• David Thompson

    It’s untenable for religious unity. Religions are inherently negative towards “out-groups” and only inclusive with “in-groups” Look at Christianity. Larger than than the Muslim population by 50%. Around for 600 years longer than Islam and taught by a preacher that was for all intents and purposes a pacifist.

    And today according to Christianity Today::

    When it was published in 2001, the World Christian Encyclopedia counted 33,830 denominations worldwide; with the amount of debate and division over theology and orthodoxy since then, that number is undoubtedly higher. But is this myriad of denominations a sign of chronic division amongst the church? Or is it, as some argue, the prime example of the church working together as different parts of one body? It is unquestionably divisive and the minutia that divides the church is fatuous at best.

    Why would Islam expect a better result with no ultimate leader?