• bqrq

    Laura Turner said;
    “…….Personally, I am embarrassed by Dinesh D’Souza. He has been the president of an evangelical college in New York City, was a policy advisor to Ronald Reagan, and comes from a Catholic family…..”

    Dear Laura,
    As a writer and editor with RNS, perhaps you would be less critical of Mr. Dinesh D’Souza if he were gay and atheistic. We admire Mr. D’Souza and his outstanding work. We are not persuaded by your lame sophomoric attack on his character.

  • Christian with brain

    Insightful piece, Laura. Thank you. D’Souza is a miserable excuse for a Christian. He is arrogant, full of hate, whiny and disrespectful. He believes himself to be above the law and he lays his own transgressions at everyone else’s feet. Miserable human.

  • Here is Dinesh’s problem:

    Anyone who believes forgiveness for disgusting behavior is guaranteed to you as a free gift simply for the asking
    is dangerous, uncivilized and doomed to failure.

    The Christian philosophy is founded on exactly that. It is no surprise his life and his integrity is in ruins.

  • Adriano

    Laura, please listen to Mr. bqrq. It is sooo mean to attack Mr. Dinesh D’Souza was an esteemed president of one of America’s finest universities, and has conducted unassailable, rock-solid scholarly research.

    He’s also a shockingly talented and nuanced filmmaker. He’s certainly a handsome man.

    He’s a highly-respected public intellectual, considered among the best and the brightest in Republican circles. He’s the “smart guy” in a room of Perrys, and Huckabees, Palins, and Trumps — so you know he’s got something impressive going on upstairs. Young Christian women literally swoon at his insight, historical connections, and vision, and want to be boned http://goo.gl/DH2zsT by this gentle, deeply moral man.

    So please, do not imply that he’s a hateful, small-minded pseudo-intellectual hack, or a negative, attention-seeking solipsistic troll. He is most definitely not a weasel. Leave D’nesh alone!

  • Adriano

    edit: “Mr. Dinesh D’Souza, who was”

  • Larry

    Shorter Adriano:
    “Dinesh D’Souza is the kindest, bravest, warmest, most wonderful human being I’ve ever known in my life.” 🙂

    Adriano, why don’t you pass the time with a game of solitaire.

  • Larry

    Weaselface D’Souza is even ashamed of his own background and race. He had his official portrait done to appear Caucasian.


    I love the term, “anti-realistic thinking” and “magical thinking” for describing his brand of nonsense.

  • Garson Abuita

    If you weren’t already persuaded about D’Souza’s character by his felony conviction for campaign finance fraud, his attempts to weasel out of his sentence, his open adultery that got him fired from his evangelical-college presidency, his calling Obama a “boy from the ghetto” for using a selfie stick, why would you be persuaded by anything else?

  • Larry

    I got my weaselface conservative politicians mixed up. The whitewashe portrait is Bobby Jindal not Dinesh D’Souza.

    Bobby Jindal to his credit may be a dishonest fundie dolt, but he is not a convicted criminal like D’Souza.

  • David Lloyd-Jones

    I wish to endorse everything Adriano has written above.

    One can only wonder why Adriano has not brought this esteemed news source’s audience an awareness of D’Sousa’s services to world peace. Simply by being his radiant self D’Sousa has brought multi-everythingism wherever he has been, and while I do not wish to promote rash speculation about where he might have been, I must say this makes the man worthy of consideration for the Nobel Peace Prize.


  • Frank Provasek

    My eyebrows were first raised when D’Souza claimed Obama’s major character defect and his source of rage is “anti-colonialism.” How would you not describe the founders of this nation as “anti-colonial” — Declaring our independence and fighting a war with the British so as to be free and self-governing?

  • Greg

    It’s funny to listen to State Department this week state that they would not be investigating the Clinton Foundation for conflict of interest during Hilary’s tenure as Secretary of State, with literally tens of millions of dollars pouring in unreported, and apparently affecting her decisions. Yet conversely the Justice Department goes after D’Souza like a bloodhound for compiling $20k worth of donations. It is obvious that there are different rules for Democrats than Republicans. The Democrat Party has become a catch all for every oddball in politics.

  • Larry

    Greg, its because they were able to prove D’Souza engaged in illegal campaigning based on evidence beyond a reasonable doubt. Conservative bloodhounds haven’t had squat to stick against Hilary.

    Claiming prosecutorial bias only means that you are annoyed about lacking reasonable and credible evidence to support your claims. Its like people who blame their golf clubs for their wild slicing and inability to putt.

  • alison

    I love the title!

  • Mike

    Mr/Mrs/Miss Christian with a Brain wrote “He believes himself to be above the law and he lays his own transgressions at everyone else’s feet.” Here is what Mr. D’Souza said about HIS crime and HIS sentence. (Notice he is NOT putting himself “above the law” nor is he laying “his own transgressions at everyone else’s feet.” HE IS ADMITTING AND ACCEPTING!! Just Like a Christian should do. Isn’t that correct Mr/Miss/Mrs C with a B? If you claim to be a Christian, your apology for slandering Mr. D’Souza would be appropriate. Or should he be treated differently than everyone else by the law because he is a Christian?

    “I think it’s a fair sentence,” D’Souza said. “It’s kind of a tough sentence. But look, I did do something wrong, and I do deserve to be punished. My issue from the beginning was that I need to be punished in the same manner as anyone else who did it who isn’t me.

  • Charles Freeman

    I read a few of Souza’s article. I even went to see him at a debate in Oregon, and he flopped. He is neither honest nor an intellectual to be proud of. He’s a convicted criminal. I was sorry to read anything about him in RNS. His defenders are are not particularly funny folk. They are extrememly biased, and are attempting to defend a disgraced champion of their fath. Laura Turner, the author of this piece, laid it out. Souza is done, toast, and won’t be back again. This is good for the religious community, as well as for the secular folks.