Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly – July 22, 2016

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Religion and the 2016 Republican National Convention – Religious groups have played an active role in this week’s Republican National Convention—both inside and outside the convention hall. Managing Editor Kim Lawton has a special report from Cleveland, where she spoke with faith-motivated delegates and with religious leaders who are mobilizing support for Donald Trump and those who have concerns about the GOP’s rhetoric and platform.

Streaming Church Services — Many churches broadcast their worship services – edited, usually, and distributed over the air or on cable.  Now, more and more churches are taking advantage of streaming to present their services live, over the internet and available around the world.  There are problems, such as how to include absent audiences in such rituals as communion or baptisms.  But correspondent Dan Lothian reports from Dallas that many worshippers say watching a streamed service is a lot better than having no church service at all.



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