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Pakistan bans famed religious TV host for hurling blasphemy allegations

By Reuters — January 26, 2017
(Reuters) An accusation of blasphemy in Pakistan is often tantamount to a death sentence.

Religion and politics clash over Sierra Leone abortion bill

By Reuters — April 15, 2016
Sierra Leone has one of the world's highest maternal mortality rates with some 10 percent resulting from unsafe abortions, according to a 2013 report.

Political trip to Vatican? No, not at all, Sanders tells Italian paper

By Reuters — April 15, 2016
He'll speak to a Vatican council on economic justice but says the church is not endorsing his presidential run days ahead of the primary in Catholic-rich New York.

Thou shalt not: Tennessee governor vetoes bill to make Bible state book

By Reuters — April 15, 2016
"My personal feeling is that this bill trivializes the Bible, which I believe is sacred text," the governor said. The bill's sponsors expect the legislature to override the veto.

Canada drafts assisted dying law that bans ‘suicide tourism’

By Reuters — April 14, 2016
The option to die with a doctor's prescription would only apply to adults suffering serious and incurable illness and where death is reasonably foreseeable.

Kentucky will remove county clerk names from marriage licenses

By Reuters — April 14, 2016
The governor signed the law to establish a single form for every bride, groom or spouse. And Rowan County clerk Kim Davis won't have to put her name on it.

Louisiana governor signs order protecting LGBT rights, calls it ‘good for business’

By Reuters — April 14, 2016
The order breaks the pattern of Southern states passing laws to limit same-sex marriage rights and ban transgender people from personal choice in which public restroom to use.

Tennessee bill denying service based on counselor’s beliefs goes to governor

By Reuters — April 13, 2016
It is one of a raft of state measures that critics say discriminates against lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgender individuals.

North Carolina governor tweaks transgender law after backlash

By Reuters — April 12, 2016
Opponents said the governor did not go far enough to correct the damage done to LGBT citizens.

Bryan Adams follows Springsteen canceling show over an anti-LGBT state law

By Reuters — April 12, 2016
After Springsteen canceled in North Carolina, Adams canceled a show in Mississippi. Both are protesting state laws that will let people with religious objections deny services to same-sex couples.

‘Sister Wives’ clan loses battle over Utah polygamy law

By Reuters — April 12, 2016
A federal appeals court ruled against the show's starts, Kody Brown and his four wives, restoring Utah's anti-bigamy law.

Norway’s dominant Lutheran Church approves gay marriage

By Reuters — April 11, 2016
The vote reflects increasingly liberal attitudes in wider Norwegian society, where civil same-sex marriage has been legal since 2009.

Red Cross, aid groups to resist tougher Austrian asylum bill

By Reuters — April 11, 2016
The bill's drastic restrictions would mean "Austria virtually takes leave of the right to asylum," said the head of Caritas, a Catholic aid nonprofit.

India police detain 5 after Hindu temple fire kills 108

By Reuters — April 11, 2016
The temple in India's Kerala state was hosting a fireworks display to mark the start of the local Hindu new year.

Anglican leader learns his father was Churchill’s secretary

By Reuters — April 8, 2016
LONDON -- Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby finds out as a result of DNA tests that he was conceived as a result of an alcohol-fueled extramarital liaison his mother had.
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