Newton Media selected as agency for Open Doors USA

Newton Media has been selected as the agency of record for Open Doors USA, ministering to persecuted Christians worldwide. Newton Media will develop a strategic media campaign placement of a Direct Response 30 minute television program to air nationally, starting early in the fourth quarter. A Digital and Social Media campaign will coincide with the airing of the TV program.


Unpack one of the world’s most beloved books

St. Augustine’s Confessions has long been considered one of the greatest autobiographies of all time. It’s the single most read, reread and quoted post-Biblical Christian book ever written, according to Dr. Peter Kreeft, who focuses on the numerous riches provided throughout Confessions in his new book, I BURNED FOR YOUR PEACE: Augustine’s Confessions Unpacked.


Meet Mother Teresa’s good friend

Donna-Marie Cooper O’Boyle is one of America’s most prolific Catholic authors and a well-known EWTN personality who had a unique 10-year friendship with someone she called her spiritual mother: Mother Teresa, who will be canonized Sunday, Sept. 4, 2016, in Rome.


Sonbranch Music releases Restored, delivering music of healing and comfort to those who are hurting

Sonbranch Music is pleased to announce the worldwide digital release of Restored on iTunes, Amazon Music, Apple Music, Google Play, and other fine digital retailers. The ten songs of Restored are a contemplative journey of prayer and invitation for God’s presence, a cry from the heart for healing and wholeness, the reassurance of God’s love, and a bold proclamation to live life for Christ no matter what.


Mormonism: A country club with a strict dress code

Guest blogger Mette Harrison says Mormons spend too much time talking about appropriate dress, particularly for young women. All this attention to clothing makes church feel more like an exclusive country club than a faith dedicated to Christ’s example.