First ever interfaith program for children brought to Parliament of World Religions

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Coming this month in Salt Lake City, Utah the Parliament of World Religions will host more than 10,000 attendees and exhibitors and for the first time one exhibitor will focus exclusively on an interfaith program designed for children and how they can better understand and develop their own thoughts and perceptions of God and religion.

Spiritual Playdate is an on-line interfaith program developed by a mother of two boys and her friends and neighbors all who had young children. They began engaging in healthy conversations about their various beliefs and perspectives creating games, activities and topics designed to engage their children in the conversation. From these in-home meetings mom’s and kids alike found it satisfying to talk openly about what they believed in and why.

From these meetings, Spiritual Playdate was born and has grown into a program that is being utilized by many across the country and globally. The website allows for participants to follow an easy to use interfaith format that covers many of the questions children and parents have regarding God, different faiths and how their questions can be answered in an informal setting. Spiritual Playdate is being used by practitioners of many faiths including Judaism, Islam, Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism and many others.

Spiritual Playdate is also available to organizations or Affiliate Members such as Churches, Mosques, Synagogues, Yoga Studios and others places of worship or spiritual enlightenment.  The Affiliate program is being launched globally at this year’s Parliament with their new Soul Talks focused on The Golden Rule which crosses 21 different faith lines.

Spiritual Playdate founder and co-creator Edwina Cowell hopes to share her program with attendees at the Parliament and help foster greater interfaith interaction with the children and their parents of the world.

People and organizations interested in more information can visit the website at: The site is designed for easy access and mobility.



Hal Edwards

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