Mormons now most Republican religious group in America

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A Pew Research Center report out today finds that Mormons are the most Republican-leaning religious group.

(Courtesy of 2014 Pew Religious Landscape Survey)

A Pew Research Center report out today finds that Mormons are the most Republican-leaning religious group.

A Pew Research Center report out today finds that Mormons are the most Republican-leaning religious group.

A Pew Research Center report out today finds that Mormons are the most Republican-leaning religious group.

The Pew Research Center, drawing on findings from the 2014 Religious Landscape Survey, released a report today on “U.S. Religious Groups and Their Political Leanings.”

“Mormons are the most heavily Republican-leaning religious group in the U.S., while a pair of major historically black Protestant denominations – the African Methodist Episcopal (AME) Church and the National Baptist Convention – are two of the most reliably Democratic groups,” said the report.

Seventy percent of Mormons now affiliate with the GOP, which is up from 65% when the survey was done in 2007. The next-most-Republican group, the Southern Baptist Convention, is six points behind the Latter-day Saints at 64%.

Democrats now account for just 19% of U.S. Mormons, down from 22% in 2007.

This year is the first presidential election since 2008 that has not featured at least one LDS candidate for president, although Marco Rubio, who is currently neck-and-neck with evangelical Ted Cruz, did spend some of his formative years as a Mormon and some of his adulthood as an evangelical. Rubio now considers himself a Roman Catholic.




  • HarryStamper

    Super article….thank you for the update….wow I’m surprised….I thought the church would come in at 92%….Apparently your articles are working…!! Too many open minds, too many people wanting to “change” things….I’m so glad I have memories of the good old days.

  • I find your comment confusing; can you clarify what you’re trying to say?

  • HarryStamper

    Just a little sarcasm and a veiled jab at your commentaries of the past few years. Many of your positions are not traditional conservative thought. Actually, my first thought after reading through the post….wow no commentary…just facts.

  • Kevin JK

    I think that this is kind of sad. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is libertarian. In the temple, the Father tells Adam that of every tree of the garden he may freely eat, but of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, he may not eat, but HE MAY CHOOSE FOR HIMSELF FOR IT IS GIVEN UNTO HIM. This is the very essence of libertarian thought. The GOP and the Dems both believe in using the force of government to impose their subjective morals. Prop. 8 is a prime example. Satan likewise advocated using force to impose morality on people. 1 Cor. 10:29 and D&C 134:4 condemn that idea. Based on that, I can’t figure out why ANY believing Latter-day Saint would be a Democrat or a Republican.

  • Bob

    Mormons are counseled to support candidates that best reflect their idea of good governance. Sometimes they are Libertarian, sometimes GOP and sometimes Democrat but generally they lean conservative.

  • Comrade Moroni

    Not me, I’m a redder than red Socialist. The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few! Jesus would have wanted it that way!

  • Kevin JK

    I doubt that Jesus was a socialist or he would have had tithing be 50% and/or had a heavily progressive tithing percentage. He would have denounced turning over money to the money changers to gain exorbitant profits in currency speculation. Socialists don’t like people having weapons. they want the state to be the only one able to exert deadly force, yet Jesus told the apostles to sell their own coats, if they needed to, in order to buy swords (Lk 22:35,36).

    He didn’t ask the government to feed the 3000.

    Socialists don’t like religion (see China, Cuba. N. Korea, etc…). I doubt Jesus would approve of that position.

  • David Lloyd-Jones


    North Korea is a family farm, probably the least socialist state on the planet., China, whatever you call its nationalist capitalist one-party state, is pop-Taoist, now as always. Cuba gives both socialism and Roman Catholicism pretty good runs, under very difficult headwinds to both.

    Sweden, arguably the most socialist society, has an established Lutheran Church, headed by the country’s king. On surveys, the Swedish people rank highest in the world on ability to name the four Gospels, and lowest in the world on self-identified Christianity.

    My own guess, fwiw, is that the 96% or so of Sweden’s self-identified non-Christians are largely atheists and agnostics, but I think a lot of them are socialists who say to themselves “Well, I try to be a Christian, but I can’t live up to the ideal.

    Also, fwiw, it’s my guess that you are part of the same cult as Harry Stamper, whose inimitable letters, above, you do such flattering homage to.


  • Mike

    Members of the church lean as the apostles lean in political matters. I seriously do not think members objectively look at issues. We have had some ultra conservative apostles make some wild statements(Benson 1969 for example). They have had far reaching influence on members thinking since members do not think for themselves. When the prophet speaks the thinking has been done even if he last spoke30 years ago. It will be interesting to see what justifications are used when the state of Utah votes for Trump.

  • HarryStamper

    “it’s my guess that you are part of the same cult as Harry Stamper,”

    Wow….my own cult….thank you….could be true, I do like Kool-aid….

  • Kevin JK

    NK can hardly be called capitalist in any way. China only allows people to attend state approved churches. We can’t send missionaries there. Cuba keeps a tight reign on Catholics too. We can’t go there. the bottom line is leftist people and governments dislike religion because they want the state to be worshiped and appealed to instead of God.

    I served my mission in Scandinavia so I understand state churches. They are empty buildings attended only by seniors and families that are baptizing a kid. few take religion seriously. The churches are like the DMV. just another costly government agency.

    I wish you would have addressed the majority of my post rather than just the last sentence.

    neither Jesus nor the Gospel supports secular socialism/communism.

  • Greg

    Yeah, Jesus was definitely a libertarian, not a socialist. If he had been a socialist, he would have said crazy things like it’s hard for rich people to get into heaven, and would be better for them to sell all they have and give it to the poor.

    He would have placed restrictions on the free exercise of commerce, like kicking merchants out of the temple grounds. He would have acknowledged the government’s right to collect taxes. He would have constantly denounced greed and the oppression of the poor. He would have encouraged people not to worry about amassing earthly wealth.

    His followers might have even enacted a policy of wealth distribution where members of the church sold their property and gave the proceeds to the church, to be centrally managed for the benefit of all. If he was really serious about it, he might even have people who didn’t adopt that policy struck down as an example.

    Thankfully, he did none of those things, and is clearly a libertarian.

  • David Lloyd-Jones


    You represent the threat Evangelists always face: somebody here and there is likely to open the Book and read it.


  • David Lloyd-Jones


    You’re batting .500. Mike Lee is neither Libertarian nor conservative. He’s a Feudal freak who stumbled in with the Tea Party. Utah trying to catch up with Rick Santorum on his way to the abbey maybe.

    All the sensible Mormons must have been out of the country on missions the time of that primary…


  • Kevin JK

    being Libertarian doesn’t mean that you are money hungry. it means that you should be able to keep what your earn in a secular society. Wealth isn’t evil, but it does bring certain challenges like pride and greed. Socialistic societies also present challenges like eschewing charity and hard work. Heavily taxed states like Mass. give much less to charity than poorer states like MS. The high tax states think that the government should take care of it so the people let them, especially after being taxed so heavily. Highly taxed people tend not to work as hard. this is why the USSR failed. The Soviets pretended to pay their citizens and the citizens pretended to work.

    Setting up a private united order type society is within libertarian ideals since it is voluntary.

    If the Gospel were socialist, we’d all inherit the terrestrial kingdom so that none would be in the celestial or telestial. You keep what you earn.

  • Nearly six years ago, when I was first called to the ministry, I thought this was why I was receiving the call – because there is not moderate or liberal version of Mormonism. There is just conservative Mormonism and the few non conservatives that hang out with them. It wasn’t until last year that I learned that the real reason was to create a home for Mormons the LDS church would be kicking out. Yet I still feel that the Fellowship is a better home for non conservative Mormons, as my wife, who is still LDS, thinks the Fellowship is more Mormon/Christian that the LDS version of our shared religion. She’s a socialist, so you can imagine how she feels attending church meetings etc…

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