Friday’s Religion News Roundup: Church/State breakup * Sunni/Shia 101 * Exorcist shortage

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(RNS) Church and State breakup after all these years. Will there be a Vatican III? Not if a top adviser to Pope Francis has his way. And everything you need to know about Syria, Sunnis and Shiites and why it's all a giant fustercluck.

  • Phyllis Schlafly is a Roman Catholic.

    I think the post’s equation of evangelical efforts at immigration reform and GOP outreach to Hispanics is a bit off.

  • Kevin Eckstrom

    Ted, fair enough. But would you agree that Schlafly is nonetheless an evangelical heavyweight who has at least some influence among the troops on immigration and other issues?

  • John McGrath

    Would you please check your sources. That self-promoting, notoriously deluded priest you are calling the Catholic Church’s top exorcist is totally discredited. For one thing the numbers he claims are impossible. For another he has no official standing as a “top exorcist.” This is his own tabloid branding of himself. Why don’t you research the loony claims of this man before quoting him? Or check with the Vatican about his claims.

    P.S. I am no fan of the Catholic Church, or its hierarchy.

  • John McGrath

    Phyllis Schlafly is a Roman Catholic, not an evangelical. Obviously her conservative views make her popular with evangelicals but nonetheless she is going to hell, as are all Catholics, however conservative, according to evangelical theology.

  • Jim Barr

    Hope you can enjoy a knaidel or two — delicious.

  • Ted Olsen

    In short: It goes back to the old “don’t conflate ‘religious right’ and ‘evangelical'” thing. And while Schlafly certainly must still have some ears, I tend to see her cited a *lot* more by journalists and leftish bloggers than I do by evangelical writers, leaders, and outlets. (World does quote her sometimes, and I think she has a Salem connection) “Heavyweight” I think is perhaps overstating her current stature. But my point is that the juxtaposition and transition in this post assumes a lot that’s not necessarily true and it struck me as unpleasant, as if you were suggesting that churches reached out to storm victims in Oklahoma because they were trying to win Hispanic votes for the GOP.

  • A Third Vatican Council is a good idea. I think 50 years is a long enough period of time to figure out Vatican II, unless of course you really would prefer not carry out the tenets of Vatican II. Lots of those people around that did not care much for Vatican II, so you can be sure they do not want a new Vatican Council. It looks like our new Pope makes a lot of other church leaders very nervous. I pray for his good health and safety as he continues to fill the “shoes of the fishermen” with love, acceptance and a spirit of inclusion. Peace

  • Kevan Scott

    Mr. Olson, I apologize if I’m misspelling your name as I’m blind so forgive any misspelling errors. Phyllis Schafly is one who shows hatred towards those who are ‘not like her’, as does much of the neo-con right wing conservative church today. I have no use for that church or for the people in it. They claim to follow Jesus, and at least in my readings of his words he neither preached hatred nor gave in to the fear that hatred produces. It is precisely because of the leaders of the church today that I no longer attend church anywhere at all,. I cannot reconcile a John hagee saying ‘Starve! anymore than Jesus did and fail to understand why the church does not show more love towards others not like them. So, it matters not to me whether she is Catholic or not, it is and has been the message of the right wing and it’s accomplice the evangelical church that has driven me away from being a Republican and from attending any church, anywhere. As first an EMT then as a blind person I have been one or around one of those “not like me” persons nearly all my adult life. I’ve found that most of them don’t want to be ‘not like’ others and most only want the acceptance of a nation if they have immagrated here and of a church whether or not they are an immigrent or not. Most only want what you or I want, a real chance at a good job and a good life. Whether gay, a minority, or simply’not like’ others I refuse to discriminate against anyone for any reason just like Jesus did not discriminate. See publicans, sinners, and the woman at the well for just a few examples.

  • Kevan Scott

    Mr. McGrath, Seems to me that if we stopped worrying who does or does not go to hell that we all might just stand a much better chance of not living in one here on earth. Imagine, God himself decides, not you or me and just maybe we all get in based on Christ’s forgivness. What a concept!

  • Kevan Scott

    Mr. Olsen, Upon my 1st reading of the piece on Ok. I never once thought that it was only for the benefits of getting votes. By anyone. Zappa, you are right on! I’m not Catholic, and my religious views are pretty well known here, but if the Pope keeps up speaking out and doing the works of Jesus, with acceptence and understanding I just may have to reconsider. Acceptance & understanding….