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Jonathan Woodward is the podcast producer at Religion News Service.

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Give Treasure, Reap Reward: Jerre Stead

By Jonathan Woodward — June 21, 2024
A former CEO of 10 public companies talks about the work and joy of giving.

Church Land: Let Go & Grow

By Jonathan Woodward — June 9, 2024
In today’s episode, Amanda talks with Pastor Melissa St. Clair, who shares the story of Heart of the Rockies Christian Church, which, after years of work, is giving away most of its 11 acres to support a new community-centered nonprofit that will provide accessible housing, child care and supportive services. 

Land of the Violent

By Jonathan Woodward — June 5, 2024
Does freedom for some depend on violence against others? The Rev. Lee Butler, president of Iliff School of Theology, shares his perspective on the violent history at the founding of the U.S. that continues to influence how we relate to one another today.

God in the Machine – Prayer, Tech, and Money with Alessandro DiSanto

By Jonathan Woodward — June 4, 2024
Tom and Amber talk with Alessandro DiSanto, a co-founder of Hallow, the #1 prayer app in the world. Alessandro shares how prayer and Catholic values guide Hallow’s business model and decision-making – and, as a young, successful entrepreneur, how his faith informs his financial life and view on wealth accumulation.

Sowing Seeds, Reaping Freedom

By Jonathan Woodward — May 22, 2024
Did you know that for some enslaved Africans, small plots of land became ways to maintain culture and heritage — and even pathways to freedom? Soul food scholar Adrian Miller joins us to share stories that tie land to belonging and survival.

A Ministry of Banking: Jared Evans

By Jonathan Woodward — May 21, 2024
Amber and Tom talk with Jared Evans, a community manager for JPMorgan Chase, about how he views his job in banking as “love work.” Find out why — and consider how the concept of calling could apply to your own work.

Stealing Land in the Name of God

By Jonathan Woodward — May 15, 2024
Amanda Henderson and Steven Newcomb discuss the Doctrine of Discovery and the ways in which religion has affected the social and political frameworks among Native nations and the United States government.

The Radical Simplicity of a Credit Union: Rev. Winnie Varghese

By Jonathan Woodward — May 14, 2024
Is wealth inequality a spiritual issue? If so, what can our religious institutions do about it — and how can we, as individuals, best love our neighbors … financially?

The Bible Is a Book About Land

By Jonathan Woodward — May 8, 2024
Amanda and Amy dive into the complex relationship between land ownership and belonging in the U.S., drawing on biblical interpretations. Amanda emphasized the significance of land in shaping political and religious beliefs, while Amy offered nuanced interpretations of the Hebrew Bible, revealing how it has been used to justify land ownership and extraction.

Parenting in the Age of the Cashless Kid: Reza Aslan & Jessica Jackley

By Jonathan Woodward — May 7, 2024
Money, parenting, religion … oh my! Any one of these is tricky to navigate on its own. But how do we weave them all together?

ApocryFUN: Captivating + Katelyn Beaty

By Jonathan Woodward — May 2, 2024
Katelyn and Tyler pluck the companion (complement?) to ‘Wild At Heart’ off the shelf and compare notes on becoming the woman God wants them to be.

Riches vs. Richness: Dr. James Hollis

By Jonathan Woodward — April 30, 2024
Dr. James Hollis shares with Amber and Tom why happiness is actually overrated, why a life of meaning should be our goal instead, and how paying attention to the “numinous” can lead to a meaningful life with money.

The Spiritual Life of Budgets: Jesse Mecham

By Jonathan Woodward — April 23, 2024
Can a budget bring you peace? Tom and Amber find out how with YNAB founder Jesse Mecham - and how his own faith has helped shape his business since Day 1.

Introducing Money, Meet Meaning

By Jonathan Woodward — April 16, 2024
Hosts Tom Levinson (Jewish) and Amber Hacker (Christian), along with guest Eboo Patel (Muslim), swap practical takeaways for our financial lives – taken straight from the stories of their respective religious traditions.

Money, Meet Meaning Trailer!

By Jonathan Woodward — April 11, 2024
With a mix of humor and thoughtfulness, hosts Tom Levinson and Amber Hacker tackle taboo topics and uncover the secrets to a more meaningful relationship with money.
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