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Afghan Taliban hold clerics’ assembly, aiming to boost rule

By Rahim Faiez — June 30, 2022
ISLAMABAD (AP) — The international cut-off of Afghanistan’s financing has deepened the country’s economic collapse and fueled its humanitarian crises.
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Abortion and bioethics: Principles to guide U.S. abortion debates

By Nancy S. Jecker — June 23, 2022
(The Conversation) — A bioethicist explains the four ethical principles that guide medical practitioners’ thinking about abortion, such as autonomy and justice.

Ancient home, prayer room open at Rome’s Baths of Caracalla

By Nicole Winfield — June 23, 2022
ROME (AP) — The site today is a big tourist draw for the multi-leveled brick remains of the Imperial Roman baths, libraries and gyms and the marble mosaics that decorated the floors.

Native American leaders push for boarding school commission

By Susan Montoya Bryan — June 23, 2022
ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) — The dark history of Native American boarding schools — where children were prohibited from speaking their languages and often abused — has been felt deeply across Indian Country and through generations.

The history of Southern Baptists shows they have not always opposed abortion

By Susan M. Shaw — June 21, 2022
(The Conversation) — A scholar writes about how the Southern Baptist Convention’s views on abortion changed during the 1980s, when a more conservative wing seized control of the denomination.

Pope cracks down on new Catholic religious start-ups

By Nicole Winfield — June 15, 2022
ROME (AP) — Francis issued a new decree that requires prior Vatican approval for bishops to erect new associations of the faithful, often the first step in the creation of a new apostolic society or institute of consecrate life.

Pope says traditionalist Catholics “gag” church reforms

By Associated Press — June 14, 2022
ROME (AP) — Francis told a gathering of Jesuit editors in comments published Tuesday that he was convinced that some Catholics simply have never accepted the Second Vatican Council.

German federal court rejects bid to remove antisemitic relic

By Geir Moulson — June 14, 2022
Despite the defamatory nature of the original statue, “the legal system does not demand its removal,” the federal court said.

Seattle Pacific University students plan to sue over LGBTQ exclusion

By Alejandra Molina — June 3, 2022
(RNS) — As of Friday morning, nearly $20,000 has been raised through GoFundMe to cover potential legal fees. The sit-in outside the president's office has been going on for more than 200 hours.

Cardinal: Pope ordered auditor to resign over spying charge

By Nicole Winfield — May 19, 2022
VATICAN CITY (AP) — Cardinal Angelo Becciu testified Wednesday that it was Francis who ordered the ouster of the Holy See’s auditor-general.

Anglicans say leaders botched response to allegations against DC priest

By Kathryn Post — April 7, 2022
(RNS) — ‘This is the most messed up situation regarding a church I’ve been part of, but God can make this new,’ said a reported survivor.

Reform Jewish seminary report uncovers 50 years of sexual misconduct

By Yonat Shimron — November 9, 2021
(RNS) — The report shows many of its rabbinical students said the seminary had an ‘old boys’ club’ mentality that allowed sexual harassment against women and LGBTQ students to fester.

Supreme Court won’t hear case involving transgender rights

By Associated Press — November 1, 2021
The high court turned away the case Monday without comment, as is typical. Three conservative justices — Clarence Thomas, Samuel Alito, and Neil Gorsuch — said they would have heard the case.
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