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  • Tall towers and pagodas, monuments to Nepal’s Hindu and Buddhist roots, were toppled and reduced to rubble. A number of Nepal’s iconic UNESCO World Heritage sites and landmarks, including the Dharahara Tower built for a queen, have also been destroyed.

  • John LeMond

    In discussing Maju Deval, you say it contained “a Shiva lingum — a kind of phallic symbol.” While this interpretation is often given for the Shiva lingam by non-Hindus, this is rarely the case with Hindus themselves. Rather, it is understood to represent primarily the energy of Shiva.

  • Suraksha

    Did she say Siddhartha Gautama was an Indian noble man??? Everyone knows he was born in Kapilvasthu,Lumbini and it lies in Nepal…… Please get ur facts cleared before posting anything online as this may create misunderstanding among ur followers..


    The earth will always shift and even precious art has it’s impermanence.
    We are just ants walking on a crust of lava.