Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly – January 13, 2017

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Martin Luther King Jr. and Today’s Millennials  Correspondent Dan Lothian interviews Rev. Eugene Rivers and Northeastern U. Professor Sarah Jackson in Boston about the attitudes of young people toward Martin Luther King Jr. Among millennial activists, Jackson says, there is both an embrace and at the same time distance from King, admiration for King’s goals but with no wish for any new leader, and seeking a movement driven from the ground up.

Profile, Katie Meyler – Raised by a single mother in sometimes difficult circumstances in New Jersey, Katie Meyler, after graduating from college, went to Liberia on a paid religious internship.  There she met many children who weren’t in school and she became committed to helping girls there get an education.  As Fred de Sam Lazaro reports, after more than a decade later Katie has been so devoted to her work that she refused to leave even when Ebola struck.



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