Hoop dreams, with hijab

By Liz Kineke — September 7, 2023
MEMPHIS, Tenn. (RNS) — At a camp called Hooping in Faith, young women build confidence in their identities as athletes and faithful Muslims.
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Potential new rivalries in Big 12 with BYU becoming league’s 3rd private Christian school

By Stephen Hawkins — August 22, 2023
(AP) — There can be commonality among fans from such schools, even of different denominations, in valuing what religion adds to higher education, said Northern Kentucky professor Joe Cobbs, an expert in sports rivalries.

Makkabi Berlin, founded by Holocaust survivors, to be 1st Jewish team in German Cup

By CiarÁn Fahey — August 11, 2023
BERLIN (AP) — When the annual competition was started under the Nazis in 1935, Jews weren’t allowed to take part.

Morocco’s Benzina becomes the first senior-level Women’s World Cup player to compete in hijab

By The Associated Press — July 31, 2023
ADELAIDE, Australia (AP) — A FIFA ban on playing in religious head coverings in its sanctioned games for “health and safety reasons” was overturned in 2014 after advocacy from activists, athletes and government and soccer officials.

Loyola’s Sister Jean captured hearts during March Madness. Now she’s written a book.

By Emily McFarlan Miller — February 21, 2023
CHICAGO (RNS) — At 103, Chicago’s beloved Catholic sister, best known simply as ‘Sister Jean,’ has added publishing a memoir to her list of achievements.

Buffalo Bills team chaplain: Prayer that began after Hamlin’s collapse hasn’t stopped

By Scott Barkley — January 12, 2023
Bills chaplain Len Vanden Bos said he has witnessed a unifying desire for prayer among both players and fans since Hamlin fell to the turf in Cincinnati.

William Barber points to NFL players’ humanity in prayer for Damar Hamlin

By Kathryn Post — January 8, 2023
(RNS) — The league is still reeling from Hamlin’s on-field injury on Monday night.

At 50, ‘Immaculate Reception’ still lifts a region’s spirits

By Peter Smith and Jessie Wardarski — December 19, 2022
PITTSBURGH (AP) — The Immaculate Reception crystallized the rise of the Steelers — even as their namesake industry was on the decline, as was the Pittsburgh of compact immigrant neighborhoods with multiple ethnic Catholic parishes.

Qatar offers World Cup visitors an introduction to Islam

By Luis Andres Henao — December 19, 2022
(RNS) — Hundreds of thousands of visitors have come to Qatar during the World Cup. For many it's their first visit to a Muslim country.

Sujood, Morocco in the World Cup and what we still don’t know about Muslims

By Dilshad Ali — December 17, 2022
(RNS) — The Morocco football team has exhibited a joyous expression of Muslimness in front of a world audience on a global sporting stage.

Supreme Court backs coach in praying on field after games

By Jessica Gresko — June 27, 2022
WASHINGTON (AP) — The case forced the justices to wrestle with how to balance the religious and free speech rights of teachers and coaches with the rights of students not to feel pressured into participating in religious practices.

NBA’s Biyombo brings Congo to the pope after trip canceled

By Associated Press — June 22, 2022
VATICAN CITY (AP) — 6-foot-9 Biyombo towered over the Argentine pope, even as he stood for photos.

Baseball, like religion, can teach us something about enchantment

By Jacob Lupfer — April 6, 2022
(RNS) — As MLB’s delayed season begins, we're reminded that truth, beauty and enchantment matter.
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