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David P. Gushee

David P. Gushee is an author at Religion News Service.

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Why Trump’s electoral crisis is really a moral crisis

By David P. Gushee — November 11, 2020
(RNS) — The president’s inability to accept the truth is doing more than delaying a transition, it’s poisoning our society.

Jerry Falwell Jr.’s come-to-Jesus moment

By David P. Gushee — August 26, 2020
(RNS) — Unlike his evangelist father, Jerry Falwell Jr. never seemed to care about the soul of Liberty University or his own. His resignation is a come-to-Jesus moment for him and other evangelicals.

Christian higher ed can’t win the LGBTQ debate unless it transforms

By David P. Gushee — December 3, 2019
(RNS) — At Christian schools across the country, an eruption over LGBTQ policy may be only a day away.

The Rev. David Gushee: Get ready for a new, post-white evangelicalism

By David P. Gushee — December 20, 2018
RNS asked some of the country’s top faith leaders, scholars and activists to consider what changes the religion landscape will see in 2019. Find all their predictions here. I predict that in 2019 post-white evangelicalism will show signs of finding its footing. This will look like a whole lot of people trying to create new vision, […]

RNS Best of 2017: After 30 years, a farewell column

By David P. Gushee — December 27, 2017
(RNS) — David Gushee closes his column to return to life as a scholar — leaving behind culture wars and the fights over and within evangelicalism.

The Rev. David Gushee: A crossroads for white evangelicals

By David P. Gushee — December 21, 2017
(RNS) We asked the Rev. David Gushee, a prominent Christian ethicist, to consider what 2018 will mean for religion.

After 30 years, a farewell column

By David P. Gushee — September 14, 2017
(RNS) — 'Perhaps voices will emerge that will enable us to find new ways forward together, past the screaming and the litigation, through a return to deeper theological and ecclesial wellsprings. I pray that this is so,' writes David Gushee.

American Christianity’s divisions go all the way down

By David P. Gushee — September 5, 2017
The reality of a hopelessly divided American Christian scene.

Charlottesville: What I said from the pulpit yesterday

By David P. Gushee — August 14, 2017
White supremacist Christian nationalism must be clearly repudiated by all followers of Jesus Christ.

We knew what we were doing: Gushee on Trump, 2015-2016

By David P. Gushee — August 7, 2017
We had every reason to know what kind of president Donald Trump would become.

When we agree on principles but still disagree

By David P. Gushee — July 25, 2017
Agreement on a principle is just the beginning of a moral conversation.

When the evangelical establishment comes after you

By David P. Gushee — July 17, 2017
(RNS) — Whatever abuse you take for standing with LGBTQ people is nothing compared to the abuse they suffer every day.

When the homeless and mentally ill wander into church

By David P. Gushee — July 11, 2017
(RNS ) — I admit my own discomfort about our homeless and mentally ill visitors.

It’s time to worry about leftist fundamentalism, too

By David P. Gushee — June 27, 2017
Liberal politics also shows alarming tendencies in our polarized culture.

My visit to the land of teenagers

By David P. Gushee — June 22, 2017
What I learned from a week at the beach with my church's youth group.
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