Mormon critic John Dehlin appeals LDS excommunication

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John Dehlin, creator of, is facing possible excommunication for his stance on LGBT Mormons.

Creative Commons image by Tom Caswell

John Dehlin, creator of, is facing possible excommunication for his stance on LGBT Mormons.

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SALT LAKE CITY (RNS) In a letter to LDS President Thomas S. Monson, John Dehlin wrote that he "never taught my questions or doubts as Church doctrine."

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  • Sharon Dequer

    Dehlin is just trying to milk as much publicity as he can from this circus he is controlling. One example of his hypocrisy: While expressing appreciation for the confidentiality of his hearing, he afterwards published an entire transcript of the meeting. Such a transcript could only have been obtained by secretly recording the proceedings. I feel sorry for anyone who has been impressed / taken in by / lied to by this charlatan.

  • Neon Genesis

    As opposed to those taken in by the charlatan known as Joseph Smith?

  • Fran

    So, he wants to be reinstated then, even though his beliefs are not supported by his church?

  • Pete

    This is about John trying to prolong his 15 minutes of fame. There’s no other reason why he would fight to stay in an organization whose basic tenets he disagrees with. Either that or he’s delusional.

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  • I was almost persuaded until the very last paragraph where he asks the 1st Presidency to respond to him directly rather than through his stake president. If anything characterizes the Mormon Church, it’s the hierarchy of communication. With that request, which I think would be honored along about the time pigs fly, I wonder if he’s really serious after all.

  • Ralph

    He’s very crafty. He said that half of the high council was to stand:

    “not one member of the high council ever spoke a word on my behalf during the entire time I was present for the disciplinary council.”

    Yet according to the handbook referenced in the article it just said those men were supposed to:

    “to stand up in behalf of the accused, and prevent insult and injustice.”

    So, it sounds like there’s no specific requirement for them to speak on his behalf. Just be present and watchful to avoid insult and injustice and if there was an injustice to then work to prevent it (which obviously would then require them to speak).

    Personally I don’t understand why this is such a big deal to him. If he dislikes the church so much that he actively proselytizes against it and draws people away from it then it seems like he can still do that. This doesn’t stop him from sowing seeds of discord and malcontent.

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