On election’s eve, Netanyahu says no Palestinian state as long as he’s Israel’s PM

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

photo courtesy Wikimedia Commons/Public Domain

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

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HAR HOMA, West Bank (Reuters) "Whoever moves to establish a Palestinian state or intends to withdraw from territory is simply yielding territory for radical Islamic terrorist attacks against Israel."

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  • On election’s eve, Netanyahu says no Palestinian state as long as he’s Israel’s PM

    As ever, al-Reuters is tendentious.

    It does not matter what discretionary decisions Netanyahu or any other Israeli politician makes. Two thirds of the Arab public on the West Bank and Gaza and the bulk of their politicians only want a ‘state’ as a staging ground to attack Israel or insist that any settlement must incorporate a franchise for a fuzzily-defined seven-digit collection of Arabs to settle in Israel at their discretion. It does not matte whether the prime minister is Netanyahu, Naftali Bennet, Tzipi Livni, Yair Lapid, Issac Herzog, or Zahava Gal-On, there will be no ‘Palestinian’ state.

  • Garson Abuita

    Is the Prime Minister really allowed to unilaterally change the 20+ year treaty-backed official position of the State? Not surprisingly, he’s playing to people’s fears because he’s behind in the polls. Also taking a page from the Karl Rove Playbook: just call your opponents “leftists.” You know, like the two former Mossad chiefs, obvious self-hating Jews and Israel-haters, who have said Netanyahu’s full of it on Iran.

  • Also taking a page from the Karl Rove Playbook: just call your opponents “leftists.”

    Since you’re insisting that’s an effective cuss term, you might ask yourself why that would be.

  • Garson Abuita

    Because of responses like yours. Question Netanyahu, question George W. Bush: we’ll imply you’re a communist who hates America [or Israel].

  • Larry

    Opposition to a Palestinian State at this point is ridiculous.

    ]The Palestinian Authority/Fatah has hardly been doing much to attack Israel. Most of their efforts have been in reining in their own and fighting off political schisms within their own population. The Arab League have pretty much abandoned them, focusing their support on Islamic State instead.

    The settlements don’t belong, period. They are the remnant of a failed attempt at colonization. Like it or not, removing them from Gaza improved security for Israel with its clearly hostile neighbors. They are a security nightmare in the West Bank. Israel has already walled off the West Bank. Realistically either a Palestinian state will play nice with Israel or be a landlocked nation with an economy like North Korea.

    Netanyahu is simply taking a page from the US Republican Party. Doubling down on the most ridiculous extremist positions in order to garner votes from groups more politically active than the mainstream.

  • Opposition to a Palestinian State at this point is ridiculous.

    Ever willing to display vehement opinions about matters with which you are comprehensively unfamiliar. Arrested development is unsightly, Larry.

  • No, Garson. What about you makes that a credible charge? Give it some thought.

  • Larry

    Art, your posts are always visual effluence. As usual, you have nothing intelligent to say in response.

    As with virtually every subject, you show a willingness to discuss a matter and hurl childish insults without providing a single inclination you know squat about it.

  • Larry

    The fact that your response is just flinging poo rather than addressing points being made. Exactly what Garson was describing.

  • Larry, no ‘response’ is necessary. The nonsense in your stated opinion was addressed in my original post and is familiar to anyone who has done a cursory review of the history of political developments in and around Israel since 1971 and looked at public opinion surveys and the few election results on the West Bank and Gaza since that time. You have not, so you utter obnoxious non sequiturs. Most people are not in the habit of shooting their mouths off about matters regarding which they are comprehensively ignorant, but you’re not most people.

  • Larry

    You are full of crap. What else is new. Like what developments?

    Are you factoring in the longstanding Palestinian civil war between Hamas and Fatah?

    What about the collapse of longtime enemy Syria and the chaos it has deposited on the borders of all nations in the Levant?

    Lebanon coming out from occupation by Syria and actively opposing Hezbollah in earnest.

    The fact that we are really talking about 2 separate Palestinian states. One already exists as a de facto state (Gaza) regardless of the musings of the Israeli PM.

    There is also the obvious fact that any Palestinian state can’t exist economically viable without being at peace with Israel.

    You are very cavalier about the lives of Israelis. The settlements are a security risk and frankly an impediment to lasting peace in the region. What is your excuse for keeping them?

    The West Bank Wall for all its criticism has worked. The Palestinian Authority has been pretty sedate. They are losing foreign sponsors.

  • Garson Abuita

    Nothing about me makes it a credible charge. It’s credible because it’s based on facts, not ad hominem retorts.

  • Jack

    Larry, what has Netanyahu’s position on settlements in the West Bank to do with the Republican party in the United States? That’s about as sensible as saying that the reason you posted what you did is my buying a tie at B squared a half hour ago, or that the reason someone in Bangkok caught a cold is someone else tripping on the Cliff Walk in Newport….. There is no conceivable connection between A and B.

  • Jack

    Stephen’s posts manage to gather every loony left-wing prejudice and obsession, plus every anti-Semitic canard, under one rickety old umbrella……He’s the one-stop-shop for it all…..and proof positive that the Karl Marx end of the spectrum is just as fertile ground for Jew-baiting as the Adolf end.

    His rantings about Big Oil and capitalism show he doesn’t understand what wealth is, what is its source, or how it’s produced. His fuming against Zionism, coupled with his prior attacks on Judaism, show that he rejects both Jewish nationhood and Jewish religion, leaving no room for acceptance of Jewish anything. Yet he calls himself a Jew and expects no one to notice the incongruity.

    And just for curiosity, Stephen, what do you mean by your assertion that “Israel must go?” Since Israel is obviously not about to “go” voluntarily, are you calling for what would amount to a second Holocaust?

  • Jack

    Stephen, the rise of radical Islamism occurred independently of the rise of Zionism. It’s a combination of the founding of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, the entrenching of Wahabbism in Saudi Arabia, the Middle East’s importation of fascism from Old Europe, and the use of Arab oil money to spread the resultant witch’s brew across the Islamic world.

    This all could have happened even if Zionism had never emerged.

  • Jack

    Israel ultimately will decide, based on its own calculation of its own security and other rational interests, when or whether to have a Palestinian state. Reasonable people can disagree on whether, based on those calculations, such a state is a good or a bad idea. As a sovereign state, Israel has every right to make its own choice on the matter.

    What Israel doesn’t need is to feel a single ounce of guilt over its holding the disputed territories. Given the behavior and attitudes of the Palestinians, and given the deplorable history of Arab rejection of an Israel of any size, Israel doesn’t owe the Palestinians anything. Again, whatever Israel decides will be based on what it thinks is best for its people and their security, not on some guilt trip when there is nothing to feel or be guilty about.

  • Jack

    First off, Stephen, we are not in a “current war with all Muslims.” In some of your posts on prior boards, you made it sound like you wish we were, but we’re really not. We are at war with those who made war on us, long before 9/11, and irrespective of Israel.

    When we drove the Taliban out after 9/11 and seized bin Laden’s Afghan headquarters, we carted away loads of material, including propaganda videos and other tools…..It became crystal clear upon reviewing them that Israel was extremely low on the totem pole of AQ’s interests or focuses.

    In fact, it’s a well-publicized fact that sometime in 2007 or 2008, in a wild chat-room exchange between AQ then-deputy Zayman al-Zawahiri and pro-Iranian radicals, the pro-Iranians accused Zawahiri of covering for Israel because he apparently bragged about AQ’s doing 9/11 while the pro-Iranians insisted Israel did it. Zawahiri, in turn, accused the pro-Iranians of trying to deny AQ credit for its greatest triumph.

  • Jack

    Stephen, Israel is a miniscule dot in the vast Middle East, but you have a Lady Mcbeth-like obsession over that state. Meanwhile, countries ranging from China to Iran and North Korea commit more crimes in some years than have occurred in a century’s worth of Zionism, and all you focus on is Zionism.

  • Jack

    Stephen, as I said, the roots of radical Islam predate the state of Israel by many decades and arose independently of Zionism. The Muslim Brotherhood, the granddaddy of radical Islamist movements, has been around for nearly a century, since 1928. Wahhabism has been in what’s now Saudi Arabia for much longer. Both arose independently of Zionism. And the spread of radical Islamism is more related to petrodollars than to anything else.

    And as I mentioned, there is zero evidence of any substantial al Qaeda focus on Zionism or Israel. Virtually nothing turned up in its old headquarters in Afghanistan, and the chat room conversation I summarized provides further evidence.

    So go to bed, Nazi boy…..and quit pretending you’re Jewish.