Pompeo’s rights commission distilled decades of evangelicals’ hopes
By Paul O'Donnell — November 23, 2020
(RNS) — Rights seen as coming directly from God are emphasized over economic justice and fighting the types of abuses exacted by right-wing authoritarian leaders.
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US Catholic bishops’ response to McCarrick report is sad but predictable
By Thomas Reese — November 20, 2020
(RNS) — At their fall meeting, the American Catholic bishops failed to communicate that they understood the startling report's implications.
Faith leaders can help end COVID-19 pandemic by promoting vaccination
By Paul O'Donnell — November 20, 2020
(RNS) — Clergy need to seek advice from professionals and listen to our communities' concerns.
Carl Lentz and the ‘hot pastor’ problem
By Paul O'Donnell — November 19, 2020
(RNS) — Maybe the problem isn’t hot pastors like Lentz but a toxic megachurch culture that makes narcissism a prerequisite.
Mormon apostle’s comments on racism fall short
By Jana Riess — November 19, 2020
Dallin Oaks recently said that "of course" Black Lives Matter. But Adam Harris and Carlene Fraser-Harris take issue with his underlying message.
Banning circumcision is an unnecessary bar to Jewish belonging in Europe
By Paul O'Donnell — November 19, 2020
(RNS) — As European governments have woken to the need to fight anti-Semitism, they should adopt a common approach to guarantee this religious practice.
Hate crime deaths reach all-time high, despite chronic underreporting
By Paul O'Donnell — November 18, 2020
(RNS) — Three things the Biden-Harris administration can do to help address the pandemic of hate in our country.
William Barr and the politics of death
By Paul O'Donnell — November 18, 2020
(RNS) — We are not executing the ‘worst of the worst,’ as some may believe, but the poorest of the poor, and disproportionately people of color.
Utah is the most generous U.S. state, study finds
By Jana Riess — November 17, 2020
Since approximately three out of five residents of Utah are Mormons, it makes sense that Utah would perform well in the measures about financial generosity and volunteering.
It’s time to end ‘name and shame’ religious freedom policy
By Paul O'Donnell — November 17, 2020
(RNS) — President-elect Biden and his foreign policy aides need to focus on a broader strategy of religious engagement.
McCarrick scandal shows why popes, like John Paul, should not be canonized
By Thomas Reese — November 17, 2020
(RNS) — The fact that John Paul advanced McCarrick in the hierarchy despite warning he received from Vatican officials and Cardinal John O’Connor makes some wonder why he should be considered a saint. Canonizing popes is more about ecclesial politics than sanctity.
President Trump is a religious leader
By Jeffrey Salkin — November 17, 2020
(RNS) — Trumpism, like other bad religions, denies science, identifies dark forces and denies reality.
After religious liberty speech, Alito seems poised to kill off Scalia decision
By Mark Silk — November 16, 2020
(RNS) — After three decades, the late justice's notorious free exercise decision is on the chopping block.