Putting a joyful face on atheism — Chris Johnson on “A Better Life”

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"A Better Life" by Chris Johnson.

"A Better Life" by Chris Johnson. Photo courtesy Chris Johnson.

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Among the most persistent myths about atheists: that we are joyless, that we are immoral, that we don’t experience wonder, and that we are angry and bitter. These stereotypes can be shattered when people are given an opportunity to get to know atheists. Building relationships seems to be one the best ways to challenge misconceptions about atheists—but a new […]

  • Earold Gunter

    Chris, loved the article, but couldn’t help but notice your RNS picture, which is of you not smiling, may help to give some people the impression that you are one of those joyless, angry, bitter atheists. You have an opportunity to show many believers who frequent this website that this characterization is very inaccurate, and you know what is said about first impressions. I would urge you to consider taking another picture, one that has your great smile, which will surely be an irresistible force that will draw them in to read, and possibly learn.
    Stay strong my brother!