The Democratic convention is looking more like a papal conclave
By Thomas Reese — July 23, 2024
(RNS) — The convention delegates are now free to vote their consciences like the cardinals in conclave.
Catholic Christian nationalism is having a moment
By Meagan Saliashvili — July 23, 2024
The sad comedown of the Mormon Satan
By Jana Riess — July 22, 2024
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Why are Israelis so happy?
By Jeffrey Salkin — July 22, 2024
(RNS) — Clue: perhaps we need to sing more. Together.
The Yezidi genocide devastated Iraq’s community 10 years ago − but the roots of the prejudice that fueled it were much deeper
By The Conversation — July 22, 2024
(The Conversation) — Yezidis are an example of what one scholar calls ‘liminal minorities’: faith communities whose religions’ legitimacy is denied by more powerful groups.
What I learned in Buenos Aires 30 years ago
By Jeffrey Salkin — July 19, 2024
(RNS) — Enlightenment? How about endarkenment?
America’s far right is learning from India’s Hindu nationalists
By Rasheed Ahmed — July 19, 2024
(RNS) — American progressives must join with Indian opposition.
Affordable housing in God’s backyard: Some religious congregations find a new use for their space
By The Conversation — July 19, 2024
(The Conversation) — Many houses of worship no longer need as much space as they once did, or struggle to keep up with the bills. For some, redevelopment to include housing provides a new way to live out their mission.
What is Catholic Integralism?
By The Conversation — July 19, 2024
(The Conversation) — Catholic Integralists believe that religious values – specifically Christian ones – should guide government policies. They oppose liberalism, which they view as valuing individualism and liberty.
What the Catholic Church says about political violence and the need to forgive – even would-be assassins
By The Conversation — July 18, 2024
(The Conversation) — At a time when so much violence and war are ravaging the world, a scholar of medieval Christianity explains Catholic views on the morality of warfare and the value of forgiving enemies.
When Shirley Chisholm paid a visit to George Wallace
By Adam Nicholas Phillips — July 18, 2024
(RNS) — Visiting Wallace, perhaps the country's most prominent white supremacist at the time, after an assassination attempt, the Black congresswoman showed our country that it always has the opportunity to be more than it is.
Breaking the ‘Nazareth cycle’ that holds our politics back
By Jason D. Thompson — July 18, 2024
(RNS) — In a dark time, searching for the antidote to political cynicism.
‘My faith has to ride for justice’: Brazil’s Catholic priests mediate fight over land rights
By Chloë-Arizona Fodor — July 17, 2024
(RNS) — In Brazil, the forced removal of vulnerable people from privately owned land has created a role for Catholic priests as mediators between landowners and beleaguered communities.
Violent words, violent consequences
By Paul O'Donnell — July 17, 2024
(RNS) — One hopes the dictator-in-waiting reins in his bombast and stops shouting 'fight.'
Decades after Billie Holiday’s death, ‘Strange Fruit’ is still a searing testament to injustice – and of faithful solidarity with suffering
By The Conversation — July 17, 2024
(The Conversation) — Christian and Jewish themes influenced the world of art around one of jazz’s greatest singers.