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We knew what we were doing: Gushee on Trump, 2015-2016

I have watched the first six months of the Trump Presidency mainly in stunned silence.

In this column, what I will do is quote some of what I said about Donald Trump my Religion News Service columns during the presidential campaign.

The reason for doing so should be obvious. We knew what we were doing, and we did it anyway. The warning signs about Donald Trump were everywhere, and we elected him president anyway. That undoubtedly says far more about us than it does about him.

So take a trip down memory lane with me.

I wrote this after the future president declared that John McCain was not quite a war hero because he had been captured by North Vietnam, a comment which in retrospect should have ended his campaign before it even really began:

We do not want a president who lacks verbal self-discipline and humility. The same holds true for just about any other position of leadership, and really, for a well-lived life in general. In the end, character trumps everything. --7/21/15

I offered this comment after the future president's first trip to speak at Liberty University:

There is a great word for the kind of faux religiosity trotted out by Donald Trump at Liberty, and not only by him. That word is tribalism...The particular tribe that Mr. Trump was ham-handedly courting on Monday was white evangelical and fundamentalist Christians...But usually the candidates are more fluent in the actual language and customs of the tribe. Usually they know how to send tribal signals in more subtle ways. But Donald Trump is not known for subtle, and would not be capable of it in this regard because he is completely unfamiliar with the actual practice of evangelical Christianity. --1/20/16

Here I wondered whether the future president would likely self-destruct due to the consequences of his own actions:

There are logical reasons why tyrants are brought low, no miracles required. One reason is that their actions inevitably evoke opposition. Those who are denigrated, harmed, or threatened form the first circle of opposition. Those who are morally offended but not directly threatened often join them, if they are brave enough. Those tempted to remain bystanders find it increasingly difficult to sit on the sidelines, their self-interest giving way to the higher claim of conscience. It is of the nature of the tyrant to respond to such opposition with more denigration, harm, and threat. This widens the resistance all the further, so clashes and suffering deepen. The tyranny then intensifies in response, leading to greater and more costly resistance. And so it goes, until the spiral reaches some kind of terrible climax.  --3/14/16

After the GOP Convention, I reflected on what Donald Trump had become as a presidential candidate:

We once thought [Donald Trump] was just kind of a brash and funny businessman and reality TV star. It turned out that we got a man whose character has interacted with the hottest national spotlight in a way that has badly damaged both himself and all of us. Grief seems a more appropriate response than anything else. --8/11/16

After many provocations, I reflected on Mr. Trump's problems related to telling the truth and other basic ethical principles involving the use of human language:

Speech reveals character. Those who routinely sin with words reveal holes in their character that we must take seriously. When we encounter people who reveal a chronic inability to keep the basic ethics of speech, the rest of us learn not to trust them. We certainly learn not to entrust anything important to them, including, for example, the federal government. --8/16/16

Just before the election I wondered about what had become of our national character:

We need a renewal of moral seriousness in this country. We need to retrieve religious and moral resources easily available to us for the cultivation of character...And we need to look for leaders in every venue — family, church, business, community, national government — who exemplify character qualities like honesty, discipline, self-control, unselfishness, patience, forgiveness, humility, mercy, and covenant faithfulness. --10/3/16

And here is a comment I made about evangelical Christian politicos who used to write books and make speeches about the importance of character in politics, and in our nation:

Is there anything that Donald Trump could do now, or could be shown to have done in the past, that might tip his perceived character challenges to a point where they might be seen as disqualifying? For the Christian right folks I have mentioned, that point has apparently not been reached yet. Despite everything...Christian right people used to be some of our culture’s leading advocates for a restoration of sound character in America. Character counts, they said. We need to fight all those forces that corrode our culture and cheapen human life, they said. We need men of strong, Christ-like character to lead our families, churches, and nation, they said. Oh well. --10/15/16

We don't know what kind of president Hillary Clinton would have been. Certainly there were reasons for serious concern. It's all a counterfactual now.

But we do know, and had every reason to know, what kind of president Donald Trump would become.


  1. Trump was elected, in essential part, because Christian religious professionals bystand to established legal records of corporation or government law-breaking that kills or harms people and to reasonably evidenced claims of it. They do so out of self-interest – greed in a word.

    I suggest you critique your tribe for its putting its self-interest before “resisting evil,” when doing so could be inconvenient to their professional standing and economic security.

    The “Tea Partiers” and “Occupy Wall Streeters” have a lot in common – particularly a distrust, well-merited, in essential societial institutions. Keeping a human institution trustworthy requires a regular dose of “suffering persecution for justice’s sake” by its employees and other stakeholders. In America, such “persecution” is to one’s professional standing and economic security. In much of rest of world, one’s life and liberty could be in play.

    Christian religious professionals who are aghast at Trump’s election, should rededicate themselves to the task of being “salt and light” – and calling their “brand” followers to do likewise – in their public spheres of influence, even when it can put the operative “gods” of most pew-sitters today – their professional standing and economic security – in jeopardy.

    Thanks for whatever consideration you/others deem my hard-won perceptions to merit.

  2. So what is the point of this article? Was your deadline coming up so you thought you would give us a “clip show” of previous statements with nothing else to say about it?

    Is DT perfect? No. In reality not even close. He says/tweets some cringe worthy comments at times. Does that mean the world is ending, we need to disown him? No not at all.

    So why are people so ashamed of him, which is really what we are talking about here. This is the folly of the left, and why I firmly believe they are a lost cause. I stand by that statement as a liberal who votes democrat 99.5% of the time. The left is so PC oriented, so quick to condemn anything that remotely counters their views (which by the way they believe to be set in stone, the one true “faith”) they have not the character to stand by anyone they can legitimately disown. In fact it should be an Olympic sport to see which lefty can disown someone the quickest for the smallest of reasons.

    Whether people want to admit it, he represents what is an American as well as what is America. There is nothing wrong with that either. We are a diverse nation, with diverse views, cultures, backgrounds. He represents intelligence as well as ignorance, which is also America.

    This article sounds more like an addict in the throws of battling or succumbing to relapse except its liberals who are so addicted to living in some concocted fantasy land and every time they hear or see something that goes against their “one true faith” they are thrown into a tizzy.

    As a free range liberal who is able to be objective here, let me be your sponsor and reassure you all that everything is and will be fine. If something pops up, we can deal with it by making our voices heard (with respect and kindness). Your safe spaces are not calling, you don’t need to go into melt down, because what is triggering you is not real or true.

  3. The two driving forces in the election, and in our eventual self-destruction, are being thing-oriented rather than person oriented and tribalism.

  4. to put it another way we really knew what we were doing, by not electing hillary clinton.

    how pathetic and sad is that, when there were no better candidates than trump?

  5. Gushed is right, those that voted for Trump had to know what they would be giving us. When I all but begged people to vote for someone that met the minimum standards of good, honest, and wise(ish), more often than not I got the same answer over and over — the Supreme Court — along with attempts to explain why the ends justifies the means. I will say that so far Trump passes the Bag of Hammers test, but not by much.

  6. “Is there anything that Donald Trump could do now, or could be shown to have done in the past, that might tip his perceived character challenges to a point where they might be seen as disqualifying?”

    He could compromise with Democrats on something. That might finally get people on the right to turn on him. Other than that, I don’t think there’s a single thing he could do or a single revelation about the past which would make his base condemn him. He could shoot someone dead on national television and get them to cheer with a few tweets about how great he is and how evil the press is for reporting it. He could knock up Ivanka and they’d claim the DNA test proving it was faked. Short of starting a nuclear war against a primarily white nation or making a deal with Democrats, there’s nothing Trump can do that his base will condemn him for doing.

  7. This was an excellent reminder that everyone did indeed see the devil’s bargain made in our recent history. To imagine that the problems in our country is ah, PC politics is frankly ridiculous; PC politics is at most is an amusing sideshow. Here’s my guess about you: You probably hated Hillary and so somehow justified your vote for a mad man who, if he was a smidgen smarter, could lead our nation to ruin. (Read Tyrants for a philosophical/historical presentation of the danger) Trump goes down as the worst president in history on every small and large measure. And see now you are attempting to justify your irrational and wrong headed voting behavior.

  8. Do you want to back up your statement with facts that are devoid of anything related to PC with regard to Trump?

  9. “The left is so PC oriented, so quick to condemn anything that remotely counters their views (which by the way they believe to be set in stone, the one true “faith”) they have not the character to stand by anyone they can legitimately disown”
    This describes conservatives to a T, as in Trump. I keep hearing about the “left” as if that is a real thing. I’m a liberal. that hardly makes a me “the left.” I believe in fiscal conservativism. That does not accord with the don’t tax and spend philosophy of the Republican party.

  10. That is a stupid and ridiculous and in itself, a pathetic statement!

  11. Every 16-18 hours is a report about how Trump has lied about something or another.

  12. Hillary Clinton mostly got a free pass in Dr. Gushee’s writings, and throughout the liberal media.

    But some astute observers saw real trouble brewing. A very sharp example was reported by RNS.

    “Two dozen African-American Christian leaders have delivered an open letter to Hillary Clinton asking her to defend the right to oppose abortion and gay marriage, and commit to work with them to address poverty and violence.” “…The letter writers opposed ‘the drive to normalize immoral sexual behavior’ and asked how she, as president, would balance religious freedom with civil rights.”

    But Hillary and the Democrats, simply ignored them. (Which was okay, except when Florida went down the tubes on Election Night!!) After election night, the liberals were all reeling and asking, “What the Hades happened?” Go figure.

  13. Don’t be too hard on yourself, Mr. Gushee.

    2Rump did everything he could to convince us he was unfit to be president, but god apparently wanted that in order to punish us, the innocent and the guilty alike, to reward the evangelicals for their never ending search for power, money, and dominion which they do in his name and not for any ulterior motives, and to show us a divine what’s what.

  14. To defend their right to oppose gay marriage and abortion?

    What is the word for this kind of trashy propaganda?

    They have that right, they have always had that right, and no one ever took that right away from them or wanted to. Moreover, what do those things, especially gay people, have to do with poverty and violence? Certiainyl not in the black community,

    What they wanted was agreement. That was s Clintons right not to.

  15. But it’s the best pathetoc statement. Everyone is saying so.

  16. i already, knew what the democrats are no need to repeat their specifics to me. with their, support of criminals with organized criminals and their criminal activity.

    you do not even kneed a phishing trip, to discover the crimes and criminal activity of the lies of the democrat party and their corrupt pravda.

    and by the way you left out the intellectual imbeciles, who had to of gone to college for their stupid degrees.

    nor am i, any happier with all the republican turncoats either. who are all, still covertly on their stop trump campaign.

    so no thank you, since i am neither republican or democrat. i can see more clearly what is going on, without your prejudice and anti-white, anti-constitution, anti-trump, anti-capitalist, anti-christian, anti-jewish, anti-Torah, anti-good health religious demonic bigotry.

    the demobrats, need a good scolding from THE CREATOR And RE-CREATOR of all of you.

  17. ?????. It’s also fairly easy to identify those who take such deep pride in their ignorance that they broadcast if for the world to see! ??

  18. this whole world, is self blinded by their own stupidity and ignorance here in This ReAccounting of This Story of The Whole 7-Day Physical Creation again.

    as i already know, that none of you blinded selves never really expected this return of your grandfather and grandmother Adam again here in TheTorah Physical Theocracy.

    that you all, never did mentally believe you are all physically here in THEIR Giving This Physical Creation. even after it told you, in The Written Torah we would be here again in IT for the resurrection of the dead in The Resurrected Torah to physically come again.

    do you all really believe that you all helping to deceive your grandmother of all of you is going to make ELOHEEM and Your grandfather adam happy with any of you again? when all, you! have done is to insure the destruction of this whole world again.

    crumb! i, thought you all knew This Physical Story here in IT again. about how Adam is put to death at the end of the fourth day. and returned as The Male Child adam and his sister as chaooah. surprise! Our Name is not jesus, and never has truly been here in This second Re-Creation of This Story of The Whole Physical Creation again.

  19. A careful reminder that prescriptions for psychotropic pharmaceuticals should be followed as directed on the label.

  20. I saw less ignorance and more bat guano insanity.

  21. When 88% of black voters who voted, voted for Clinton, It does not appear that Trump was seen as meeting their needs. Not quite as large a group of Hispanics voted for Clinton but the number is very close to that reported as voting for Hilary by Hispanic Christians. So not sure that the letter is an accurate reflection as to the outcome. The best I read was a failure to mobilize non-white voters.

  22. “We don’t know what kind of president Hillary Clinton would have been . . . ”

    Gee, ya think?!

    After all her corrupt dealing, peddling the Clintons’ influence to despots and dictators around the world, for millions through their phony foundation . . . I don’t know about you erudite readers think, but this ol’ country boy KNOWS what kind of president Hilliary would have been . . . !

    (And elsewhere in the Slingshot articles for today, we learn that Hilliary actually wants to PREACH!)

  23. The best part of this article is reading the people tying themselves up in knots trying to defend their continuing defense of that indefensible scumbag.

  24. you! take them in my stead and see if their drug addiction changes the way your errant thinking you only think it does. there is no, redemption in drunken drug addictions.

  25. sorry i, do not even have any aspirin labels to read. why would i, want any other prescribed or unprescribed drug addictions to make me drunk with?

  26. then, why are your broadcasting yours’?

  27. yes! what you just said, is your own stupid, ridiculous, insane, and pathetic prejudiced statement.

  28. Which tells you everything you need to know about his supporters.

  29. Sure, Hillary got 88 percent. Only 8 percent of black voters nationally voted for Trump, (with an additional % staying home on both of them.) Unfortunately for Hillary, she could NOT afford to ignore even that small percentage. Especially not in a big state (Florida) where the black margins counted.

    “Failure to mobilize non-white voters”, so to speak, was on the minds of the AME, COGIC, and other black churches, as they delivered their emergency letter to Hillary. The black churches had freely sold their souls to Obama, but Hillary was no Obama.

    The church leaders knew that all those prized black-church votes were NOT automatically falling to Hillary. She would need to openly speak to ALL their concerns, which included abortion, gay marriage, & religious liberty.
    (But Queen Hillary did not listen to them. Hence, the Train Wreck.)

  30. Especially since not one of the Trump supporters on this thread has tried to contradict me. There are multiple Trump supporters on this thread, but not one of them has said “I would reject Trump if he committed first degree murder”. Kinda scary.

  31. In DJT’s campaign he mocked the disabled, denigrated women, scoffed at the poor, insulted immigrants, fumbled Corinthians, belittled other candidates, showed ignorance in all policy matters, baited the haters, and – there must be more. You (you know who you are,) voted for this man – his values are your values. Don’t worry about Hillary, she lost, you won, you should be pleased.

  32. The CLinton foundation received a very high rating from charity navigator, so I doubt it is phony.

    How many times has trump declared bankruptcy, which is basically legalized theft!

  33. Not true – pure speculation anyway. I mean, look at all the people who were around Bill and Billary C. that died under suspicious circumstances. But not one prog lib even questioned their part in those crimes. And when Bill was discovered in his immoral behavior prog libs all voted him in for another 4 years.
    But I don’t know one evangelical Christian who voted for Trump that really liked him or the kind of things he said. They liked his agenda but not the person so much. With HRC we didn’t like her or her agenda or the people surrounding her. We also are depending on the people around DT to help him become a better President.

  34. Stay on topic! this is about DT not Bill Clinton. (LOL)

  35. Really? Because I have yet to see any Evangelicals do anything but defend him or excuse him and everything he does. Trying to distract me with discussions of other politicians does nothing to reassure me that they will ever say “this has to stop” to Trump.
    I posit that there is absolutely nothing short of genocide or compromise with democrats which will make his base alter their support. You say it’s speculation, but I don’t hear you or anyone else saying there something else that’s too immoral to keep supporting him.

  36. I’ve never defended him. But other politicians have done as much and the prog libs give them a pass.

  37. Do you remember when Hillary was trying to endorse abortion, and she stated that Christians need to change the Bible?

  38. Right, you just keep trying to change the subject every time it comes up.

  39. Have you ever seen me defend him?
    I wish we had Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio in there.
    I don’t care for DT’s personality or how he says much of what he says.
    But can you say BC’s conduct was reprehensible?
    Why will prog libs support their scum bags but condemn the trad con scum bags for the same kind of behavior?

  40. First, you over-estimate the impact of black voters on the outcome. There were fewer black voters period in the voter pool. Clinton also won the popular vote in spite of drops in support expressed through non-votes not only with blacks but young voters. Hilary did not resonate with a viable economic message based on focus groups conducted post election with people who went to Trump after Obama – she was perceived as elitist while Trump’s economic message was different.Obama mobilized voters period with the highest turn-out ever for his second term. And I sure did not see many black faces in the crowds attending Trump rallies so I doubt that abortion etc was big on the voting interests of blacks. (PS Your characterization of her as Queen Hilary is pretty close as to how many people read her.)

  41. Liberal whining about morality is only so much noise — at least to anyone who remembers the “character doesn’t matter” Clinton years.

    It’s amazing how drastically the Clinton machine has changed everything for the worse in this country. Not that there hadn’t been immorality in the White House before, but the Clintons made it in-your-face and acceptable.

  42. You are so right. And regardless whether or not the prog libs believe it we do have a “character” problem in our leaders in this country and it is traceable to the belief that the ends justifies the means.

  43. That’s one reason we have the Electoral College so one state (CA) doesn’t get to determine the election outcome.

  44. The author elaborates about what “WE” want or don’t want in a POTUS. What is all this “we”-“we” stuff. Are we in France or something? Methinks the “we” should be translated “me” ( in reference to author).

  45. The conspiracy theories against the Clintons are utter bull dung created by the right-wing media machine to fool the rubes.

  46. Because that’s a lie. Remember Rod Blageovich? Jim McGreevey? Dan Walker? Bob Torticelli? We turned on them in a New York minute when their transgressions became apparent. Mr. Clinton was certainly more moral than any Republican nominee for President from 1960 on.

  47. A belief well exemplified by the fictional character from whom you appropriated your nom de guerre here.

  48. I doubt that had anything to do with the election results.

  49. And we know she would have been infinitely better than any of the 17 clowns running for the GOP nomination.

  50. Well, at one time Newt Gingrich said all that was needed in a Republican President was someone to sign the bills passed by a GOP Congress or veto those passed by a Democratic one. But so far this Republican Congress can’t pass legislation, and it’s going to get worse as we head toward a government shutdown again.

  51. They were so blatantly corrupt and immoral as it was they don’t really need conspiracy theories.

  52. And what does your nom de guerre exemplify: someone who jumps to conclusions. Lol. (Good grief that was way too easy.)

  53. The corruption of US ethics begins long before Trumpism. The Neocons of the previous decades and the frozen Kissingerism of the cold war decades had already coarsened and brutalized Americans.

  54. “Not true – pure speculation anyway. I mean, look at all the people who were around Bill and Billary C. that died under suspicious circumstances” FOX NEWS NONSENSE.”But not one prog lib even questioned their part in those crimes.” DID ANY TRUMPIST QUESTION THESE FALSE ALLEGATIONS OR THE OTHERS SUCH AS THE MURDER OF SCALIA? And when Bill was discovered in his immoral behavior prog libs all voted him in for another 4 years. BECAUSE HE MADE A GROVELING APOLOGY TO THE NATION, SOMETHING TRUMP WOULD NEVER DO.

  55. I’ll bet he said that during the brief golden age between the collapse of the USSR and the rise of Islamist terrorism, when foreign issues didn’t seem so important and domestic issues took center stage. And yeah, eventually Senate Republicans are going to be faced with the choice of at least modifying the current filibuster rules or seeing a large chunk of their base walk away.

  56. That’s an interesting observation. I think it was said just prior to George W. Bush becoming President in response to some comment about GWB’s thick-headedness. By some measure that would be in the time period you described, though you could say Islamic terrorism arose after the Six Day War in 1967.

    The second part, however, is more interesting. Republicans have campaigned since 1968 on stopping social change and/or rolling it back. Since then they have told their base, “well, we can’t [outlaw abortion, lower taxes, fill-in-the-blank] because we just don’t have the votes/the Democratic President will veto it/etc.” and they’ve strung the base along. Now, with Trump as a disrupting President, there’s a breakdown of the effectiveness of that stringing along. I’m continually amazed at the disdain much of the base has for the GOP leadership, beginning with House Majority Leader Eric Cantor’s defeat in the Republican Primary in 2014. Since then, there have been numerous reports of right-wing activists expressing similar disdain for John McCain, Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, and Mitch McConnell. It’s mystifying, but I guess you can only hold a carrot before a mule so long before the mule wises up.

    I think this is actually good news, along with the split in the Democratic Party between the Sanders wing and the Establishment wing. If we actually had four strong parties instead of two, it’d be better.

  57. I’d put their morality far above that of any right-wing activist any day.

  58. BC has morals of an alley cat on the prowl and Billary is as trustworthy as a diamond back rattle snake.

  59. I’ve always been fond of alley cats and adopted several. Who one boinks is a poor indicator of true character. The rest is all spin. HRC’s morality far exceeds DJT’s.

  60. you! have no clue what you are doing or have done here in This ReAccounting of The Story of The Physical Creation from Day 1 with Noach to This Evening of The Sixth Day with adam and his sister chaooah again.

    you, do not even recognize this story with Adam being put to death by ELOHEEM and returned as adam and his mate just again. because you, are all taught to be blind, deaf, and dumb.

    i have no confidence, in the ignorance and stupidity of this whole world here in TheTorah Physical Theocracy from Noach to THEIR Male Child adam and his mate again.

  61. are you trying to make a case that hillary clinton was not more wicked and evil, than trump? get, real!

    had the democrats not of tried to elect, a worse criminal they, might have won. it, takes a worse crook to elect a worse crook.

  62. True, 9-11 was when we stopped being able to ignore Islamist terrorism. And yeah, the problem with winning elections is that people will expect you to actually do what you promised. I have wonder how many Senate primary candidates will be running on the promise to alter/abolish the filibuster, beyond the ones campaigning against incumbents’ failures.

  63. My opinion is that an essential reason – not the only one, but an essential one – why Trump won Republican nomination and the election is because Americans have lost a great deal of trust in their institutions, with good cause, and Trump was seen as a radical “change agent” in “draining the swamp.” My position is that Christian religious professionals enable corrupt/dysfunctional institutions when they bystand to established legal records of corporation or government agency law-breaking that harms or kills people.

    Thank you for your comment, I hope I have clarified my opinion.

  64. well i, do not think you can sum up all christians into one bottle. but i, have an idea they were hoping for a radical change back to the fundamentals of the constitution and progress backwards away from crony socialism.

    as an independent, i have no biased stake in either side. as an independent observer, i only want what is best for america.

    and as much as i am dissatisfied with both political parties, it is sad for me to say that trump was the absolute best choice in this case.

    and what irks me even more, is the stop trump republicans that are aiding and abetting the socialist democrats and the enemies of the united states. a weaker america only helps, the enemies of the usa.

    and it is, really disturbing to me. that trump, was the best choice this nation had to offer. but he is, better than the most all of the scumbags in office.

  65. Apparently Billary thought it was a big deal and Bill did too.
    Bill on tv: “I did not have sex with that woman.”
    Billary on tv: “If he did it would be very serious.”
    And then when it was confirmed all the prog libs circled the wagons and sang in unison: “No big deal.”

    Liars all. But then I expect nothing less from Clinton Inc and their minions. Lol.

    So given your affection for alley cats I am surprised you don’t like DT.

  66. Obviously your understanding of politics is as ridiculous as your understanding of life.

  67. There will be a few mostly including right-wing challengers to establishment incumbents like Lindsey Graham and Dean Heller in Republican primaries.

  68. This coming from Capt. Kangaroo…lol. I read where kangaroos have the IQ of a disgruntled toddler. And from your last comment I’d say your nom de guerre just about fits you. LOL. You couldn’t think of anything better to say than that? How about something like: “Yeah, the Clintons are pretty sleazy, but so is every politician.” See I can respect that kind of honesty… but your response is kind of like a non sequitur…it just doesn’t follow what I said. But all you could come up with is something tantamount to “Yeah, well so’s your mom.”

  69. I think Heller’s done, the only question is whether he loses in the primary or general elections.

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    and the only, commanded physical changes all of mankind has made is for the mentally worse.

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    i, do not care how many times you read the same book. the book from the exact same author, is not going to insanely change to suit your mental delusions.

    as long as this world, mentally fails to recognize they are all physically here in it. your going, to get the exact same thing again in the physical new world to come again.

    This Story, shall happen exactly as it is written regardless of how mentally screwed up you are mentally all pretending you all not here in IT from ELOHEEM.

  71. Cool. How’s the Oak Ridge Boys tour of State Fairs going this year? We saw you guys at Kansas’ in 2010.

  72. Because what you said was nonsense. The Clintons’ morality is most definitely superior to yours.

  73. I did not vote for Trump. I voted against Clinton, and would do it again.

  74. I support Trump, and I agree with much of the article. I am fine with tribalism. It is about time we got a clue.

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