• Drew

    >>>Claiming that national security required that the government have full knowledge of all persons in the country, and of all information relevant to security, President Trump announced the Make America Great Identity Card, to be called the MAGIC card. As of March 1, every person within the United States was required to register their identity, workplace, address, national origin, and religious affiliation. All people on US soil are now required to produce this identity card to any officer of the law upon request. Those unable to produce a card are taken into custody and subject to deportation.

    To where will we depot US citizens?

  • David Lloyd-Jones


    Get with the program, willya? If they don’t got a MAJIC, what makes you think they’re citizens?


  • Lisa Bien

    Unfortunately the most questionable piece is assuming the majority of religious leaders would oppose this…

  • James L. Skinner

    First, I would like to state that I am not a Trump supporter. I believe his rhetoric is without substance. It is purely designed to excite the emotions of a majority that feels government is corrupt and has abandoned them. However, Dr. Gushee’s column is short of facts and long on conjecture, possibly malice. I believe Trump will eventually be found to be nothing more than a collection of sound bites, and a clear conservative will come to the forefront. This sort “article” comes just short of accusing Trump of Nazi style death camps. How can a man who hides behind the veil of the clergy compose such a judgmental hit piece? I thought we were not supposed to pass judgment. Let alone create an Orwellian fiction that is incredibly unlikely to transpire. A google search will yield no hits on MAGIC Card, or MAGIC 2. The president cannot call out the National Guard. The president can federalize the National Guard, but must go through the governor of each state. The good doctor…

  • Larry

    Am I the only one who sees the irony of Trump amping up Nazi-like rhetoric and actions in the same week Amazon premiers “The Man in High Castle” a series about a Fascist controlled America?

    He even encouraged the public beating of a minority protesting him.

    Its like he is “punking” the conservative white voters as part of an elaborate practical joke. Andy Kaufman-type hijinks on a colossal scale!

  • David Lloyd-Jones

    “Am I the only one who sees the irony of Trump amping up…”

    Yes, Larry, you are.

    The rest of us pay more attention to the Trump phenomenon itself. Very few people seek guidance from emanations in the aether like the Amazon puffery.

    Don’t worry. The Amazon campaign will end soon. Then you, too, will be able to turn your attention to Trump.


  • Larry

    Well that reaction was unnecessarily hostile, a little silly, self-important and missed the point entirely.

    Trump is advocating fascist tactics such as closing down of houses of worship and singling out people for government sanction on the basis of their religion. We have a politician in Virginia who claimed internment of Japanese American citizens during WWII was a good thing. Trump supporters beat a man at one of his rallies for being “uppity”. He applauded the action. Trump even quoted a neo-nazi screed verbatim at his last rally.

    This coming the week millions of TV viewers are watching a show which has the theme of how easily Americans would adapt to Nazi rule and atrocities.

    That is one hell of a coincidence. Its almost as if Trump is following a script on how to make conservative racist subtext overt. He is either trying to make other candidates appear saner or doing a great job for democrats.

  • Tom Downs

    Can’t happen, you say. Do you know what Oliver North’s job was in the White House Basement? How to void the Constitution and institute marshal law… in an emergency, of course.

  • David Lloyd-Jones

    Anonymous Larry,

    I don’t think it’s a coincidence at all. I think the producers of “The Man in the High Castle,” a cheap exploitation flick, timed its release for the election cycle.

    If it hand’t been Trump you would have been saying the same thing, with the same apparent degree of plausibility, about Cruz or Rubio or Santorum.

    You fell for their publicity line, and now you come out looking silly for it you say nasty things about me instead.

    Normal Larry. Caught.


  • larry

    No. You are just being ignorant and hostile for its own sake. Man in High Castle is a high budgeted TV series given its producers.10 hours long. Production started well before Trump even began his run. It took the better part of 20 years to find people willing to adapt it. The novel is a SF cult classic.

    You have no clue what you are talking about.

    Bear in mind Trump has worked in professional wrestling (as a “promoter”) and reality TV. He knows how to do cheap theatrics and appeal to cretins. He has far more sense of showmanship than Cruz, Rubio and Santorum. Those 3 aren’t savvy enough to sniff Trump’s caca when it comes to playing to an audience. Plus those 3 are theocrats, not fascists. Different kind of wannabe dictator.

    Feel free to continue to deny the obvious. Trump is out-bigoting the other candidates and making a mockery of the GOP rank and file.

  • David Lloyd-Jones

    Anonymous Larry,

    You are quite right that ten hours of TV adds up to a big budget, and that the novel is a classic, or at least one of a large genre of “What If…” stuff.

    If you want to claim authority on the relative degrees of authoritarianism and racism among the Republican herd, be my guest. Far too recondite a topic for me.

    And you do it with such style.


  • Dave Dell

    Trump is in it for his own amusement. He’s just bored and and has the money to act out his contempt for the rubes on the biggest of stages.

  • Tim Martin

    While a good conversation starter, this article does seem to assume the failure of a fairly significant number of Constitutional checks and balances. I would love to see a Constitutional scholar’s take on many of the promises that Trump is…um, trumpeting.

  • Pam

    Chilling — this could have been copied straight from HItler’s system — positively terrifying. Will I need a tattoo on my forearm? If a person’s arms are already covered in tattoos. where would the tattoo go? Gotta think this stuff out and plan ahead!

  • Larry

    At this point Trump is in the greatest reality TV show of his life. Do you think he can return to The Apprentice or WWE after this? It could only be anti-climatic to his drama queen sensibilities.

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  • Texas Dervish

    Nowhere in the article does it imply that a “majority” of religious leaders would oppose; only that some would, and would therefore be targeted alongside the persecuted minorities they protect. Read about Dietrich Bonhoeffer and the Confessing Church movement. The whole piece is actually a veiled history lesson. Everything attributed to Trump is something Hitler actually did; just substitute “Jews” for “Muslims”, and “Reichstag fire” for the fictitious L.A. terror attack.

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