Israeli court fails to stop city concert that barred men and women sitting together

By — August 16, 2019

JERUSALEM (RNS) — An Israeli city wanted to ban men and women from sitting together at a publicly funded concert aimed at an ultra-Orthodox audience. Women’s advocates said the concert violated anti-discrimination laws. Israel’s high court agreed, but the ruling came too late to stop the concert.

Israel grants Tlaib West Bank visit on humanitarian grounds

By Isaac Scharf — August 16, 2019

JERUSALEM (AP) — Israel’s interior minister said that Tlaib had requested and been granted permission to enter the West Bank to see relatives, including her 90-year-old grandmother.

Israel will ban entry to outspoken US congresswomen, official says

By Ilan Ben Zion — August 15, 2019

JERUSALEM (AP) — The move comes shortly after President Trump tweeted that “it would show great weakness” if Israel allowed them in.

‘Red Sea Diving Resort’ dramatizes Israel’s daring rescue of Ethiopian Jews

By Josh Shepherd — August 9, 2019

(RNS) — A daredevil operation to rescue more than 8,000 Ethiopian Jews from Sudanese refugee camps in the early 1980s has become a fast-paced Netflix drama that turns Chris Evans into a dashing Israeli hero.

Ravaged by age, shrunk by immigration, India’s remaining Jews hang on

By Briana Trujillo — August 7, 2019

KOCHI, India (RNS) — The last Jew of childbearing age moved to Israel just months ago, leaving behind a small community of about two dozen elderly people beset daily by tourists.

Faith groups fear the end of refugee resettlement in the U.S.

By Jack Jenkins — July 19, 2019

(RNS) — The Trump administration is considering shutting down refugee resettlement for the coming fiscal year, a move that would dismantle an already weakened refugee resettlement infrastructure.

As refugee admissions drop, fewer persecuted Christians admitted to US: World Relief

By Emily McFarlan Miller — October 18, 2018

(RNS) — The drop comes despite President Trump’s pledge during his first week in office that helping persecuted Christians overseas would be a priority for his administration.

Questions remain for faith-based agencies as border crisis passes

By Emily McFarlan Miller — August 15, 2018

(RNS) — Providing support to separated families is one way faith-based agencies normally tasked with welcoming refugees got involved in the crisis at the border.

Christian aid group lays off staff in wake of Trump’s executive order on refugees

By Emily McFarlan Miller — February 15, 2017

(RNS) World Relief is one of nine private agencies contracted with the U.S. government to resettle refugees.

500 prominent evangelicals take out full-page ad supporting refugees

By Emily McFarlan Miller — February 9, 2017

(RNS) Christians are called to love their neighbors as themselves, and that includes “the stranger and anyone fleeing persecution and violence,” according to the letter.

Churches connect Christmas story to refugee crisis

By Emily McFarlan Miller — December 22, 2016

(RNS) Refugees. Genocide. Oppressive regimes. These aren’t the warm, fuzzy parts of the Christmas story most churches like to focus on, but some are connecting the Holy Family’s flight to Egypt at the end of that story to the modern-day refugee crisis.

World Relief scrambling to settle more refugees in US

By Lauren Markoe — October 18, 2016

(RNS) The Obama administration has raised the ceiling on the number of refugees that Americans will welcome in the coming year.

Evangelicals and refugees: Care first, conversion maybe later

By Adelle M. Banks — June 24, 2016

(RNS) ‘We feel like as a church our first step is to serve and to do that not so that they’ll become Christians, but because we are Christians,’ one pastor said.

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