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Adidas is donating Yeezy sales to anti-hate groups. US Jews say it’s making best of bad situation

By Luis Andres Henao, Mariam Fam, and Tiffany Stanley — August 3, 2023
(AP) —Adidas is releasing more Yeezy sneakers this week via an online sale, the second such drop since the company cut ties with Ye in October after he made antisemitic and other offensive statements online and in interviews.

Muslims around the world consider climate during Ramadan

By Edna Tarigan and Mariam Fam — April 17, 2023
Looking after the environment, suggests the website of the Islamic Society of North America is 'based upon the premise that Islam has ordained us to be the stewards and protectors of this planet'.

At ‘Church City,’ a taste of Catholic life in Qatar

By Mariam Fam — December 15, 2022
DOHA, Qatar (AP) — From Masses to baptisms, weddings and confessions, the church provides a window into the religious life of Catholic expatriates in Qatar.

For World Cup visitors, a peek into Islamic art, heritage

By Mariam Fam — December 13, 2022
DOHA, Qatar (AP) — Doha’s Museum of Islamic Art, or MIA, provides visitors with a peek into diverse aspects of Muslim heritage, art and craftmanship with items spanning three continents and many centuries.

Across vast Muslim world, LGBTQ people remain marginalized

By David Crary, Mariam Fam, and Edna Tarigan — December 6, 2022
YOGYAKARTA, Indonesia (AP) — LGBTQ people routinely are rejected by their families, denounced by Islamic authorities and limited to clandestine social lives.

Rainbow struggle playing out on sidelines of World Cup

By Mariam Fam — November 26, 2022
DOHA, Qatar (AP) — The emirate, where gay sex is illegal, faced intense scrutiny in the run-up to the tournament regarding the safety and inclusion of LGBTQ visitors.

Religious polarization in India seeping into US diaspora

By Mariam Fam and Deepa Bharath — October 17, 2022
(AP) — Hindu nationalism has split the Indian expatriate community just as Donald Trump’s presidency polarized the U.S., according to one expert.

Mideast’s Jordan River: Rich in holiness, poor in water

By Mariam Fam — August 18, 2022
(AP) – The symbolically and spiritually significant Jordan River is physically dwindling, a decline that some say is intertwined with the decades-old Arab-Israeli conflict and a rivalry over the precious water.

Afghan man charged in killing of 2 Muslims in Albuquerque

By Stefanie Dazio and Mariam Fam — August 9, 2022
Naeem Hussain was killed Friday night, and the three other men died in ambush shootings. Police in New Mexico’s largest city are trying to determine if the deaths are linked.

Albuquerque killings send fear through Islamic communities

By Mariam Fam and Stefanie Dazio — August 8, 2022
ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) — Earlier this week, police confirmed that local detectives and federal law enforcement officers were looking for possible ties among the separate crimes.

In ‘Ms. Marvel’, Muslim fans see a reflection of their lives

By Deepa Bharath and Mariam Fam — July 12, 2022
LOS ANGELES (AP) — The show touches on issues from surveilling mosques to what wearing head scarves means for some.

Muslims mark Eid al-Fitr holiday with joy, worry

By Kathy Gannon, Mariam Fam, and Niniek Karmini — May 2, 2022
CAIRO (AP) — This year, Muslims around the world are observing Eid al-Fitr in the shadow of a surge in global food prices exacerbated by the war in Ukraine.

Afghan evacuees mark first US Ramadan with gratitude, agony

By Mariam Fam and Giovanna Dell'orto — April 5, 2022
LAS CRUCES, New Mexico (AP) — As they adjust to their new communities, Afghan families are celebrating Ramadan with gratitude for their safety. Yet there's also the agony of being away from loved ones who they fear are in danger under Taliban leadership.

A gift of Christmas joy for the children of the incarcerated

By Luis Andres Henao and Mariam Fam — December 23, 2021
(AP) — One program works with prison chaplains to reach inmates interested in sending gifts to their children.

Afghan girls, faraway relatives worry over dreams disrupted

By Noreen Nasir and Mariam Fam — November 4, 2021
From her home in Illinois, Asma Yawari has built a relationship with her younger cousin in Afghanistan that’s made the geographic distance between the two teenagers’ worlds seem, well, not quite so distant. They never met but have bonded over phone calls and messages — swapping family photos and language lessons, sharing hair routines and […]
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