• Terri Kraus

    Atheist Max: If you had heard the sermon you would have knoen that Billy Graham was not saying that HE was granting the grace, but that GOD does. BIG difference.

  • Michael Glass

    The old photographs reveal a lot. The Billy Graham crusades happened then but not now. Times have changed and the issues facing humanity have also changed.

  • Hellsgift2u

    Jesus is the way, not by some world favored guy dressed nice giving long speeches to the masses. Hmm think there’s a verse about that, ya know from the guy your always dissing.

  • Dawn

    Wrong Max. Billy Graham clearly and passionately referred to GOD giving the grace. You (nor anyone else) can twist the message of the gospel that Reverend Graham has been delivering – with humility and love – for six DECADES. He has done more to bring people to Christ than most, I’d say. Christianity is not a ‘cult’… it is the living profession of faith by Christians – people who know that Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior – and we aren’t going anywhere.

  • Charles Manion

    While I have not seen the movie Unbroken, I understand that Billy Graham is not mentioned in the movie. Having read the book, it is my feeling that Hollywood missed what was one of the greatest parts of book. I never before realized the total success that Billy has had on the thousands that he has helped.

  • Billy Graham only became popular due to the backing of William Hurst- the FOX NEWS of the day. Then Graham hired the top advertising man in the country. I don’t have a problem with marketing, but anyone who says his “ministry” was from God doesn’t read history. And if you want more proof. The marketing genius who sold Billy, only worked with one other person. His name. Rick Warren. Yep, the guy that sold America the biggest selling Christian book of modern history. Who needs the power of the Holy Spirit, when you can have the power of solid marketing.

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  • God used Graham to accomplish His purposes. He has the gift of evangism. He isn’t in the ministry for money or fame or power or anything else. He was called by God to be an evangelist and thats what he is, thats what he does. Its amazing what can happen when we use the gifts of the Holy Spirit that God gives to those of us who have received Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. God bless.

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  • John Brown

    The internet is rife with with uninformed biased remarks like this unfortunately. Now for the facts. The “marketing genius” referred to as “selling Graham” and “only one other person, “Rick Warren” is Larry Ross. Now the problem is Ross is just 61, Graham is 96. Ross wasn’t even born in 1949 when Graham became nationally known in the LA Crusade discussed in this article. Ross began representing the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association in 1981…THIRTY-TWO YEARS after 1949 by my count and long after Graham needed “selling”. And not only has Ross represented Warren and Graham but many other entities including Promise Keepers, Passion of the Christ and many other faith-based movie releases, Rod Parsley, TD Jakes, etc. (Not all of whom I agree with btw). PR firms are used for a number of reasons.

    Don’t let biases get in the way of facts.

  • John Brown

    @ Donovan Moore – I failed to mention one other thing…Graham indeed benefited by the direction of Hearst to Hearst News affiliates to “puff Graham” but to say that “Billy Graham only became popular due to the backing of William Hurst (sic)” is to negate a sovereign God. Do you not give any thought to the possibility God moved in the actions of Hearst to do so?

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  • Goody

    I agree with atheist Max. Good for anyone who gets inspiration when needed, but it is such a farse for an evangelist to take credit for “god’s word”…whatever that is. I feel it is immoral to prey upon those in weak mindset. Cult is the right word for it. They are like junkies.