GodsGreenery.com launches to help Christians learn more about CBD

The first online Christian community for reliable information,
research & stories about CBD

What is CBD? Will CBD get me high? Is there a difference between hemp and cannabis? Is using CBD a sin? Is CBD a drug? Is it harmful? These are a just a few questions Christians around the country are asking themselves now that hemp-based Cannabidiol, commonly known as CBD, is legal in most states.

GodsGreenery.com launched in Nov. 2018, and is the first online community where Christians can access reliable information, research and stories about the uses of CBD - the non-psychoactive, natural components of hemp and cannabis (translation – it doesn’t contain THC and therefore can not get you high).

Because of potential health benefits, CBD products are rapidly becoming mainstream and are being sold in beauty salons, spas, fitness centers, warehouse clubs and more. Understanding all of it can be overwhelming and exhausting, especially for Christians who may not understand the difference between CBD and cannabis and if it can fit into their lifestyle.

Finding a place for Christians to feel safe, healthy and connected while making sense of all this information filtered through the lens of Faith has not existed - until now.

“GodsGreenery.com grew from a desire to serve the Christian community,” said chief executive officer, Michael Klein. “Creating this non-advocacy platform to host the discussion about CBD provides Christians with a place to learn more about the potential benefits and limitations of CBD in order to make informed decisions about if and how they might integrate it into their life.”

GodsGreenery.com has produced and curated original stories, thought-provoking articles and news coverage of the latest scientific studies about the use of CBD to help this vast community make sense of the continuing development of all there is to know about the role these plants play in our society, filtered through a faith-based lens.

The site includes a focus on real stories from Christians who use CBD for medical and spiritual needs, stories like that of GodsGreenery.com co-founder Rory Millikin, whose family turned to CBD to help free his brother from opioid addiction.

“After seeing CBD help my family and many others, I made it a personal mission to share these healing properties with the world,” said Millikin. Millikin quickly realized the voice of the Faith community was largely missing in the greater conversation about CBD, and that many Christians are already exploring the potential benefits of these products. God’s Greenery was born to help create a safe, factual, trustworthy place to explore CBD through a Christian perspective while offering solid research and resources to make informed decisions about how to use Cannabidiol (CBD). Learn more at GodsGreenery.com.



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