Atheist seeks removal of ‘God’ from US currency — again

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“In God We Trust” appears on a penny. Religion News Service photo by Sally Morrow

“In God We Trust” appears on a penny. Religion News Service photo by Sally Morrow

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(RNS) Michael Newdow has unsuccessfully challenged the Pledge of Allegiance, the president's oath of office and "In God We Trust." He's at it again, this time taking a page from the Hobby Lobby case.

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  • Brian Westley

    “It is hard for me to see how … having a nickel in your pocket is a terrible burden on your religious practices,” he said. “Unless Michael Newdow can explain that to me it is hard to see him getting anywhere with this.”

    Apparently, Mr. Epps has never seen the constant defense of unconstitutional actions, such as imposing prayer in public schools, or having the town government erect a nativity scene, because of “in god we trust” being forced on everyone.

    There is definitely NO religious burden on anyone by on NOT having it money.

  • Tom Downs

    “This time, Newdow is basing his case on the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, or RFRA, a 1993 law designed to protect the exercise of free religion.” This is a classic case of unintended consequences. Hobby Lobby was another. There will be many others. This is a poorly concieved law intended to fix a small particular problem that has been pushed way beyond the legislatures original intent. The result is a destablization of potentially our entire legal system. Thank you Congress and Supreme Court. As so often happens with unintended consequences I wouldn’t be too surprized if 50 years from now we have less religious freedom, not more.

  • Anton

    Excellent points . . . and it furthers the insidious notion that we are a Christian nation.

  • Re: “It is hard for me to see how … having a nickel in your pocket is a terrible burden on your religious practices,” [Prof. Epps] said. “Unless Michael Newdow can explain that to me it is hard to see him getting anywhere with this.”

    If you need an illustration, Professor, here’s one. Imagine how a devout Christian would deal with it, if that nickel in his/her pocket said, “In Allah we trust” or “In Zeus we trust” or “In Buddha we trust” or “In Ahura Mazda we trust” or “In Vishnu we trust” or “In Odin we trust” or “In Belobog we trust” or “In Kanaloa we trust” or “In Kuanyin we trust” or, perhaps most offensive of all to them, “In Satan we trust.”

    Please, Professor, tell me how any devout Christian would ever be satisfied with any of those nickels. I dare you to actually tell me they wouldn’t object to having to carry any of them … because if you did, you’d be lying, and you know it.

    Bottom line: The “it’s no big deal” argument isn’t going to fly…

  • samuel johnston

    “…a Pennsylvania minister seeking some recognition of God in a national motto.”
    Of couse the irony of a Christian inspired slogan imprinted on money, just blows right by the thoughtless faithful. What would Jesus say?
    Render unto Mammon?

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  • John

    Hello, again, everybody, believers, unbelievers, etc, sisters/brothers in Christ! Hello, brother Samuel Johnston !

    “What would Jesus say ?”

    He teaches us to help His needy, neglected, least brothers, by giving them water, food, clothing, heated rooms, caring them, visiting them in prison(Mathew 31:46).
    May our Lord Jesus Christ be exalted !

  • Diogenes

    God is neither diminished or exalted by the symbolism of “In God we trust” being printed on our nearly worthless currency. There are much better and more sincere ways of demonstrating our trust in God than the perfunctory declaration on our cash. Of course, Newdow is just a gadfly and a nuisance…hate to have to yield to such a petty and small minded soul, still, we have much greater spiritual problems in this nation to concentrate on.

  • G Key

    It’s interesting to note that President Theodore Roosevelt took a personal interest in our nation’s coinage, and in 1905 initiated a program to redesign all current denominations of U.S. coinage.

    The first denominations to be changed were the 1907 Eagle ($10 gold piece) and 1907 Double Eagle ($20 gold piece), both of which were designed by the famed sculptor Augustus Saint-Gaudens, and neither of which included the motto “In God We Trust”.

    The reason the motto was not included was simple: Roosevelt considered it blasphemous to associate the God of Abraham with money — undoubtedly thinking of the biblical passage, “You cannot serve both God and Mammon” (Luke 16:13).

    However, a public outcry arose, and Roosevelt withdrew his objection, thereby allowing the motto to be added to the reverse sides of the Eagle and Double Eagle in 1908, and to all the other denominations redesigned under the project he started, which was finally completed in 1921.

  • G Key

    Correction: the “Indian Head” (or “Buffalo”) nickel, designed by James Earle Fraser and first coined in 1913, did not include the motto. Apparently, there was little or no protest, and it was and still is considered to be one of the best U.S coin designs of all time.

  • Jon

    Yet another clear example of Christian privilege. A Christian knows that his government will force everyone to carry and use items that support his religion, while objections to this will be dismissed as if it were “no big deal”. This hypocrisy is clearly shown (as psicop pointed out) by the fact that if the situation were reversed, where our money said “in Zeus we trust”, Christians would be, rightfully, upset.

    As in most other cases of Christian privilege, we are again reminded that “when you are accustomed to privilege, equal treatment feels like oppression”. ……….

  • Hey,Atheist Max(Me again,LOL! )—did it ever occur to you to maybe stay on THIS SIDE OF THE CROSS, at least some of the time? I’m pretty sure that Almighty God isn’t commanding any Christians to engage in the activities you seem to think He spoke of when He was speaking to the ancient Israelites…what do you think,hmm…?

  • Anton

    As far as I can tell, there are no strong arguments for NOT switching to E. pluribus unum and many strong arguments for switching to E. pluribus unum. On the other hand, I see NO strong arguments for keeping IGWT and many good arguments for getting rid of it. We need to have a rigorous national debate about our motto and we should thank Mr. Newdow for providing the impetus.

    And Scalia is NOT stupid. He knows that there are NO non-religious (legal) arguments for keeping it. Why do you think he has been traveling around proposing that the government CAN favor religion over non-religion?

  • Garson Abuita

    Whether IGWT should be on the currency or not, the law professor is correct: having it in your pocket and using it on a daily basis is not a “substantial burden” as that term is defined in the law. This is not a phrase the Supreme Court sui generis invented a couple of years ago to give Hobby Lobby a break. It means more than you don’t like it, a position you have every right to hold, but not one that will win your case.

  • @Laurence Ringo,

    “I’m pretty sure that Almighty God isn’t commanding any Christians to engage in the activities you seem to think He spoke…”

    1) Is your God perfect? Then why are his ugly laws so disgusting to us today?

    2) Is your God truthful? Then why was he dishonest about the truth and perfection of his ancient laws?

    3) Is your God loving? Then why did he make ancient people suffer ignorant laws he would later change only marginally?

    4) Does Jesus disagree with those ugly Laws of Moses? The Pharisees ignored the ugly laws – and JESUS scolded them viciously for ignoring those laws!

    5) Jesus made those laws worse by endorsing them publicly

    6) Yes – Christians are confused about the Laws of Moses – They don’t understand the 10 COMMANDMENTS are among them! Nor that Jesus clearly ENDORSED LEVITICUS specifically.

    People would rather accept a BAD answer than see a world honestly
    where there is NO answer.

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  • Fran

    So true! As Jesus, God’s son, instructs us, “pay Caesar’s things to Caesar (such as taxes), but God’s things to God (our whole-souled love and worship to him)–Mark 12:17.

    So I will continue to put my faith and trust in God and his kingdom or heavenly government (Daniel 2:44) as the only marvelous hope of rulership over all nations on earth in the near future (Isaiah 11:1-10) instead of man, his governments and his money.

  • Bob

    Brian – I gather you are an atheist, . . .
    If the bitch-and-gripe for your people is as above. Then I suggest at the very least between yourselves, figure out a method of “humanistic barter or trade,” as much as possible. Stay away from that darn evangelizing money; and boycott it insofar as you can. Whats more. Pick your real battles. Newdow’s battle, is the collective view of the herd??
    I’m happy to report that I am a practicing, Believing Conservative Protestant. And I actually share a few of your arguments (overall) in my own belief system of, freedom for and FROM religion. The real issue, to me, is not some ridiculous absolute separation; for the fashionable and “in” atheistic crowd.
    In that manner, NOBODY will ever be fully accommodated in this country. No group or person. And neither should they. There are so many whiney, pissy-acting, and VERY unchristian “Believers” in MY crowd, they would rather win the fight, than win-over the potential convert…

  • bill walker

    Hi Bob. I’m a practicing atheist who sees the in God phrase on our money as both unconstitutional AND inaccurate. ‘In God SOME of us trust”at least is more accurate. Ike was persuaded to add that phrase during the heat of the cold war by some preacher. I think Ike did a good job as president, but I was opposed to the change from day 1.

  • @Bob,

    The Bible and its God are so profane and inhumane
    I am not even allowed to quote them on RNS comments.

    God’s depravities are so vile they are censored on this page.
    Yet you think the same God should be celebrated on coins and dollar bills
    in the pockets of our little children?

    God has long overstayed whatever welcome the religious thought he had. Thank goodness religion has lost so much power.
    I look forward to seeing the gods continue to diminish from our civilization.

  • bill walker

    Hi PsyCop. I think that IF we are to continue the unconstitutional phrase on our money, it should read ” In God some of us trust.” At least it’s more accurate.

  • marc dose

    “In Mammon We Trust”
    Might be a more suitable logo.
    Speaking as a Christian who would love to see the 2 party system of division completely overhauled, and the religionization of politics and vice-versa undone… maybe changing the money wouldn’t be such a bad thing.
    The idea seems to fit in with historical revisionism though, which is probably what has the Christian right so upset

  • Richard Rush

    I think “In God We Trust” IS a substantial burden. It is one way that the government is participating in religious indoctrination/brainwashing, beginning in childhood. Parents may not want religion forced on their children, but the government is insisting on doing just that. There is only one possible reason for IGWT being on our money, and that is to have the government add its considerable weight to the promotion of religion. Religions have always looked for ways to get in bed with government to help with indoctrination and controlling the masses.

  • John

    Hello, everybody, believers, unbelievers, etc ! Hello, brother Max ! Hello, brother Newdow !

    “People would rather accept a BAD answer than see a world honestly
    where there is NO answer.”
    According to these words of yours, brother Max, one may suppose you are an agnostic.

    As to the Law given by God through the prophet Moses, it seems to me, you have reached a stage of analysis similar to Saint Paul, in the Letter to the Romans, ch. 7:7. You speak about God’s immorality, about God’s depravaties.
    Saint Paul said: “What shall we say, then? Is the law sinful? ”
    I suppose you should continue together with Saint Paul.

    As to the Son of God Who has become Man, our Lord Jesus Christ, He does not force anyone to follow Him. He says:“If anyone would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow me.”(Luke 9:23).

    Those who wrestle with God should not forget to ask Him to bless them, as Jacob did(Genesis 32:26).

    God, bless me/us, please !

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  • Neon Genesis

    For someone who claims to be a bible believing conservative Christian, your language doesn’t seem very Christian to me, Bob.

  • G Key

    If I were Christian and held myself to Matthew 6:19-24 and Luke 16:1-15, I’d agree with T. Roosevelt’s belief that putting “In God We Trust” on our national Mammon is blasphemy.

    As an atheist who respects others’ beliefs, I’m bothered that Congress ignores a motto that unites us (“E Pluribus Unum”) in favor of one that divides us, by establishing — on money, no less — a motto that explicitly respects Judeo-Christian beliefs over all others.

    Despite the Supreme Court’s historical failure to find the motto unconstitutional, when it comes to how our great country treats some citizens’ beliefs, our official motto is downright unpatriotic.

    Imagine a motto of “No God We Trust”: it would run counter to the majority of American’s beliefs. And yet the U.S. Bill of Rights isn’t about upholding religious rights for the majority, or for the minority, but for ALL.

    I wish “E Pluribus Unum” — A.K.A. “We Are One” — were as highly regarded today as it was in 1791.

  • Ben in oakland

    Not accurate at all.

    “In some version of God or gods, some of us trust, some of the time.”

  • Ben in oakland

    Christ does not force anyone to follow him, but there are a lot of his followers who would like to.

  • samuel johnston

    ““What would Jesus say ?”
    “He teaches us to help His needy, neglected, least brothers, by giving them water, food, clothing, heated rooms, caring them, visiting them in prison(Mathew 31:46).”
    Think analytically for just a moment. The teachings you refer to have nothing to do with the “Christ”. They are attributed to Jesus the historical figure. Ditto for the story of Jesus chasing the money changers out of the temple.
    Christianity has practically nothing to do with the earthly teachings of the historical Jesus, which needless to say, all occured prior to the crucifixion. Christanity is all about supernatural magic, which allegedly occured after Jesus’ earthly death. The Bible, the work of Christ followers, was written to honor the magical Christ mythology, and to justify the beliefs of these followers.

  • Jack

    Here’s a thought:

    While Newdow will probably lose in court, because his argument does not fit with what the religion clause in the First Amendment actually means, and while Newdow sounds like a real jerk, maybe it was wrong in the first place to put “in God we trust” on our coins in 1955 even if it was perfectly constitutional.

    Having the right to do something does not mean it is right to do that something. Sometimes, for the sake of our fellow human beings, we should refrain from exercising certain rights. I have the right to snub someone without cause, but does that mean I am right to snub them without cause? No.

    So I do understand why at least some atheists would object to a motto on a coin that directly opposes their deepest convictions.

    Again, Newdow sounds like he’s an arrogant eccentric, but apart from his stupid law suits, removing the motto from our money might well be the right and fair thing for us to do voluntarily.

  • samuel johnston

    In Darwin we trust. Would you object if that motto was on our money?

  • Alma Jones

    My suggestion would be to carry a debit card or major credit card, thus eliminating the worry over “IN GOD WE TRUST” printed on your money. I am sure you spend more time counting your money than you do reading what is printed on your money.

  • Chad

    I sincerely pray to God that He can soften the hard hearts from many posting here. I’d encourage you keep an open mind and hopefully an open heart. And if someone did not believe in God then they essentially believe God does not exist. So why all the anger towards God for things written in the Bible? How can you be mad at someone you believe does not exist? God is perfect as well, it is us that have the problems. All of us, Christians and non-believers alike. If someone believed that death is really the end for themselves why on earth would you use anytime worrying about what is printed on a nickel? Many non-believers like to quote the Bible and then pick it apart. I always encourage them to read deeper and make an attempt to understand the context, history, types of literature, and the impact God’s word has had on the world. It is then when someone begins to know Jesus. Whether you like it or not, He knows you.

  • Steve Skeete

    I can well imagine how, for a Chrisrtian, having a nickel in your pocket with the legend “In Satan we trust” would not be very appealing. However, the question still remains, how is it “a terrible burden on your religious practices?” In the case of Hobby Lobby, the Company is against being asked to spend thousands of dollars to support a practice which is aginst its faith; that constitutes a definite, specific and quantifiable “burden”. In what way does carrying a nickel in your pocket measure up? Just asking!

  • Nay


  • Benny Ford

    I’m surprised nobody ever complains about the plus sign on the keyboard in government offices looks like a cross and should fall under “Separation of Church and State.

  • Melanie

    I think we should all pray and ask GOD to remove all his money. Then he won’t have to be offended


    God is the only One You can Trust in this Evil Satan world…

  • Ron

    As a Christian (non-US) I would rather they took off the slogan, in God we trust but money is definitely not the place for me to demonstrate that. What really baffles my mind is why a non-believer would be so maligned by this statement? If you don’t trust in God or believe he exists, why expend so much energy and exude so much passion to try and get this statement removed? You don’t see anyone going to court to get Santa Claus banned from Christmas folklore and celebrations? i’ve been to the gulf countries and used their Dhirams (kept some of them) – they may well be written “in Allah we trust”, don’t care and it doesn’t affect my own profession of faith if that is the case. Aren’t we told “to get on with it” despite all the breaches of conscience that we are subjected to – from entertainment choices, down to what we can affirm as part of our own faith, as if secularism were nuetral?

  • Liza

    I think you should read the Bible again. The pharisees persecuted Jesus for healing o.j. the sabbath. Jesus dwelled among the unbelievers. Jesus didn’t punish anyone. He came so threat we can have life. If you choose to believe or not is up to you. But, present facts not lies. Motive and intent.

  • Craig W

    Whenever I visit a foreign country with images of other people or deities I do not agree with, I feel no “burden” because I’m being forced to use it in my commerce. It becomes meaningless to me and my heart goes out to those who do place their trust in it.

  • Ian

    Very well said Phillip! I often tell my children that Christianity is the only religion attacked by atheists because it is the only true religion and that on some level, atheists know this.

  • Ruth

    Amen to that

  • Ian

    You seem awfully “salty”, as the kids say these days. If you don’t believe that Christianity has any feet to stand on, why be so upset by it? You come across as hateful not understanding, kind, tolerant, or patient.

  • JoEllyn Paschkewitz

    I am tired of all the whining about rights and who should be in the right, etc. The phrase “In God We Trust” doesn’t have to be Yahweh Jehovah, this God could be ANY one’s God. If you don’t believe in any God that is your right. But don’t take my rights away either. Since our money says this get over it. It is your choice to be an atheist so deal with everything that goes with it. The majority of people around the world believe in some kind of God. As in most things, the majority rules, the most votes gets the win. Why would America change the motto, if for no other reason the expense of it all. America doesn’t have the money to do this. So not to be unkind but, just put on your big boy pants and deal with it.

  • ben in oakland

    @ian and Philip

    You can only come to the conclusions you do because you actually don’t know any atheists, or what we think. You know only what YPOU think, what your pastor told you, what your church “thinks”.

    As a thorough going atheist, I have no issue with you believing whatever you like. I have an issue with flying airplanes into buildings, murdering doctors, political campaigns based upon your religion that are intent upon demonizing people you don’t like and depriving them of the right to protects their families and children, people refusing to do their jobs in the name of their god, murdering people of other religions, using religion to justify the murders of other ethnic groups, and on and on and on and on.

  • JoEllyn Paschkewitz

    You are certainly entitled to your own opinion as our freedoms dictate, but please don’t dis something you really know nothing about. Scholars for years have analyzed and studied the Bible, to discover its truth or not. When you become a scholar, theologian. well versed in the entire Bible, etc then share your educated opinions and don’t rip on Jesus. I don’t feel I have the right to judge anyone’s choices, even yours. I would appreciate the same courtesy.

  • Ian

    If one can argue that having “In God We Trust” on a coin is a burden to non-believers, then one can argue that removing it would be a burden to those that do believe. I am a Christian and I do not care if it is on a coin or not because I know that it neither exalts nor diminishes God in the long run. However, I will point out that atheists exclusively target Christianity. Even to the point of trying to ban a Christian’s right to public prayer in some places. With that in mind, I do not want the atheist agenda to be furthered because of what I know atheists will try to get rid of next. The majority of atheists do not want religious equality, they want Christians silenced. Period.

  • Ric

    Hi Max, based on my Christian belief I’m going to attempt to answer some of your questions to the best of my knowledge. I’d also ask you sincerely to seek out the answers to the tough questions you’ve presented here yourself.
    1. Absolutely (God The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit) Triune God that my God. Let’s just stay within the 10 commandments for now to for lack of time on my behalf at least. What’s ugly about honoring you father and mother? What’s ugly about commanding us to not steal, kill, or lie? The world would be so much different if we were to just keep those 4 commandment. The Lord simplified his laws into to commandments.
    1. Love the Lord with all your heart, mind, and soul.
    2. Love your neighbor as yourself.
    Hey Max I have one important thing to tell you, I love you man!

  • Ian

    If one can argue that having “In God We Trust” on money is a burden to non-believers, then one can argue that removing it would be a burden to those that do believe.

    We all know that the atheist agenda will not stop, even if they get what they want every time. That is, it will not stop until Christianity is greatly marginalized or completely silenced. There is a reason atheists target Christianity instead of other religions. On some level, being a creation of God, they know that God is real. They fear it.

  • JoEllyn Paschkewitz

    Again I say, where does just the word God infer it means Jehovah, Jesus or Christ. It only says God which could mean different things to different people. God can be a generic term for ALL Gods. Lets move on to more important, selfless things like the homeless, abused children, our vets “rights” and many other such topics. Can we please stop thinking about ourselves and think about our fellow humans?

  • Anthony

    I guess when one doesn’t have God, what do they have? It then becomes To Be or Not To Be. I remember having a problem with God. I later found out it was a problem with me. That was just my experience.

  • Sheilah Bryson

    I wonder if Dr. Newdow or you ever use the term “oh my god?” Is that any different than the secular use on the currency? No is saying every person is proclaiming his or her religious affiliation by caring this money.

    As a person of Cherokee ancestry, I could argue for the removal of the picture of Andrew Jackson from the $20 since he as President pushed for the removal (and consequently the death) of thousands of my people so Europeans could have the land and recently discovered gold in Georgia.

    As to your question, the change from how the money is now to those you have suggested would be affirming those individual religions not as a secular usage. If one is truly honest, if the money had that inscription for many years we would probably use it without giving it much thought. If I was asked to affirm the other religions there would be a cause for argument.

  • Ron

    God showed us we should love our neighbours as much as we love ourselves and that we should pray for our enemies, live at peace with all men as much as is possible, that we should crave peace, gentleness, kindness, humbleness, patience and pursue what is good. Which of these do you protest against? God created life and He has morally sufficient reasons for allowing evil to persist [even though they may not be known to you and me]. In fact, what defines profanity or what is humane in the absence of God? The west may well be casting off God – that doesn’t necessarily mean they are right, the rest of the world isn’t following that trend. Removing the motto form coins is an attempt at scraping off what’s really written in the hearts of humanity.

  • Love and tolerance

    No worries my fellow belivers, remember that God doesn’t believe in atheists and the law is very clear, you believe that Jesus the only begotten son of God died on the cross to save us from our sins and sinful ways or you don’t. The gate is very narrow and the ones pre chosen destiny will prevail and dance with Jesus in Heaven for eternity. For the rebellious there is hell for all eternity. You either believe the Bible from beginning to end word for word or you don’t. No in between. God has Satan on a very short leash, allowing him to roam the earth. Choices and free will we were all given by or loving Father who presides over us all. And nothing absolutely nothing happens in God’s word by mistake! Whether you believe or not! The truth will prevail ! Most people don’t get so upset about something they claim not to believe in, if God doesn’t exist why so worried? That anger and rebellion is what we Christians call the hands of God and the Holy Spirit knocking at your hearts door!

  • Sheilah Bryson

    Mr. Johnston, I think if you will review the Bible you would find that “supernatural” occurrences happened frequently before the crucifixion as Jesus and his disciples healed many people among others activities.

    From a personal standpoint, it is not about words placed on currency that concerns me, it is the continued movement to somehow forbid the mention of God openly with the seeming intent to eventually make it against the law to do so or to openly express opinions supported by scripture. If all mention of God is stripped from public view, how long will it be before one is forbidden from displaying or using it in a public church or one’s home because it might violate someone’s religious freedom.

    Any changes that are enacted using religious freedom as the standing can result in less freedom rather than more. When we are forced to make this type of change it seems as if I am being forced to embrace atheism. Must I be certain never to carrying and read my bible in a public…

  • Sheilah Bryson

    We, as a nation, must be careful when enacting any law or changing existing ones. We were founded on freedom. I am a Christian and as such, I realize that in order for me to continue to have religious freedom I must accept that all religions will be given the same freedom. Mr. Newdow is free to NOT practice religion just I am free to do so.

    I hope (and pray) that we both continue to have those freedoms as well as others but I am concerned that this type of legislation can undermine those freedoms. Both his and mine.

  • @Phillip,

    “you atheists….”

    Have you never read the depravity of your God?

    Slaughter of innocent children! (Isaiah 13:15)
    Rape of little virgin girls!(Num:31:18)
    Enslavement of people who surrender (Deut. 20:10)
    Rape your neighbor’s wives! (2 Samuel 12:11)
    Genocide will solve all your problems! (Exodus 23:23)
    Always use god’s name in acts of murder! (Jeremiah 48:10)
    Rules for sex slaves! (Exodus 21:7)

    And Jesus supports ALL of it! (JOHN 1:17), (Mark 10:19)

    And you would hand this book to a child? You would force them to ‘trust’ this god?

    Furthermore, How dare you doubt an Atheist?
    We Atheists have never been wrong.
    We Atheists have a 100% perfect record. Gods have never been shown to exist.

    How’s that for “prophecy” ?

  • doris burton


  • Donald

    As we say in Alcoholic Anonymous “God of our understanding”,. I personally believe in the God of the universe as stated in the Christian Bible, we are all welcome to our own opinion. I do not look down on anybody who does not believe that. Some day we all may have to account for our actions, and I personally would rather act as if there is a God and find out there isn’t than believe there is no god and find out there is.

  • Wynner


  • Dude

    They should change it to “In Gold We Trust”. It would be more accurate.

  • Donise

    This so called argument is nonsensical in my opinion. If the money this guy has been receiving payment for his services offends him so he should give it all back. He is so offended by having to use money with Gods name on it that he funded his education with it, bought his current lifestyle with it, and continues to accept it from clients who use it to pay him for those services? Pah haa a haaaa! Thanks for the joke riddler!

  • Larry Whittaker

    If the non-belivers take exception to the use of God on our money, they could use God as an acronym: Good Orderly Direction. Kind of tough to NOT to relate to that.

  • Joe Smith

    My debit card doesn’t have any religious markings or references on it and it has been a long time since I’ve come across a place that won’t take it. With that, Square, Apple pay, Google pay, gift cards, checking accounts, etc., there are so many ways to completely avoid this “offensive” phase. There are so many religious people of all varieties that are completely or nearly completely PREVENTED from exercising their religious beliefs in public settings that it strikes me as a small burden to have these words on a rather optional form of currency. This is really about a very small minority attempting to on once again exert control over everyone else on some fictitious moral high ground. Get over it and stop wasting everyone’s time and money–especially the kind that has “offensive” slogans on it. If you really hate cash, mail it to me and I’ll buy food to feed homeless people in my town with it.

  • Wynner

    Well said. It will be a very sad day indeed. God will never be mocked and Hell is real. Save them all Lord Jesus.

  • Sheilah Bryson

    Ben, in this statement it seems as if you do believe in Christ? And I agree that many wrong actions have occurred in the name of Christianity but I believe as you seem to that Jesus is greatly saddened by them!

  • @Ric,

    “What’s ugly about honoring..not steal, kill, or lie?”

    1) I act morally for the same reason you do – It is in the best interest of our loved ones. God is irrelevant.

    2) God’s immorality FAR OUTWEIGHS any decency:
    Jesus didn’t forgive enemies – he sent them to Hell! (Mark 16:16)
    He incited violence “they shall be burned” – (John 15:6)
    Jesus cursed – “Thou Fools!”(Matt. 23:17)
    And stole– “untie them..bring them to me” (Matt. 21:2-3)
    Jesus threatened– “Execute them in front of me”(Luke 19:27)
    He didn’t love neighbors – They are ‘dogs’! (Matthew 15:26)
    Jesus was harsh– “Remove your blessings”! (Matt 10:14)
    And bigoted – “They are swine” (Matthew 7:6)
    And violent – “he made a whip” (John 2:5)
    He didn’t want peace– “I do not bring peace.”(Matt 10:34)
    Jesus Lied – “He went in secret” (John 7:8-13)
    And prepared for war – “buy a sword” (Luke 22:36)

  • Joe Smith

    My debit card doesn’t have any religious markings or references on it and it has been a long time since I’ve come across a place that won’t take it. With that, Square, Apple pay, Google pay, gift cards, checking accounts, etc., there are so many ways to completely avoid this “offensive” phase. There are so many religious people of all varieties that are completely or nearly completely PREVENTED from exercising their religious beliefs in public settings that it strikes me as a small burden to have these words on a rather optional form of currency. This is really about a very small minority attempting to once again exert control over everyone else on some fictitious moral high ground. Get over it and stop wasting everyone’s time and money–especially the kind that has “offensive” slogans on it. If you really hate cash, mail it to me and I’ll buy food to feed homeless people in my town with it.

  • James Hampton

    If he is an atheist, where do religious freedom come in? He has not religion.

  • Concerned about the Athiest

    Someone can refuse to say the ‘Pledge of Allegiance’ and it’s okay.
    Someone can refuse to pray at any function and that’s okay.
    If someone doesn’t like what is on our money, how about refuse to spend it. See where that will get ya. For the so called “non-believers” on here, you must believe OUR GOD exists. Otherwise, how can you make these arguments?

  • @Ian,

    “I often tell my children that Christianity is the only religion attacked by atheists because it is the only true religion and that on some level, atheists know this.”

    We Atheists have a very vulnerable opinion:
    “There appears to be no reason to believe in any gods”

    Yet you provide no evidence to smash my opinion! How do you know Yahweh is the real God? How do you know Jesus is his only son? How do you know there are no other gods and no other sons? How did you decide Allah is not real?

    I could just as easily claim the reason you do not provide me with evidence is because you are faking your belief and you know it.

  • “God has Satan on a very short leash, allowing him to roam the earth.”

    And you praise Jesus for this?
    What kind of loving god allows people with machine guns to slaughter innocent children – yet keeps the machine gunners on a very short leash?

    A trickster god is nothing to worship. It cannot be righteous to do so. This would be undignified, immoral behavior for any human.

  • @Concerned about the Atheist,

    “You must believe our God exists, otherwise, how can you make these arguments?”

    Your Logic:
    I must believe in Allah, since I object to Sharia Law.
    I must believe in the Aztec God, since I object to throwing virgins into volcanoes
    I must believe in God, since I object to “in god we trust” on our money.

    This is important!
    Your God commands murder and intolerance
    and I don’t want his horrible message on my money or in my laws.

    Is that clear?

  • @Nay,

    This is an Atheist country.
    It is unconstitutional for the words “In God We Trust” to be printed on our only means of legal tender.

    If you want to have a separate US money supply which praises Jesus, you will have to pay that tax yourself.

    It is time to do away with this insidious prayer to evil on our currency.

  • Susan

    My question has always been, IN WHAT GOD DO WE TRUST? Ra, Zeus, Allah? God isn’t a name. It’s a title. Do we TRUST in Yawah or Jesus or any other of the Biblical names? If christians want their god on their currency so bad why don’t they lobby our government to favor those names? They seemed to have co-opted God as their own christian name. I always liked Ra. At least he shows himself to us every morning and doesn’t care if we slobber all over him with praise.

  • Concerned about the Athiest

    So make your own money with what you want on it. JS

  • PeterM

    I just get a little fascinated by these “clownish stuff”, these meaningless rantings right in the middle of more important goals and visions that need & ought to be focussed upon in our present-day, so-called “post-modern” world that continuously appear to be dancing on the edge of sudden catastrophe!–Q: Where do we really go from here?

  • “Make your own money, then”

    We already did that! It was called American currency.
    And then some Christian politicians in 1950 FORCED an evil prayer on it – “In God we Trust”

    I want the old money back as it was before it was defaced with this inscription.

    Right Wing Christians had no right to pollute our Atheist money with this racist, intolerant god. Evangelical Christians of 1950s should never have done this in the first place.

    Of course it should be removed!

  • PeterM

    Some folks have simply chosen to make themselves judges and deliberately sit squarely in judgement over the The Most High, with so much audacity, such temerity, such effrontery on the one who made them and gave them life, all the while totally ignoring and/or forgetting that this same Most High retains the ability and capability to place their very life on hold, at any time, at any point! “Open their eyes, their mind, their thought, their heart, their soul, their spirit of Lord”


    If you do not believe in God, do not take it personally when you read In God we Trust. Respects the rights of others and the nation’s traditions

  • @James,

    “If he is an atheist, where do religious freedom come in? He has not religion.”

    Atheism IS religious freedom.
    Non-belief in Allah is freedom to pursue Yahweh!
    Non-belief in Jesus is freedom to pursue Allah!
    Non-belief in Ganesha is freedom to pursue Jesus!
    Non-belief in any god is the freedom to pursue NONE!

    Non-belief is the core of Religious Freedom
    Otherwise, what is this religious nonsense about ‘free will’?

    Do you think freedom from religion is not a primary freedom?
    How would that work? I must choose a religion?
    Which religious position shall you force upon me: Allah? Jesus? Yahweh? Ganesha? Atheism?

    Freedom of Religion is not only the freedom to choose
    but the freedom to change one’s Religious position!

  • @Peter,

    “all the while totally ignoring…this same Most High retains the ability and capability to place their very life on hold, at any time, at any point!..”

    No evidence of that at all. Don’t be so afraid all the time.
    It is neither righteous nor pious to run around in fear. Good grief!
    And it is Sadomasochism to claim you love that which you fear. Very unhealthy. No reason to believe any of it.

  • God is love whoever abides in love abides in God and God in him. The devil comes to steal, kill, and destroy. I pray that you have eyes to see and ears to hear…Didn’t the quakers come to the U.S. for religious freedom, that is freedom to be religous. IF you are an aethiest, you are not religious. If you take In God we trust off the money that is taking away religious freedom. You want everyone to be free from religion but religious freedom also allows for people to be free to be religious. Stop trying to make everybody like you. Just get over it and get a life. Jesus is the way the truth and the life…. Those that believe in the Son have life…those that don’t …well.. God’s wrath abides on that person. I feel for you because there is no worst thing than to have loves wrath.

  • “Trust in the Lord with all of your heart and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths (Proverbs 3:5-6 ESV).”

  • Max, The Quakers refused to take oaths and many times were put in Jail in Europe. They came to the U.S. so they could be Christians, without having their property confiscated and without being put in jail for doing what the bible said. Believe it or not Jesus said don’t swear at all. Even though swearing was approved in the old testament Jesus came and said do not swear at all. Some people don’t believe Jesus and so the Quakers came here to believe Jesus without persecution.

  • P.S. Believing Jesus is freedom.

  • Rogelio Rojas

    Max, in your search for the truth I encourage you to read:
    20 Arguments For God’s Existance by Peter Kreeft. You may find your answers there.

  • Again. Max, I read your post called THE BELL I COULD NOT UN-RING You are right about God not intervening. But it is not because God doesn’t love you. In James 1:7 James says that you will not receive anything from God if you doubt. You have to have faith in God. Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God. Open your ears. Actually listen to his word. God loves you and if you remain in him and his word in you you can ask for anything and you will receive it. God is not willing that any should perish but that all believe… If you don’t believe you are not his…but you are his so you have to get rid of doubt….

  • Rogelio Rojas


    Mathew 7:16 By their fruit you will recognize them

  • Joe Uzzer

    If Mr. Newdow is so burdened by the phrase, “In God We Trust”, being present on our currency then he should immediately dispose of all of his currency and all his assets that disburse, distribute, store, or otherwise deal with that currency or its substitutes (such as stocks, bonds, securities, etc.) and he should cease to accept any remuneration for his product(s) or service(s).
    As a conscientious atheist, he is honor-bound to lead us from the darkness of religion through his shining example.

  • @Rogelio,

    “By their fruit you will recognize them.”

    Then religion is no good:

    Dr. Jonas Salk (an Atheist) saved 1 billion lives by discovering the Polio Vaccine.

    Fr. Joseph Tiso (A devout Catholic) sent 25,000 Jews to their deaths as president of Slovakia in 1944 saying “We shall gladly send our Jews to Hitler”

  • @Stacey,

    Trust the Lord? Really?

    “If a wife intervenes to rescue her husband from his opponent by reaching out and Seizing His Penis, you shall cut off her hand; show no pity.” – The LORD (DEUTERONOMY 25:11)

    Show no pity? What is this nonsense?

  • I suggest you revisit my blog.

    I cannot step in front of dying children to seek God’s help – and neither should you. The immorality of religion is off the scale.

  • Allan go

    Atheists dont beleive in God. How then do they claim that their religious belief is being violated when in fact they dont have a religion in the first place. So if one doesnt have a religion then no violation was ever committed against atheists. Atheists are the ones preventing others from practising religion.

  • Jose

    Susan, you are rather narrow minded. No we are not addressing Zus, Ra, Allah, or any other gods for that matter. America was founded under the Judeo-Christian principles and values. We were not in some Arabian or Greek country, this was and thank God still is America.
    You are free to slobber over any god you please or behave in a manner that best appeals to you. You show some type of intelligence, to believe that putting a nickel in your coin purse or pocket and have any half minded person think or actually believe thus is a religious burden is very close to being senile thinking and babble.

  • Smith

    What about Caesar?

  • Smith

    He is merely wanting to make a name for himself and to go down in history books!

  • MaryP

    Why does it matter that Newdow and others want to remove in “God We Trust”; God is still God whether this statement is on the money or not. We need to stop majoring in the minors. Also, in order for anyone not to believe in something, it has to exist. So that’s just their craziness because at the name of Jesus every knee shall bow and confess that He is Lord. You will either bow on this side or the other side; it behooves you to bow on this side.

  • joy

    Well said JoEllyn … it seems to me that the voice of atheists who cry ‘unfair’ are trying to drown out the voice of believers who cry ‘in God we Trust’! Christians have rights too which ought to be respected. But it shouldn’t be a case of who shouts the loudest wins the argument (or perhaps who can afford to pay the best lawyers in court to put forward the best case)! Hopefully common sense and wisdom will win the day!
    An earlier blogger said that ‘atheists don’t have a religion’ (so bringing a case on the grounds of their religious rights sounds rather foolish) … and another said they were a ‘practicing atheist’ which also confused me … apparently there is no religion to ‘practice’??

  • the fool has said in his heart “there is no GOD when you can look around you and plainly see that things in this world just didn’t appear. hell was meant 4 the devil & his fallen followers and not mankind. so sad how we can be so smart but yet so ignorant at the same time. may GOD have mercy on your soul b 4 satan gets hold of it !!!

  • Shawnie5


  • Frank

    A lot of nickels would be really heavy. They would still spend. Perhaps be grateful that you have a nickel.

  • Frank

    I act morally for the same reason you do – It is in the best interest of our loved ones. God is irrelevant.

    Moral law? Who is the moral law giver? If you love me you will obey my law.

    Christ came to fulfill all the law, died, and rose again, to pay the penalty for our sin.

    The law of the spirit of life in Christ has set me free from the law of SIN and DEATH.

    “The WORDS I speak are Spirit and life.”

  • Rogelio

    @ Max
    Mathew 7:16 applies to believers and non believers alike. Do you think Catholics are excluded? Nobody will be exempt from judgement, we will be acountable for our actions and ommisions, and even worse if we use religion as an excuse to do evil
    Follow the teachings of Jesus and apply them to your life so that by your actions you can give testimony of the love of God and always follow your conscience that is nothing else than the Holy Spirit guiding us on every step we take.

  • In order to do justice to any document and it’s interpretation, we are required to read that document in its entirety and where we lack understanding to seek guidance in interpretation. Singling out a phrase or single statement on which to base the interpretation of such a large document could be nothing short of folly.

  • Kim

    Has anyone ever noticed how the “more rights” people are given the more this world is falling apart. When this country was great was when Men and GOD we’re running it. And by saying God I mean Jesus’s father and my savior. #ConservativeGodfearingvotingforTrump

  • G Key

    Ian, I hope you will also tell your children that not all atheists attack religions. I don’t. I believe in respecting others’ beliefs. In fact, I believe respecting other people’s boundaries is the path to peace.

    There’s a special word for nonbelievers who attack believers and their beliefs: “antitheists”. I consider antitheists to be trespassers who presume inequality and express cruelty in their verbal abuse: gleefully, “triumphantly”, despicably trashing what others hold dear.

    FYI, I’ve also seen antitheists attack Islam, and, less often, Judaism.

    It’s all about how we treat each other.

  • Nick Mastrovito Jr.

    Let’s pray for him and all atheists that they may find God.

  • @Rogelio,

    “Follow the teachings of Jesus …”

    But the bad teachings far outweigh any good ones:

    Jesus commands lying:
    “Blessed are those who have not seen but believe” – JESUS
    This means, merely believing makes it true! It is a command to surrender to self-deception and any conspiracy theory ever invented.

    Jesus commanded bigotry:
    Jesus called certain people ‘Swine’ and ‘Dogs’ – He commanded followers to refuse them.

    Excuse slave owners and human traffickers:
    Jesus, Paul and Peter command slaves to surrender to their masters, “even to the perverse”

    Excuse documented child molesters:
    Jesus commands forgiveness of serial criminals.

    Deny Reason with childish threats:
    Jesus childishly and immorally said, “Believe or be condemned.”
    It is an assault on reason.

  • @Joseph,

    “do justice to the document..”

    What justice does it deserve !?
    You justify lopping off a wive’s hands without mercy! You claim there is a valid context for such torture?

    Yet, you think such morals are worth discussing further?

  • Ric

    Good morning Max, I hope you are having a great day. Thanks for responding to me. I will respond later to your comments. I have to go to work now.

    Ric E

  • samuel johnston

    Hi JoEllyn,
    “Scholars for years have analyzed and studied the Bible…”
    1) Yes, the Church has always had (at least since 325 C.E.) an army of “scholars” who are employed in explaining and justifying the Church. Unfortunately, any who “discovered” that claims made by the Church were suspect, had to find another vocation (assuming they are allowed to live). In addition, the political power of the Church is such, that the veracity of its claims has rarely been a consideration – only its power.
    2)Your assumption that the Bible is a reliable guide to history has been shown to be false. It is a guide only to “the faith”.
    3) “When you become a scholar, theologian. well versed in the entire Bible, etc then share your educated opinions and don’t rip on Jesus.”
    Why even a cat may look at a queen. It does not cahnge what she is.

  • Richard Rush


    “. . . I will point out that atheists exclusively target Christianity. Even to the point of trying to ban a Christian’s right to public prayer in some places.”

    You seem to have forgotten that, just four months ago, Pope Francis visited Washington, New York, and Philadelphia where he was welcomed and cheered by hundreds of thousands of people on public streets, public parks, and public squares. And, apparently, you also forgot that Francis, while in Philadelphia, conducted an outdoor public mass on one of grandest public boulevards in the nation.

    All levels of government were heavily involved in orchestrating the complicated logistics, including massive security measures . . . most of it paid for with public dollars from taxpayers.

  • samuel johnston

    Hi Sheilah,
    “Mr. Johnston, I think if you will review the Bible you would find that “supernatural” occurrences happened frequently before the crucifixion as Jesus and his disciples healed many people among others activities.”
    You are correct.
    “ is the continued movement to somehow forbid the mention of God openly..”
    One may mention God publicy and personally, but not as a representative of the State. This simply means that a public official may openly declare himself be a Buddhist, but he may not use the power and influence of his office to promote his religion. For example, he may not hold a prayer breakfast in a public facility and conduct religious prayers. Likewise an atheist may not hold an atheist breakfast, and encourage testimonials as to how much atheism has enriched his life.

  • samuel johnston

    It is disingenuous to claim that the term God, as used in the motto, is a neutral term. I would be more satisfied if the motto said “In the gods we trust” (it would also be more accurate), but I would suspect that my Jewish friends might object.

  • samuel johnston

    … his argument does not fit with what the religion clause in the First Amendment actually means…
    So what does it mean? Is it absolute or relative? Does it mean today what it ment in 1789? I am all ears.

  • samuel johnston

    Me, I respect the tradition of hanging horse thieves.

  • samuel johnston

    And I will pray that you find reason.

  • samuel johnston

    “Slavery is freedom” It is freedom from the burden of making judgments and living with the consequences.

  • Ben in oakland

    We have Christians posting here, saying over and over again, that ours is a Christian nation founded on Judeo-Christian principles. We have been a Christian majority nation since our founding. We have conservative, self proclaimed Christians claiming that they have the right to dominion over the lives of non conservative and non Christians. We have people posting here claiming that t haviNg God on the currency is Infringing on their rights to practice their religion. We have posters claiming that removing God from money is a slippery slope leading to outlawing their conservative Christian religion.

    To claim that God on our coins means any God you like is, shall we say, less than ingenuous.

  • Ben in oakland

    No, not at all. what we want is to stop the religious from claiming religious dominion over our lives.

  • Ben in oakland

    No, I do not believe in your Christ. I do believe a man named yeshua existed, but for the rest of the Christian story, no. A great many wrong actions have occurred in e name of Jesus, to put it mildly. If Jesus cared, he would have done something. But he didn’t care, or at least, didn’t do anything.

    6 million Jews murdered as a direct result of 1900 years of officially Christian sanction anti semitism.

    The lives of gay people destroyed by 1900 years of antigay bigotry disguised as sincere religious belief.

    10’s, if not hundreds of thousands of witches murdered and tortured for a crime we now know doesn’t exist.

    Buys castrated for the musical pleasures of the pope.

    Hundreds of thousands of Christians murdered by other Christians. Let’s not forget Muslims.

    I’m sure Jesus is dropping a big ol’ briny tear– just the one– even as we speak.

  • Ben in oakland

    Here’s an answer to all of your questions. Two words:

    Religious dominionism.

  • Ben in oakland

    And therein lies the single greatest criticism of the Christian story ever written.

  • Ben in oakland

    Hardly a bulls eye. Whining paranoia ismOre like it.

  • Ben in oakland

    With the idea that he’ll is real, you have just mocked the God who so loved the world etc more than any atheist could. Funny how that works

  • Hector L.

    Its very ironic to me that as a born again christian I have to live with, deal with and tolerate all different types of symbolism, sayings, slurs, mottoes, movies, media, etc., that seriously insult God, his Son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit, but yet for this doctor he finds that its such a big burden that all the US currency says “In God we trust”?!?!?! That’s really lame and absurd and senseless, besides, I have to carry in my wallet and pay with dollar bills with a whole mess of illuminati symbols all over it and that hasn’t torn my world apart, PLEASE!!! There are more serious issues that we all have to work with than to be wasting our time and taxpayers money in courts just because only a herd of atheists find it even insulting the name of God. And besides, what has atheism contributed to society anyways??? I understand that atheism has always been one of the platforms for real communism. Lets attend to those serious issues and quit catering to these selfish issues…

  • samuel johnston

    Hi Donald,
    I personally would rather act as morally/justly as I can manage, whether or not the gods are just, unjust, or indifferent. You should really rethink Pascal’s wager (look it up). A god might feel slighted, or even offended (I know I would). After all, hell is worse than poof… – you are gone.

  • samuel johnston

    Methinks you protest too much.

  • samuel johnston

    “…. Christianity is the only religion attacked by atheists…”
    You are just making this stuff up, aren’t you, Ian?
    What about Muslims, Hindus, Taoism, Judaism, Jainism, Sikhism, Lamaism, Bahá’í …… You think atheists spare them?
    It is a superstitious world. Confused mankind huddles together in fear and ignorance. They are the natural prey of priests, evangelists, and other con men.

  • Valerie

    If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to you.
    James 1:5
    Max, it sounds like you have a lot of questions for God.
    Just as with reading any book, you can have your questions answered when you get to know the author and he/she helps you see it from their perspective.
    I also have many questions for God, but now that I know Him, He shows me the answers each day as I spend time with Him. He’s a loving father who knows I will never fully understand it all because we as humans can never grasp an infinite God with our infinite minds. However, He lets me know how much He loves me and helps me to understand His ways the closer I draw to Him.
    God loves you and longs for a relationship with you. He loved you so much that He sent His son to this earth to die for you. He is extending His hand out to you in love. All you have to do is to accept His greatest gift – Jesus.
    I will be praying…

  • Rogelio

    After reviewing your accusations towards Jesus of Nazareth whom we call the Christ I find no fault in him. (John 19:6)
    There is no need to crucify him again as we already have done this injustice once.

  • Ben in oakland

    This is where your understanding of your own religion is deficient.

    It was no injustice to crucify Jesus. It was the plan. Judas did not betray Jesus. It was the plan. Judas wasn’t a traitor, he was a patsy.

    The message of John 3:16 is clear. The only unforgivable sin is not to believe that Jesus died for your sins. If you don’t believe Jesus died for your sins, beciase you never got the message, or the missionary trying to convince you it was true was an idiot, well, too bad. Off to the Eternal Barbie for you.

  • samuel johnston

    I am a bit rusty on the Bible, but were not the accusers of Jesus religious men? (the Sanhedrin)
    Was not Pontius Pilate a representative of the State? So did not the nonbelievers
    find no fault in Jesus, but the believers did?

  • @Rogelio,

    “There is no need to crucify him again as we already have done this injustice once.”

    I had nothing to do with it and neither did you.

    According to your own religion, God decided
    to turn himself into Jesus and then later arrange for his own suicide
    (‘Lamb of God’) to spill his own blood to sacrifice himself to save humanity from his own laws!

    It makes no sense.
    It is just a primitive, sad, ugly story.

  • @Valerie,

    “He loved you so much that He sent His son to this earth to die for you.”

    Please try to be fair. You are not being fair.

    You have no evidence anyone died for us other than the soldiers who have fought to protect the USA. Also, dying on Friday night but rising on Sunday morning and then living onward into infinity is not ‘a sacrifice’ at all. It is a bad weekend.

    I know children with bone cancer who suffer more than Jesus ever did. It isn’t fair to put the bad weekend Jesus had in the same category of these children who spend 5 years in some cases, watching their bones melt away in agony.

    It is unworthy to compare Jesus to even one of those children.
    Your unfairness here is really shocking.

  • Rogelio

    Dear Samuel:

    In response to your question here is what the Bible say about the Crowds:

    John 12:12-13
    12 The next day, the news that Jesus was on the way to Jerusalem swept through the city. A large crowd of Passover visitors 13 took palm branches and went down the road to meet him. They shouted,
    “Praise God!
    Blessings on the one who comes in the name of the Lord!
    Hail to the King of Israel!”

    Now put it in contrast to Jesus trial:

    Mark 15:14-15
    14 “Why? What crime has he committed?” asked Pilate.
    But they shouted all the louder, “Crucify him!”
    15 Wanting to satisfy the crowd, Pilate released Barabbas to them. He had Jesus flogged, and handed him over to be crucified.

    Ironic? Think not, so it was not only authorities or religious leaders, but the crowds, you or me, believers and non believers alike. He died for our sins.

  • Ben in Oakland

    And it’s not the only religion attacked by all of the rest of the religions.

  • Re: “In what way does carrying a nickel in your pocket measure up? Just asking!”

    Not the question I posed. Try again. This time, don’t start by pontificating on the incredible saintly virtues of Hobby Lobby. I didn’t ask about them. I specifically asked if Christians would happily carry nickels that say “In Satan we trust” on them. If you want to answer that, please do. If you want to answer something else, just say so.

  • Re: “What really baffles my mind is why a non-believer would be so maligned by this statement?”

    What really baffles me is the double standard religious folk adhere to. They ask questions like “Why would atheists mind if ‘God’ is on their coins?” when, if “Satan” were mentioned on them, they’d be up in arms over it.

  • Re: “So not to be unkind but, just put on your big boy pants and deal with it.”

    OK, JoEllen. Let’s say the motto is taken off money. I would tell you to “just put on your big girl pants and deal with it.”

    See how that works? If it’s good for the gander, it’s good for the goose.

  • Re: “No is saying every person is proclaiming his or her religious affiliation by caring this money.”

    The way the words on our money read, I am, as an American, ordered to trust God. However, I do not do so, and never will. Why should my money keep ordering me to do so?

    If on the other hand the intention of the words is not to order any American to trust God, then they must be changed to reflect that. “In God some trust” would work. So let’s change it to that, OK?

    If you find that objectionable, then you’d have to admit what you want is NOT to suggest that some Americans are religious, but that your intention is that money instructs Americans to be religious, whether or not they wish to.

  • Re: “With that, Square, Apple pay, Google pay, gift cards, checking accounts, etc., there are so many ways to completely avoid this ‘offensive’ phase.”

    Thank you for pointing out that financial transactions can be carried out by religious folk without “In God we trust” being emblazoned on them all. This, in turn, means the motto can be removed from our money without harm to any religious person. And that, in turn, means there’s no rational reason for it to be there in the first place.

    Let’s all grow up, get over it already, and get rid of the motto. It serves no purpose (which you demonstrated above). Thanks for doing that, BTW!

  • Melinda

    So by him wanting the govt to omit in God we trust, he is saying that its a problem to those who don’t believe in God and this phrase is hurting his religious freedom? Well i guess he only cares about himself because there are so many out there that loves the motto; so what about their religious freedom? I guess it doesn’t matter to atheist one bit because they are being offended. Well spiritual people find it offensive that they are trying to remove God from any and everything. So where is the freedom for we believers? if atheist don’t believe in God, that’s their prerogative, just like spiritual people that believe in God. How about living your life and don’t try to force your views upon others? How about you live your life the way you want and let others live the way they see fit. Its not just about you atheist. This country is made up of various religions and spirituality. The motto was created as a form of hope. By the way, is God defined? I think not. Anything can be a god…

  • @ben in oakland,

    “I have an issue with…campaigns based upon your religion that are intent upon demonizing people you don’t like and depriving them of the rights….”

    Exactly. Well said, as usual!

  • Ben in Oakland

    As I always say, what’s sauce for a dishonest goose is certainly sauce for propaganda.

  • Ben in Oakland


  • @PsiCop,

    “double standard…how about satan”

    Well said.

    Furthermore, what would the presidents have to say
    about “In God We Trust” next to their portrait? 🙂

    $1 bill – George Washington
    “We are not a Christian nation”

    Penny – Abe Lincoln –
    “The Bible is not my Book and Christianity is not my religion”

    Nickel – Thomas Jefferson –
    “no man shall be compelled to frequent or support any religious worship”

    $20 – Andrew Jackson –
    “no established religion shall exist under our glorious constitution.”

    Yet thanks to Christian shenanigans they all have “In God We Trust” diminishing their heroic accomplishment in church state separation and mocking them on the same currency!

  • Valerie

    Athiest Max,
    What isn’t fair is that a sinless, perfect loving God would come to die for a selfish, sinful, fallen, lost me. But He did! He chose to leave His heavenly home and to humble Himself to become a lowly human, face every temptation and trial that any man would ever face and still not sin, be rejected by the very people He lovingly created to be with, then face the most humiliating death, carrying on Himself all the punishment of His Father for all the sins of every person who ever lived. He paid our debt with His sacrificial death. He was the unblemished Passover lamb of the Old Testament. The long awaited Messiah. The rejected cornerstone. The Word become flesh.
    He died for you Max! He loves you! Even as you fight against Him…He is praying for you.
    One day every knee shall bow and every tongue will confess that He is Lord of Lords and King of Kings! You will be there to see it. I pray that you will come to know Him before that day. I hope to meet you one day.

  • samuel johnston

    The moral “law” comes from inside ourselves, or not at all.
    It is how we behave when no one is watching, and no reward is offered.

  • Talon

    If all that’s bother’s you is carrying American currencies in your pocket. Get a credit card. Problem solved.

  • Barbara

    If you’re offended, don’t use cash, use your debit card. Don’t force the “vast majority” to change their ways because of a “collective few”. This country was founded and rooted in God. Take this issue to vote and you’ll find out that this guy will be tossed out on his two ears. Why should we rely on 9 people to change our beliefs, let the people decide. Also, it’s very easy to just pack it up and leave our country if you don’t like our rooted ways.

  • Barbara

    If you’re an atheist then I suspect you believe it’s okay to kill, lie, steal, and sleep with your neighbor’s wife. If you don’t think it’s okay to do these things, then, please pray tell, why not?

  • @Victoria,

    “He died for you Max! He loves you!”

    The mistake you are making is to tell me I must believe in your nonsense.
    That is why I must object to this. Your religion is not for me. I want nothing to do with it.

    Your god is a fictional, depraved, dictatorial character who represents the worst tribalist evils barbarians ever invented.
    According to your story, God committed suicide to ‘save’ us from himself. I can’t imagine a more depraved theory of reality.

    I want nothing to do with it. Take it off my currency. Get it out of my laws.

  • Talon,

    America is not improved by unlawfully claiming its citizens universally TRUST in a fictional, bigoted, racist dictator.

    Get “In God We Trust” off the money supply.
    It is far past time for Americans to reclaim their rights.

  • Shawnie5

    Hey Max, you’re doing better. Your quotes are only 50% false today.

  • Ben in Oakland

    aWwwww, Thanks Max. :0)

  • Ben in Oakland

    Because they are wrong, cause harm to other people? Is that too simple an answer?

    Is the only thing keeping you from doing the same your belief in God?

    If you’re a god believer, I suspect you think it is ok to fly airplanes into buildings, murder doctors performing legal medical procedures, commit adultery my remarrying after you divorce your non-adulterous wife, wear prada pumps in your lakeside castle why children starve, and tell any vicious lie you like about people you don’t like because you’re doin’ it for jeeeeeeeesusssssssss?

    If not, why not?

  • Ben in Oakland

    This was directed at Barbara. This is what happens when comments are deleted.

  • Ric

    Good morning Max,
    You have so many questions that can’t be satisfied with simple answers, this is complex.
    I’m still on the first part of your questions:

    Is God (The Triune God) perfect? Yes I believe he is!
    Do I think I will convince you of that? Well you know the answer to that question.
    Do you believe there was a person name (Jesus Christ) who lived on this earth?
    Why would history have so much to say about a person who never existed?
    Do you believe he was resurrected from the dead? If not why would so many people claim that he did?

    I’m looking forward to your responses Max, and I hope you have a great day.


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  • @Allan go

    “Atheists are preventing others from practicing religion”

    No we are not! We are not closing churches!
    You may pray by yourself or with others at any time so long as you don’t force it on anyone else. We are only insisting the law be followed – why can’t you do that?

    This country has a common currency for all of us.
    It is unfair for only one religious concept (a particularly anti-democratic one at that!) to be forced onto that public currency.

  • @Jose,

    “No we are not addressing Zus, Ra, Allah, or any other gods for that matter.”

    All the more reason to get rid of it.
    You are blatantly pushing your Jesus – a legendary, controversial criminal scoundrel – onto everyone else.

    And you know it!

  • @Shawnie:

    “You are only 50% false”

    Aren’t you the one who believes the Bible quote about ZOMBIES:
    “many dead saints rose up and visited with people in the city” (Matthew 27:52)
    is 100% accurate?

    What is your verification process, exactly?

  • @Ric,

    “Why would history have so much to say about a person who never existed?”

    Hercules inspired more stories than Jesus.
    Hercules didn’t exist.

    Many other influential people never lived
    yet inspired more stories than Jesus who, as depicted in the gospels, is just as imaginary:

    Captain Kirk
    Elmer Gantry
    Helen of Troy
    Jim Crow
    Ebenezer Scrooge
    Marlboro Man
    Big Brother
    King Arthur
    Santa Claus
    Sherlock Holmes
    Romeo and Juliet
    Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
    Uncle Tom
    Robin Hood
    King Arthur

    Shall I go on?

  • Phil in Clinton Township

    2 Chronicles 7:14 comes to mind. And when Jesus said that no one will enter into heaven except through HIm. Why do people continue to use the basis for their anti God arguments that America is not and was not founded on Christian beliefs? Ok, so they don’t want God in their lives. That is their choice. But, whether they agree or not, or like it or not, God is watching them. Obviously they have no concern for their eternal soul and I do pray for them. I as well as any believer does not want them to end up eternally separated from the Lord. We all live with choices we make, some good and some not so good. I choose to live in this country, and so do they. If they are that set against having the blessings of God in their lives, then they can make a not so wise choice and move to a country that has little national influence of love for our lord by the people. Remember this,”If you are not satisfied with what you have, you will never be satisfied with what you want”.

  • Phil in Clinton Township

    Atheist Max just likes to argue or hear himself speak. You are missing the fundamental point to God and who He is. All things that happen are under the Lords control. And yes bad things happen to good people, little children, women and so on. During the rough times we are to turn to Him for the strength to get through those times. The entire run of our lives are so that in the end, we will be assured of a place with Him. The strength comes from that, and it is guaranteed. Just because you do not have an understanding of that does not make it true. I will pray for you that the veil is drawn back and your eyes and heart will see. Than you will praise HIm for accepting and forgiving you. That is the blessing, no one is refused when they reject the trappings of the world and accept the peace that is His. May God Bless

  • Richard Rush

    Phil in Clinton Township,

    Sadly, you are swimming in a stew of myths and fallacies that were, understandably, invented initially by ancient people in a desperate attempt to understand their world. But then, very quickly, the cleverest people realized that they could exploit those myths and fallacies to gain power and control over the masses, and thus, organized religion was born.

    If it were not for the common human lust to gain power and control over everyone else, there would be no need for organized religion. Only religions demand that people attend a weekly event to constantly be re-indoctrinated with myths and fallacies.

    Isn’t it interesting how today’s proliferation of surveillance cameras has reduced the need for making people believe that a god is watching their every move, and then deciding whether to bless or punish them?

    I won’t live to see it, but Christianity will eventually take its rightful place alongside Greek Mythology and all the other defunct…

  • @Phil,

    “I will pray for you that the veil is drawn back and your eyes and heart will see….”

    Even if he exists, were God to intercede for your personal whimsy
    while he is busy ignoring dying children would itself be an immoral, despicable act. For you to actually request that intercession is just as despicable.
    You haven’t given it a thought.

    I don’t share your selfish dream of obliterating from my sight the suffering of others. So you strip yourself of your own humanity.

    While children die of bone cancer and beg for a god to come help them, you would step in front of them? cut in line !?
    You dare to think such a despicable wish is virtuous?

    As long as your god refuses those more worthy than you, it is immoral to request his attention!
    It is a perverse delusion to want to simply black out and stop living.
    Your wish is cold hearted.

  • Bull***t.

  • Ben in oakland

    “All things that happen are under the lord’s control.”

    You admit that suffering is under his control, and he inflicts it so that we will turn to him for strength, and maybe he’ll stop it and may be won’t. The strength may come from him, maybe it won’t, And if we are worthy, if we don’t commit suicide from his inflictions because we didn’t have the strength, or turn to misery and vice in our attempts to deal with what he inflicts, maybe he’ll let us sit with him, and maybe he won’t.

    If a person behaved like that, we would call him an abuser, a bully, and a monster. But you are just fine with it.

    I will pray for you, that veil is lifted from your heart and mind and that you see clearly. But I won’t pray to your God for it.

    Actually, since I’m an atheist, I won’t pray at all, but will simply hope that you will see though what is clouding your moral judgment.

  • samuel johnston

    Hi Ricahrd,
    I agree with your summary, and would just add a couple of thoughts. Polytheism seems natural enough (we were/are vulnerable to lots of powerful and dangerious forces, of which we understand little) and Polytheism conforms to our experience of the world. Polytheism explains the confusion, conflict, randomness, injustice, favoritism, and a thousand other problems that monotheism struggles with, and has to invent evermore unlikely explinations to try and account for them. The only logical advance of monotheism is merely naming a beginning cause, while providing no information about it other than it was willful. Darwin has put an end to the wilfulness of creation. Natural selection has no will, so the creation god no longer makes sense and adds nothing to logical understanding. Religion, however is social in nature. We struggle together. We celebrate together. We live for/with each other as much as for/with ourselves. So religions come and go with their tribes and cultures.

  • G Key

    Re Barbara’s “If you’re an atheist then I suspect you believe it’s okay to kill, lie, steal, and sleep with your neighbor’s wife. If you don’t think it’s okay to do these things, then, please pray tell, why not?”

    Wow. I had no idea I was so evil. Especially after all the time I’ve spent considering, choosing, deploying, and getting skewered by my very own values and beliefs.

    My chosen values and beliefs are based on the fact that I care more about how people treat each other than about anything else. Thus, my principal guiding values are Equality, Respect, and Compassion.

    I believe the Golden Rule means respecting other people’s personal boundaries, beliefs, belongings, bodies, bedrooms, & business — not to mention their rights, privacy, & equality — as I would have others respect my own.

    And I believe that “suspecting” (i.e., making up) stories about strangers and abusing/insulting them accordingly is, to borrow a term, sinful.

    How about you?

  • Max

    Good morning Max,
    I hope you are doing well and enjoying life.
    Thanks for your response.

    No need to go on Max. The major difference out of all the real people on your list is that not one of them die and was resurrected from the dead like Jesus Christ. Do take it at my face value Max because you’re much more intelligent that I. I challenge you to search out the facts for yourself on the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus if it’s real or just a legend.

    Have a great day Max

    Peace to you man,

  • lisa kongsdorf

    I’m sorry you don’t believe in a God that is love. It amazing me how much hate I see in trying to destroy a faith and belief in a God that is there for everyone. Even if you don’t believe why try to eradicate hope for others. Wouldn’t you rather spend your time doing something positive God loves you too.

  • Ric

    I act morally because I’m made that way.
    Here are some of the characteristics of The Triune God: omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient, the He is so relevant Max. He is where we find true purpose in life,
    Mark 16:16 Whoever believes and is baptized will be saved, but whoever does not believe will be condemned.— This is a choice, we all have to live with the choices we make in life.
    John 15:6 – If you do not remain in me, you are like a branch that is thrown away and withers; such branches are picked up, thrown into the fire and burned. Jesus provides this parable to make his point. He doesn’t want anyone to perish (2 Peter 3:9) THE LORD JEHOVAH does not delay his promises as people consider delay, but he is patient for your sakes, and because he is not willing that any person would perish, but that every person would come to conversion. What good is a branch after is seperated from the vine, dried up and withered? There is no harm throwing it into a fire at that point.

  • Ben in oakland

    And ric, as a thorough going atheist, I am a moral person because that is what my parents raised me to be, because I can see the advantages of being moral over being immoral, because I don’t want to hurt people, because I don’t want them hurting me, because I care about other people.

    No religion necessary att all.

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  • Ric

    Hey Ben,
    Are you telling me that morals are taught? Who taught your parents their morals, and your grand parents great grand parents? I believe there is some truth morals being taught, because that’s what good parents do we pass on what we believe to be true, and best for our children. My parents did and I’m doing that as well as best as I know possible.
    I think the majority of the people in this world does not want to hurt other people, personally I don’t not only because I don’t want them hurting me but also because I don’t like hurting others, heck, I don’t want to hurt my dog.
    Do you believe that morals are taught at every degree? at every level? If so who came up with this list of morals?

  • Valerie

    It is not a religion I have. It’s a relationship.
    To personally know such a loving God, who is perfect in all of His ways in how He loves me is the greatest gift I could ever want.
    He never forces Himself on you, but stands with His loving arms stretched out, welcoming you home like the Father of a long lost son.
    You can take His name off of money, out of the schools, out of the courts, burn every Bible and take down every cross, but you will never be able to run far enough from His love for you…He will always pursue you…
    Praying you come to know your Good Good Father,
    Valerie (Victoria is a great name though)

  • @Ric,

    “Max. He is where we find true purpose in life…”

    So if you found out Jesus was imaginary you would jump off a bridge? Your children, wife, mother, father, aunts, uncles and your dog would mean nothing to you?
    How selfish.

    I suspect you are probably not so selfish as to mean what you said. You have perhaps not given this any thought because religion has not allowed you to think for yourself.

  • @Valerie:

    “God… with His loving arms stretched out, welcoming you home like the Father of a long lost son.”

    1) If Christianity isn’t a religion we should tax all the churches – it is a huge industry ripping off the American people.

    2) I already have a father – I think it would be mildly insulting to him if I added a superfluous one who doesn’t appear to exist.

    3) To seek love from imaginary places is an insult to the love we receive from humans. To rank such imaginary love higher than human love demeans all of humanity.

    4) You do not wish me to find God but you wish for me to accept your claims about god – big difference. You want me to verify your beliefs for you by buying the same sales pitch you bought.

    Your objective is self interested. Yet it claims to be selfless.
    Believe it if you wish – but I wish you would examine your religion.
    And yes – JESUS IS A RELIGION.

  • @Valerie,

    “it isn’t a religion it is a relationship”

    Jesus is a religion.
    Religion is a list of rules claimed by a God.
    You claim Jesus is a god who exists and you claim there are certain rules to follow from that God.

    To claim a relationship with God is like claiming to have the most beautiful, handsome boyfriend on a far away planet. Too bad nobody can ever meet him – don’t expect rational people to believe it.

  • @Lisa Kongsdorf,

    “It amazing me how much hate I see in trying to destroy a faith…”

    Why call it ‘hate’? Shall I accuse you of hating Thor, Ganesha and Allah simply because you don’t want those gods constantly in your face on your public park or on your money?
    Instead I’m calling you rude for insisting I go along with your god and not the others.

    “why try to eradicate hope for others.”

    I see no hope in cocaine, heroin, cigarettes or alcohol.
    Religion is even more deadly and more dangerous than all those things.

    “Wouldn’t you rather spend your time doing something positive?”

    I can’t think of anything more positive
    than helping people open up their minds
    to the ubiquitous catastrophic dangers in the lie that is religion.

  • Rogelio

    Ric, in your search for the truth I encourage you to read:
    20 Arguments For God’s Existance by Peter Kreeft.
    Read the Argument of Conscience

  • Rogelio
  • Valerie

    The Bible actually says that Jesus is our most beautiful beloved husband coming back one day for His bride (all who believe in Him).
    We get to know Him from reading the Bible, the love letters He left for us until that day. I don’t know if you’ve ever read the Bible, but it is the #1 best seller in History. (His Story) Pray and ask God if He is real, to speak to you as you read the Bible. He promises that whoever seeks Him will find Him. Jeremiah 29:13
    All other religions are man working his way to God, but not with Jesus, He paid our debt and there is nothing we can do to earn our way to heaven. It is the greatest love story ever.

  • @Valerie:

    “I don’t know if you’ve ever read the Bible…”
    All the way through. Have you?

    “… Bible is the #1 best seller in History.”
    But nobody reads it.
    Homer’s Epics were far more widely circulated through history.
    Don Quixote is the #1 bestseller which is actually read.
    Like the Bible, all bestsellers are fiction.

  • @Valerie:

    Jesus says:
    “For as Jonah was three days and three nights in the belly of a huge fish, so the Son of Man will be three days and three nights in the heart of the earth.” – Jesus (Matthew 12:40)

    Jesus is referring to the Old Testament of Jonah:
    “Jonah was in the belly three days and three nights.” (Jonah 1:17)

    For this reason alone, Jesus must be buried for three days.  
    Yet, The book of Jonah is merely a plagiarism of the Gilgamesh story, a known work of non-religious fiction from 1800 BCE.

    It would be like me saying,
    “I must build my house of bricks so the big bad wolf can’t blow it down”

    It is not believable the character of Jesus could have been real as he is written.
    Take it off the money.

  • Ric

    Good morning Max,
    I hope this note finds you doing well.
    Thanks for your response.

    I think I understand your question about purpose, You’re and atheist and if I said you didn’t have purpose that would not be absolutely true.
    the same for your reference to Dr. Jonas Salk (an Atheist) saved 1 billion lives by discovering the Polio Vaccine. Did this man have purpose? Obviously he did. How much greater purpose could he have had “In Christ” only God knows.

    I’m obviously a Christian, a follower of Christ, this is the only religion I strive for to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep myself from being polluted by the world. Yes this is from the Word of God.
    What I have is a relationship with my Creator and Savior Jesus Christ.

    Have a great day Max.
    Gotta run!

    Peace to you.

  • Jo

    Amen and Amen!!

  • Jo

    I replied Amen and Amen to the post of Allen go…who posted on January 22, 2016 at 5:58 pm.

    Allen go replied:
    Atheists don’t believe in God. How then do they claim that their religious belief is being violated when in fact they don’t have a religion in the first place. So if one doesn’t have a religion then no violation was ever committed against atheists. Atheists are the ones preventing others from practicing religion.

    Amen and Amen!!! Thank you Allen go…for your reply on the behalf of all Christians!

  • Odessa K Pugh

    The Bible says do not feed what is holy to the dogs. If they don’t believe, they don’t believe. But according to the word of God, whether Atheists, Buddha, Islam or whatever, He says, every eye shall see him, every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess that Jesus Christ is Lord.
    So you don’t have to waste your time trying to convince an unbeliever about God, because he will find out in due time. Just continue to pray for them.

  • Valerie

    I have read the Bible all the way through, and it has the most beautiful ending! I read it every morning, it is how my Lord speaks to me, how He tells me He loves me and how He shows me I am to love others.
    “Let the morning bring me word of your unfailing love,
    for I have put my trust in you.
    Show me the way I should go,
    for to you I entrust my life.” Psalm 143:8 (NIV)
    My father and mother read it, my husband reads its, my children read it and many of my friends love it as I do.
    There are people in countries that are not allowed a Bible who are asking us to send them one, even though it may cost them their life if they are found with it. Yes, Max, people are reading it all over the world.
    Even this morning, He sent me a prayer for you.
    LORD, show Max the way of life, granting him the joy of Your presence and the pleasures of living with You forever. From Psalm 16:11 (NLT)
    Oh and about building a house of bricks. I build mine on the rock – Jesus…

  • @Valerie:

    There you go again, cherry picking the nice sounding abstract stuff.
    BUT please answer this Bible question:

    Is there any situation where a bunch of boys
    deserve being trapped into a corner where they can be slaughtered by wild bears?
    Under what circumstance would it be morally correct?

    I’d like to hear your answer.

  • Debra Huntley

    Wow Allan, so well put. I absolutely the way you broke and did id so eloquently….cause right now I am fuming from the ears I am so upset with these people claiming to have religious rights and practice no religion. How insane is that? America was built on Christianity.

  • jhenry

    First this country is not a christian country, it is an equal and free country or at least that was the intentions of the founding fathers. The way I see it is there is two options:

    1. Take in god we trust off money- Then the government is not seen to be endorsing a religion.

    2. Add other religious slogans on the percentage of bill that represent that population equivalent and circulate- 70.1 % of bills keep “in god we trust”, 1% say “in alia we trust”, 3.1% say nothing, 4.5 % say “who knows” and 15.8% say “ehhh”.

    Now everyone is represented.

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  • DmanTheNegotiator


    I have no problem with a debate, as long as it does not become offensive. Yes, the Bible does feature acts of unspeakable cruelty. I have read it and cannot deny this, though I am not a Christian. But, this does not justify the insulting Christian religious beliefs. You have to understand that believing that an all-powerful creator loves you brings hope to many. I know people that would have killed themselves without this belief. Calling their beliefs “Evil” and their chosen deity “and evil, cruel and tyrannical dictator,” is not the mature thing to do, nor does it help your case or prove your point. To my knowledge, that is your only real response to any of their questions. They answer yours as vaguely, saying infuriating things like ” I will pray for you” or “it is this way because it is.” And even implying you have no choice. You do. Haters will be haters. This does not mean you have to hate back.

    IMHO It should be gone because it fuels groups like ISIS in their…

  • DmanTheNegotiator

    “In God We Trust” is also inaccurate, as the majority of Americans could not care less as to what is on their currency, so long as they do not see. It as inherently evil, as you do in this case. Most Americans do not care whether there is or is not a “god” or “gods” as even if they/he/she does exist, they/he/she does not affect their daily lives in any significant way.

  • DmanTheNegotiator

    Nothing but good can come from taking it off money. If we do, it is just taking another reason to hate us and justify hate crimes against us.

  • DmanTheNegotiator

    Also, just a question: by “locked in a corner to be eaten by bears” are you referring to Daniel and the Lions Den? Or something else? Just curious, as I do not remember ever hearing about bears.

  • DmanTheNegotiator

    Under what circumstance would this be morally correct? If they are family-destroying murderers and rapists. America is waaaayyyyyy too light-handed with its criminals 😉

  • That is not exactly a fair comment to make. Since he likely lives in or near the United States, he cannot simply not use American money.

  • Then just use your credit cards I’m sure you have no problems spending it do u realize how much it would cost to change and what you will make the old money worth? Hmmmm you’d jump on that. Let’s think about saving the country u criticize tell your little story face to face with a real soldier chances are you will not look the same