

By Jana Riess — June 30, 2020

When Mette Harrison was an active Mormon, she found that many members of the LDS Church engaged in rigid, dogmatic thinking. Now she notices the same thing about the ex-Mormon community, just in reverse.

Dear Mormon parents, it’s not just your children who are leaving the church

By Jana Riess — June 29, 2020

(RNS) — In this month’s Ensign, an apostle says it’s ‘simply not true’ that more members are leaving. Why, then, devote an entire issue of the magazine to discussing how to talk to members who leave?

Trump’s popularity eroding in Utah, especially among women

By Jana Riess — June 26, 2020

(RNS) Trump is still likely to win Utah, but given the usual fantastical margins of GOP candidates in this reddest of states, a single-digit lead is a disaster.

How Jesus became white — and why it’s time to cancel that

By Emily McFarlan Miller — June 24, 2020

CHICAGO (RNS) — Nearly a century later, both ‘Head of Christ’ and criticism of its role in enshrining Jesus as white endure.

Renaming BYU buildings after non-racists, and other ways to dismantle white supremacy in Mormonism

By Jana Riess — June 19, 2020

Joanna Brooks’s new book on the legacy of white supremacy in Mormonism could not have been published at a more significant moment.

When Mormons make an idol of the church

By Jana Riess — June 18, 2020

In Sunday School lessons at church, if we talk about idolatry, the expected answers to the question of “what are our idols today?” are things like celebrities, money, power and sex. But the most powerful and consistent idol is the church itself.

Blue shirt and no tie? Meet the new Mormon missionary

By Jana Riess — June 12, 2020

In a world that now embraces “business casual,” Mormon missionaries stand out for their 1960s Mad Men look of iconic white shirts and ties. As of today, that’s changing.

The white privilege of U.S. Mormons

By Jana Riess — June 3, 2020

Lives are at stake here. It’s time to get out of the 1980s and do the hard, hard work of listening to—and acting on—what people of color have to say.

Mormonism’s surprising gender fluidity

By Jana Riess — May 29, 2020

Taylor Petrey’s new book argues that gender identity in Mormonism is not fixed, but fluid and changeable. It only *looks* like gender essentialism.

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