COMMENTARY: Federal workers deserve a living wage

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WASHINGTON (RNS) When workers toiling under the purview of the federal government aren’t making enough to put food on the table and keep a roof over their heads, President Obama must do something to lift these workers out of poverty.

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  • Duane Lamers

    Ah, but the important questions don’t get addressed. One of them is the question of what constitutes a just wage. Morality means nothing in the abstract, having meaning only in specific instances. How does one’s own value system determine where is found on the continuum from wealthy to poor?

    Who are the truly poor, one might ask. They certainly are not those who find themselves in present circumstances because of lack of initiative. That is not an issue, though, for liberals intent on increasing the Democrat vote. For over four decades now we’ve had a “war on poverty” that has as its lasting achievement the creation of dependency in people and the dissolution of the family structure.

    The problem as exhibited in the article above and among those “speaking for the poor” is that they never permit themselves to make the necessary hard decisions, the judgments, that must be made regarding the allocation of other people’s money. Cynics would charge the sister and the rabbi with “getting off” on calling for more spending, no questions asked. The cynics have plenty of history to back them up. We need only look at the history of government expenditures for over four decades–and the results– to justify the cynicism.

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