• coltakashi

    It is one thing for a church ITSELF to decide to ask people not top bring firearms, but for the STATE to TELL a church that it CaNNOT CHOOSE to allow firearms on its own premises is a different matter.

    Frankly, I think such prohibitions that are unconnected from actual searches and metal detectors at entrances are simply invitations to killers to come to a chruch so they can kill people without fear of being shot back at. Advertising your vulnerability is foolish. People intent on shooting people are NOT deterred by an additional misdemeanor penalty for bringing a firearm into a church. By punishing the law abiding, they just encourage the lawless. The truth is that in larger congregations, usually there is at least one person in the congregation who is a law enforcement officer and is required to carry his or her firearm at all times, regardless of such prohibitions on firearm carry by civilians. And of course, there is the option of actually hiring someone as a security guard, which has proven helpful in the recent past when a shooter attacked a church in Colorado. Since the church is vulnerable anyway, it should be allowed to invite members to bring their lawful firearms in order to provide protection to the rest of the congregation.

  • frequentwind

    The way I understand the law, based on the court’s opinion, a place of worship can say that it’s ok for a licensed carrier to bring her weapon in with her. I’ll confess that I didn’t read the whole opinion though.

  • Andy Anderson

    I do not understand why people want to carry weapons in church.

    They must not have much faith if they don’t believe God is going to deliver them from evil.

    God has a plan, and it just might involve a bunch of people being shot while at church. Why don’t they trust in God’s plan?