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  • RonF

    It’s not a case of us inventing wonders. It’s a case of the wonders inventing us.

  • Christin

    So excited for the Cosmos reboot. Neil deGrasse Tyson is brilliant!

  • Once upon a time most believed that our great Planet was flat, all their belief couldn’t make it so. Praynography is on the way out. To be replaced by Logic,Common sense,Real Truth and Science, and tolerance for those that will not accept the reality of the lessons in the Cosmos. Thank you Carl Sagan for opening my eyes,ears, and mind to wondrous images of ” What if and Why not”
    Men like Mr. Sagan, and there are others many , many others whom will not have statues, or icons of them. They do not need them. The opening the Cosmos to us will be their legacy.. Hemp Solo

  • harry coss

    When speaking of the cosmos it is illogical to consider a beginning.

  • John King

    Harry: You wrote “When speaking of the cosmos it is illogical to consider a beginning.” That is a philosophical statement that cannot be proven by science. It is impossible to cross an actual infinity. If the cosmos and our universe were eternal, you could never have arrived at today.