The Rabbinical Alliance of America mourns the passing of former first lady Barbara Bush

The Rabbinical Alliance of America joins the country in mourning the passing of former First Lady Barbara Bush. Mrs. Bush served the country as First Lady during her husband George H.W. Bush’s term as President and as Second Lady during his two terms as Vice President. She was also the mother of President George W. Bush during his two terms as President. With this unprecedented closeness to the leadership of the free world for twenty years over three decades, Mrs. Bush displayed a universally acknowledged dignity. In her unique role, she championed the cause of family literacy by encouraging parents and children to read together.

Father and infant daughter nominated for New England Emmy Award

Matt Weber, host of Catholic TV’s The Lens, was announced as a nominee for the 2018 New England Emmy Awards for his segment, “Infant Wisdom,” featuring his 8-month old daughter, Rose Weber. Matt shares his nomination with Rose – quite possibly the youngest candidate for an Emmy thus far – for her role as a co-writer and featured subject in the piece. The Lens is an original series that looks at life from a Catholic millennial’s perspective with games, social media, pop culture, and humor.

Love changes everything

In a culture where death is seen as the ultimate failure, where suffering is to be avoided at all cost, and assisted suicide is increasingly the answer, what is there left to say about end of life issues? And, what’s love got to do with it?

Religion communicators explore peace and justice through communication

Religion communicators, meeting in Atlanta last week during the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr.’s assassination, explored how communication could help advance peace and justice. The theme for the 89th annual national convention of the Religion Communicators Council, which ran from April 5 through 7, was “Realizing the Dream: Peace and Justice Through Communication.”

North Texas author pens book about addiction

In her latest book, Three Weeks to Forgiveness: God’s Redemption in the Dark Places of Addiction, Dewberry describes life growing up in an alcoholic household, the patterns she repeated as a result, and how God doesn’t waste one moment of our lives. Three Weeks to Forgiveness is a gripping story of parental love, turmoil, forgiveness, and God’s redemption of her past.

In the face of unthinkable tragedy, joy is possible

Joe and Lori Sikorra were enjoying their lives with their two young sons, John and Ben, when a devastating diagnosis would change everything. Both of the Sikorra children had the rare, and fatal, juvenile Batten disease. The family could have given up hope and stopped living — but they chose joy. The Sikorra family’s extraordinary and deeply personal story is told in the new book DEFYING GRAVITY: How Choosing Joy Lifted My Family From Death to Life, by Joe Sikorra.

Stories about race in America lead the 2018 Wilbur Awards

Days after the 50th anniversary of the assassination of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., in his birthplace of Atlanta, notably the heart of the South with a complicated history of race, equality, and justice, the Religion Communicators Council (RCC) celebrated the winners of the 2018 Wilbur Awards.

McCullagh, Chanting the Feminine Down

I am pleased to announce the publication of my new novel “Chanting the Feminine Down” about a young Bronx woman’s search for the feminine in the Christian tradition.

The subtitle for this book is “A Psychological, Religious and Historical Novel.” The subtitle captures the movement of the novel, which is archetypal, soulful and imaginative. Through her studies and dreams the protagonist is able to re-imagine history and religion through a feminine lens.

Awards presented to religion communicators

The Religion Communicators Council (RCC), the oldest public relations organization in the United States, recognized outstanding work done by its members in 2017. The annual DeRose-Hinkhouse Memorial Awards are given annually to active members of the RCC who demonstrate excellence in religious communication and public relations. News, feature, promotional and other materials in all forms of media – print, electronic and digital – with either local, regional or national reach, were recognized. Winners were presented with Best in Class, Awards of Excellence and Awards of Merit during the DeRose-Hinkhouse Awards ceremony in Atlanta, Georgia on April 5. There were several multiple winners for Best in Class, the highest award category.

Is this world truly in the end times?

While the world may rightly be falling apart at the seams and order is scarce, nations have survived through many wars and destruction to this day. But looking at these events — and how they impact today’s world — through the lens of the Catholic Church is completely different, which is exactly what George Weigel does in his new book, THE FRAGILITY OF ORDER: CATHOLIC RELFECTIONS IN TURBULENT TIMES.

Fair Witness asks: Can Israelis and Palestinians rise from their tomb of violence in Gaza?

Christians for Fair Witness on the Middle East was dismayed when what at first appeared to be a peaceful protest ended in the carnage we have become all too used to seeing in the Holy Land. Groups of young men, some of them known Hamas militants, threw Molotov cocktails, rolled burning tires and fired guns at Israeli soldiers, as they attempted to approach and possibly cross the Israeli border fence.