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Vatican trip could boost Sanders campaign

By Reuters — April 8, 2016
WASHINGTON -- Like Pope Francis, Sanders has made economic inequality and the plight of the working class a central tenet of his message.

Pope to make lightning trip to migrant island in Aegean Sea

By Reuters — April 7, 2016
VATICAN CITY -- Hundreds of thousands of refugees, many fleeing war in Syria, have poured onto the Greek island of Lesbos over the past year, triggering Europe's biggest humanitarian crisis in generations.

Liberal Bangladeshi blogger killed by machete-wielding attackers

By Reuters — April 7, 2016
DHAKA, Bangladesh -- The slaying of law student Nazimuddin Samad, 28, follows the killing last year of five secular writers and a publisher, including a Bangladeshi-American activist.

Mississippi enacts law allowing gays to be denied services

By Reuters — April 5, 2016
Critics say the "Religious Liberty Accommodation Act" is discriminatory and unconstitutional. The governors of Georgia and Virginia vetoed similar bills.

Indian women barred from temple despite court order

By Reuters — April 5, 2016
MUMBAI -- The Shani Shingnapur temple in western India has barred women for centuries from the inner sanctum that is dedicated to Shani, or Saturn.

Polish abortion rights backers protest government push to ban abortion

By Reuters — April 3, 2016
Poland's Catholic bishops are pushing the government to ban abortion in the country that already has one of Europe's most restrictive abortion laws.

Film aimed to help families prevent LGBT youth suicides

By Reuters — April 3, 2016
It is focused on helping families support LGBT youth even if they are not in sync with the parents' religious beliefs or cultural values.

Mississippi’s ‘religious freedom’ bill moves to governor amid gay-rights protests

By Reuters — April 2, 2016
The law goes far beyond allowing wedding vendors to refuse same-sex couples. It would affect employment policies and protect parents who send LGBT children to controversial "reparative therapy" programs.

Hungarian Nobel laureate and Auschwitz survivor Kertesz dies

By Reuters — April 1, 2016
He portrayed the Nazi death camps as "the ultimate truth" about how low human beings could fall.

French official links Muslim women’s veil-wearing to slavery

By Reuters — March 31, 2016
An online petition claiming over 18,000 signers accused France's minister for women's rights of racism for the remarks.

Virginia governor vetoes religious protection bill

By Reuters — March 31, 2016
"This legislation is nothing more than an attempt to stigmatize," he said.

Anti-Muslim campaign rhetoric endangers US, says secretary of Homeland Security

By Reuters — March 30, 2016
Secretary Jeh Johnson said when Donald Trump and Ted Cruz single out Muslims it hampers the efforts to build ties needed to thwart possible attacks.

Utah to require anesthesia for abortions at 20 weeks of pregnancy

By Reuters — March 29, 2016
The anti-abortion governor signed the bill, which supporters say prevents fetal pain. Opponents say this is scientifically unproven.

Suicide bomber targeting Christians kills 70 in Pakistan park

By Reuters — March 28, 2016
LAHORE/ISLAMABAD, Pakistan — Many of the victims were children and their mothers enjoying an Easter outing.

Iraqi Christians fear extinction, see no relief from Islamic State

By Reuters — March 27, 2016
BAGHDAD — Their numbers have fallen to a few hundred thousand from about 1.5 million before the U.S.-led invasion in 2003.
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