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My Gay Agenda

Tuesday's election was historic not because of who was or was not elected president -- however important that contest may have been -- but because it showed that our nation ...

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Religious Freedom, Becket Style

The Fortnight for Freedom is almost over, praised be its patron saint Thomas More, whose devotion to religious freedom did not stop him as Chancellor of England from burning half a dozen Protestant heretics at the stake. Next up is the Obama Administration's decision on its proposed rulemaking for exempting religious organizations from having to cover contraceptive services for their female members.

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Rabbi Asher Lopatin

Rep. Rahm Emanuel, recently named President-elect Barack Obama's new White House Chief of Staff, has a reputation as a hard-nosed political operator who won't take no for an answer-he's nicknamed ...

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Cara Ungar-Gutierrez

PORTLAND, Ore.-Cara Ungar-Gutierrez grew up in New York City in a Jewish home. Her family kept kosher, attended synagogue and observed the Sabbath. Her parents taught her the value of ...

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Mark Brown

Mark Brown was always in good shape. A former college football player turned pastor, the Canton, Ohio, native pumped iron and ran miles on his treadmill. In 2003, on the ...

NEWS SIDEBAR:  The Five Points of Calvinism

c. 1997 Religion News Service UNDATED _ Calvinism is a theological system formulated in 16th-century Swiss reformer John Calvin's central writing,"Institutes of the Christian Religion,"and codified by the Synod of ...