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Corrie Mitchell

Corrie Mitchell is an author at Religion News Service.

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Memories of the March: 10 voices recall 1963 March on Washington

By Adelle M. Banks and Corrie Mitchell — August 22, 2013
WASHINGTON (RNS) Religion News Service asked participants in the 1963 March on Washington to reflect on their lasting memories of the event, whether the Rev. Martin Luther King's dream has been achieved and how the 1963 march shaped their faith.

Evangelical ‘Messy Middle’ is more accepting of gays

By Corrie Mitchell — August 9, 2013
(RNS) The one in four evangelicals who are largely ambivalent on the question of homosexuality won't necessarily be leading the charge for gay rights, but they're well known in their churches and what they say (or don't say) can have an impact.

Study shows minorities most likely to favor longer lives

By Corrie Mitchell — August 7, 2013
WASHINGTON (RNS) The findings dovetail previous studies that showed black and Hispanic cancer patients were more likely than whites to want to extend their lives through aggressive end-of-life care.

Wives find renewed faith after husbands ‘visit’ heaven

By Corrie Mitchell — August 5, 2013
(RNS) The wives of men who claim to have visited heaven in a near-death experience are now telling their side of the story. And for the spouses, life changes nearly as much as it did for the men they nearly lost.

Catholics differ at “war on poverty” hearing

By Corrie Mitchell — July 31, 2013
WASHINGTON (RNS) At a House Budget committee hearing on Wednesday (July 31), the two prominent Catholics -- Rep. Paul Ryan, R. Wis., and Sister Simone Campbell -- had a chance to square off as the sister testified before Ryan’s committee about hardship in America as the nation nears the 50th anniversary of President Johnson’s 1964 declaration of the “War on Poverty.”

Camp Quest provides summer fun for atheist kids

By Corrie Mitchell — July 30, 2013
(RNS) For a growing number of people who don’t identify with a faith -- 51 million Americans are religiously unaffiliated -- Camp Quest fills a void.

Nuns on the Bus push Congress to pass immigration reform

By Corrie Mitchell — July 25, 2013
WASHINGTON (RNS) The nuns have teamed up with the bishops and have their eyes set on the 61 GOP Catholic House members. More specifically, they are pinpointing lawmakers from Florida, Texas and California.

Jewish ‘ex-gay’ group faces suit for consumer fraud

By Corrie Mitchell — July 18, 2013
(RNS) The suit is being brought by four young men and two of their parents, who claim that JONAH induced them to pay for services by making deceptive claims that sexual orientation is a choice that can be changed.

Conservatives say religious freedom is ‘under attack’ in military

By Corrie Mitchell — July 9, 2013
WASHINGTON (RNS) Previous Pentagon spending bills protected the "beliefs" of service members and chaplains, but the 2014 National Defense Authorization Act would expand protections to include religious "actions and speech."

Video: Preacher goes off on congregation

By Corrie Mitchell — July 3, 2013
"You're one of the sorriest church members I have! You're not worth 15 cents."

White House says it can’t list Westboro Baptist as ‘hate group’

By Corrie Mitchell — July 3, 2013
WASHINGTON (RNS) Support for White House petitions to label anti-gay Westboro Baptist Church as a "hate group" was strongest in Kansas and Newtown, Conn., according to data provided by the White House.

Reactions to gay marriage wins at Supreme Court

By Corrie Mitchell — June 26, 2013
It's hard to find a person who doesn't have a strong opinion about today's double wins for gay marriage rights at the Supreme Court. Here is reaction from religious leaders who rejoice at the decisions, and from others disappointed in the court's action. We also hear from the religiously unaffiliated.

Activists: 15 years later, religious freedom law falls short

By Corrie Mitchell — June 19, 2013
(RNS) Fifteen years after Congress passed a law to better protect global religious freedom, the legislation is failing to fulfill its mission, activists told lawmakers on Thursday (June 13).

‘Princesses’ embraces a stereotype and leaves some Jews uncomfortable

By Corrie Mitchell — June 19, 2013
(RNS) They're a gaggle of self-admitted "Jewish American Princesses" with their own Bravo reality show. Some Jews, though, just wish they'd go away and take the offensive stereotype with them.

Online Muslim forums foster tolerance and fuel vitriol

By Corrie Mitchell — June 11, 2013
WASHINGTON (RNS) Experts say Muslim websites can help foster dialogue and understanding, but they're also a forum for online fatwas and vitriolic discourse.
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