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  • kashif ahmed

    Hadrat MIRZA GHULAM AHMAD OF QADIAN pbuh was the promised Messiah. Who came in the time of MUSLIM need. These so called religious scholars were adding unholy things in ISLAM. HE came to eliminate these additions and bring back the GLORIOUS ISLAM of HADRAT MUHAMMAD PBUH.

  • Ben Ali

    If he is your promised reformer for all of mankind, why call yourselves Muslims? Why not call yourselves, Ostriches or Jews or Apple iPhones? The name Muslim is already taken by those who ascribe to the belief that Mohammad (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) is the last and final messenger of Allah, the Creator and Sustainer of the universe.

    Oh, and the reason why you can’t take those other names is because they are already ascribed to a specific item, belief/race or product. Just like Islam and Muslim are.

    To persecute you for your misnaming of your sect is wrong and as far as I’m concerned, anyone who violates the rights of members of your community is my enemy too – this includes the government of Pakistan.

  • Hasan Ahmad

    I am assuming you are Muslim yourself? You would know yourself that the Shahada says clearly : there is no God but God and Muhammad (saw) is his messenger.
    Ahmadis believe in no God but God and The Holy Prophet Muhammad (saw) as the messenger of God. At this point you and I believe the same. At this point you and I are both Muslims. Beyond this point is all about interpretations. You and I can call another Muslims actions and views as unislamic in our opinion due to interpretation but you or I cannot call each other non Muslim. Islam does not have a monopoly on the word Muslim as verse 3:52 states Jesus’s followers called themselves Muslims as well but as Islam is the final religion itself the term Muslim applies to followers of Islam and again within it its all interpretation. When you begin to realize this point you will also realize how wrong clerics declaring Ahmadis as non Muslims are.

  • Ben Ali

    If a man says he’s a doctor and can recite the Hippocratic Oath, but everyone else warns you that he is not a doctor, would you believe him? If you give him the benefit of the doubt and accept that he is a doctor because he speaks some terms that sound like medical terms, but subsequently realise that he’s not actually achieving the things he said would happen, it wouldn’t be long before even you would call him a quack – again, I’m assuming this is what you’d do?

    And so it is with Ghulam Ahmed Mirza, the false mesiah, who claimed to be Jesus resent upon the world, but died without the world being transformed. And in truth, because no one believed him, he called us all non-Muslims!

    The shahada is clear. I have no doubt you believe and have due regard for the shahada. I also assume, that you accept the five pillars of Islam, The Quran, The Hadeeth of our beloved last and final Prophet Muhammed ibn AbdAllah and accept the preservation of our beliefs by Allah SWT?

  • Hasan Ahmad

    For becoming a doctor you need to study and become a doctor. For a Muslim, to be considered becoming a Muslim you would accept the Shahada. No other man or woman can tell you that if you believe in One God and Muhammad as the messenger of God, that you are not a Muslim. Beyond that is which interpretation you chose to accept as most in line with the true meaning of Islam. So that example you showed does not make sense.

    The Myth that the Promised Messiah Hadhrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad claimed someone like you to be a non-Muslim is based on a myth perpetuated by the clerics

    http://www.muslimsunrise.com/dmddocuments/1983_issue_2.pdf (Page 21)

    The interpretation between you and I on the Hadith and the Quran are clear. There can be no new LAW bearing Prophet because Islam is the final religion and Quran is the final law of God. Any reformer INCLUDING the messiah and masih would be subordinate Prophet of God because by definition, anyone who is sent by God is a Prophet

  • Zubair Khan

    Probably soon time will come when Ahmadiyya will be known as true face of Islam. Bani Israil declined acceptance of Jesus A.S. Later Nasaara became the true followers of Jesus A.S. Similar looks in pipe line for Islam. As per my little knowledge word Muslim has oft been used in Quran for various prophets and their followers. With reference to word Islam it has only been used in Quran where God Almighty declared completing His Blessings on Prophet Muhammad s.a.v.s. To my scanty knowledge no where in Quran word Muslim has been used only for the followers of Islam. Islam means peace, love and respect for each other so who so ever ensuring all these is in fact following the true Islam.

  • samuel johnston

    Peace? Any religion “means” whatever any group decides, because “religion” has no objective meaning, it is merely descriptive of a set of self proclaimed conditions.
    Ignorance likely make heritics of us all, as does knowledge, and language itself.
    It is the burning desire of some to control others, using religion as the excuse, that makes the whole vehicle dangerous. Peace indeed. There is only peace when everyman can go his own way.

  • Zafar

    LoL@Ben comparing the word Muslim with the word Doctor. It shows how much he knows. The religion is between you and your Lord. Clearly stated in the Quran. The doctor is answerable to people when he treats them, not directly to God whereas Muslim is only answerable to God for his/her deeds and not other people as it seems like is the case with the Muslim world today unfortunately.

    Here is the definition of a Muslim given by Holy Prophet (SAW) who never ever called anyone a non Muslim, including the hypocrites during his time:

    “Whoever observe prayers in the same way as we do, to declare our Qibla to be his Qibla, one eats from our Dhabiha, such a one is a Muslim. To protect such a person is a matter of obligation for God and his messenger. So o Ye Muslim, make sure that you do not violate the obligation from God. ”


  • Roberto Zohan

    As far as true “holy” teachings of Islam are concerned that Muslims try to tell about their religion (beautiful, peaceful, friendly, love for all etc) I have seen only ahmedy Muslims displaying it. I have seen difference in thier heads and other Muslim heads. ahmedy heads always answer the hatred with patience ..this is what I have noticed ..this is what non ahmedies tell others about Islam but sadly we in western world find ahmadies practicing good things of religion and others giving hate speeches for everyone but them. they display no acceptance no tolerance for anyone. All we read in papers regarding ahmadys is about spreading love and forgiving people while others are busy killing them and using mosques to spread hatred against others. and btw did God really needs yr help regarding decision who is apostate or kafir or aethist and who is not ? Let Him decide that.

  • Ben Ali

    There have been many false prophets throughout history. May I remind you that the first of many false prophets to declare themselves after the death of our beloved Muhammad SAW were all cut down by Abu Bakr, Umar, Uthman & Ali RA.

    Ahmedis can call themselves Muslims, peaceful, Apple iPhones or Maddonna. I don’t care. Like most of the Muslim community, your leader’s prophecies failed to appear and so wasn’t the mesiah he claimed to be, your support by and of the British imperial systems is well documented, your beliefs may even appear to sound like normative Islamic beliefs, but by following a false prophet, you are outside the fold of Islam by the following clear verse in the Quran. And Ghulam Ahmed Mirza is not Jesus (PBUH).

    Quran 33:40 – Muhammad is not the father of any of your men, but (he is) the Messenger of Allah, and the Seal of the Prophets: and Allah has full knowledge of all things.

  • Ben Ali

    You’re absolutely right that we should all treat each other with respect and humility. There is no need for hatred or violence.

    The reason why the analogy of the doctor and the charlatan works is because some people being treated by a fake doctor may have full faith in him. He may even cure some of their illnesses by pure chance. It is the responsibility of those who spot the charlatan to point out this fact to those who are being misguided. Just like the medicine of false doctors can harm your body, the medicine of false prophets can destroy your soul.

    There is no embarassment in moving away from the foolishness followed by your parents. We have a bigger and far more colourful community than any other faith, and with so many different opinions and temprements, everyone Muslim has a place.

  • Miyagi

    The kind of medicine the rest of the Muslims using for the last 100 years have only produced the likes of Maududi, mullah omar, osama bin laden, alqaeda, talibans of all sorts, boko harams, and all kinds of militant lashkars and terrorist organisations including the latest breed ISIS.

    Don’t know what you talking about, not so sure about your doctors these days, not so sure.

  • Ben Ali

    @Miyagi Comparing the terrorist groups you have listed is akin to saying that the only Buddhism that has existed in the past 50 years is the one that has committed genocide against the Tamils in Sri Lanka and Burma, the only Chritianity has been The Lords Resistance Army of The CAR, Uganda and Congo, The Serbs of Bosnia or the Maronites who committed the Sabra & Chatilla massacres, the only Judaism has been the Stern Gang or the IDF, the only Hinduism the BJP or the Tamil Tigers, the only Sikhim the Khalistan Liberation Organisation, the only Athiests being The PLA and their suppression of the Uighurs or the Tibetens, The North Korean Regieme, etc.

    There are some 1.6 billion Muslims in the world, the majority found trying to live peacefully across their lands. The victims of most of the groups you have listed are Muslim. The different ideoligies that exist are a spectrum, but the majority belong to the faithful who believe that Islam’s teachings are a mercy for humankind.